The Return of God of War Chapter 1051-1060

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1051

The troop which had just exited the villa paused in their march upon hearing the man’s voice.
“What’s going on?”
Levi had already sensed the imminent danger.

White Tiger carefully assessed their surroundings.

He gasped softly and reported, “Fighters! The whole place has been surrounded by elite fighters!”

“Mm, you’re right. There are at least a thousand of them and their numbers are still increasing,” Ezra added.

These killing machines from the battlefield had already sensed the presence of Damien’s men.

“Phoenix, what’s the situation at the front?” Levi asked.

“Jonah Garrison addressed him as Mr. Damien. So it’s probably Damien Garrison,” Phoenix answered.

“Alright, understood,” said Levi.

“Should we get into battle right away?” Ezra queried.

“No. Let’s change back into our previous attire. For the time being, I don’t want to expose my identity to Damien. I’ll only reveal my identity after I’ve brought down his family! It’s not appropriate to do it right now.”

Ezra’s eyes widened in surprise. “What? Boss! I know that you don’t want the Garrison family to know your identity, but you’ve already promised to give your wife a surprise. Are you going to keep hiding it from her?”

The others also stared at Levi with doubt.

He sighed in response and said, “I don’t have a choice. I guess I’ll have to tell Zoey some other time.”

“Besides, Damien isn’t here to genuinely congratulate me on my wedding!” Levi sighed.

“Alright. Let’s all change back into our previous attire!”

Soon, everyone was back in their original clothes.

On the stage.

“While waiting for the groom, allow me to introduce myself!”

“My name is Damien Garrison, and I’m from the Garrison clan of Oakland City!”

Hearing this, everyone only noted that Levi and Damien had the same surnames, and did not think much about it.

After all, no one present was privy to the details of the Garrison clan from Oakland City.

Even Xabian Goel did not have a deep understanding of that clan.

Only Emma, Zoey and a handful of people were terrified by this.

Damien’s lips curled upwards upon seeing the clueless looks of the audience.

As expected, they’re a bunch of oblivious commoners.

They are so ignorant.

They don’t even know what the Garrison clan is?

It’s no wonder Levi is completely full of himself to the point of disrespecting the Garrison clan. It’s all because he grew up in an environment like this.


A bunch of ignorant idiots.

Damien sneered. “Perhaps all of you don’t fully understand the workings of the Garrison clan. Allow me to enlighten you. A servant from my family by the name of Caleb had ruled over the entire South Hampton for almost thirty years.”

Everyone gasped when they heard this and looked towards the families from South Hampton for confirmation.

Xabian Goel and the other relevant families nodded, confirming that what he said was indeed true.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

This particular Garrison family must be immensely powerful!

“The Garrison clan from Oakland City is also known as the most powerful ancient family in the country, the Head of Erudia!” Damien announced.

The crowd gasped once again.

After getting the clearer picture of things, everyone was shell-shocked.

Aaron and his family gradually regained their senses.

Levi shares the same surname as them.

Could he be related to the Garrison clan from Oakland City?

Could this be the final surprise Levi prepared for us?

“Could Levi be a member of the Garrison clan from Oakland City?”

Aaron’s face brightened with excitement.

Everyone glanced expectantly at Damien.

Damien scoffed. “No. He isn’t qualified to be a member of our clan.”

These people are indeed hoi polloi.

They’re thinking of riding on Levi Garrison’s coattails?

In their dreams!

A lowly beggar like him doesn’t hold a candle to me.


Disappointment was written across the faces of Aaron and the others.

Right at that moment, Levi led his men back to the wedding.

“You’ve got some guts coming to my wedding, Damien. Where did you even pluck the courage from?” Levi growled.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1052

Damien looked towards the source of the voice.
As his eyes met with Levi’s, animosity filled the air.
In the small space, their gazes resembled sharp blades ferociously colliding with each other.

The tension in the air grew so thick it could be sliced with a blade.

This was the first time Levi came face-to-face with Damien.

The two half-brothers stared each other down, resembling old enemies.

They were filled with a sense of familiarity and foreignness at the same time.

“Huh? How dare you disrespect Mr. Damien? You’re courting death!”

