The Return of God of War Chapter 1117

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1117

Soon, someone sent Martin and Tiffany away.

At the same time, they cleaned up the battlefield.

When Levi returned to the manor, the signs of battle had long since been erased.

It was as if no one had come.

No one could have imagined that over two thousand elite fighters were annihilated.

Even until the moment they died, they never knew where Zoey and Emma were.

Neither did they ever find out when the two women left.

Even to their last breaths, they wondered why they never found out the whereabouts of Zoey and Emma.

They were so sure they had eyes on them.

In actuality, Zoey and Emma never took a step out of the manor.

After all, no one could take them away while elites from various countries had their eyes on them.

In other words, the whole world was focused on Zoey and Emma.

It was impossible for them to leave.

As such, the two had always been in the manor.

Their seeming absence could be attributed to Levi’s design of their house.

Back then, he had been extra cautious, and he made a secret space under the manor.

It was a precaution in case of a day like this day would happen. If he could not protect them in time, Zoey and the others could hide in this space.

He never thought it would ever be used.

Levi had wanted to lure all that conspire to harm him into one spot so that he could get rid of them at once.

However, it was difficult for his enemy to make a move as he was always in the manor.

As such, he thought that he might not be able to lure them out all at once.

Just as he was looking for an opportunity to leave the manor so that he could draw the fight to him, Martin and Tiffany came.

They gave him the perfect opportunity to leave the manor and let his enemy make a move.

With how everything panned out in the end, he had to admit that these two had been a great help to his plan.

“This feels great! I haven’t felt like this for ages!” White Tiger bellowed.

“They’re all wiped out this time! This must be a great blow to their plans!” everyone laughed.

Soon, news from North Hampton spread across Erudia. In a blink of an eye, the entire world found out about it.

The Eighteen-Nation Alliance and other forces were dumbfounded.

We’ve failed!

We actually failed.

Not to mention we’ve failed so miserably. Just like that, we’ve lost everyone…

How strong is he?

With just one battle, over two thousand elite fighters gathered by tens of thousands of forces abroad were all wiped out.

The battle once again made the mention of God of War rock the entire world.

The devil-like man was still as powerful as ever.

He was still undefeatable, despite having weaknesses.

As previously commented, he was like a God that no mortal could lay a finger on.

“The God of War of Erudia once again makes a shocking move. He wiped out the entire army and won against hundreds of countries.”

That was the news that spread across the world.

At that moment, the world was in an uproar.

The God of War of Erudia was stronger than before, and he was still undefeatable.

Once again, the words “Erudia is a forbidden ground as long as he was around” were proven to be right.

No one would dare to lay a finger on Erudia anymore.

The citizens of Erudia were cheering.

The victory made the quiet Erudia flew into an uproar once again.

The more powerful Erudia was, the prouder its citizens were.

Moreover, the battle had relieved the citizens of their frustrations.

It had taught the invaders a tough lesson—That Erudia was not a country to be belittled.

The God of War was pushed to greater heights once more.

Nowadays, the dreams of many children were to protect their country and make Erudia prosper even more.

Before that, the children were developing the wrong morals as all of them were hoping to become celebrities instead.

Tiffany and Martin returned by plane.

When they entered the plane, they realized every passenger had a look of joy on their faces.

What’s going on?

Tiffany was burning with curiosity.

“The God of War has shown everyone the greatness of Erudia again! It’s so satisfying to hear about the battle at North Hampton,” someone yelled.

“Wait… What? The God of War?”

Tiffany’s face paled.

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