The Return of God of War Chapter 1149

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1149

With that, the bet between Levi and Tyrone came to an end.

Levi suffered a complete defeat—a terrible one at that.

He had become the biggest disgrace by now.

On the contrary, Zoey won the respect of almost everyone in Oakland City.

It was Tiffany’s first time seeing the woman.

Levi used to say that she was no match for Zoey.

That was why she wanted to find out what Zoey looked like.

Considering that the latter had just given birth, worked herself to the bone for the past month, and shown up bare-faced, she certainly didn’t look as attractive compared to her.

Hence, she was disappointed at first glance.

But after what had happened, Tiffany understood why she had lost to Zoey.

I’ll never be as good as her.

Meanwhile, far up North, Levi had just received word of Zoey meeting the Garrisons.


With a roar, the ice beneath his foot cracked beyond a thousand meters.

“Thankfully, Asura saved them just in time. They’re fine now,” Phoenix reported.

Levi took a deep breath. “Looks like I owe him another one. I’d gladly let him take over as God of War. I was just thinking of spending the rest of my time with Zoey and the baby anyway.”

Azure Dragon and the others immediately argued, “You can’t do that! You’re the only one who’s worthy of such a title. He can’t replace you.”

“Yeah! He’s not even close when it comes to ability. Not just any barbarian gets to be God of War,” added White Tiger.

Levi chuckled. “You guys clearly don’t understand him. He’d never accept the position if I offer it to him.”

“You scared us!”

Everyone patted their own chests.

If Levi were to give up his position, the country would be in utter chaos.

“We’re going to have to work even harder now, team. Let’s demolish Blood King Palace as quickly as possible!” Levi shouted.

“I’ve noticed something, General,” remarked White Tiger. “I vividly remember how we took down many members of Blood King Palace three years ago, but how did they survive? In fact, they’ve become stronger in just after three years!”

“I’ve realized this too. They’re really bizarre. It’s like they’re attacking us blindly without any goal in mind.”

“Yeah. Just the fact that they’ve initiated the attack on us is really weird.”

The others were just as confused.

Levi’s eyes briefly flashed with murderous intent. “Let’s not think about this. Once we destroy Blood King Palace, all its mysteries will be solved too.”

“Got it!” everyone responded.

Levi proceeded to gather more forces.

It was all so he could get rid of Blood King Palace once and for all.

Another year passed, and finally, Levi wiped out Blood King Palace in its entirety.

To prevent its return, he annihilated every single member of the group and refused to rest until he was sure that none of them could ever come back to life.

After a game of tug-of-war spanning a year and a half, they finally emerged victorious.

According to the estimation then, it should have taken them at least four years to eliminate Blood King Palace.

Now, Levi’s trip home had been brought forward by over one and a half years.

The God of War sent waves across the world upon defeating Blood King Palace once again.

As Erudia soared, the rest of the world trembled at its presence.

Those who had initially planned to attack Levi now gave in completely.

After all, he was the only one who could defeat Blood King Palace.

No one else could come close to his achievement!

He was still the God of War, but stronger than before.

“I can finally go home! Mom, Zoey, my dear child—I’m coming home!”

It was time for Levi to return.

How he looked forward to seeing his family…

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