The Return of God of War Chapter 1150

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1150

The nation underwent many big changes within the past year.

First off was the Garrison clan.

On the day Zoey challenged the Garrisons, Damien had been appointed as the successor of the clan.

Previously, the Garrison clan worked behind the scenes as Erudia’s most prominent ancient family.

But after Tyrone and his son took over, the clan began to operate with a different strategy.

Tyron and Damien started by winning over all the Garrison clan’s collateral relatives and gaining absolute power over the entire clan.

Then, they set up a humongous financial group and took control of all its funds.

Moreover, Damien even founded a special combat club to recruit the best fighters in Erudia and all over the globe.

Despite the organization being known as a club, it was, in fact, merely a way for the Garrisons to obtain more pawns.

This was precisely Tyrone’s and Damien’s intention—to take control of as much wealth and power as possible while also having an array of martial artists at their command.

Then, the Garrisons’ influence spread across Bayview and other nations.

Within just a year, the Garrison clan became even more powerful than before.

It sat comfortably in its position as the number one ancient family in Erudia.

In addition, being a son-in-law of the Garcia family meant Damian could utilize both the Garrisons’ and Garcias’ resources.

With that, the father-son duo now headed the two most powerful ancient families.

No one in Erudia could go against them.

Only few clans in Bayview were any match for them.

There was one other person who had changed drastically within the year.

It was Zoey.

Within a short period of time, Zoey expanded Morris Group tenfold.

Thus, she was now known as the Queen of the South’s Corporate World.

Aside from her own hard work, she also had a benefactor.

Erudia was full of prominent families, but there were only eight that could truly be referred to as ancient families.

Many people were touched by her courage on the day she challenged the Garrisons.

In fact, the head of the third most prominent ancient family in Erudia, Dale Lehman, declared his intention to take Zoey as a goddaughter and Forlevia as his god-granddaughter.

With the Lehman family’s help, the Garrisons renounced their boycott against Morris Group, thus allowing Zoey’s career to skyrocket.

Her situation was not what Levi had expected at all.

The mother-daughter duo didn’t suffer at all. in fact, they were doing extremely well now.

Levi had thought that Zoey would surely be living a hard life from being constantly oppressed.

That Forlevia would be abhorred by both the Lopez and Black families, and resort to finding food on the streets.

Yet, the child was now loved by everyone, just like a princess.

She was Dale’s god-granddaughter, after all.

Who would dare treat her poorly?

Emma would occasionally drop by to see her too.

Everyone’s lives seemed to flourish.

All that was missing was Levi.

Even so, they had grown accustomed to not having him around.

So much time had passed that he was slowly being forgotten.

There were even rumors that Levi was already dead.

That he had been secretly murdered by the Garrisons.

However, the Garrisons never clarified this rumor. All they said was that he had disappeared.

Even Zoey herself had once suspected that this was true.

After all, there was solid proof of the rumor.

If Levi was alive, why hadn’t he appeared after more than a year?

Hence, it was highly likely that he had died.

Even so, Zoey, Emma, and a few others continued to believe that he was still alive.

For the past few days, Erudia was abuzz with excitement.

The country’s hero—the God of War—had defeated Blood King Palace once again and brought glory to Erudia.

“Remember, Evie; you should always look up to people like the God of War!” Iris beamed while carrying the little girl.

She happened to be reading a news article about the God of War.

Zoey smiled too.

Suddenly, the child became wide-eyed as she stared at the back of the mighty figure in the picture. “Da… Daddy… Daddy!”

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