The Return of God of War Chapter 1155

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1155

They hadn’t heard him when he mentioned who he was, but now that they knew, even Jerry stared at him in bewilderment.

So he’s that scumbag?

The guy everyone in the country calls a cowardly disgrace?

Zoey immediately jumped to Levi’s defense. “No, he never abandoned us. Isn’t he here right now?”

“Hah! Where was he when you gave birth to Evie? Where was he when went to face the Garrisons head-on? Where was he when you and Emma Jones were ready to die for him, and what about the time you raise the child on your own?”

Zoey fell silent at Edwin’s string of questions.

She couldn’t deny the truth.

“The Garrisons have forgotten about him, the child has grown up, and you’re now the Queen of the Corporate World. And now, he’s finally shown up! This spineless man is here only because the danger’s gone. Isn’t it obvious? Are you really still going to believe him?” Edwin remarked.


Zoey was tongue-tied.

Even Iris gazed at Levi in disappointment.

No matter how urgent his matters may have been, he shouldn’t have left Zoey when she needed him most.

Even if he really had to, he should’ve at least told her what was going on.

He disappeared for over a year and finally shows up now. What’s the point then?

What more, he shows up at this time so it was very suspicious!

“Don’t protect him, Zoey!” Edwin demanded. “You should be treating him like a stranger or even a dead man! He’s gone. This isn’t him! A guy like him isn’t worthy of your sacrifices”

The others chimed in too. “That’s right, Zoey. He doesn’t deserve you!”

Levi gazed at Zoey apologetically. “I’m sorry, Zoey. I’ve disappointed you for the second time. No amount of words can describe how sorry I feel. I promise there won’t be a third time.”

“If apologies could fix everything, I’d have just apologized for every mistake I’ve made. So, can I kill someone and say I’m sorry?” Edwin roared.

Even Iris was infuriated.

Zoey didn’t do all this just to hear you tell her that you’re sorry.

You’re heartless, Levi.

“I promise never to leave you and the baby again. I―”

Iris cut him off. “That’s enough. You’ve said that once in the past. All that talk about spending the rest of your life with Zoey and giving her the world―none of that means anything when you weren’t even there for her while she was giving birth.”

Levi had no idea how distanced he and Zoey had become in his absence of one-and-a-half-year, nor was he aware of how much he had hurt her.

Hence, it was futile trying to explain himself.

“I really didn’t mean to abandon you, Zoey. Why do you think I’ve come back?”

Jerry glared at him haughtily. “Aren’t you going to give Ms. Lopez an explanation behind your year-long absence? Do you think she’d accept you just like that?”

Zoey turned to Levi too.

She had been waiting for an explanation all this while, and finally, that day had come.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Iris demanded. “Where have you been the past year? What did you do? Tell us everything. You owe Zoey and Evie an explanation no matter what!”

Zoey nodded. “Yeah. Iris has said exactly what’s been on my mind. I demand an explanation.”

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