The Return of God of War Chapter 1162

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1162

There was only one possibility that she could think of.

Maybe Asura was actually there to protect me.

Based on what everyone says, he wouldn’t even bat an eye even if someone dies right in front of him.

He probably came forward just for me, right?

There must be a reason as to why he did it.

Did Levi arrange this?


Asura wouldn’t even obey the God of War, so why would he listen to Levi and protect me?

It’d be impossible even if Levi was an important person.

Meanwhile, Levi and the others separated from Azure Dragon.

The latter wanted to go to the Stuart family first, while Levi planned to visit an old friend of his – Benny Quinton.

There were many people at Benny’s residence, eight people to be exact, including Benny.

All of them were stars of the medical field.

They were the famous and renowned Octa-Medic of Erudia.

Eight of them were the top doctors in the medical field, including experts in Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

At the same time, Benny was especially surprised to hear that Levi had resurfaced.

He quickly invited the latter into the house and introduced him to everyone else.

The rest of the doctors were shocked as they didn’t expect to meet the God of War himself.

“This is The Acupuncturist – Asa Wormwood.”

“This is The Herbalist – Witney Safin.”

Benny introduced everybody one by one and informed Levi that they were the top doctors of Erudia, and they all excelled in Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

He also told the latter that they were like “national treasures” of Erudia.

With a slight bow, Levi said politely, “It’s an honor to meet all of you.”

“No, no, pleasure is ours, God of War! There’s no need for that!” Everyone stood up immediately.

“There’s a medical convention held once every four years in Oakland City recently. That’s why all of us are gathered here. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a chance like this,” Benny smiled and explained the reason they were here.

“Then I must be in luck! It’s my first time here in Oakland City, and I’m able to meet eight famous doctors,” Levi replied sincerely.

He was always respectful and polite towards his seniors.

Nowadays, people were able to live in prosperity and peace while Erudia was able to flourish all because of these dedicated seniors.

I’m so glad to have them.

They chatted for a long time, and Levi was able to gain a lot from their conversation.

He had limited knowledge of medical skills since Fredrick was willing to teach him. However, he didn’t have the time to do more research on it.

While Levi was busy with the doctors, Azure Dragon stood before a quaint residence.

Almost ten years had passed, and he was finally home.

But this home had brought him so much harm and suffering.

Firstly, his place as the head of his family was snatched away. Then, his fiancée betrayed him and married his own brother.

Lastly, he was forced to go to jail in place of his brother.

The hurtful words of Azure Dragon’s fiancée still echoed in his ears after all these years.

“Only the strongest man is worthy enough for me. He’s not worthy enough for me, and he’ll never be up to par with Curtis!”

Besides, he could never forget the scene where his fiancée, Eldora, threw herself into Curtis’ arms, nor could he forget the day the Stuart family sent him into the prisoner transport.

For all those years he was in jail, none of the Stuart family had visited him.

The one who should have been in jail was Curtis, yet he continued to be ranked first place in the Heir Leaderboard, with a beautiful woman by his side.

Crack! Crack!

Azure Dragon clenched his fists tightly, and his knuckles cracked when these memories surfaced.

“I’m finally back now. I’ll show these b that they shouldn’t mess with me. Weren’t you my nightmare, Curtis? I’m here to challenge you now!”

His face darkened as he strode towards the doors.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Azure Dragon knocked on the doors, hard.

When the doors opened, a few guards walked out.

“What the hell are you knocking for? Don’t you know where you are right now?”

“Hmm? Mr. Indigo? Mr. Indigo is back!”

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