The Return of God of War Chapter 1102

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1102

Damien asked curiously, “What’s wrong with meeting him?”
“Can you request Sir to restore Levi’s status and bring him back to the Garrison family? This will bring immense glory to the clan.”
Burt articulated every syllable seriously.

Damien’s laugh echoed from the call as he replied, “Was Levi’s charm so powerful that you all got subdued promptly? That’s very disappointing of you guys. But anyway, I will convey your words to Sir.”

When he proceeded to convey the information to Tyrone, the latter grew livid.

“What’s wrong with these juniors? They’re speaking up for Levi just because they met him once? What a bunch of letdowns.”

“I heard that the God of War’s first lesson to them was about respect. Maybe that’s why.”

That explained some things for Tyrone. “I see. I don’t doubt the effectiveness of the lessons given by the God of War.”

Then, his tone changed sharply. “But that’s their military rule and has nothing to do with us. My personal philosophy is that I will only respect those who deserve my respect- someone like Levi won’t earn it unless he shows me some true power.”

Damien concurred, “You’re right- even if Levi completes the challenge a year later, that’s far from earning our respect. We can only at best accept him into the family.”

The older man added agitatedly, “To earn my respect, he must at least have a strength that’s on par with those on the top ten of the Saber Leaderboard. If he is really that strong, I will literally put him on a pedestal and parade him around town.”

Tyrone knew the true strength of the top three well as they hailed from the Garrison family. They were people Tyrone respected. If Levi wanted his affirmation or wished to make regret his decisions, he should at least be at the level of the top three before speaking.

But he was only certain that Levi could never achieve that.

The said top three were the feared trio of Erudia. Any foreign power would quake in fear and double over in agony upon hearing their names.

There was a popular saying that went, “Those ranked on the Saber Leaderboard of Erudia can take down a battalion of ten thousand troops.”

How can Levi ever be on that level?

But the biggest irony of all awaited him- Levi was the one ranking the Saber Leaderboard.

Damien grinned at Tyrone’s sarcasm and added, “That’s true- if Levi is on the same level as the top three, I will make him next in line for the title instead.”

Speaking of that, Tyrone said, “I plan to officially name you my heir after the bet with Levi. There will be a handover ceremony held.”

Damien was elated at the news.

Until now, although everyone knew that he would be the next Sir, there was no official handover ceremony held yet.

Now that Tyrone finally decided on a date, Damien was on cloud nine. He thanked the man profusely.

“Making it the same day as the duel… That’s such a great date, Father!” Damien beamed.

“I want to show the world what my son is capable of, and to prove that not everyone can be as capable as you,” Tyrone extolled with a cold laugh.

On the side, Olivia interjected, “Emma thinks her son would make her proud? I’m going to show the whole of Erudia that my son is stronger than hers.”

She was confident of Damien, and could not wait for the day of the showdown to come soon.

When the news broke that the handover ceremony would be held on the same day as the duel, everyone knew that Tyrone did it intentionally.

Regardless of how Levi fared that day, he would compare him with Damien and showcase how superior the latter was as compared to the former.

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