The Return of God of War Chapter 1154

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1154

No one had expected this from Levi.

Not even Levi himself.

The man gave his mouth a wipe as a look of disbelief formed on his face.

He could feel something different within his body.

He felt especially frail and was even beginning to have double vision.

Am I… injured?

That can’t be.

We may have fought Blood King Palace for over a year, but no one has managed to hurt me.

Could it be…

Levi began to recall.

During the final battle with Blood King Palace, Levi had faced Bloodking and the Four Bloodmasters on his own.

Ultimately, he had the last laugh and all of them died in his hands.

But before Bloodking drew his last breath, he told Levi, “I’ll be waiting for you down below.”

Back then, Levi merely thought the man was just spewing nonsense and paid no attention to it.

But now that this was happening…

Realization quickly dawned on Levi.

I’ve been poisoned!

Blood King Palace was the most terrifying force in the Western Dark World. They were ruthless in everything they did.

Thus, the act of poisoning someone was nothing out of the ordinary for them.

But how could I not have known about this? I’m only feeling it now.

“Cough, cough…”

Levi coughed two more times, only to expel more blood.

This poison is insane.

Those who were aware of Levi’s true abilities knew how powerful he was.

Most toxins had no effect on his body at all.

In fact, for the past six years, he had been poisoned multiple times.

Yet, this was the first time his body was having a reaction.

Bloodking must have done it right before he died, just so I’d join him eventually.

Or maybe… his true purpose was simply to kill me!

This poison really is something else.

“Are… Are you okay?” asked Zoey and Iris after returning to their senses.

Even Jerry jumped in fright.

He had only given Levi a light shove, yet the latter had suddenly sprayed blood out of his mouth.

“What have you done? How did you turn out this way?” Zoey choked.

Levi looked so miserable right now.

His face was white as a sheet, and blood trickled from his mouth. The man looked like he had just narrowly escaped death.

Where did he run off to in the past year?

Did I jump to conclusions about him?

Could he have been dealing with something really important?

Levi smiled. “I’m fine.”

As he adjusted his body and forced himself to suppress the toxins, his complexion quickly returned to normal.

“Daddy’s okay!” Forlevia yelped with excitement.

“Who the hell are you? Give me back my daughter!”

With a frosty look on his face, Jerry tried to take the child away from Levi.

But the latter easily evaded him.

“Your child? Bullsh*t! This is my child!” Levi raged.

Jerry turned red with fury.

His marriage with Zoey had been arranged by Dale Lehman himself.

Everyone in Oakland City was already aware of this. Even many in the whole country knew that Zoey belonged to him.

Yet, someone had decided to show up all of a sudden and snatch his child?

How could he ever allow that?

Jerry glared daggers at Levi.

The former had also studied martial arts since young and was second to Martin Preston on the Heir Leaderboard in this regard.

“Do you have a death wish? Hand the child over right now!”

Edwin was beginning to lose his patience too.

A hostile atmosphere instantly surrounded the entire place.

Zoey and Iris hastily stepped in. “Edwin! Mr. Gott! Don’t do anything rash! We know this man.”

“Who is he?” asked Edwin.

“He’s Levi Garrison!”

Hearing that, Edwin immediately flew into a fit of rage. “So he’s the b*stard who abandoned you and Evie?”

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