The Return of God of War Chapter 1137

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1137

“Zoey, can you let me take care of you? Why don’t you let me stay by your side since I’m the one who has been taking care of your daily livings all this while? Besides, I wish to make it up for you on behalf of Levi. At the very least, please let me stay until you deliver the baby.” Emma pleaded earnestly.

Caitlyn and Aaron concurred with her. “She’s right, Zoey, why don’t you let her stay? We believe she can take good care of you.”

They had taken note of how meticulous Emma was when it came to taking care of Zoey. Even Caitlyn herself had to admit that she wasn’t capable of doing what Emma did, taking every matter into her own hands. She honestly thought that even a nanny wouldn’t do any better than Emma.

“Alright, she can stay. After all, she did take good care of Zoey.” Meredith relented.

However, Zoey shook her head and gave the final word. “No. Aunt Emma must leave. Thank you for taking care of me all this while.” She wouldn’t budge in this matter. “But… Don’t worry, Aunt Emma. You can always come and see the baby if you want. Of course, it will be best if you can leave us alone.” Her voice was soft yet firm, making it clear that Emma was allowed to visit the baby, but she will never be acknowledged as the baby’s grandma.

Zoey’s resoluteness was surely beyond everyone’s expectations.

“Then we’ll listen to Zoey. You should leave now! We have nothing to do with the Garrison family from now on.” Caitlyn and Aaron chased Emma out.

Emma had no choice but to go back to South Hampton.

“Zoey, get ready, we’re leaving the country immediately. All of us have quit our jobs, and we’ll accompany you until you deliver the baby,” said Caitlyn.

The Black and Lopez family had booked a private jet to Keerea, a country well-known for its high-quality healthcare system, which was not far from Erudia. Logan had also made arrangements in that country beforehand.

The jet was scheduled to take flight in the afternoon.

Unbeknownst to Zoey and Emma, Tenichi had been keeping an eye on their every move.

“Zoey Lopez will be arriving at Keerea by midnight! We have all the information about their motorcade route and manpower arrangement. Be prepared, my dear allies! It will be more than enough if we have Zoey in our hands, but it will be best if we can catch Emma Jones as well. We will have more bargaining chips if we manage to capture both of them.” Tenichi had everything all planned out. We will catch both of them!

In the afternoon, the Lopezs and the Blacks boarded the jet with Zoey alongside some paramedics.

The private jet was set to land at the capital of Keerea at Stellar International Airport. Little did they know that Tenichi, the man whom Levi had defeated, had set an ambush for them at the airport.

He had cleared the airspace, stopped all the flights, and emptied the whole airport. Tens of thousands of elites were now lurking in the darkness, waiting to launch their attacks as soon as the jet landed.

In the meantime, Emma had just arrived in South Hampton when she was ambushed on her way back to Edburg Manor as Tenichi’s elites had been lying in wait for her for quite some time.

While Tenichi was busy capturing both Zoey and Emma, Levi, on the other hand, was stuck in North Base One, fighting a life and death battle against the lunatics of the Blood King Palace.

The private jet from North Hampton landed safe and sound at the Stellar International Airport.

Sitting at the control tower, Tenichi had a clear view of the runway. “Zoey Lopez is here! Get ready, everyone! We will attack as soon as she appears!”

“My men are on standby outside the airport. Let’s hurry and get off the plane.” Logan urged.

Unaware of what was awaiting ahead for them, Zoey and the others got off the plane.

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