The Return of God of War Chapter 1107

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1107

These defeated foes of Levi were busy discussing how to secure their win.
They must capture Zoey and Emma or either of them. They had come out with a lot of plans, and all they wanted was success!
It was different now that Levi Garrison’s weakness had been identified.

In the past, they hadn’t been able to devise any scheme. Even when Levi Garrison stood there and let them strike, no one could have killed him.

Not only the Eighteen-Nation Alliance that had been overcome by Levi was preying on Zoey, but it was also the same with many other forces from different nations. They were all targeting Zoey.

One of them was Wheldrake which had been conquered by Beasts led by Williamson.

Their arrogance was entirely crushed by Williamson from the West.

This time, after getting to know about Zoey’s existence, they started weaving a nasty plot.

Wheldrake was belligerent with its hard-hitting and rugged people. The folks in Wheldrake advocated for martial arts as a way of life.

There was also a leaderboard in Wheldrake which was known as the Saga Leaderboard, similar to the Saber Leaderboard in Erudia. Everyone in Wheldrake regarded those listed on the leaderboard like gods.

This time, everyone on the Saga Leaderboard, which consisted of a hundred skillful fighters would all sneak into North Hampton.

Preparing to capture both Zoey and Emma alive.

In order to deal with Levi, Wheldrake had gone all in this round.

Revealing each and every one of their trump card.

Not only Wheldrake but there were many other forces and organizations sending their people to worm their way into North Hampton as well.

Therefore, there were indeed plenty of formidable fighters targeting Levi this round.

An unfathomably large number of them.

Even assassins, mercenaries, and hackers had been attracted by the enormous bounty and joined in.

All in all, the menace awaiting was far worse than what one could imagine…

Not even Levi had expected this.

He had underestimated how horrifying he was to his enemies.

As soon as any of his weakness was identified, the enemies would counter and target frantically.

The hostility faced this time was unprecedented.

His enemies had risked everything to come against him.

As time passed, the information obtained about Zoey and Emma was getting more and more detailed.

Even information regarding the background of Levi was obtained.

They had even discovered the Garrison family.

Initially, they intended to take advantage of the Garrison family but after figuring out the relationship between Levi and the Garrison family, everyone gave up on their initial intent.

There was no advantage to be taken; it was totally pointless.

On the other hand, in the Garrison clan in Oakland City.

Tyrone Garrison just hung up the phone with a perplexed expression.

“Is Levi so well known? This has been the fifth person calling to ask me about Levi’s identity…” He marveled.

The rest of them asked, “Sir, what’s going on? What happened to Levi?”

Tyrone was equally bewildered. “I have no idea either. All the foreign family forces which have ties with the Garrison family were looking for me today to verify the identity of Levi. There were already five of them calling; I’m sure there would be more to come! This really makes me wonder if Levi has some prominent status unknown to us!”

Tyrone was truly puzzled by this strange happening.

Not even Damien receives this kind of treatment.

How could Levi have such privilege?

Just as he pondered about this, there were incoming calls to confirm Levi’s identity again.

Dozens of them.

Going berserk.

“What? Levi’s connection with the Garrison family is even known to forces abroad? Sure enough, bad news has wings!”

“As expected, now that the fact of this rascal’s identity as an illegitimate child has spread, even the forces abroad would mock this top ancient family of ours in Erudia!”

The Garrison family members were utterly displeased.

They thought that the Garrison family’s reputation was powerful enough within and without their home country.

And it was because others had found out about Levi’s identity as an illegitimate son.

Just then, Tyrone received another phone call from overseas.

“Are you making a bet with Levi?” after confirming Levi’s identity, the person on the line couldn’t help but ask.

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