The Return of God of War Chapter 1114

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1114

Standing beside Levi, both Tiffany and Martin were stupefied.
W-What’s going on?
What kind of battle did we get ourselves involved in?

These elite fighters are all coming after Levi?

What scared them the most, however, was the fact that these elite fighters were stronger than they could ever imagine.

Despite them being a member of the imperial family in Oakland City and having seen most of the world, they felt like they were in unknown territory when it comes to these fighters and that struck fear into them.

Only several ancient families in Oakland City can have these many fighters at their beck and call, right?

Even Martin, who was ranked second in the Heir Leaderboard, could not comprehend the moves of the fighters around him.

He felt as if all his previous achievements were for naught as he stared at the fighters that were all stronger than him.

This is terrifying!

Martin’s ten guards had been the best of the best, but they were killed in a blink of an eye.

How strong are these people in front of me?

Martin and Tiffany could not imagine the prowess they possessed.

Moreover, there were over a thousand surrounding them.

They were reminded of the unusual scene at the airport.

The guard had spoken the truth.

There really were many foreign fighters at the airport.

Something major really happened in North Hampton.

I can’t believe all these foreign fighters are all here for Levi.

Isn’t Levi an illegitimate son?

Could it be that he have another identity?

This scene is appalling.

Neither Tiffany nor he could think of any reason for them to be here for Levi; their minds were blank.

All they could do was to stand transfixed.

“Get them!”

The fighters surged forward.


Having stood in the front, Martin was the first to receive a heavy punch.

The fighting skills that made the Preston family proud were useless here. In just a moment, Martin, who was ranked number two in the Heir Leaderboard was crushed in the battle.

All his opponent needed to do was give him a punch to send him flying.

He did not even get the chance to react.

After falling to the ground, the first thing Martin did was cough up blood. Then, he twitched for a few seconds before he stopped moving.

Although he was not dead, he would have to lie in the hospital for several months after this.

At that moment, both Tiffany and he finally understood the words Seth once said. Levi is busy. He has no time to deal with small-time characters like you.

As it turned out, they were indeed small-time characters.

They were no match for any of the thousand fighters around them.

What kind of identity does Levi have?

Why are so many fighters coming after him?

Is he involved in that major event that happened overseas?


Just then, one of the fighter swung a sword toward Tiffany.

Her blood ran cold as she watched the blade that will soon end her life coming for her.

She could only shut her eyes in despair.

I’m going to die.

Suddenly, she felt a mighty hand on her shoulders, pulling her backward.

Her eyes flew open only to see it was Levi who saved her.

Elation filled her entire being.

As she stared at Levi’s profile, her heart thumped in excitement.


Levi sent the attacker flying with a swift kick.

“You have no right to kill the people of Erudia, even if they’ve committed the greatest crime!”

Levi’s expression was as cold as ice.

“Ha! You’re still protecting someone? Levi, you’re just making things harder for yourself.”

The surrounding fighters became even more excited.

Their initial plan was to waste Levi’s time.

Now that Levi had to protect someone else, he was doing exactly what they wanted him to do.

“Feel free to give me all you’ve got.”

The moment the words left his mouth, the fighters swarmed over.

Tiffany, who was protected by Levi, was stupefied.

Looking at the countless dark figures that were rushing over, her heart thumped erratically almost as if it was going to leap out of her body.

She had never seen a scene like this in her entire life.

Can he really deal with this?

“Close your eyes.”

Levi’s voice sounded beside her ears.

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