The Return of God of War Chapter 111-120

The Return of God of War Chapter 111

Will left the room cockily, leaving Aaron and his family to look at one another helplessly.

Caitlyn said despondently, “The Rogers family and the Black family are both powerful families with strict household regulations. They do not condone this type of behavior. So I cannot blame them for being mad.”

Aaron fixated his hateful stare on Levi as he roared, “I can’t wait to strangle you to death with my own hands one day!”

He was about to slap Levi when Zoey stopped her father.

“Calm down. We’ll just apologize to Uncle and Aunt another day.” Zoey comforted her parents.

“Calm down? He tainted our reputations in front of the Black family and the Rogers family! What are you trying to do, Levi Garrison? Do you want to drive us to our deaths before you change that shitty attitude of yours?” Caitlyn pointed at Levi as she rebuked him.

Levi said helplessly. “Father, mother, I really do have to attend the opening ceremony.”

“That’s not the issue here. You brought shame to our family and offended Bailey and Pamela! So what if you attend the ceremony? That doesn’t change anything. You’re still a piece of human trash!” Aaron yelled angrily.

Caitlyn could not contain her wrath too. “Perhaps you can participate in the ceremony because you once stumbled into the God of War due to sheer luck. But he’s not acquainted with you at the end of the day. You have nothing to back up your big words as always!”

Zoey immediately dragged Levi away. They will force us to get a divorce if we stay there any longer.

The next day, Abigail contacted Aaron in the afternoon and told him her parents had calmed down. Abigail’s parents were willing to accept their apology if they bring Levi along and make him ask for their forgiveness sincerely. But they wanted to deal with Aaron and his family only after the opening ceremony ended.

Aaron ordered Levi to beg for Bailey and Pamela’s forgiveness in person. Otherwise, he would have to divorce Zoey.

Levi agreed to his request.

The opening ceremony for Kirin’s Special Operations Regiment occurred the next day.

Kirin contacted Levi early in the morning, informing the latter that he would be picking him up.

Levi asked Aaron, Caitlyn, and Zoey if they wanted to tag along with him to the opening ceremony, but they scolded him instead.

Zoey chided him and told him not to interrupt her during her office hours.

Meanwhile, the army sent a car to pick Will up.

Abigail and her family got into the car together with him.

Pamela could not hide her exhilaration for having the opportunity to sit in an army vehicle despite her extraordinary family background.

The soldier driving the car said cheerfully, “You guys are so lucky, Will. The King of War, Kirin, will be instructing all of you personally. Most importantly, the God of War wants to give a motivational speech to all of you too.”

Will was fidgeting in his seat as he could barely contain his excitement to meet with his idol, the God of War. “You’re right. I can’t believe I am blessed with this good fortune.” Will smiled in embarrassment.

“That’s because of your remarkable excellence. They wouldn’t have selected you otherwise!” Pamela complimented him.

The soldier driving the car nodded in agreement. “She’s right. You must be an elite soldier to qualify for the training camp.”

Will straightened his back proudly as they flattered him. But disappointment rose within him when he turned to look at Abigail.

Abigail was not gazing at Will with admiration as he thought she should be. In contrast, she was acting indifferently.

The car entered the military zone after some time.

They finally arrived at the training base after another hour.

All of them were impressed by the sight of soldiers equipped with actual weapons standing guard all over the place.

The participants for the training camp and their families were arranged to sit in a large, vacated area.

A total of 100 participants were selected to join the training camp. Everyone was looking around enthusiastically as if it was their first day of enlistment in the army.

The Return of God of War Chapter 112

Someone whispered, “It’s better to keep quiet in this place to prevent offending anyone here. They’re all formidable men.”

“You’re right. There are plenty of veterans attending the training camp for the first time, but they are already part of the Special Operations Regiment.”

Will was not his usual arrogant self after hearing the whispers. He stayed silent and became timid among the crowd.

Pamela and the others were more excited than frightened. The people inside this base are all highly ranked soldiers and impressive men in the army. We can count ourselves lucky to be acquainted with just a few of them.

“Alright. Friends and families, come over here. I want all the soldiers to follow me!”

In the end, the crowd was segregated into 2 groups. The soldiers were crouching in front while their families sat behind on the benches provided.

