The Return of God of War Chapter 1109

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1109

At the North Hampton Airport.
After getting off the plane, Martin took in a long breath; he had come specifically for Levi.

After all, the engagement has been called off. And the Garrison family gives no d*mn about him now.

Hence, Martin had no more concerns. Levi has to be severely injured if not dead. That was his sole purpose.

There were other people who came on the same flight as Martin.

They were all wearing a hat and were in leather jackets. Tattoos could be vaguely seen on their faces.

They even took a glance at Martin when they passed him by.

The North Hampton Airport that day was filled with an unusually high number of foreigners.

“Mr. Preston, it’s very strange at the airport here today,” just then, one of the personal bodyguards of Martin said with a hushed voice.

“What’s wrong?”

Tiffany and Martin looked in his direction simultaneously.

“This airport is filled with extremely skilled fighters everywhere. I could sense that everyone here is unusual!”

The bodyguard uttered while he looked around.

“Exactly! I could feel that too. There’re many top fighters around and they don’t seem to be from Erudia.”

“And those are only what we’re able to observe. I’m sure there are more who are even more powerful than us!”

“What happened? Did something go wrong?”

The other bodyguards could feel the same.

There was danger everywhere in this North Hampton Airport. There were too many powerful fighters around.

The majority were those who were stronger than them.

Their intuition was right.

Ever since Levi told Phoenix to remove the fortification, many fighters had come swaggering.

There were three groups of people who had come together in the same plane as Martin.

“Hmm… What’s happening? What are so many fighters doing in North Hampton Airport?” Tiffany was confused.

So was Martin.

“I heard that something happened abroad but I don’t know the specific details.”

“Could it be something to do with what we’re here for?” One of the bodyguards asked.

“But that shouldn’t involve North Hampton. In my opinion, other than the fact that Levi Garrison is here, there’s nothing much about North Hampton. Even if there’s anything huge about to happen, it should be in Oakland City. How could it possibly be in some small towns like this?” Every word that came out of Martin was spoken with disdain.

They were from Oakland City so when they looked at other places, they felt privileged very naturally.

Especially both Tiffany and Martin were from imperial families.

Hence, they were all the more snobbish, bearing the thought that nothing major should happen in such an insignificant place.

Unlike Oakland City which was the real grand place.

Even the exposure there was far greater and better than that of such a small place.

That was the reason why they were all overweening when they faced Levi.

Not to mention the stronger Garrison clan.

“Forget it. Let’s go find Levi directly!” A cold glint flashed across Martin’s eyes.

“Sure!” Tiffany nodded in agreement.

She took off her sunglasses and her face showed up.

“Whoa… She’s so beautiful!”

When Tiffany’s face was revealed, there was an uproar in the airport.

Many people were surrounding her, trying to capture photographs of her.

After all, Tiffany had put on the most exquisite makeup and was wearing the most noble and fashionable outfit.

She was incredibly stunning.

An inexplicably elegant air was wafting from her. That was cultivated from living in an affluent family since young. It was something even the celebrities couldn’t compare.

During her previous visit, Tiffany was afraid that Levi would refuse to call off the engagement due to her attractiveness. Hence, she had deliberately made herself appear unappealing.

They were there to call off their engagement but Levi made a remark that she was no match for his wife.

She had been keeping this in mind ever since.

This time, she had come in her best shape.

She couldn’t wait to see Levi’s response when he saw her.

Would he still say she was not as pretty as his wife?

“Levi Garrison, I’ve come. Are you ready?” Tiffany curled her lips into a gracious smile.

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