The Return of God of War Chapter 1134

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1134

Zoey and the others were unaware of the perilous danger that was steadily advancing toward them.

The threat was not posed by the Garrison clan, but rather, it was forces located abroad.

Logan thought that he had a lot of connections abroad.

However, he was oblivious to the fact that his every move was being manipulated by many.

Zoey never imagined that everything would change drastically one month later.

But for now, she was safe.

Percy and many other warriors were secretly protecting her. They were willing to devote their lives to protect her.

The Amethyst Guards were available as well. Therefore, Zoey’s safety was well protected.

Nonetheless, Percy was afraid of any sort of infiltration by strong enemies.

Since the order that summoned Levi was of the highest level, this meant that everything must be kept a secret.

Percy didn’t dare to disclose anything.

He could only stay strong and take it upon himself to protect Zoey.

It didn’t take long before the news regarding Levi’s disappearance reached the Garrison Clan.

“What? We were right? Levi ran away?” Damien and Tyrone could not believe it.

They didn’t really mean it when they first said it. As such, Levi’s disappearance was completely unexpected.

“That’s correct! Levi ran away! Even his contact number has been deleted!” Damien and Tyrone received confirmation.

Tyrone laughed and said, “This is Emma’s son? What a coward! A wimp! I can’t believe he wants to be my child! Dream on!”

Damien sighed, “I thought that he’s a principled person that will face any challenge. Who knew he turned out to be a coward that ran away simply because of a warning from you, father.”

“He’s unworthy to be part of the Garrison clan! What an embarrassment! The fact that he bears the same family name has brought shame upon the Garrison clan! I can’t believe he really ran away!” Tyrone ridiculed.

They had always thought highly of themselves. The series of aggressive acts and retaliation from Levi was deemed as a futile struggle in their mind.

Now that Levi had run away because of a simple threat, the disdain they felt for him intensified.

“And he had the audacity to challenge me and the Garrison clan? Even saying that he wants us to regret what we did? Hah! What a laughing stock!” Tyrone continued his contemptuous remark before changing the topic. “Damien, find out where is Levi.”

“Of course, rest assured I will locate him. Does he think that he can just run away like that? Such wishful thinking! I’ll make sure he’s shamed and laughed at by the whole of Erudia!” Damien sneered coldly.

As the day passed, Levi was still nowhere to be seen.

It was as if he had vanished into thin air.

There were no trails left behind at all.

All this while, Iris together with the Lopez and Black families had been looking for Levi.

However, their efforts were in vain.

It wasn’t just them who couldn’t find Levi, however, as even Damien could not find the slightest trace of Levi’s whereabouts.

Unbeknownst to them, it was actually impossible for them to find any information regarding Levi. After all, he was on a special mission with the highest level of confidentiality.

“I don’t understand how, but Levi’s completely untraceable. I’ve tried my best but so far there’s nothing!” Damien was bewildered.

“Anyway, it seemed that Levi is really gone! What a joke!” Damien burst out laughing.

He recalled the brave and valorous statement made by Levi and Emma in their previous encounter.

Now it seemed that those were simply empty threats that served no purpose other than comedic value.

In the end, Levi ran away with his tail between his leg…

In a blink of an eye, Levi’s disappearance approached the one-month mark.

it was the last day before the time was up.

Zoey was dejected but she still had a tiny ounce of hope.

She was still waiting for her hero to appear.

The whole month, she had been waiting for him.

“Zoey, give up. He’s not coming back.”

The sky turned dark and Levi never showed up.

Zoey was heartbroken as her hopes and expectations were shattered.

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