The Return of God of War Chapter 1140

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1140

He was more of a mighty warrior than a colonel!

“I’m glad that I have Asura!” Levi was both relieved and extremely touched.

Everyone in Erudia knew that the God of War and Asura were never on good terms. They were practically arch-enemies.

If it weren’t for the fact that they were both mighty military leaders of Erudia, they would’ve fought to the bitter end.

No one in Erudia dared to disobey Levi except Asura, a.k.a. Winsor Campbell.

He’d been unhappy about Levi being the God of war as he believed that he had the edge over Levi and he should be the one bearing the title.

Their hostility towards each other never ceased.

From what Levi understood, under no circumstances would Windsor protect Zoey for him, but he did.

That showed how much Erudia had done to persuade Winsor into helping him.

It also reflected his willingness to put his personal grudges aside when in the face of Erudia’s interests…

“I’m impressed, Winsor! I owe you one!” Laughed Levi.

Even if he had to hand out his title to Winsor after that, he would be more than willing to do it.

“God of War, Asura has arrived at Keerea. Your wife is in safe hands. Asura’s three disciples— Bolgun, Zar, and Talon—are on their way to protect your mother. We plead for your full allegiance in bringing Blood King Palace down. You have Erudia at your back and we are with you too!” the Dragonites roared as they saluted.

Levi saluted and led his men to the annihilation of Blood King Palace.

Somewhere around the Joneses’ Edburg Manor in South Hampton.

Just when the foreign elite fighters were about to strike, they sensed something amiss. Before they knew it, blood was jetting out from the back of their neck.

Indeed, those men were virtuosos in their field. But the people they were against were much more vicious and bloodthirsty—Bolgun, Zar, and Talon.

They bore a resemblance to their master, Asura. They were brutal, ruthless, and would show no mercy.

Emma was unscathed.

Meanwhile at Keerea’s Stellar International Airport.

Tenichi Watanabe spotted Zoey on the big screen.

“On my command…” Just as he was about to shout out his command, he smelled blood.

He turned his head around only to see all his men lying in a pool of blood.

Someone was staring at him!

It was a gauntly tall figure in a Devil’s mask.

“Erudia’s Asu… Asura…” Tenichi gulped.

“Tell your men to retreat! Don’t make me bring death to all! Zoey’s under my guard and no one touches her!” commanded Winsor.

Tenichi expressed his disbelief. “How was this even possible! You should be on bad terms with the God of War. Why have you come all the way to protect his woman? This is unbelievable!”

Everyone knew that the God of War and Asura were at loggerheads since forever.

“Indeed! You’re right! Levi and I can never get along. We may detest each other but you have forgotten something important. We are people of Erudia and no one terrorizes Erudia!” Winsor’s words pierced through the air.

Tenichi overlooked the shared pride and patriotism between Levi and Winsor for their nation.

They would willingly make peace in the face of a common enemy.

Being ever unyielding to Levi was something personal.

But when it came to the interest of Erudia, there was no place for personal disputes.

“This is unbelievable. Alright, I’ll retreat!” Tenichi immediately withdrew his men.

He could afford to provoke neither the God of War nor Asura.

Especially the latter who was known to be absolutely vindictive and would seek revenge at all cost.

With that, Zoey and the rest were safe and they left unharmed.

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