Pamela and Bailey were overjoyed to see the colonels and officers lined up in front of them.

Pamela began to scan her surroundings as a thought popped into her mind.

She sneered after examining the crowd. “Levi Garrison is a joke. Didn’t he say he’ll be attending as well? Where is he? I can’t even spot his shadow among all these people.”

“Don’t tell me you believe in that scum’s words? I did not even take him seriously last night,” Bailey responded mockingly.

Abigail started looking for Levi as well. She thought Levi would come, but she did not see him anywhere.

Will had already searched the crowd with his gaze, and he did not encounter Levi either. He thought to himself sarcastically. Where are you, Levi Garrison? You’re just a piece of human trash good at talking big at the end of the day.

“Quiet down, everyone. The King of War, Kirin, will make an appearance soon.” An officer waved his hand in front to signal everyone. The crowd fell silent as they held their breaths involuntarily, waiting for the King of War to show himself.

A military SUV drove into the area shortly after. The soldiers and guards saluted immediately at the sight of the vehicle.

A murmur of excitement rippled through the crowd. “The God of War is here!”

Pamela and Bailey stared unblinkingly at the SUV.

A young man dressed in a military outfit with one star embedded on his shoulder got out of the car. That man was the King of War, Kirin.

Every soldier gazed at him with respect after he got out of the car.

All the family members gasped in terror when they saw Kirin’s appearance. The King of War is such a young man?

Everyone’s eyes were still fixated on the SUV because they assumed the next person to come out of the car would be the God of War. But they were met with disappointment.

Someone was seated inside the SUV, but he did not get out of the car.

Kirin moved forward and addressed the crowd. “First of all, I want to welcome everyone to the training camp’s opening ceremony. Next, I have a statement to announce. The God of War himself is seated inside the car. But there are privacy rules to follow in the army. Non-military personnel are not allowed to meet with him.”

Everyone was well aware of the privacy rules, but they could not help feeling a little regretful for missing the opportunity to meet with the God of War. Even Will Ramos was disheartened.

Kirin added, “However, the God of War will meet with the newcomers later.”

The passion returned to Will’s deadpan eyes instantaneously. I can finally meet my idol!

The friends and families of the participants stared intently at the SUV in an attempt to discern the God of War’s figure. Pamela Rogers and Bailey Black did that too.

Pamela even put on a pair of glasses to aid with her eyesight.

Abigail looked in the direction of the SUV curiously as well.

Suddenly, she exclaimed subconsciously, “Why does he resemble my brother-in-law?”

Pamela was shocked. “You think so too? That man inside the car does look like Levi Garrison!”

“Let me see!” Bailey Black put on his glasses and narrowed his eyes at the SUV. “I think this person does look similar to him too!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 113

Abigail and her parents exchanged glances with one another as a thought flashed across their minds. Could Levi Garrison be the God of War?

But they quickly erased that idea. That’s impossible. If Levi is the God of War, why did he let Aaron and Caitlyn live in such a small room? Why is Aaron still driving a Haval if his son-in-law is so capable?

“Say, will the God of War wear a military outfit if he’s here in the army base?” Bailey asked suddenly.

“Of course! This is such an important ceremony.” Abigail and her mother answered at the same time.

They did not believe the God of War to be Levi despite the resemblance in appearance.

At that moment, someone got out of the car.

That person was Azure Dragon dressed in his military outfit.

Kirin nodded in Azure Dragon’s direction when he sensed his movements.

“That must be the God of War!” Everyone gazed in that direction frantically.

The outsiders thought that only the God of War could trigger such respectful acknowledgement from Kirin. But they did not know it was normal for Kirin to greet Azure Dragon that way because the latter was Kirin’s senior.

Moreover, Azure Dragon’s rank was blocked by the car because he got down from the other side of the vehicle. So the crowd assumed him to be the God of War.

“I am right! There’s no way Levi Garrison is the God of War. I am satisfied with this outcome now. We’ve finally seen the God of War’s great appearance.” Pamela and her husband were exhilarated.

Everyone was under the impression that they had met with the actual God of War. But they did not know that Azure Dragon deliberately got out of the car to ventilate the air inside the vehicle because Levi wanted to smoke.

