The Return of God of War Chapter 1130

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1130

According to them, Levi was scared away by the Garrison clan.

For the sake of survival, Levi abandoned his family and escaped.

The silence was deafening.

Everyone’s facial expression was icy cold.

Especially Azure Dragon and the few men that sat beside Levi, their frustration was evident.

The sudden order caught everyone off guard.

Levi didn’t even have time to make arrangements for Zoey and the others.

However, they dared not question further about Levi’s command.

Everyone understood that Levi’s only goal now was to eradicate the Blood King Palace.

Nonetheless, Azure Dragon was concerned about the safety of Zoey and others.

At the hall, Tyrone and Damien were still waiting.

As they heard some commotion outside, the duo walked out to have a look.

What greeted their sights were fleets of armored vehicles leaving swiftly.

“What happened?” Tyrone and Damien were shocked.

“Mr. Garrison, my deepest apologies. The God of War had been summoned to the North! He cannot meet with you anymore,” Percy regrettably explained.

“What? What is the issue that required the God of War himself to personally attend to?” Tyrone was surprised.

Damien became nervous as well.

It must be something significant in order to require the involvement of the God of War himself.

“It’s classified information and I cannot disclose it to you. Please, go home.” Percy refused to answer.


As the armored vehicles passed by, Damien was startled.

“I think I just saw someone familiar…” Damien suddenly mumbled.

“Did you see someone you know?” Tyrone asked.

“I think I met them somewhere before, Was it at Levi’s wedding?” Damien was unsure.

Damien thought he had met some of them during Levi’s wedding.

“That’s impossible!” Tyrone dismissed his statement without any hesitation.

It was simply impossible.

Since the God of War was heading toward the North, they no longer had any purpose to remain in North Hampton.

“Oh yes, I still need to meet Levi regarding another matter!” Tyrone abruptly recalled.

The Garrison clan made a decision regarding the family name of Levi’s unborn child.

As anyone who bore the Garrison family name would be inevitably related to the Garrison clan, the clan decided they wanted to avoid this.

As such, once the child was born, he cannot bear the family name of Garrison.

Seeing Tyrone and Damien arrived once again, Zoey and the others started to panic.

“Where is Levi? Get him out here right now!” Tyrone shouted.

“Levi’s not here…” Emma nervously replied.

She gulped and took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself down.

It had been a few hours, but Levi had yet to return.

Even Emma herself had no idea where her son had gone to.

For the past few months, Emma had always been by Zoey’s side and she would not leave her alone for more than ten minutes.

Damien scoffed. “Could it be that he had run away?”

“Hah, that might be possible,” Tyrone nodded in agreement.

For some reason, a sense of trepidation settled in Meredith’s and the others’ hearts when they heard that.

The circumstances did suggest that Levi had escaped.

“What do you want?” Zoey asked.

Tyrone arrogantly replied, “What I want is simple. Your unborn child cannot bear the family name of Garrison! Since the Garrison family in Erudia originated from the Garrison Clan, whoever that wished to bear the Garrison name must seek our approval! And I’m telling you now that Levi’s child is not allowed to do so!”

“It’s none of your business what my child’s surname would be!” Zoey firmly refuted the preposterous demand.

“You can choose to ignore us, but you will make an enemy of the Garrison clan! The consequences will be abysmal!” Tyrone left after making the threat.

Zoey thought about it and called Levi.

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