The Return of God of War Chapter 1136

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1136

She had waited thirty days for Levi’s return, but he didn’t come back.

That man had disappeared, or to put it bluntly, he had run away while abandoning his family.

All of them were more than aware of the fact that if Levi didn’t show his face within a month under these circumstances, chances were he won’t ever show up again.

No matter how hard Zoey tried to trust in Levi, now, she must accept the reality that Levi was gone.

Nonetheless, there was not a trace of anger on her face. The only semblance of emotion that could be seen on her face was the streaks of tears that were running down her cheeks.


Emma fainted as everything was too overwhelming for her to bear. She couldn’t believe that her son would prioritize his interests over his family, just like what Tyrone had once done to her.

Sylas and Russell were both in a state of agitation. They had guessed that Levi must have had a mission at hand, which explained why he didn’t have a choice but to leave without a word. However, they were not allowed to reveal Levi’s real identity to them.

“This is good news! Levi leaving is actually a good thing for us!”

“If he had returned, it would spell doom for us since he had offended the Garrison clan.”

Both Harry and Robert felt elated.

Meredith, too, was excited. “That’s right! Tyrone said that everything would be alright as long as the baby doesn’t take on the surname of the Garrisons.”

Even though they couldn’t cozy up to the Garrison family, it didn’t matter anymore since Morris Group and the topmost prominent families in South Hampton were now under Zoey’s control. This alone was enough an improvement of the status of their family.

“Zoey, you should accept the reality that Levi has abandoned you. It is time for you to start anew!”

“That’s right! Forget about him! You should move on for the sake of your baby!”

Everyone started giving their advices.

Zoey wiped her tears away. With her eyes full of determination, she uttered, “Dad, Mom, I’ve lost the bet. I’ll believe that Levi has run away now. He has abandoned me and the baby.”

From Zoey’s sorrowful expression, everyone could tell how disappointed she was toward Levi.

She must be heartbroken right now. This time, Levi had really hurt her to the core.

Six years ago, she was willing to wait for his return because she knew he was framed. However, things were totally different this time.

Meanwhile, Emma, who had just regained consciousness, started sobbing uncontrollably. Things had spiraled out of control, heading toward the direction contrary to all her expectations. My son… Levi… Please come back…

Zoey cast her eyes over the whole lot before announcing, “I declare that from today onwards, I, Zoey Lopez, will cut ties with Levi Garrison. He is no longer my husband or my baby’s father!”

“No…” Emma shouted her objection, but to no avail.

“Secondly, my baby will take on my surname as Lopez. Thirdly, I will reside overseas during the last few months of my pregnancy until I deliver the baby.” Zoey announced the three most difficult decisions in her entire life in one go. Her voice was firm and resolute because the person who was supposed to be there for her had run away, leaving her behind, and now she could only count on herself.

“I’m happy for you, Zoey! You’ve finally decided to move on.”

“After all these years, you finally got to see Levi’s true colors!”

“I’m glad you finally know that Levi is nothing but a selfish prick!”

Caitlyn and the others couldn’t help getting a little emotional.

“And you!” Meredith shifted her gaze to Emma. “From now onward, you will leave Zoey alone, and don’t you ever come anywhere near her! From now on, the Lopez family has nothing to do with anyone from the Garrison family. Zoey’s baby has no relationship with you either.”

“Mo—” Zoey suddenly recalled that it was not her place to call her “mom” anymore, so she changed the way she addressed Emma. “Aunt Emma, you should leave now and go back to South Hampton. Goodbye.”

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