The Return of God of War Chapter 1119

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1119

Jordan, Arvin, and Leland were questioning them with a manic look on their faces.

Even though they were part of the imperial family in Oakland City, to meet the God of War was an honor for them.

Moreover, to hear that Tiffany and Martin were saved by the God of War was more than enough to send them into a frenzy.

They fixed their gazes on Tiffany, waiting to hear her answer about his appearance.

“He is the personification of greatness. From today onward, no man will have a place in my heart. If I can’t marry him, I’d rather stay single until I die.”

That was the only answer Tiffany gave them.

Arvin and the others understood her words instantly.

Tiffany must have seen a man of true perfection.

Otherwise, she would not have made a decision like this.

The one she was interested in earlier had been Damien, but even then, she never made any declaration like this.

They could barely believe these words would come out of her mouth after meeting the God of War.

“My dear, you have to think this through,” Arvin sighed.

“I’ve thought this through. Dad, please spread the news,” Tiffany pleaded.

Unexpectedly, Martin expressed his support for Tiffany’s declaration.

His support stunned the rest.

After all, Martin had always been in love with Tiffany, and he was even prepared to propose to her with the Preston family’s support.

Why is he giving up now?

The only explanation was because Martin was defeated by the God of War.

Soon, news of how the beauty of Oakland City, Tiffany, would only have eyes for the God of War traveled across Oakland City. She had declared that she would not marry anyone other than him, even if that meant she would stay single forever.

The moment that news spread, Oakland City was in an uproar.

Is Tiffany going to be single until she dies?

And to think that she would declare it in this way!

However, it wasn’t exactly impossible for her to be together with the God of War.

That night, many of Tiffany’s suitors did not sleep.

They were at a loss of what to do.

After all, their love rival was the God of War.

They knew full well that they would never be able to win against that man.

In the Garrison clan’s hall in Oakland City.

“Fantastic. As expected of the God of War of Erudia. What a satisfying battle!” Tyrone thundered.

“How powerful! How great! Many thought the God of War can only fight in wars with armies. no one would think that he’d be that strong himself. He actually defeated thousands of elite fighters all by himself!” the people praised.

Damien exclaimed, “That being said, the best battle was still the battle that gave the God of War his title.”

Damien knew everything about the God of War, including the battles he was in.

“That’s right! The God of War defeated the Eighteen-Nation Alliance’s fighter with a pair of iron fists. Now that was a true display of power!”

Everyone could not help but sing praises upon recalling that battle.

“He really showed the world how great Erudia is. The God of War is really a role model for all our children,” Tyrone sighed wistfully.

His gaze then landed on Damien.

If only Damien is the God of War.

How nice will it be if the God of War is my son?

“The God of War is one of the Garrisons, but we’ve yet to find out which family he belongs in. We’ve tried to look into his identity, but our search was to no avail.”

At that, the council members of the Garrison family all had similar looks of disappointment.

Tyrone announced, “From now on, I’ll be using all my resources to find out who the God of War is. Since he’s a Garrison, he has to know his roots. Even if he’s many times removed, he is still part of the Garrison clan. We have to take the God of War back into the family.”

The Garrison clan of the Oakland City was the oldest and purest bloodline of the Garrisons. In other words, they were the original family of the Garrisons.

Anyone who bore the Garrison family name was in a way related to the Garrison clan in Oakland City.

This was Tyrone’s reason to get the God of War to return to the Garrison clan.

If the top ancient family of Erudia had the God of War among them, it would be an unimaginable and magnificent sight.

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