The opening ceremony ended quickly.

Pamela Rogers and Bailey Black had their wish fulfilled as they were acquainted with Kirin before they left.

However, they did not know that Levi had arranged for Kirin to look for Abigail on purpose. Pamela and Bailey were contented because they thought the meeting with Kirin was due to fate.

The newcomers were gathered together after their friends and families left.

Will and the other soldiers were agitated because they would be meeting the God of War now.

Levi got out of the car and walked toward the group of soldiers with Azure Dragon beside him.

Will was positioned at the back of the platoon, so he could not get a good look at the on-going scene. He barely made out the newly appeared figures.

“Oh? That person’s silhouette looks like Levi Garrison,” Will uttered to himself in astonishment with a frown.

Levi and Azure Dragon stood in front of the platoon.

Clarity washed over everyone when they saw Azure Dragon’s rank. He’s not the God of War. The God of War is the man standing next to him. That man in casual wear!

Kirin came to a halt in front of Levi and saluted him. “Report, Sir! We have gathered all the newcomers. Please provide us with further instructions!”

Kirin’s gesture had indirectly reflected Levi’s status.

Levi raised his voice firmly, “At ease, soldiers!”

All the newcomers made a similar and synchronized movement upon receiving the order.

Everyone panted heavily as they gazed at the God of War in awe, who was merely a few steps away from them.

Color drained from Will’s face after he discerned Levi’s face. H-H-He… He’s the God of War? I’m not mistaken, right? Levi Garrison is the God of War. No wonder he said he could attend the ceremony at will. He even mentioned the ceremony would not proceed without him…

Will’s heart was beating in his throat as adrenaline coursed through his body. He was scared out of his wits.

When he looked up, Will noticed Levi was staring at him with a smile. Fear overwhelmed him at that acknowledgement.


Will’s vision went black as he passed out on the ground.

Everyone was stunned. We are excited, but his condition is simply an exaggeration.

Levi asked coldly, “Where is this soldier from? What’s with that terrible stamina and fragile body?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 114
“He is Will Ramos from South City’s South Warzone, Sir!” Someone reported immediately.

Kirin said furiously. “How did he qualify the selection with that kind of stamina? Send him back to where he came from!”

Afterwards, Levi’s brief pep talk to the soldiers marked the beginning of the training camp.

Aaron visited Levi’s house when he returned home that night.

He was there to inform Levi that Pamela and Bailey were willing to accept his apology that night because they were in a good mood.

“Okay. I’ll go,” Levi agreed. He also reserved a table at Grand Royal Restaurant with Zoey.

Abigail and her parents arrived after a short while.

Pamela and Bailey were over the moon as they smiled dazzlingly the whole time. They were even polite to Aaron and Caitlyn when they exchanged greetings.

“Why are you so happy? Let us be a part of the joy too.” Aaron and Caitlyn were intrigued.

Pamela was pleased. “This is all because of Will. Not only did we become acquainted with the King of War, Kirin, during the ceremony earlier, but we also got to see the God of War’s appearance.”

Abigail nodded in agreement.

“Really? You’re now acquainted with Kirin?” Aaron was caught in excitement. I want to get to know these influential figures too.

Exhilaration was written all over Bailey’s face. “That’s right. He even knows our names. He said Abigail looks like his sister.”

“What? The King of War, Kirin, knows your names? Oh my God!” Caitlyn was astounded.

Pamela explained, “They had our information as well as Will’s, so they know everyone about us. I think Kirin accepted us as part of his circle. Why else would he take the initiative to meet with us?”

Bailey nodded. “Yes. We do have the qualifications and background to be included in his circle. Kirin told us to look for him if we face any trouble in the future.”

Aaron and Caitlyn could not be more jealous about Abigail and her family’s luck.

“I am very happy today. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help in the future, Caitlyn,” Bailey said to his sister.

“Thank you, Bailey. Thank you!” Aaron and Caitlyn expressed their gratitude immediately. We’ve been waiting for so long for him to say that.

Bailey shifted his gaze onto Levi. “But he must apologize first!”

“Yes, that’s right. He needs to say that he’s sorry. Otherwise, we will never accept all of you.” Pamela was determined.

