The Return of God of War Chapter 1145

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1145

As the leader of the Grey Wolf Squad, Hugh is too tough of an opponent.

Finnick is a high-ranking official, so that makes him untouchable too.

When it comes to martial arts, Titus is the guardian of the Garrisons. There’s probably some hope for Levi in this regard.

If we were to compete business-wise, he might stand a chance against Damien, who owns five percent of the business.

Still, it’s nothing but a glimmer of hope.

Many in Erudia knew of the bet between the father and son.

Hence, a large number of citizens of Oakland City now surrounded the Garrison family home.

Such people included Tiffany Meyers and Martin Preston.

Even Benny Quinton and Abigail Rogers had come.

Unlike others, these few were here to watch how Levi crush the Garrison clan.

They knew who Levi’s true identity, after all.

Most of the others had come just to watch the show.

Jason Lowe was here simply because he felt sorry for his friend.

He wished Levi would run far away instead of showing up.

“Alright. Time’s up,” the Garrison household butler announced. “Levi Garrison has yet to turn up, which means he has forfeited the challenge! A coward like him doesn’t deserve to be part of the clan. Thus, from here on, we’ll retract his last name. He shall longer be a Garrison!”

At this instant, Levi became the biggest joke in town.

He was now labeled an absolute disgrace and humiliation.

Abigail clenched her fists. “Why aren’t you here yet, Levi? Hurry up!”

Tiffany inhaled deeply. How she looked forward to seeing her Prince Charming reign terror upon the Garrison clan.

Unfortunately, Levi had already been missing for several months.

Hence, it was extremely unlikely that he would show up now.

Tyrone had even gone out of his way to bring Emma over.

Now, he turned to her and smirked. “Is there something you’d like to say now? Haha! Do you still think the same way? That you’d take Levi here before me and declare that your son is undefeatable? That the Garrisons would deeply regret it?”

Hearing the man’s sneers, Emma could only look down in despair.

Of course I’d want to do all that.

But I guess that’s just wishful thinking.

At this point, she wanted nothing else but for Levi to show up.

Even if things may not turn out well, it’s only right that he shows up.

That’s how he should be; at least his conscience would be clear.

He shouldn’t be hiding away like this!

Some traits are more important than life itself!

Olivia gazed at Emma with a disdainful smile. “Your son is an absolute joke, Emma. A disgrace! He’s not fit to be a Garrison, nor is he ever comparable to Damien. The Garrisons officially gave you a chance, but he chose not to take it! If your son were truly powerful and won the challenge, both he and you would’ve been able to join the family and return to Tyrone’s side.”

The crowd began to comment. “We expect nothing less from the top ancient family in Erudia. Such a presence and sense of tolerance are indeed rare!”

Many citizens had nice things to say about the Garrisons accepting Levi’s challenge.

Olivia smiled triumphantly and continued, “It’s just unfortunate that your son doesn’t even have the guts to show up, let alone win the challenge. What a useless wimp! I heard he even left his wife, child, and mother behind! He doesn’t deserve to be a man—no, he doesn’t even deserve to live!”

Upon hearing Olivia’s insults, Emma gripped her fists so hard that her nails dug into her flesh.

Yet, there was nothing she could do to fight back.

Because Olivia had said nothing but the truth.

“The Garrisons are the number one ancient family in Erudia. Honestly, we don’t ask a lot from him. Just be brave to show up for the challenge is more than enough. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if he loses; he won’t necessarily have to die. Yet, he doesn’t even have the courage to stand here before us?” Olivia scoffed.

“Who says I don’t?”

A cold voice suddenly rang out.

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