The Return of God of War Chapter 1112

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1112

At that moment, Tiffany was like the brightest gem, shimmering brilliantly in the dark.
Her beauty was so breathtaking, making everyone who set eyes on her in awe.

Unbearably perfect!

Regardless of whether it was her face, her body, or her demeanor, Tiffany was flawless.

She was definitely the prettiest woman in Oakland City.

Coupled with her lofty manner, she was just like a goddess who was distinctive from ordinary folks.

She believed that no man could be unimpressed by her beauty.

There had never been anyone who was not stunned by her appearance.

Even the most promising man, Damien from the Garrison family, could not stay cool in her presence.

Tiffany stood across from Levi without speaking a word but was intentionally flaunting her attractive appearance from time to time.

Together with Martin, she had imagined how obsessed and stunned Levi would be.

However, right in the next second, they were utterly disappointed.

Levi glanced around very quickly without landing his gaze on any of the two persons in front of him.

It was as though the extraordinary beauty of Tiffany was just a common sight for him.

Being neglected in such a way by Levi, Tiffany could not bear it any longer.

She had taken well over six hours to dress and makeup so elaborately just to impress Levi. Wasn’t that to make him regret?

However, Levi had no response.

This made her awfully unsettled.

Tiffany even suspected that it was because the lighting was too dim that Levi did not see her clearly.

“Levi, look at me…”

Tiffany shouted at Levi.

Levi turned to her. His gaze was clear and cool, without even the tiniest ripple.

He was completely unmoved by Tiffany’s beauty; neither did he have any other thoughts.

Tiffany could discern from his clear eyes that Levi was not acting.

He was indeed apathetic to her beauty.

How come?

How could there be any man on this earth who could withstand my charm?

It was indeed not Tiffany being over confident.

Her looks were indeed top-notch. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be known as the prettiest woman of Oakland City. There had never been any man who was nonchalant to her as such. Besides, she had even come fully prepared, putting on her makeup and everything.

And yet, she was still ignored by Levi.


Tiffany couldn’t get her head around it.

Unless he doesn’t like women!

Tiffany could only think of this possibility.

“Levi Garrison, didn’t you notice that I was different from last time?” Tiffany couldn’t help asking.

“Yes, you’re different from last time.”

Levi answered absent-mindedly. He was focusing his attention on the top fighters hiding in the dark.

“Then don’t you have anything to say?” Tiffany asked tentatively.

She wanted to hear from Levi that he had regretted and that his wife could never compare to her.

Even Martin and his men were looking at Levi with anticipation of hearing answers of the same sorts.

However, to their surprise, Levi warned, “If you want to live, get lost immediately, stay the farther the better!”

His words caught them totally off guard.

Tiffany and others were rooted to the ground at what Levi said.

What did he just say? Did he just ask us to get lost?

If we want to live?

What is that supposed to mean?

Tiffany was so irritable she stormed on the ground.

Isn’t Levi supposed to say that he’s remorseful?

“What are you trying to imply? Looking at me in my best shape here, don’t you have anything to tell me? Am I not better than your wife?”

Tiffany’s gaze fixated on Levi.

“This woman must be crazy! I’ve already advised you to leave but you chose not to. Now, there’s no way out anymore even if you wish to.”

Levi glared at Tiffany.

“What do you mean?”

Martin was equally baffled as Tiffany.

That was because the fighters who had been hiding in the dark were about to strike.

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