Abigail whispered to Levi as she was caught in a difficult position too. “Please don’t mind this, Levi.”

Zoey urged him as well. “Just do as they say.”

“I’m very sorry, Uncle and Aunt. I shouldn’t have talked back to you yesterday.” Levi apologized.

“Okay. I will forgive you because I am in a good mood today.” Pamela waved her hand.

Bailey questioned him suddenly. “By the way, did you attend the ceremony today? We did not see you there just now.”

Pamela stared at Levi mockingly. Let’s listen to his excuse.

“I went. But you were not qualified to meet with me.” Levi told them the truth.

But his honesty infuriated Pamela and Bailey. They glared at him in fury.

Aaron and Caitlyn were dumbfounded. We poured in so much effort to finally get on good terms with them. But Levi has to ruin everything again.

Zoey was dazed. What did he say?

The door to the private room was pushed open just as Pamela and Bailey were about to unleash their anger. “Mr. Black, Mdm. Rogers, something terrible has happened. Mr. Ramos was kicked out from the North Hampton Warzone because he’s not qualified to join the training camp due to his poor body condition. They will be sending him into the room now.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 115
Pamela and her husband’s faces turned white upon hearing the news. “What? Poor body condition? Not qualified to participate in the training camp? Is there a mix-up here?” They were caught in utter disbelief. We know Will’s capabilities well. He is definitely strong enough to take part in the training camp.

The door was pushed open again while they fell into a daze.

Two waiters brought Will into the room as he lay on a stretcher. Two men from the army followed behind them. They were tasked to send Will back.

“He’s really here. What happened?” Pamela asked in a hurry.

But Will saw Levi from the corner of his eyes when he was about to speak.

“Argh…” He passed out again.

The soldiers sneered. “Look at that. This is the eighth time he fainted. How can he participate in the training camp in that condition?”

They were puzzled as well. What’s wrong with him? He blacked out whenever we mentioned the God of War. But this time, he fainted before anyone said anything.

Pamela talked to one of the soldiers. “Is there any chance for Will Ramos to reenter the training camp?”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible. He passed out in front of the God of War. That’s considered an offensive act. The King of War, Kirin, is very displeased with him. I believe that Will Ramos’ career is ruined from today onwards.” The soldier answered honestly.

“He disrespected the God of War. That’s a gutsy move!” The other soldier added sarcastically.

Pamela and Bailey were unsettled by the soldier’s elaboration. Did he offend the God of War? Even the Rogers family and the Black family do not have the courage to do that.

No one had the interest to continue with the meal after the soldiers left.

Will regained consciousness after some time.

He was about to pass out again when he saw Levi after he woke up. But Levi quickly ordered, “Don’t faint again.”

Will finally recomposed himself, but his face was filled with terror and his mind was blank.

“What happened, child?” Pamela asked.

“I… I saw the God of War…” Will stammered.

“But why did you pass out?” Bailey and Pamela were caught in perplexity.

“That’s because the God of War is…”

Will looked at Levi in fright as he spoke.

He wanted to inform them of the truth about Levi’s identity, but the words stuck in his throat.

The privacy rules of the army surfaced in his mind. I will be exposing classified information protected by the army if I tell them about the God of War’s identity.

Everyone gazed at Levi as well. A thought popped into their minds. Perhaps he’s trying to tell us that Levi is the God of War? The resemblance between the man seated inside the car and Levi is too uncanny…

They waited for Will to complete his sentence anxiously.

Finally, Will uttered, “The God of War is my idol. My body is weak, so I fainted when I saw him. I am a huge embarrassment to everyone.”

“Oh, I see. You almost scared me there. I thought you’re trying to tell us that Levi is the God of War.” Pamela breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s fine. Take a good rest to recover your health. You don’t have to participate in the training camp anymore.” Pamela consoled him.

Bailey eyed Levi and asked the question in his mind, “Did you see him at the training base today, Will?”

“Yes!” Will gave Levi a look with complicated emotions in his eyes.

“What? So you really went?” Pamela and the others were in disbelief.

“Mr. Black, Mdm. Rogers, please take me away for now. I would like to rest.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 116
Will did not have the courage to stay a second longer in the same room as Levi.

