The Return of God of War Chapter 1156

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1156

Both Jerry and Edwin glanced at Levi contemptuously.

They were curious to find out what kind of nonsense he was about to make up.


Levi began to hesitate.

“Go on! You’re not going to say you were busy protecting the country, are you?”

“Well, that’s possible. Someone like him could come up with anything!”

Levi gazed at Zoey. “Yes, I was indeed protecting the country. I really had no choice. It was a top-secret operation, so I couldn’t tell you about it.”

But right after he finished speaking, the few of them glared at him with fury.

“Did you hear that, Zoey? He’s full of sh*t! To think he has the balls to say he was protecting the nation!”

Edwin was livid.

He had always been hot-tempered, and everyone in Oakland City feared his existence as though he was Hades.

Most importantly, he despised people like Levi most.

Even Zoey was skeptical with what he said.

“I said I want an explanation. I didn’t ask you to manipulate me with your lousy excuses!”

Zoey spoke hoarsely with tears brimming in her eyes.

“Forget it, Zoey,” Edwin scoffed. “We don’t need to hear his explanation. He has nothing to do with you and Evie anymore.”

“Nothing to do with them? What the hell do you mean by that? The child is mine!”

Levi began to get worked up.

“The child’s name is Forlevia Lopez, do you understand?” shouted Edwin. “Zoey’s forgotten all about you. She thinks you’re dead! Where were you while she was in labor? Have you performed a single duty as a father? What the hell are you doing here now?”

“How dare you come back, Levi Garrison? I’ll kill you, you b*stard!”

A furious voice came from the entrance. Both the Lopez and Black families had arrived.

Meredith attempted to strike Levi with her walking stick.

“No, Grandma!”

Zoey frantically stopped her.

“I have no words for you, Levi Garrison. How dare you show yourself and bother Zoey?”

Aaron and Caitlyn were beyond exasperated.

“Zoey is now the Queen of the Corporate World. She’s also the goddaughter of Mr. Dale Lehman, the head of Erudia’s third-ranked ancient family. She’s way out of your league!”

“And you’re coming back to your wife and daughter only now? How shameless can you be? Get out of here!”

“Take a look at yourself! You look like a refugee. Do you actually think you’re cut out for Zoey?”

Harry and the others proceeded to humiliate Levi.

Zoey did nothing to stop them.

Levi’s past actions had indeed crossed the line.

Hence, she felt everyone had a point.

“Give me the baby.”

Zoey snatched Forlevia from Levi.

“I’m telling you, Levi, Mr. Dale Lehman has arranged for Zoey to marry Jerry Gott, the third on the Heir Leaderboard. You’re out of luck now,” Meredith remarked with a smirk.

“Dear elders, I have but one request―I’d like Evie to bear my last name,” Jerry pleaded sincerely.

“Okay, we’ll take care of this. Once Zoey marries you, Evie will have her last name changed to Gott.”

“Yup, we’ll do just that!”

Aaron, Caitlyn, and the other members of the family immediately agreed.

Right in front of Levi, they made plans to change the child’s last name.

Anyway, the child was never a Garrison to begin with.

Everyone began discussing among themselves, disregarding Levi.

“Did you even ask for my opinion before deciding on that?” he demanded.

“Huh? Your opinion? What does this have to do with you?”

“Evie’s real father is long dead. Who the hell are you? Why would we need your opinion?”

“Get the he*l out of here!”

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