The Return of God of War Chapter 1133

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1133

“Fine. We’ll find out in one month’s time then! I’m sure that a month’s time is more than enough for Levi to finish whatever he’s doing.” Aaron agreed to her daughter’s proposition readily.

We’re winning this bet.

Everyone knew that Levi would not be coming back.

However, Zoey trusted Levi too much.

She was hopeful and optimistic.

By giving Levi a month, it served as a form of solace for her and also represented her trust toward him.

“Alright, it’s settled then. If Levi doesn’t return in a month, I will send you overseas to give birth to the baby, and no one can stop me.” Meredith was excited.

Zoey nodded, “Fine. If he doesn’t return in a month, I will travel overseas. If that happens, I will need to trouble Logan to make the necessary arrangements.”

“Don’t worry about it. One word from me and it’s settled.” Aaron hesitated for a moment before he said, “Zoey, you must ponder on the issue regarding the child’s family name. The Garrison clan clearly prohibits the child from bearing their family name! If you insist, it might entail serious consequences! I suggest that the child bear your own family name.”

Zoey nodded again. “All right. If Levi doesn’t return in a month, the child will bear my family name.”

Now, everything was dependent on the outcome in a month’s time.

Emma started to tear up. “Son, what are you doing? Please return quickly! If you don’t, your child would bear the family name of Lopez.”

Nevertheless, the situation wasn’t all bad after Levi’s disappearance.

For instance, the final decision-making power in Morris Group was now passed to Zoey.

Aside from that, the top hundred prominent families in North Hampton declared that they would protect Zoey at all costs and would be at her command.

This was comforting to Zoey.

Her confidence started to build and she was looking forward to the end of the month.

She was certain that Levi would return.

Meanwhile, Levi arrived at North Base One.

He had already fought hand to hand with the Blood King Palace.

The Blood King Palace was indeed stronger than three years before.

The moment Levi was transferred away from North Hampton, Zoey and Emma instantly fell under the watchful gazes of those abroad.

On an island abroad, a group of people with different colored skin were having a meeting.

Presiding over the meeting was Tenichi, the military strategist from Raysonia.

Even though Levi was transferred away, they dared not act rashly.

They must be sure that Levi truly left North Hampton.

Moments ago, they received news that Levi arrived at North Base One and battled with the Blood King Palace.

Even so, they did not act immediately upon receiving the news.

In order for them to act, they would need to have a meeting and sufficient intelligence must be gathered first.

“Mr. Watanabe, I suggest we act immediately and send people to Erudia to capture her.” Someone from the group proposed.

They were all impatient.

Tenichi shook his head. “No, my intelligence suggests that there are elite warriors protecting her. There might even be traps waiting to ambush us! Even if we successfully capture her, the loss is simply too great.”

The others replied swiftly, “If that’s the case, what should we do? The God of War has already been transferred away. It’s a golden opportunity that we must not lose.”

“No. I received news that in a month’s time, Zoey will leave Erudia to give birth to her child! Once the time comes…” Tenichi trailed off and smirked maliciously.

“Is that true? We might not be able to touch her in Erudia, but once she leaves, that just means that we can do whatever we want then!” Another person exclaimed.

Everyone had excited grins on their faces.

“Alright. Make the necessary preparations! By the time Zoey leaves Erudia, we’ll act immediately!” Tenichi had everything planned out perfectly.

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