The Return of God of War Chapter 1124

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1124

“Damien, you’ll come with me. I’ll let you meet with the God of War so that you’ll be motivated. You’ll benefit from this in the long run.”

“I have high hopes for you. Even though you’re not as good as the God of War, you’re still better than everyone else when he’s excluded,” Tyrone reassured.

“All right, Father.”

Passion burned in Damien’s eyes.

All this while, the God of War had been his aim.

He collected every information about the God of War and analyzed everything about the man.

In other words, he was a fanatic of the God of War.

In his eyes, the God of War was like a hurdle that he had to cross in order for him to achieve greatness.

Therefore, when he heard he would be able to get a glimpse of the God of War, Damien was beyond ecstatic.

He was sure that he would be even more motivated after meeting him.

He looked forward to the meeting.

In the afternoon, the father and son duo headed to North Hampton.

This time, Tyrone did not hide the news of his journey. Instead, he traveled like the head of the top ancient family in Erudia that he was.

There were more than a hundred jets escorting him.

The moment he shifted an inch, tens of thousands would surge forward to protect him.

Every moment of his journey showed everyone the difference between common folks and the ancient family.

Tyrone’s act was a message for the God of War. He was telling him they were equals.

“Let’s go, Damien. Let’s visit Levi first. It’ll be a year in four months. Let’s take a look at how prepared he is.”

After reaching North Hampton, the first person Tyrone went to was Levi.

“Haha! Sure. It’s been more than half a year. Let’s visit him,” Damien laughed boisterously.

For the past six months, Levi had been his target.

He had cornered Morris Group in North Hampton, making sure that they were unable to do anything.

In other words, the company was doomed in the corporate world.

It could not make any moves in the military and political domain.

The only way left was physical force.

However, it was impossible to enter the Garrison clan through physical force.

Even the guardsmen at the Garrison clan were terrifying.

Meanwhile, Levi and Emma were suntanning with Zoey. Even Caitlyn and the others were doing the same as well.

Just then, Tyrone arrived.

The moment he came, the park was cleared out.

His dramatic arrival stunned Caitlyn and the others.

Upon finding out their identities, Caitlyn and the rest were frightened out of their wits.

This is horrifying!

The Garrison clan’s power was unimaginable for them.

Once upon a time, even a servant of the Garrison clan had the capability to crush North Hampton and South Hampton.

Now that the head of the family was here, coupled with the fact of the grand entrance he had made, it was a miracle that they had not fainted from fear.

That day was the first time Zoey had seen Tyrone.

The noble aura he exuded was something she had never come across in the past.

It was an overwhelming aura.

To the average person, Tyrone was god-like.

Nowadays, she was getting familiar with the Garrison clan. But just when she thought she understood them, meeting Tyrone made her realized how wrong she was.

The Garrison clan was even more unfathomable than she could imagine.

For a moment, she even felt that a man like Tyrone should not only have one wife—that it was right for him to abandon Emma back then.

In her eyes, the man before him was mighty.

He was the man who led the top ancient family of Erudia.

He was a man beyond imagination.

Facing Tyrone’s strong presence, Meredith and the others got on their knees to greet him.

It was as if they had met an emperor of the olden times.

He looked at the rest as if they were nothing but insignificant insects.

To him, the people of North Hampton were no different from worms.

Even if Levi was mighty, he was just a mighty worm.

Slowly, he turned to look at Levi and inquired, “How are your preparations going?”

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