Damien’s men who were flanking him disapproved of his behavior and wanted to kill him instantly.

In Oakland City, which was also the Garrison’s territory, no one dared to look Damien in the eye, let alone be speak to him in such a manner.

The way Levi was staring daggers at Damien was utterly disrespectful.

And disrespecting Damien meant death.

This was the rule set by the Garrison clan and everyone had to abide by it.

“Hold on!”

Damien waved a casual hand, gesturing for his men to stop.

Damien glanced at Levi and said, “You’re worse than I expected!”

“Especially when I saw the environment and people you’ve surrounded yourself with. It makes me even more disappointed!”

Levi’s smile broadened at that. “You’ve greatly disappointed me as well, because I’ve realized that you’re nothing but a child!”

Although Levi was only two years older than Damien, his experience in the past six years was something most people would never be able to gain even if they were given a lifetime.

Even someone with rich experiences such as Damien had to look up to him.

Hence, Damien really did seem like a child to him.

Absolutely childish!

Yet he wants to mess with me?

Levi wasn’t the least bit interested to play with a child.

Perhaps only Kenny and Tyrone Garrison would catch his attention, albeit barely.

“Is this all there is to the younger generation of the Garrisons?”

Levi spread out his hands.

“Hahahaha…” Out of everyone else’s expectations, Damien burst with laughter.

“I’ve long heard rumors saying that you were an insolent fool, and now I’ve seen it firsthand! You indeed live up to your reputation!”

Damien’s men cackled with laughter as well.

However, they were all mocking Levi.

A bas*ard child dares to look down on Damien?

Has he lost his mind?

Sure enough. People like him can’t differentiate between gold and dirt.

He is just a narrow-minded and ignorant pig.

His achievements in life would no doubt be limited as well.

Therefore, he’s not qualified to be associated with the Garrisons.

Damien scrutinized Levi and asked, “I wonder if you have the power to back your statement?”

“Of course I…”

Levi was about to answer when he was interrupted by Jason Lowe.

“Don’t speak too rashly, Levi! This is Mr. Damien you’re talking to! You obviously don’t know much about the Garrisons. Listen to me and stop provoking him!”

Even his close buddy, Mateo Jackman, advised him, “Levi, just bear with it. He’s not someone we can afford to offend.”

Emma came over to her son and offered him the same advice.

When Damien saw this, he laughed aloud. “It seems like there are some smart people here who know about my family’s influence!”

“They’re right, Levi. I’m not someone you can afford to offend. You really know too little about us. But once you get the gist of our power, you won’t be speaking so arrogantly anymore.”

Damien looked down his nose at Levi, sizing him up.

A murderous glint appeared in Levi’s eyes as one side of his mouth quirked up into a cold smirk.

Emma was holding onto him with a death grip.

“Son, don’t! We can’t offend them, so please bear with it!”

Damien’s gaze abruptly landed on Emma just then.

“So you’re Emma Jones! Tsk, tsk, tsk. To tell you the truth, my father’s taste back then was pretty bad. Or perhaps he was a blind fool. I mean, how could he have fallen for you?”

“Oh, I get it. You must’ve found a way to seduce my father, right?”

The moment these words left his lips, Damien felt the temperature around him drop sharply.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1053

In an instant, Damien felt as if he was in the North Pole.
He shivered as a chill penetrated his body and seeped into his veins.
This was not simply a feeling, but something far more substantial.

Everyone present could feel the drastic drop in temperature.

One glance at Levi showed how livid he was.

Damien had spoken about his mother in such a way right in front of him.

Death was the only thing waiting for him!

Seeing Levi’s rage, Damien couldn’t help but smirk. “What? Are you angry? Well, this is a fact. If it weren’t for Emma Jones seducing my father, how could he have fallen for her? How could you have come to exist?”

“A b*tch giving birth to a bastard! What a joke!”

Damien’s men snickered alongside him.

“You’re courting your own death, you know that?” Levi’s voice deepened.

His eyes flashed menacingly.

“Boss, you can’t… This… This is your wedding…”

Ezra and the others who knew Levi well could tell that he was well and truly enraged this time.

Damien had really pushed all of his buttons.

Based on how Levi usually reacted on the battlefield, he would definitely go on a full-blown massacre.