“We’re not finishing the meal anymore. We’ll be leaving now,” Pamela said.

Aaron and Caitlyn were worried. “Have you forgiven us then?”

“Yes! I’ve accepted his apology. By the way, you are allowed to attend Mother’s birthday banquet this year. She has accepted your return to the family,” Bailey Black answered.

Caitlyn was delighted after she was informed of the news. I can finally attend Mother’s birthday banquet since I left my home 20 years ago.

“We will be there!” Aaron said emotionally. We can hold our heads high by the time we attend the banquet because Zoey’s project is progressing well.

Caitlyn glanced at Levi happily after Pamela and her family left. “Alright. We will forgive you this time.”

Aaron pleaded with his wife sincerely, “Will you allow me to hang out with my friends tonight, Caitlyn?”

“Fine. Off you go. Take this bank card with you. I’m warning you now. Do not gamble tonight!” Caitlyn handed a credit card to Aaron.

Levi knew Aaron was a gambling addict since a long time ago. He lost a lot of money in the past. I even had to clear his debt previously. Caitlyn forbids him from taking part in those entertainments afterwards. He’s not allowed to drink with friends too. I suppose she’s making an exception today because her return has been accepted by the Black family today.

“Alright! I’ve quit gambling for a long time now!” Aaron was elated like a child.

Levi was amused by his behavior. He’s a typical henpecked man.

The four of them parted ways afterward.

Aaron went to meet up with his friends.

They were tipsy after gulping a few bottles of wine down.

Alex Glen placed his arm around Aaron’s shoulder. “I heard there’s a new underground casino in North Hampton. Why don’t we try out our luck there?”

Aaron shook his head. “No way! I made a promise to my wife not to gamble anymore.”

“Don’t worry. We are just going to play a few rounds to try out our luck. You won’t lose any money,” Alex persuaded him.

“That’s right. We did not bring a lot of money with us anyway. We’ll play in small amounts, just for fun. What if we get lucky? Do you know Andrew Zafer from the marketplace? I heard he earned 800 thousand from the casino with a mere 3000 starting amount!”

“He’s right. We are so jealous of him!”

Aaron’s resolution wavered as his friends convinced him. “Fine. I’ll go. But I have to say this in advance. I can only fork out 5000.”

“Sure, sure…” Aaron and the gang headed toward the underground casino together.

Aaron was especially excited when they arrived at the venue.

A man, dressed lavishly with a glass of red wine in his hand, was seated on the second floor of the casino while he gazed at the crazed gamblers beneath him. He asked with a smile, “Aaron Lopez is here?”

“Yes, Mr. Rogers.”

The men engaged in that conversation were none other than Oswald Rogers and Howard Corbyn.

Oswald sneered while looking at Aaron. “I’ve been thinking of ways to target all of you, but here you are, offering to step into my trap on your own accord.”

Howard sought out Oswald’s opinion. “How should we proceed, Mr. Rogers?”

“He’s going to lose! We’ll make him lose everything. Even the Lopez family will not be able to cover his debt. I am going to force Levi to his death with this staggering amount of money!” Oswald grinned like a madman.

Howard nodded. “I’ll make the necessary arrangements, Mr. Rogers. I will make sure to let Aaron Lopez learn his lesson well this time.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 117
Aaron was oblivious to the incoming danger that awaited him. He was enjoying himself to his heart’s content at that moment.

He had won for a few consecutive rounds and earned roughly 100 thousand. On his 10th straight win, Aaron’s earnings accumulated to a few million.

Alex and the others persuaded Aaron to continue with his gambling. “You’re too lucky today, Aaron! Go on! Let’s go big! 10 million is easily achievable with your insane luck tonight!”

A gambling addict caught up in his moment of glory often lost his ability to think rationally. Aaron was confident he could bring home 10 million by the time he was done gambling that night.

Zoey and Levi were startled awake by the ringing from their phones in the middle of the night.

Caitlyn had dialed their numbers relentlessly.

Zoey was wide awake the moment she answered the call. “What? Oh my God!”

Her face went paper-white as the phone slipped out of her hand and fell onto the floor with a thud.

Levi asked immediately, “What’s wrong?”

