The Return of God of War Chapter 1111

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1111

Martin and the lot had come directly to the manor of Levi and shouted, “Levi Garrison, if you’re a real man, you better come out and face us! If you’re scared already, come out and kneel down before me, I might consider forgiving you for once!”
Tiffany and Martin were of the opinion that Levi was afraid of them.
He had been protected by the Garrison family so he was on his high horse and even dared to beat Martin.

But it was different now.

“Huh? What’s happening?”

The thousands of fighters who had been hiding around were just about to strike when they were confounded by what was happening right in front of them.

They paused their actions and observed what just happened.

Especially when they heard that Tiffany and Martin were also here to look for Levi.

Martin and Tiffany were still trying to provoke with nasty words.

And Martin was even counting down.

If Levi was not coming out, then they would barge in.

“Ten! Nine! Eight… One!”

As soon as he finished counting down, Martin was ready to get in.

When suddenly, a figure emerged.

It was Levi! Everyone, regardless of those in the dark or Martin and the lot, was astounded.

When the few thousands of fighters from hundreds of nations saw the “devilish” face of Levi Garrison, all of them were in a frenzied state.

Their blood coagulated, and their bodies were trembling with frosty air wafting from them. Fearful beams were shooting from their timid eyes.

It was this man standing in front of them who had conquered hundreds of nations abroad, rendering every man to put an end to their greed and cease having any thoughts on Erudia.

He was like a “Demon King” to millions of people.

Seeing him again made the blood pressure of everyone around rise and they began to feel agitated.

It had never occurred to them that this war machine who was also the famous God of War was just like an ordinary man in his usual life.

What kind of a person was he?

After being stunned for a while, it suddenly dawned on them.

Levi Garrison has come out…

Doesn’t that mean he’s away from Zoey and Emma?

With thousands of brilliant fighters from over a hundred nations around, even just a ten-meter distance between Levi and Zoey was enough.

After all, the victory or defeat of a battle between fighters of top-notch would be decided in the blink of an eye.

Ten meters was a distance sufficient for them to strike.

Not to mention that Levi had left the main building and came to the entrance of the manor. It was in fact a distance of over a thousand meters…

Which meant that Levi was totally separated from Zoey and Emma.

It was a huge opportunity to them.

Increasing their winning rate greatly.

They knew very well that there must be other people guarding Zoey and Emma and they were familiar with those people as well.

Such as the Five Great Wars Regiment under the God of War or something like that.

Despite that, as long as the Demon King, Levi was not around, they were fearless.

The few fighters in the lead started allocating tasks among themselves.

Even though Levi had been separated from Zoey and Emma, they had to come up with a plan to prevent Levi from retreating back to the manor.

Therefore, they would need to allocate half or more than half of these fighters to stop Levi.

Killing Levi was unattainable.

They knew all too well how powerful he was.

They could only try to stop him to buy more time for themselves.

The rest of the people would enter the manor and take away Zoey and Emma in the shortest time possible.

In this way, they could threaten Levi Garrison with these two women.

That was exactly their goal.

After arranging everything, the fighters advanced according to the plan.

There were around a thousand of them approaching and entering the manor quietly in the dark.

The rest of them kept their attention on Levi.

The reason Levi had come out was of course due to the presence of Martin and Tiffany.

They had been shouting for half the day in front of the gate.

“Levi Garrison, you’ve finally come out. I thought you were scared.” Martin sneered.

Tiffany tilted her head up as proud as a peacock, appearing in front of Levi in her best outlook.

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