Damien and his men would not be able to walk away alive today.

However, this was a wedding and Levi could not afford to ruin it.

Zoey and Emma were desperately holding Levi back, afraid that he might do something reckless on impulse.

“Calm down. This is your wedding! Don’t ruin it!”

Only then did Levi put a lid on his anger.

He did not wish for his and Zoey’s wedding to become a bloodbath either.

“What? Are you angry? Do you wanna kill me?”

Damien laughed evilly.

As expected of an impulsive person. I was able to provoke him with just a couple of words.

Why don’t you take a good look at who you’re facing, huh?

I’m Damien Garrison!

I’m a descendant of Erudia’s number one ancient family!

It was at this moment that everyone gradually understood.

Levi was indeed a member of the Garrison clan from Oakland City.

However, he was an illegitimate child.

A surprise?

This was indeed an earth-shattering surprise!

Meredith and the others were not angered or fearful in the least. On the contrary, they were brimming with excitement.

So what if he’s an illegitimate child of the Garrison family?

He’s still part of the Garrisons from Oakland City!

Perhaps he’s not welcomed by Oakland City’s Garrisons, but with his status as part of their family, Levi would be able to get whatever he wants.

Putting aside everything else, one word from Levi would be enough to place the Lopez and Black families on the throne overseeing the South.

This was indeed a surprise.

It turned out that Levi did not lie to them.

“Levi, this surprise of yours is too perfect. I can’t believe you’re a member of the Garrison clan from Oakland City!”

Aaron almost gave Levi a thumbs-up.

“A member of the Garrison clan from Oakland City? Hahaha… Who said that?” Damien scoffed.

“Isn’t he your older brother? That means he’s a member of the Garrison clan,” Aaron said matter-of-factly.

Two laser beams seemed to shoot out of Damien’s eyes. “The Garrison clan does not acknowledge him as one of us! Not just any Tom, Dick and Harry can enter our clan! He’s just a bas*ard child! What right does he have?”

“Huh? Mr. Damien, that can’t be right. Of course he has the right to be a part of your clan. At the very least, my son-in-law has the Garrison blood flowing in his veins, does he not?”

Aaron and the rest looked at Damien expectantly.

“Yes, yes, yes. We beseech you, Mr. Damien. Allow my son-in-law to enter your clan! He’s actually quite capable and can definitely contribute to your clan.”

Meredith and a few of them quickly pleaded with him, so that they could ride the coattails of the Garrisons from Oakland City.

They were so eager that they were about to grovel at Damien’s feet.

How could they let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip through their fingers?

Damien touched his nose and smirked. “Allowing Levi to enter the Garrison clan isn’t completely impossible, but he has to fulfil some conditions…”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1054

“Huh? What conditions? Please tell us, Mr. Damien!” Meredith blurted out.
Everyone cast curious glances at Damien.
Damien looked at Levi with a smug smile. “I want Levi to kneel at my feet and beg me! If you can kneel for half a day and beg me, perhaps I’ll let you off the hook, and even acknowledge you as part of our clan!”

“It’s either that, or getting each and every member of the Garrison clan to acknowledge you, if you have what it takes, of course. Then only can you be qualified enter the clan.”

Everyone completely dismissed the second condition upon hearing it.

Getting the acknowledgement of every member in the Garrison clan?

How capable would one have to be?

How could Levi possibly be able to do that!

His biggest accomplishment was Levi Group from six years ago.

However, Levi Group was nothing but a speck of dust to the Garrison clan.

Hence, everyone had come to the same conclusion. There was only one way Levi could only enter the Garrison clan; by begging on his knees.

Although this way was slightly humiliating, it was nothing compared to the glory of entering the Garrison clan.

Honestly speaking, many of them wouldn’t mind eating sh*t if it meant being a part of the Garrison clan, let alone getting on their knees to grovel a little.

Almost everyone present shared similar thoughts on this.

Once a person officially became a part of the clan, he or she would have an insurmountable position and receive infinite glory and wealth.

In fact, that description barely scraped the tip of the iceberg.

At that moment, everyone wished that they were Levi.

So that they could kneel before Damien at once.

