The Return of God of War Chapter 1144

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1144


This question stumped Tyrone.

This is actually possible.

Levi might be keeping his trump card hidden all this while until the day the bet comes due.

“That’s impossible!” Tyrone immediately argued. “Levi wasn’t even around when his own child was born; how could he ever show up now?”

Damien nodded. “You’re right. If he could leave during such a moment, there’d be even less reason for him to show up for the bet.”

“Don’t worry. He’ll become a laughingstock if he doesn’t show up.”

Tyrone’s face was full of contempt and mockery.

Damien sighed, “What a shame. We won’t be able to see the look on Levi’s face when he gets completely trashed and start begging for mercy.”

Still, Damien and Tyrone hoped that Levi would come.

They wanted to show him just how powerful the Garrisons were.

They were untouchable!


How they wanted Levi to regret spewing such insolent words back then.

More than anything, they wanted to prove that Damien was more powerful than he was.

Most importantly, Tyrone had made the right decision.

Emma wants to make me regret it?

Like that’ll ever happen!

What will I ever regret now that Levi has run away?

For the entire month, Zoey remained occupied despite having just given birth.

She had integrated all the resources of the Morris Group.

The woman insisted on walking the path that Levi hadn’t managed to finish.

Under the combined effort of herself and Iris, Morris Group obtained notable results within a month and was now back on track.

This utterly puzzled Zoey.

Why didn’t Levi work harder?

He had all the resources and connections.

It didn’t take that much effort to produce results at all.

On top of that, he’s so much capable than I am.

Yet, he chose to give up…

Zoey heaved a sigh.

I guess he’s been planning to run off since the beginning.

All the concern he has shown me during those months was probably just to make him feel better.

Time flew by quickly, and the day of the bet between Levi and Tyrone had come.

If Levi hadn’t disappeared, he would have had to be in Oakland City today to challenge the Garrisons.

If he were to succeed, he would be allowed to join them.

Otherwise, only death awaited him.

Meanwhile, Levi had been at war with Blood King Palace for four consecutive months at the battlefield of North Base One.

This time, he was adamant about completely annihilating his enemy.

“Oh, isn’t today supposed to be the day of my bet with Tyrone?” Levi asked while puffing on a cigarette.

“That’s right.”

“Since you can’t make it this time, I’m guessing the Garrison clan—or maybe even the whole of Oakland—is laughing at you.”

“That’s for sure. You’ll surely be made a laughingstock for not showing up. That’s inevitable.”

Azure Dragon and the others responded to Levi simultaneously.

“Let him have his fun while it lasts,” Levi remarked with a smile. “By the way, how are Zoey and the child?”

Phoenix reported everything about Zoey to Levi.

Levi’s brows furrowed several times in the process, feeling as though he was right next to his wife.

Oakland City was in complete shock today.

Tens of thousands of eyes fell on the Garrison clan.

Despite knowing that Levi wouldn’t come, Tyrone had decided to conduct the ceremony of accepting a challenge.

The high-ranking members of the Garrisons gathered at the entrance of the family home, with Tyrone seated on a chair.

Damien and the other juniors stood next to him on each side.

Members like Finnick, Hugh, and Titus were present too.

Whether or not Levi would show up, their stance remained.

“I’ve placed a bet with Levi Garrison today. I’m here in front of the Garrison family home and hereby declare that I accept his challenge!” roared Tyrone.

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