Zoey sobbed. “Father went to the casino and lost 300 million. He’s being detained right now because he was caught cheating.”

“What? 300 million? How did he lose so much money?” Levi frowned. Something’s wrong. Someone must have set a trap for Aaron.

“Where is he?” Levi added.

“I don’t know. Let’s meet up with Mom for now.”

Caitlyn was already tear-stricken by the time Levi and Zoey arrived.

Levi floored the accelerator toward the underground casino after Caitlyn informed them of the location.

The atmosphere inside the casino was unbearable. Deafening noises and cigarette smoke lingered in the air.

A few muscular men came in front of Levi, Zoey, and Caitlyn. “Who are you people?” They inquired fiercely.

Levi stated the aim of their visit directly. “We are here to look for Aaron Lopez.”

“Oh. You are that cheater’s family. Follow me.” They led Levi and the others to the second floor.

Levi sounded the situation out in the meantime. “What happened here, actually?”

“Aaron Lopez cheated after he started to lose money. Then we caught him red-handed. How dare he cheats after losing 300 million to the casino? We need to follow the rules here and chop off his fingers!” One of the men sneered.

Zoey and Caitlyn were frightened as their faces turned to the shade of chalk.

More than 10 men stood menacingly inside a large private room on the second floor with batons in their hands.

Levi, Zoey, and Caitlyn caught the distinctive smell of blood the moment they entered the room.

A person was lying on the floor in a curled position. His body twitched faintly in a pool of blood.

“Dad! Aaron!” Zoey and Caitlyn rushed forward when they recognized the person to be Aaron Lopez.

Levi grimaced when he saw how terribly beaten Aaron was.

“Save me! Save me, please!” Aaron yelped fearfully when he saw his family.

The few thugs surrounded Levi and the others instantaneously.

A scary-looking man sat on the sofa with a gold necklace around his neck, dressed in a leopard-printed shirt.

He tossed a cigarette butt on the floor and crushed it with his foot. Then he looked up. “Are you Aaron Lopez’s family members?”

“Yes. That’s right. He’s my father-in-law.” Levi met that man’s eyes.

“Let me introduce myself. I am the owner of this casino. My name is Enzo Fielder. Everyone refers to me as Mr. Enzo.”

Enzo pointed at Aaron. “Your father-in-law lost 300 million to the casino and tried to trick us. According to the rules of this casino, he will have to settle the 300 million debt and let us chop off all 10 of his fingers to settle the score. Otherwise, he’s going to die here! Hehe!” Enzo threatened Levi and the others.

Zoey and Caitlyn were trembling in a terror-stricken manner.

Aaron cowered in Caitlyn’s arms as his body quaked uncontrollably.

The Return of God of War Chapter 118

Levi sized up his surroundings and said mockingly, “Why do I feel that this casino is not a place of such high standards that someone could lose 300 million in a night?”

“Hmph! That’s because your father-in-law took a great risk. He thought he could win 100 million after earning 10 million. So who is to blame for his greediness? More importantly, no one can condone his cheating behavior in this place.” Enzo waved his hand. Alex and the others were dragged forward swiftly.

“Tell them whether I’m speaking of the truth or not!” Enzo ordered.

Alex and his friends answered immediately. “Yes. That is the truth. We told Aaron to stop after he won 10 million. But he wanted to continue gambling to win more money. So he brought this on himself for losing ultimately. We did not expect him to cheat afterwards! Why do we have a friend like you, Aaron?”

Aaron looked at his friends incredulously in a daze. “All of you framed me! You set a trap to frame me!” Aaron roared.

Alex glowered at him. “Did we force you to do anything? You made all the decisions on your own accord!”

Aaron fell silent. True, no one forced me to do anything. I did everything willingly. I can only blame my own greediness.

Zoey understood that it was a set-up, so she whispered to Levi, “Should we call the cops?”

“No. Calling the cops will only worsen the situation. They might resort to desperate measures if we do that,” Levi answered.

Unfortunately, Enzo overheard their conversation. He sneered. “Call the cops? Sure, go ahead and do that. He borrowed the money from others, so we have written proof as well as the various documents he mortgaged to us. We carried out every procedure according to the law. Please feel free to contact the cops. The court will confiscate the Lopez family’s business and properties by that time!”