Meredith stared at Damien and asked, “Mr. Damien, you can’t go back on your words. If Levi gets on his knees to beg you, can you really fulfil your earlier promise?”

“Hahaha. Of course! I’m Damien Garrison. So of course I have a responsibility to stay true to my words!”

He chuckled and continued, “Besides, there are so many people here to bear witness. Would I dare to ruin my family’s image?”

“That’s great!”

Meredith was so excited she could barely stay still.

The opportunity to be associated with the most powerful family in Erudia was right at within their grasps.

Meredith, Harry and the rest of them turned towards Levi. “Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and kneel before Mr. Damien!”

“That’s right. Don’t be so slow-witted, boy! Quickly get on your knees! Mr. Damien has already said that he’ll let you enter the Garrison clan if you beg him on your knees!”

Faced with the crowd’s urging, Levi did not move a muscle.

All he did was pin Damien a frosty stare.

“Levi, stop pretending. I know you’re eager to enter the Garrison clan. Why are you still pretending at a time like this? I’m telling you, you get have one chance at this. If you miss it, that’s it!”

“Besides, once you kneel and beg me, I’ll write off all your past mistakes too! You don’t want your mother and wife to get hurt because of you, right?” Damien said.

Zoey cast a nervous glance at Levi.

She was afraid that Levi would kneel in front of Damien.

He was a proud man.

If he got on his knees, Zoey might even have to reconsider marrying him.

Levi would have completely lost her respect if that happened.

At the same time, she believed that Levi would not kneel.

However, the circumstances were different right now.

Faced with a powerful figure such as Damien, Levi might really give in for the sake of his mother and her.

She was very worried.

“Levi, what are you waiting for? Quickly kneel and grovel a little. That’s all you have to do.”

Jason and Mateo advised him as well.

To all of them, Levi only needed to bend his knees and grovel, and he would be able to gain access to infinite power.

And also to all of them, bending the knee was nothing.

Little did they know that this was a matter of dignity to Levi!

It was comparable to the dignity of Erudia which emphasized to never surrender an inch of ground!

As someone who rarely bowed to anything or anyone, how could Levi give in to someone like Damien?

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1055

Levi remained standing and did not have the intention to kneel whatsoever.
Aaron and his family were so anxious that they almost pushed Levi down to the ground.
Damien eyed Levi and growled, “Are you going to kneel or not?”

“Levi, stop thinking and just kneel!” Meredith urged loudly.

Before Levi could say a word, Emma walked forward and offered, “Mr. Damien, is it alright if I kneel for you instead?”

“Our family won’t ask to be a part of the Garrison clan. It’s too extravagant of a wish. I only ask that your clan let us go and stop making things difficult for us! We promise not to cause your clan any trouble in the future!”

Over a short time of knowing Levi, Emma found that he was a proud man through and through.

Not a single bone in his body was submissive!

There was no way he would get on his knees!

Hence, she was willing to kneel in her son’s stead.

“Hahaha…” Damien laughed out loud upon seeing this turn of events.

“Really? You’re willing to kneel for Levi?” he asked.

“As long as you promise to let us go, I’m willing to kneel at your feet, Mr. Damien!” Emma assured.

As a mother, she could not care less about her dignity when it came to her son.

Her only wish was for Levi and Zoey to live a happy life together.

Thus, she was willing to do anything to make that happen.

That was just how a mother was.

For the sake of her son and daughter-in-law, she would selflessly sacrifice herself without batting an eyelid.

“Sure, you can kneel. It doesn’t matter whether you or Levi kneels. It’s all the same to me.”

“I’ll let all of you off the hook as long as you kneel and grovel in front of me.”

Damien wore a hideous smile on his face.

He enjoyed the feeling of toying with others just because he could.

He knew that to Levi, allowing his mother to kneel in his stead was even worse than him kneeling himself.

After all, no one could bear to watch their own mother being humiliated.

It was especially true for a proud man like Levi.

The humiliation he felt would be tenfold.

Damien smirked at Levi. “Levi, your mother is going to kneel in your place. Are you just going to watch?”

“Nonetheless, the effect would be same. Whether you or your mother kneels, I’ll let all of you go! I’ll even allow you to enter our clan!”

Damien was actually openly goading Levi.

