The Return of God of War Chapter 1122

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1122

Zoey’s firm stance delighted Levi.

She’s standing on my side.

“Alright, that settles it then. My child can only be a Garrison. I won’t let anyone change my child’s last name.”

Levi cast an icy gaze at the others.

“Levi, it’s not as if you have a choice. Besides, your bet with the Garrison clan will be soon. You don’t even know if you’ll survive it, so why should you care about your child’s last name?”

“We’re changing the baby’s last name for their sake!”

They were uncompromising.

“Zoey, pack up. We’re going overseas. Logan has made all the necessary arrangements,” Caitlyn urged.

To make sure Zoey would give birth to the child safely, they would bring her out of the country.

“No. I won’t let Zoey leave the country. My mother and I can take good care of her.”

Levi was resolute.

For starters, he wanted the child to be born in Erudia.

Secondly, Zoey was still watched by many. The moment she was overseas, she would be in danger.

While he would surely protect her, he still did not want her to be in any form of danger at all.

He had to make sure that she was safe and sound.

“She’s our daughter, you don’t have a choice in this matter.”

“I’m a doctor myself. It’s true that the medical standards abroad are better than the ones in the country. Don’t try to insist otherwise.”

Both Aaron and Caitlyn were adamant, too.

Meanwhile, Zoey was silent.

Her priority was to give birth to her baby.

She did not mind doing what was best for the baby to be born safely.

Hence, she did not reject the idea of heading overseas.

Moreover, Caitlyn was a doctor, so she would heed her mother’s words.

“My stance remains the same. Zoey’s not going overseas. What’s wrong? Are the medical standards in Erudia that lousy? Moreover, I know Benny Quinton. I’ll just ask him for help with Zoey’s delivery,” Levi insisted.


His words stumped Caitlyn and the others.

It was true. He knew Benny as he was the boss of Morris Group.

“Besides, Zoey’s stomach is already so huge. It won’t be good for her to take another long trip,” Levi continued.

“He’s right. Mom, Dad, I was born here. It’s not that bad. Furthermore, he knows a lot of capable people.”

Even Zoey was now standing on Levi’s side.

It was mainly because Levi had mentioned Benny, who was the greatest doctor in all of Erudia.

“Fine, we’ll go with your plan. But Levi, I’m warning you. You’d better give the best to my daughter. You have to be by her side every single moment,” Aaron warned in a grave tone.

“Don’t worry. I won’t leave Zoey, not even for a second.”

I don’t need him to tell me that.

There’s no way I’ll treat Zoey badly.

In fact, it’s Impossible for me to treat her badly.

“Levi. I need to ask you a question. It’s almost time for your bet with the Garrison clan. How are you going to win the bet? They’ve given you four conditions, but which one can you achieve? I thought you’d be able to complete the business condition, but now, the Morris Group is in critical condition. How will you go up against the Garrison clan?”

Aaron bombarded him with questions.

Hearing that, Zoey’s face turned ashen.

Time was ticking, but Levi seemed to have made no preparations for it.

Has he accept defeat?

“Don’t concern yourself with the Garrison clan. It’s but a trivial matter. Right now, we should look forward to the baby’s birth.”

Levi’s nonchalant attitude infuriated the others.

He really doesn’t think for Zoey.

What a disappointment.

At that moment, all everyone could feel was disappointment for Levi.

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