Everyone looked at Aaron in bewilderment.

Aaron nodded. I did mortgage the family house and business. I deliberately went to the Lopez family house to steal the documents after I lost all my money. I wanted to get the money to turn the tables around. But I lost everything instead and even incurred a 300 million debt on myself.

“Please don’t tell my father about this. He will kill me if he knows what I’ve done!” Aaron said hurriedly.

Enzo jeered at Levi and the others. “Do you want to call the cops? It’s up to you to make the decision!”

Zoey was clueless as to how she should react to the unexpected turn of events.

Levi grimaced. They clearly planned every move to target us.

“Have you made up your mind?” Enzo asked.

“We will not call the cops, and we’ll return the money. But we do not have 300 million with us right now. Can you give us a few days to collect the sum?” Zoey proposed.

“Sure. No problem!” Enzo added mockingly. “I am not worried at all. If all of you disappear, then I will look for Harry Lopez instead.”

“But can you please don’t chop off my father’s fingers?” Zoey pleaded for mercy.

“I’ll do you a favor. You can bring him away now. But for every extra day you fail to return the money, I will chop off one of his fingers…” Enzo smiled sinisterly.

“Alright. We agree.” Levi brought Aaron and his family away from the casino in the end.

Caitlyn was on the verge of tears when they reached the entrance. “What should we do? Where can we find 300 million at a moment’s notice?”

“We have no other choice but to say that we’ll return the money. This is the best we can do to delay the situation from turning south immediately,” Zoey lamented.

Aaron rebuked Levi when he saw the smiling expression on the latter’s face. “Why are you smiling? Why don’t you come up with a solution instead, you useless piece of shit! I could’ve settled this issue effortlessly if my son-in-law is a capable person. Regretfully, you are a good-for-nothing piece of crap! You are to blame for everything that has happened today!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 119
Levi was stunned after listening to Aaron. He looked at his father-in-law in disbelief. Is he blaming me for his own wrongdoings?

Zoey was slightly upset. “What are you saying, Dad? You caused this mess yourself. Levi has got nothing to do with this matter.”

“Don’t give me that nonsense! He could’ve paid for the 300 million debt easily if he’s as successful as before. But he doesn’t even have a single dime with him now!” Aaron stared at Levi hatefully. “Aren’t you capable? You said you’re acquainted with the God of War, right? Can you handle this mess now? You must divorce Zoey if you fail to take care of this matter. I am a man of my word!”

Aaron vented all his pent-up anger at Levi after the horrible experience he underwent.

Caitlyn glared at him. “What are you talking about? That’s not important. The most important thing is to find a way to collect 300 million as soon as possible. Let’s go home now!”

Enzo dialed a number after Levi and the others left. “I’ve executed your orders, Mr. Rogers.”

“Okay. You can pay Harry Lopez a visit directly after a few hours.” The person on the other end of the phone replied.

Aaron suggested when they arrived home, “Honey, only your brother, Bailey, can help us now. Let’s borrow money from them while they are still in the city!”

“You are only going to infuriate them for knocking on their doors in the middle of the night. We’ll wait until tomorrow before we do anything!” Caitlyn glowered at her husband.

Zoey asked her father with a grim expression, “What happened exactly, Dad?”

Aaron described everything in detail from the beginning. He had won multiple rounds consecutively and accumulated winnings up to 10 million initially. But when he seized the opportunity to gamble further, he began to lose…

“I realize now that I’ve been tricked. Alex and his friends are a group of bastards!” Aaron snarled.

Zoey nodded. “That was indeed a trap.”

“We have two ways of resolving this issue now. The first way is to return the money. The second method is to investigate this matter and find out the person who set you up. Personally, I think the second method is a wiser choice. We should investigate deeper before we pay them.” Levi offered his idea.

Aaron stared at him fiercely. “Are you suggesting that on purpose? Did you not listen to what they said? Now you’re telling me to wait and spend time to carry out an investigation? By the time we find out anything, I’ll be left fingerless and even toeless!”

“Alright, let’s not argue anymore. We’ll go to my brother’s place to borrow money from them come morning.” Caitlyn was displeased.

Levi left the house quietly afterward.

