The Return of God of War Chapter 1123

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1123

Worry was written all over Zoey’s face. What is Levi going to do next?

How will he go up against the Garrison clan?

A year had almost gone by, but Levi had done nothing in preparation.

Instead, it seemed like Morris Group’s situation was worsening.

Staring at Levi, Meredith and Robert inquired, “When it’s time for the day of the bet, you won’t escape, will you?”

“That sounds possible. You might ditch your wife and child. You look like that kind of person to me!” Harry added.

Levi smiled. “How is that possible?”

He said before that he would protect Zoey for the rest of his life.

He was unmoved, even when he saw the most beautiful woman in Oakland City.

AS such, it was simply impossible for him to abandon Zoey.

“All right. We’ll see whether you’ll resolve the matter or try to run away when the time comes,” the few people sneered.

In a meeting room at Raysonia’s navy base were several people with different skin colors.

They were the ones who hated Levi the most. After all, they were defeated by Levi once.

Ever since they found out Levi’s weaknesses, they had been researching ways to defeat him.

In other words, as long as Levi was alive, they could never rest.

They spend their every waking moment wishing they could kill him.

Levi’s weaknesses, Zoey and Emma, were their target.

“The God of War is in Erudia, and we can’t lay a finger on him there, not after how he wiped out our entire army a while back,” someone sighed.

“Unless we can find a way to lure the God of War away from his turf, we won’t be able to do anything.”

“But how can we lure him out? Zoey is about to give birth soon. Unless there is something exceptionally urgent, the God of War will never leave the place.”

Everyone felt helpless.

Finally, they all turned to look at Tenichi, the military strategist of Raysonia.

Not only was the man capable, but he was also a brilliant strategist.

Right then, Tenichi smiled.

Instantly, everyone knew what that smile meant.

It was clear that Tenichi had a plan.

“If there aren’t any emergencies, we’ll make one. We’ll force the God of War to leave Erudia. Everything else after that will be a piece of cake. We’ll send someone to go after Zoey and Emma. Once that’s done, we can blackmail Levi Garrison. His days as the God of War will be good as gone.”

Tenichi’s smile grew into a sinister grin.

“What kind of emergency should we create that will make the God of War leave Erudia?” the others queried.

Confidently, Tenichi uttered, “Don’t worry. I already have a plan.”

“That’s great. This time, we must kill Levi.”

Everyone had excited grins on their faces.

Meanwhile, the Garrison clan was pulling strings to find out details about the God of War.

Yet, their investigation was fruitless.

To find out about the God of War, one had to have high societal status.

Moreover, photos of Zoey overseas had been removed from everywhere.

Thus, the Garrison clan could not find a single clue about his identity.

“What should we do?”

The council members of the Garrison clan were depressed.

“How about this? I’ll head to North Hampton myself to meet with the God of War and I’ll tell him our aim,” Tyrone sighed.

With no other choice, he decided to let go of his pride this time.

Initially, he had hoped that he could maintain his dignity, but things were not going his way.

“Will the God of War agree to meet with you?” Damien inquired.

“I’m still the patriarch of the top ancient family in Erudia. How can he refuse? To me, we’re equals. He’s the top of the military world, and I’m the top of the ancient families.”

As he spoke, Tyrone had his head held high and he was exuding an aura that only noble had.

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