The Return of God of War Chapter 1141

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1141

Tenichi and his men were all feeling pretty glum.

The elaborate plan that took them months to come up with ended with disaster.

They couldn’t comprehend the patriots’ devotion to Erudia and hence still couldn’t fathom why Asura came to Zoey’s rescue.

Shouldn’t it be better for Winsor once Levi is gotten rid of?

He’d be number one in Erudia.

He’d also be the God of War.

In other words, he would benefit the most once Levi’s gone.

But he came to protect Zoey.

They couldn’t wrap their heads around it.

This was the most obvious difference between the ideologies of the people from Erudia and the other nations.

“That crazy Winsor is now in the picture, so there’s nothing we could do! We need to come out with something else,” muttered Tenichi’s men.

He was at the verge of closing himself off.

They’d toiled and managed to keep the God of War at bay. Then in came Asura.

There was really nothing more they could do!

Meanwhile, Zoey was sent to the best hospital in Stellar City, waiting for the baby to be born.

“Levi said that it’s unsafe outside Erudia. Like how is it unsafe?” sneered Logan.

“Why did you even bring up his name? He’s nothing but a bastard!” Meredith grumbled.

Zoey glanced at everyone and snapped, “I don’t wanna hear his name ever again! Never mention it in front of me again!”

“Alright…” With that, dead silence followed.

This time, anyone could tell that Zoey had given up on him.

If not, she wouldn’t have gone abroad and let her child take on her last name.

In the shadows, Winsor took note of everything.

Even he, cold-hearted as he was, let out a sigh.

It was tough indeed…

“This may sound strange. After we left, I heard that the God of War left North Hampton too. I heard there’s something extremely urgent that he has to deal with!” Logan tattled.

Puzzled, Meredith questioned, “Really? Didn’t know there was something so important that could get him out of Erudia.”

“Right? It must be something of grave urgency! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left the country!”

Chatters about the God of War continued.

Zoey looked out the window, she felt as calm as a millpond.

The only thing that she took heed to was the baby in her belly.

She started swiping through the photos on her phone. When she came across a photo of her and Levi, her finger droned to “Delete” deliberately.

But she hesitated as she couldn’t get herself to do it.

The next one was still a photo of them.

She was wondering if she should just delete them.

A few nurses saw the photos on her phone and felt blood drained from their faces instantly.

They exchanged glances and felt a shiver down their spines.

They went for another peek, just to make sure.

Oh lord, it is him!

This hospital was the pinnacle of Keerea’s medical infrastructure. People whom the nurses got to be in touch with were also elitists.

News revolving around this matter had spread through high society especially this period time.

That was why they could recognize Levi Garrison from the pictures.

“Yes?” Zoey looked up and asked, sensing nerves in those eyes.

As she put her phone away, someone asked timidly, “Ms. Lopez, is that your husband?”

“He was.”

“Is he also from Erudia?” another voice popped in.

“Yes, he is,” nodded Zoey.


Another shudder as Zoey replied. Their fear was apparent.

This woman whom they were about to take care of was the wife of that man.

That’s too scary!

Zoey saw all the emotional changes in them and asked, “Hmm? It seems like you know him?”

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