“Levi, since you’re not going to kneel, your mother will have to do it. Quickly get on your knees, Emma!” Meredith continued urging.

Others also chimed in with their advices.

Emma only has to kneel and everything would be settled.

Perhaps Levi needs to maintain his dignity and can’t put down his ego to kneel.

But what dignity does Emma have?

She should just kneel right now.

“Don’t kneel!”

Michael and Mia hastily advised Emma against it.

How could the mother of the revered God of War kneel before another person?

“Does the Jones family really want to side against the Garrison clan?” Damien sneered.

“You must not kneel, Ms. Jones! You must not!”

Xabian Goel and the other leaders of South Hampton’s prominent families raised their objections one after another.

They were adamant on stopping Emma from kneeling.

Damien took note of everything. “Very well. All of the prominent families from South Hampton must have gone mad, huh? I will make sure to settle the scores with each and every one of you!”

Damien’s gaze returned to Emma as he stated, “There’s a limit to my patience. I’ll count to three. If you don’t kneel, that’s it.”

“Mr. Damien, don’t do this. Please heed my advice and leave at once. This is a wedding, after all!” Jonah Garrison stepped forward to warn him.

He was really afraid that Damien would lose his life here.

“Hahahaha… wedding? Well, gatecrashing his wedding is exactly what I want to do!” Damien guffawed.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1056

Damien was a tyrant and a bully.
He did not even bother to hide it!
Above all, he was the descendant of the most powerful ancient family in Erudia.

Even the second-most powerful ancient family had to answer to him.

Who in Erudia would dare to offend him?

That was the reason he pranced around on his high horse and did whatever he liked.

Everyone was beneath him.

Especially back in North Hampton, no one could stop him.

Ruining a mere wedding was child’s play to him.

Jonah heaved a sigh and silently retreated to the back.

What could he do if Damien refused to heed his advice?

He was just asking for it at this point.

“Aren’t you going to kneel yet, Emma?” Meredith yelled, along with several others.

The fate of Levi, as well as the Lopez and Black families rested on Emma’s shoulders now. She had the power to help them soar through the ranks.

Hence, they were more frantic than anyone else at the scene.

After all, this involved their own interests.

Emma inhaled deeply and was about to kneel when a large palm held her back.

“My mother will never kneel before anyone! Not even when the sky falls and the earth crumbles!” Levi stated coldly.

“As for me kneeling before you? You can forget about it! But if you kneel before me right now, perhaps I’ll spare your pathetic excuse of a life!”

His words startled everyone.

The moment he spoke those words, the entire venue was filled with gasps.

Everyone stared at him in wide-eyed disbelief.

Isn’t he openly challenging Damien?

He even wants Damien to kneel?

He must be kidding!

Is he insane?

“Hahahaha…” Booming laughter escaped Damien’s lips.

“Great. I see you have a spine! Or to be more precise, you’re an arrogant fool who knows no better. You don’t realize how powerful the Garrison clan is and the dangers you would be facing. An ignorant person knows no fear.”

Damien’s lips curled into a sneer.

Meredith and the others were utterly disappointed.

Just like that, the opportunity to make it big slipped away…

Levi clearly had it right in the palm of his hand, but he threw it away.

“Mr. Damien, please give us one more chance. Why don’t we kneel for you? We will definitely discipline Levi after this,” Meredith and some of them begged.

They were unwilling to let such an opportunity slip away.

Damien looked at Levi and said, “See? They’re more sensible than you.”

“But I told you that you’d only have one chance. I’ve given it, so there are no more chances now.”

The Lopez and Black families were unable to accept how things had turned out.

Disappointment flooded them; utter disappointment!

Is Levi a f*cking idiot?

How could he turn down such a good opportunity?

What’s he acting all high and mighty for?

His damned pride cost us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Damien smiled. “You’re as stubborn as a mule, Levi, but you will kneel at my feet.”

“Damien, today is my wedding day, so I won’t hold this against you. Now, leave at once!” Levi lowered his voice the best he could as he spoke to Damien.

If today wasn’t his big day, he would have shred Damien into pieces right in front of everyone.

He had messed up his wedding with Zoey once.

He did not want it to happen a second time.

