The Return of God of War Chapter 1143

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1143

Emma stood at the entrance of Royal Villa in North Hampton. She had been waiting for Zoey’s return.

She rushed up to Zoey the moment she saw her.

“What are you doing here? Go away! You’re not welcome here! You have nothing to do with this child!” Aaron and Caitlyn immediately stepped in and stood in her way.

Abashed, Emma looked at Zoey and pleaded, “ Zoey, let me take care of you and your baby! I’ll pay the deeds for that unfilial son of mine!”

“Yes, you should! That son of yours has wronged Zoey in such atrocious ways. It’s only fair that you pay penance!” chimed in the rest.

“Emma, it’s alright. My girl and I will be fine without you. Also, I am done with him and no one’s at fault!” Zoey was firm with her words.

“Alright then. Take good care of yourself and the baby, Zoey.” Emma sighed helplessly as she turned around and left.

“Emma, wait!” Zoey called out.


“Come, have a look at the baby,” Zoey continued.

Emma walked into the manor and burst into tears upon seeing the little baby.

As she held the baby girl, she felt the blood bond between them.

Won’t it be nice if Levi never left?

How blissful it’d be to have a family!

What a shame!

This unfilial son ran away, just like Tyrone.

“Right, times up! Off you go. You’re not welcome here!” Meredith shooed Emma away.

“Oh, before I forget. The baby’s name is Forlevia Lopez! You can see how determined Zoey is now, right? So stay out of our sight!” sniggered Meredith as she slammed the gate shut.


Emma quivered.

Zoey has made up her mind.

She showed me the child and proclaimed that she had fully severed ties with Levi.

The child’s name…

Emma cried the whole way home…

As far as she was concerned, her life was an utter failure.

Not only did she fall for a heartless man, even her son turned out to be like him.

What a foundered life….

The Garrison clan in Oakland City

“Someone told me that Levi’s child was born. Is that true?” Tyrone asked.

“Yeah, she delivered in Keerea and she is back in North Hampton. They named her Forlevia Lopez,” responded Damien as he nodded.

He knew everything about Zoey and also the people around her.

Tyrone was absolutely delighted. “Haha, that’s wonderful! His kid doesn’t deserve the name Garrison! Not over my dead body will she bear the honor of the Garrison clan! Right, still no news of Levi? It has been three months!”

“Yeah, nothing! I would’ve found his body if he were dead. But there was nothing. It was almost as if he’d vanished into thin air… How is that even possible!” Damien frowned.

“That bugger is quite something to be able to avoid all our detections,” Tyrone blabbed on as the corner of his mouth twitched.

“He’s most probably out of Erudia. What a pathetic coward!” Damien scowled.

“Well, our bet is coming due pretty soon! I wonder how many people are following this. Who knew that this kiddo would hole up! He is nothing but a joke! Hahaha…” Tyrone let out a hearty laugh.

And again he affirmed his action of disowning Levi.

The folds on Damien’s forehead remained as he popped another question, “Father, what if Levi came back on the very day the bet comes due?”

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