Zoey wanted to think of an alternative solution, so she left as well.

The next morning, everyone in the Lopez family was still sound asleep when someone busted the door open with a loud bang.

A group of burly men covered in tattoos rushed into the house in an imposing manner.

They went straight to the Lopez family’s living room.

Harry and the others hurriedly checked out the situation as they were startled by the commotion. All of them were frightened by the unwelcoming sight.

“What are you doing? You’re trespassing on private property, so don’t you dare do anything to us!” Harry bellowed in rage.

Enzo threw Aaron’s IOU at Harry without saying a word.

Harry and the others were shocked after reading the note. “What? Aaron owes you 300 million? He even mortgaged the Lopez family’s properties and business?”

Harry’s vision went black as he nearly fainted.

Enzo said with a smile, “That’s right. All the Lopez family’s possessions are mortgaged to me now, including this house. Aaron Lopez even brought me all the necessary documents, so we are simply following the legal procedures here.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 120
Harry hurriedly went to look for the mortgage documents, but he soon realized all the documents were stolen.

“I was wondering to myself why Aaron sneaked into the house last night. So he came here to steal the documents!” Henry said angrily.

“You better pay me 300 million as soon as possible, now that I own all your properties and business. I will have the court to confiscate these possessions if you do not cough up the money!” Enzo urged the Lopez family in a joyful manner.

Harry Lopez did not say a word. I had not distributed the Lopez family’s inheritance previously. So Aaron’s IOU is legally binding because of his status as my descendant.

“You son of a b*tch, Aaron Lopez!” Harry was seething with rage.

“You have one day to return the money to me. Otherwise, I’m sure you know what consequences await you.” Enzo left after he spoke.

All hell broke loose in the Lopez family.

“Let’s go to Aaron’s place right away!”

Aaron and Caitlyn were about to depart from their house at sunrise.

Bang, bang, bang…

Someone banged on their door impatiently.

A group of people rushed into the house with Harry leading the way after Aaron unlocked the door. He slapped his son across the face without a second thought. “What a dumb son I have! What have you done?” Then Harry slapped Aaron a few more times.

“You… You already know, Father?” Aaron asked timidly while covering his face.

“A bunch of people came to stir up a ruckus at the family house early in the morning. What do you think?” Harry panted heavily.

Fabian said with a grimace, “You better start talking.”

Henry sneered. “I heard you lost the money because you gambled again? You are just like your son-in-law, always failing to correct your bad habits!”

Harry fixated his eyes on Aaron. “I’ll chop off your ears if you do not explain everything clearly today!”

Aaron glanced at Caitlyn before he began. “This is all Levi Garrison’s fault!”

“What? How is this matter related to him?” Harry asked in surprise.

Aaron nodded. “Levi lost the money because he went to the casino. I had no other choice but to steal the documents because they wanted to kill Levi on the spot!”

He knew his family would beat him up if he informed them of the truth while their anger was at the boiling point. So he placed all the blame on Levi instead.

They did not trust Aaron’s words at that moment, so everyone turned to look at Caitlyn.

Caitlyn said through her gritted teeth, “That’s right. It’s all because of Levi Garrison. Aaron has already quit gambling for 6 years now. Levi has been gambling because he wants to become rich. Do you still remember the money we paid back previously, Father?”

Harry nodded. “Of course. Don’t tell me that Levi earned that 5 million through gambling?”

Caitlyn nodded. “That’s right. He did not borrow the money but got it through gambling. This time, he lost 300 million.”

Henry questioned her, “But I verified this myself. He really did borrow the money.”

Caitlyn responded with a question on her own, “Do you think he can borrow that large amount of money without anything to mortgage, Henry?”

Henry understood instantaneously. “Now I get it. The bank loaned him the money because he has the capability to return the money through gambling!”

Caitlyn’s speech convinced every member of the Lopez family.

Aaron gave his wife a thumbs-up internally. She’s brilliant! We’ve successfully placed all the blame on Levi with that perfect excuse.

Aaron seized the moment and said, “Don’t you see why Levi is not here? That’s because he fled in advance!”

Harry was infuriated to his limits. “I’m going to kill you, Levi Garrison!”

“Let’s go and find Levi now!” Everyone left angrily.

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