Hence, he would spare Damien’s life this time around and settle the scores after everything was over.

“How dare you chase Mr. Damien away, Levi? Are you mad?”

Of course, Meredith and the rest did not dare to step on Damien’s toes.

Damien feigned a sigh. “I never wanted to attend this wedding. I only came to take a look and present you a huge gift!”

With that, he ordered his men, “Bring the gift over!”

He fixed his gaze on Levi with a grin. “This is a gift I’ve specially prepared for you. I hope you like it!”

A car drove in.

An object was carried down the car and moved into the wedding venue.


Upon seeing the gift prepared by Damien, everyone’s expression changed drastically.

Especially Levi…

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1057

It wasn’t because of him, but the present that Damien gave.
He had given the couple a funeral wreath, a coffin, and a gravestone.
Both the gravestone and the wreath had Levi’s name clearly written on them.

It was preposterous for Damien to gift him something like this on his wedding day.

It was quite obvious that he had cruel intentions.

A hush fell over the entire room. Instantly, the temperature in the room fell by a few degrees.

Everyone was shocked by Damien’s gift.

Who in their right mind would send these as wedding gifts?

Zoey was furious, too.

She had her perfect wedding all planned out nicely. Now, she would have to live with this unhappy memory for the rest of her life.

Azure Dragon, Kirin, Ezra, and the others were so livid they were about to burst.

Who dared to stir up trouble at the God of War’s wedding?

They could not tolerate it!

No matter how they tried to hold back their anger, they felt as though they were about to explode.

White Tiger, who had the fiercest temper among all of them, gazed at Damien with his eyes full of murderous hatred.

His thoughts now were very simple. First, he would kill Damien. Then, he would make his way up to Oakland City and kill the entire ancient family to which Damien belonged.

“Well, looks like you’ve developed quite a liking towards my gifts! I won’t bother you anymore—go ahead and get married!”

After delivering his presents and rubbing Levi Garrison the wrong way, Damien turned to leave.

He enjoyed the feeling of slowly torturing someone to death, instead of killing them off instantly.

He wanted to see how stupid Levi would look when he was furious but completely helpless.

Torturing Levi to death sounded like an excellent plan.

In fact, by the time he was through, Levi would not want to live anymore——but he also wouldn’t be able to die.

Damien knew that Levi was close to exploding with rage.

However, he didn’t have the ability to go up against Damien, and could only force himself to not lash out.

White Tiger roared loudly, “Boss, allow me to kill off this insolent fool!”

This time, nobody tried to stop White Tiger.

This was because they shared the same idea as him—to kill Damien.

Since he had committed such an appalling act against Levi, he had to pay the price for it!

“Boss, one word from you is all I need! When I hear it from you, I’ll make sure to raze the home of the Garrison family in Oakland City to the ground!” Ezra and the others cried, pleading with Levi to let them take revenge.

They were so furious that they couldn’t tolerate Damien’s behavior anymore, especially when they saw that Damien was about to get into the car and drive off.

Levi’s thoughts mirrored theirs quite exactly.

Just as he was about to issue a kill order on Damien, he caught Zoey’s eye.

Don’t do it.

Zoey shook her head almost imperceptibly, warning him not to behave recklessly.

Damien’s goal was very simple. He wanted to aggravate Levi so that Levi would feel obliged to kill him.

He would then have a solid reason to finish Levi off, and the Garrison family would get away scot-free.

Damien was a very smart man. Even his actions, which seemed unplanned and reckless, had been carefully calculated in view of his grand plans.

“Let him leave!” Levi snapped, taking a deep breath to steady himself.

The audience let out a sigh of disappointment

“Keep this coffin! Remember not to throw it away or damage it! I’ll be using this on Damien Garrison one day,” Levi said blandly.

“Got it!” A spark of excitement lit up in White Tiger’s eyes again.

Levi was making plans for the future; he would use these items when he had an opportunity to get back at Damien.

He decided to let the fool revel in his happiness for a few more days…

The wedding continued on as though nothing had happened.

Aside from Damien’s intrusion, everything went perfectly as planned.

“Sorry, Zoey. I’m afraid your dream of a perfect wedding was ruined,” Levi apologized.

