The Return of God of War Chapter 1110

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1110

Meanwhile, Levi was accompanying Zoey.
He got a call from Seth Wilson, who told him that someone was looking for him.
Levi was stunned. Wow, are these people so straightforward now? Coming directly in my face?

But when he heard that it was actually Tiffany and Martin, he was relieved instantly.

Oh, it’s actually these two morons.

“Seth, tell them that I have no time for them. Ask them to get lost!”

Levi was preparing for a herculean enemy and had no time to entertain them. They were nothing to him at this point in time.

On the other hand, outside of Morris Group.

Martin and the lot were waiting anxiously.

Seth came out and spoke in a placid tone, “My boss is occupied at the moment, please leave immediately!”


Martin was exasperated. With their status and background, Levi had the nerve to ignore them?

That’s outrageous!

“There was the Garrison family covering for him before, but why is he still so cocky now? He’s totally disregarding us!” Martin asked furiously.

Likewise, it had never occurred to Tiffany that Levi could be so haughty that he had refused to even meet her.

“You better get back to Levi now and tell him that if he doesn’t see us, I’ll personally stir up trouble for him.” Martin intimidated.

“Please leave now. Mr. Garrison is really busy with other things and had no time for some nobody like you!” Seth waved his hand impatiently.

Even though he didn’t know what happened, he could tell Levi was occupied with something big recently.

“Nobody?” Martin and Tiffany pointed toward themselves and asked.

As the descendants of the imperial families in Oakland City, how could they be nobody?

Is he joking?

Nevertheless, comparing to the hundreds of nations overseas, they were indeed nobody.

“Fine! Levi Garrison, you jack*ss! We’ll do things the hard way then!”

Tiffany was also unimpressed.

When she first came here, Levi regarded her with disdain. This time, she had come in her best appearance but she was shut out.

“No way, Levi Garrison must see me!” There was a steely glint flashing across Tiffany’s eyes.

She wanted to stand in front of Zoey and let Levi make a thorough comparison, hearing from him in person that she was better than Zoey.

Night fell, and darkness descended upon North Hampton, which also signified the forthcoming peril.

The top fighters from the Eighteen-Nation Alliance including Wheldrake and Atlantis had come together. There were also fighters from some other overseas nations, not forgetting the mercenaries, assassins, forces from the Western Dark World, and even fighters from some large consortiums who continued to gather around.

Initially, every distinct force wanted to be the first to capture Zoey and Emma, making their names in the world.

However, according to information gathered, Levi had been keeping them company and there was no opportunity at all for them to act.

Apart from that, everyone knew full well that Levi must have been aware of their actions and was ready with heavy defense.

If it were in the past, they would have no possibility of winning.

But this round, Levi had two weaknesses. And they could try.

Hence, everyone had given up on firing their attacks alone and instead, gathered as many of them around as possible.

They had to strengthen their power and create synergies to fight with Levi in his face.

It would be best if they were able to separate Levi from the two targets and then get their hands on Zoey or Emma.

“The result of this is very clear— we would be severely hampered! The God of War of Erudia was immensely potent, I’m afraid half of us would be left, buried forever in this land. Despite that, the order given to us is to strike at all costs!”

Owing to the hatred toward Levi, every one of these fighters had prepared to die in this battle.

“What’s going on here?”

A group of people showed up out of the blue.

They were none other than Martin and Tiffany.

“Wait a minute… It seems like an upheaval has occurred and our winning rate has gone higher!”

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