The Return of God of War Chapter 1125

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1125

At that moment, the entire place fell silent.

Everyone gasped.

The color drained from Zoey and Emma’s faces.

Levi had not done any preparations in the past six months.

It’s impossible for him to win the challenge.

They could only pray that Tyrone would forget about this matter.

However, it seemed like not only did Tyrone remember it, but he even came to check up on him.

We’re doomed.

I guess the saying was true, that those targeted by the Garrison clan would not have any good ending.

Levi looked at Tyrone calmly and smiled. “You don’t need to worry about that. I can still deal with a small fry like the Garrison clan. This is just a trivial matter; it’s incomparable to the birth of my child.”

Such arrogance!

I can see that he’s still as arrogant as ever.

Even now, he still looked down upon the top ancient family of Erudia.

What a crazy man.

He’s a lunatic through and through.

In other words, they felt that there was something wrong with Levi’s brain.

They could not believe he just ignored Tyrone.

Even Zoey was infuriated.

How can he still spout such nonsense at a time like this?

There’s no benefit for him to act that way.

His stubbornness will only infuriate the Garrison clan further! They will never let him off the hook now.

Meredith and the others were even angrier than Zoey.

All of them were cursing at Levi for his foolish words.

“Get on your knees and apologize! who are you to speak that way to your father?”

“Once everything’s blow over, you can still be a carefree man in the Garrison family. That’s a great thing!”

Unfortunately, Levi was persistent, and they were sure something was fried in his brain.

“Honorable Mr. Garrison, we apologize to you on behalf of this kid. He’s just a stubborn boy, he didn’t mean anything by it.”

“That’s right. He’s a good kid. As long as you take him in, he won’t cause any trouble for you.”

Meredith, Robert, and the others were all on their knees, putting in a good word for Levi.

This was their only hope now.

If they managed to tug on Tyron’s heartstring, this was their chance to prosper.

However, Tyrone sneered, “Give up. I know what you’re thinking about. I’ll tell you now that it’s impossible. Even if he wins the challenge, I won’t take him in as my son. Not unless he can become one of the top three in the Saber Leaderboard.”

Tyrone’s ruthlessness stupefied Meredith and the others.

“Top three in Saber Leaderboard?”

Meredith and Robert knew what that meant.

It was impossible for Levi to achieve that.

To achieve the top three in the Saber Leaderboard, one had to be the genius among geniuses.

One had to become a self-made master in a field.

In fact, the individual had to be so capable that they would be able to establish a prominent family on their own.

Looking at Emma, Damien chuckled, “It’s not that Father doesn’t want to take him in. Father’s status is too high right now. Levi will have to have an appropriate status to become my father’s son.”

What he was implying was that Levi was unworthy of being Tyrone’s son.

“Levi, don’t forget. Four months later will be the day of the bet.

I’ve given you the four conditions. It’s your win as long as you fulfill any one of them. If you fail, however, I’m sure you remember what you said. It’ll be too embarrassing for you to live, so you’ll have to kill yourself.”

Tyrone fixed his icy gaze on Levi.

This time, he would no longer show any mercy.

The moment Levi failed, he would be doomed.

There would be no chance for him to stay alive.

Zoey nearly passed out upon hearing that.

Will my baby have to live a life without a father?

“I know, but I won’t fail.”

Levi gave him a smile.

“Well, I’ll be waiting for you four months later at the Garrison clan’s main entrance then. I hope you’ll be there. And don’t try to escape,” Tyrone burst out laughing.

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