“No worries! Actually, don’t they say that the most beautiful memories are the ones in which we feel regret? I’ll forget about it soon enough. You’ve given me a wedding that was more than perfect!”

“I support you for holding your ground against the Garrison family! In fact, I’m very pleased with it. Let me join you in the dangerous task of seeking revenge against them!” Zoey said.

“Don’t worry. I’ll never kneel before anyone—not now, not ever! Frankly, I doubt it’s of any concern—the Garrison family won’t do anything to me,” Levi promised her.

“Yes, I know that. Even if you were to start a fight against the Garrison family, they have no reason to respond to you.”

Changing the topic naturally, she continued, “By the way, where’s the surprise you promised me?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1058

“Ah, the surprise! Of course.” Levi laughed brightly.
Everyone in the audience turned to look at them.
Under all their gazes, Levi took out a customized necklace along with a ring and helped Zoey put them on.

Seeing the necklace and ring made out of reconstituted ammunition cases, Zoey felt extremely touched.

These were much more valuable than necklaces and rings that cost millions.

Zoey grabbed the necklace tightly in her hands. “This is the best gift I’ve received in my entire life!”

She then glanced at Levi and commented, “But this can’t be the surprise you were planning on giving me, right?”

Levi had put in so much effort to organize the wedding.

There was no way these two pieces of jewelry were his surprise.

Levi had announced to everyone that he had not been to jail at all. Perhaps he would use this time to explain everything to them once and for all.

“Well, go ahead and tell me! I hope you’ll personally let me know what this surprise is. I’ve been waiting for this for so long!”

Zoey looked at him in eager anticipation.

Levi’s expression looked rather conflicted.

If Damien hadn’t intruded on their wedding today, he would’ve told Zoey all of his secrets and revealed his true identity.

After all, he was already wearing his military uniform…

Now that the arrow was already on the bow, he had no reason not to fire.

If he didn’t reveal at least a little something, Zoey was bound to be very confused.

“To tell you the truth… I’m the mysterious boss of the Morris Group!” Levi blurted out.

Because of the matter with the Garrison family, he was temporarily unable to reveal his identity as the God of War.

However, it was now the right time to reveal his identity as the boss of Morris Group, since the Garrison family already knew about it anyway.

Hearing this, murmurs ran through the crowd. The audience was stunned by what he had just said.

The Lopez and Black families were especially flabbergasted.

Slowly, they all turned to look at Levi with disbelief on their faces.

This man, whom we’ve always regarded as a beggarly loser, turns out to be the mysterious boss of Morris Group?

That Morris Group to which Triple Group could barely hold a candle?

Meredith and the others were so stunned that they stood up from their seats…

They were all trembling from head to toe, especially Aaron and Caitlyn.

Thinking back to the incidents that had happened back in North Hampton, both of them felt thunderstruck. They gazed at Levi as though their eyeballs were going to pop out of their sockets.

The Lopez and Black families gazed at each other in fear.

Before this, they had found no explanation for the preposterous acts Levi had been displaying. Now, they finally realized what had been going on all along.

He was the boss of Morris Group; there was no need for him to be afraid of anyone.

He also had no special reason to fear the Lopez and Black families, either.

When Zoey heard this, she burst into a loud wail. Her body trembled as she cried; tears cascaded down her face uncontrollably.

It was as though a dam had burst inside her.

This was why the boss of Morris Group had kept helping her without any demands for compensation.

This was why Levi had been working at Morris Group under his disguise of a nobody.

This was why Iris stammered like an idiot and spoke vaguely and evasively after she came back from meeting the mysterious boss.

This was why Levi Group had changed its name to the Morris Group.

Everything had been pointing to the fact that Levi was the head of Morris Group.

Aside from Levi, nobody else in the world would treat Zoey so well.

Actually, when Levi informed her that he had a surprise for her, she had already had her suspicions about what he was going to tell her.

The signs had been there all along. With hindsight, it was painfully obvious.

In fact, Zoey’s suspicion started when she noted Iris’s strange expression after the latter learned of the identity of that mysterious boss.

When she thought back on it, all the signs led to Levi being that person.

Hence, even before the wedding, she had already guessed that the surprise would have something to do with his identity.

