The Return of God of War Chapter 1108

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1108

Tyrone answered with his subconscious mind, “Yes, what’s wrong?”
“You’re such a moron! How dare you make a bet with him? Now everyone overseas knew it!”
With that, the person ended the call ferociously.


Tyrone was completely confounded.

Why does he call me a “moron” after getting to know my relationship with Levi?

What is going on?

In fact, the person’s intention was simple.

He was berating Tyrone for his ludicrous bravery of making a bet with the God of War of Erudia.

Is he mad?

The God of War has conquered hundreds of nations outside Erudia; he’s the worst nightmare of tens of thousands of foreign family forces.

And this moronic Tyrone dares to make a bet with him.

Isn’t it ridiculous?

“Oh, I get it! He’s berating me for demeaning my superior status to bet against an illegitimate desperado. Isn’t this discrediting? It’s indeed a foolish act! Especially now that everyone abroad has come to know the existence of Levi, they would regard my decision to be exceedingly mindless! Levi is definitely unworthy of my attention!” Tyrone put on a helpless face.

But he was indeed at a loss for solutions.

Levi got hold of his secrets, leaving him with no other option than to bet on it.

How could he have known that he got it totally wrong?

Between him and Levi, the one with a lowly status was he himself!

“Ah, I see! So now the Garrison family is being ridiculed by these people abroad thanks to Levi!”

“He’s indeed the disgrace of the family! Sooner or later he would make the Garrison family nailed on the pillars of shame!”

“True. A genius like Damien thrives in obscurity and a trash like Levi is infamous!”

The Garrison clan had absolutely no idea about what was happening in Erudia.

Neither were they aware that forces from overseas had erupted.

Within half a day’s time, the situation of the entire globe had taken an unexpected turn. Everything was undergoing enormous changes.

All because of the b*stard in their eyes.

Just because of a single person alone, the entire world had gone frenzied.

Damien smiled and said, “Father, I’ve heard that Martin would be going against Levi soon. He’s no angel!”

“Haha, let others teach him a lesson lest that rascal is boastful.” Tyrone laughed.

As anticipated, Martin departed to North Hampton.

Along with him was Tiffany.

Tiffany had dressed up this time, preparing to meet Levi in her most graceful comportment.

To make him regret!

On the other hand, Levi had no plans to let Zoey and his mother go out anymore. There were inevitable risks outside.

He was constantly staying by their side to take care of them.

Meanwhile, there was news from Phoenix that a lot of skilled fighters had already snuck into North Hampton but it was difficult to identify them.

Right then, there were hundreds of pairs of eyes observing Levi.

There were hazards everywhere.

“Phoenix, North Hampton doesn’t need to be fortified; let them all in and we can wipe them out in one shot!”

Levi commanded.

All he wanted to do was to thrash them so dreadfully that fears were struck into their hearts.

So that they dared not come up with nasty thoughts anymore.

“With me around, Erudia is the forbidden ground. Don’t you all understand?”

Levi had a feeling that many people had forgotten what pain felt like in the past six months when he was dormant.

Within a few hours, the number of fighters entering from abroad had reached thousands.

A large proportion of them was on par with the big-time fighters on the Saber Leaderboard of Erudia, especially when all the fighters on the Saga Leaderboard from Wheldrake had also come.

They had already hidden around Levi and his people, waiting for a reasonable chance to act.

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