The Return of God of War Chapter 1105

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1105

Just when Zoey was able to continue reading the comment, it got deleted.
There was nothing else but a blank page reflecting on her phone screen.
Refreshing the page, she realized that all the other comments were gone too.

All the likes also disappeared.

It was as if nothing had happened and everything was normal again.

“Phew, it was just a system error! That was so scary… Those billions of likes… Unimaginable.” It was not uncommon to see such system hiccups- she had encountered them before in other software. The reflected engagement numbers similarly went completely haywire during the glitches.

The tension left her body as she heaved a sigh of relief and broke into an amused chuckle.

But the truth was far from what she assumed. What really happened was that someone from Erudia noticed Zoey’s photos and immediately locked her account from further viewing by others.

Zoey conveyed the ordeal to her husband, telling him how the uploaded photos on her overseas account met with a system error, causing them to gain billions of likes and tens of millions of shares. “The comments were also really amusing- one read something like ‘The God of War’ or something… “

“What?” Levi froze on the spot. His expression turned increasingly strained.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, he immediately grew worried over the safety of Zoey and Emma. His concerns only worsened considering that his wife was pregnant.

He was aware of the forces they were up against- they were not simply just the wealthy ancient families, but also included the Eighteen-Nation Alliance, hundreds of foreign powers, and tens of thousands of organizations.

The combined forces were overpowering, and anyone could strike anywhere at any time.

A cloud of uncertainty loomed, and that was what really shook Levi’s confidence.

He was not exactly scared for himself. Rather, he was fearful of this great unknown and how that might jeopardize his loved ones.

He knew he could protect Zoey as long as he was by her side.

But there could be times when he might not be able to be with her.

There were many things that could go very wrong, and he was not sure if he could be omniscient enough to come up with a fool-proof counterplan.

Levi grew increasingly vexed.

As he took a deep breath, his unusual countenance made Zoey both worried and curious.

“Darling, are you alright?”

Levi could only force a chuckle as he responded, “Billions of likes? Such a thing can happen?”

Internally, he made up his mind. Rather than waste all his energy worrying, he knew he had to be more drastic this time. Whoever dared to touch his loved ones would meet with a terrible fate.

Even if they tried running, he would hunt them down regardless. And when he managed to do so, he would not hesitate in killing them.

In other words, whoever was bold enough to offend him would be inviting in their own demises.

Zoey’s voice snapped him out of his rumination. “The numbers were like that because there was a system error. I met such a thing before too! It’s such a shame that I didn’t read the majority of the comments… “

Her tone was laced with a tinge of regret as she wished she had read more of the comments before they were gone.

Meanwhile, Levi tried his best to change the subject. With a plastered smile, he replied, “Alright, don’t fret about it. Take care of your body and when our baby comes, we can take as many photos as you like!”

Posting photos of one’s newborn was the trend now, and Levi could already imagine how Zoey would be constantly doing so once their child was born.

His sole mission now was to ensure that nothing would go wrong until the day of labor came.

The undertaking would be challenging- he would have to nip every danger in its bud while keeping Zoey in the dark about everything.

Most importantly, he had to ensure that not only North Hampton, but the whole of Erudia would be an impenetrable place.

He would not tolerate any trouble.

At this point, he could not help but snigger at how insignificant Tyrone’s bet was as compared to his current predicament.

While everyone thought that the Garrison clan was the greatest obstacle he had to overcome, the man knew better; the Garrisons were honestly not worth even a mention.

Instead, the current crisis deserved more of his attention right now. If this fiasco had not happened, he would have been more confident that no mishaps would occur during the pregnancy period. But what was done was done- he could only move on and prepare a contingency plan.

Springing into action, he found Azure Dragon and instructed, “The situation is pretty dire right now. We need to prepare early.”

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