But she still wanted to hear the confession from Levi himself.

Finally, she received the confirmation that she wanted.

Zoey threw her arms around Levi and cried, ”Levi, you’re still the biggest hero to me!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1059

At that moment, an image of Levi from six years ago flashed across her mind. Back then, he was young and idealistic.
Without help from anyone else, he had managed to make a name for himself and establish his company through his own efforts.
This was what she most admired about Levi.

After six years, Levi still retained the bravado and tenacity he had in his younger days.

However, he had learned to be less aggressive and to hide his powers when necessary.

Other than that, his achievements and his character remained much the same as before. Zoey felt that he had even improved somewhat.

She was very pleased with how Levi was right now.

She didn’t care about the number of achievements he had. As long as he still possessed the fortitude he had back then, she would be satisfied.

“To me, this is the biggest surprise you could have given me,” she continued to sob, drenching the front of his suit.

Levi wiped the tears from her face and gazed at her with conflicted emotions.

In his heart, he added: Actually, this isn’t the surprise I intended to tell you! The real surprise must be hidden from you for now.

However, it would only take him a while more to clear things up with the Garrison family. By then, Zoey would find out for herself, too.

He believed that the day would come soon!

Although Levi had just announced that he was the mysterious boss of Morris Group, nobody at the wedding aside from Zoey could feel happy for him.

Sure, as the head of Morris Group, Levi Garrison had the most prestigious status out of everyone in South Hampton and its surrounding lands.

However, the Garrison clan was intent on creating trouble for him.

This lent a touch of sorrow to Levi’s small bit of achievement.

In front of a tremendously powerful clan like the Garrisons, the Morris Group was practically nothing.

Worse still, Levi and the Garrison clan went back a long way and they loathed each other bitterly.

Levi was in for a very rough and dangerous time.

While he was the esteemed boss of the Morris Group, he was still nothing but an ordinary person to the Garrisons.

“Oh, Levi! We are all very happy to hear that you’re the boss of Morris Group. However, the little power you have is nothing compared to that of the Garrison family. You must be delusional if you think you can take them down!”

Jason had a very clear understanding of the Garrison family’s power. He knew that if Levi tried to go up against them, he would be destroyed instantly like an egg that had been hurled against a rock.

Even Emma tried to dissuade him. “My son, I’m already very proud of you for your achievements. However, this is the Garrison family you’re up against. Why don’t you let me go to them and plead for your life on your behalf? Why can’t we live peacefully instead of stirring up trouble with them?”

Meredith and the others agreed immediately. “Exactly! Just get down on your knees and prostrate yourself before Mr. Damien! It shouldn’t be that hard.”

“Can you survive on dignity alone? Forgive me for being blunt, but you’re too hung up on dignity!”

“Exactly! As long as you kneel before Mr. Damien and plead for your life, you’ll be recognized as a young master of the Garrison family. You’ll have as much riches and glory as you’ll ever need. Isn’t that a great deal?”

“Besides, are you willing to put Zoey through this sort of danger? What if you put the child inside her belly in danger as well? Have you ever thought about that?”

As for the Lopez and Black families, they much preferred the idea of sucking up to the Garrison family.

Levi’s status as the boss of the Morris Group made him as useful as the “p” in raspberry.

In fact, he was in a great deal of physical danger himself.

They could not count on him to protect them.

“Levi, you might be very strong in other areas but there are two weaknesses of yours we must point out,” Robert said sternly. “Firstly, your worldview is way too limited. Secondly, you are a poor judge of situations and do not know how to turn them to your advantage.”

“It’s just as Damien said——your privileged circumstances and the small bubble of people you interact with have caused you to have a narrow view of the world. You should maintain a heart of humility. There are many out there who are stronger and much more powerful than you are. Are you so reckless and arrogant that you want to go up against them?”

“Besides, the Garrison clan is choosing to ignore your lowly status and is accepting you back into their family as long as you kneel before them. Don’t you see the opportunity that’s been given to you?”

Everyone agreed very much with Robert’s words.

Levi was too crazy for his own good. Trying to talk sense into him would do no good.

It was quite possible that what happened six years ago might happen again.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1060

Harry threw a look of contempt at Levi. “Levi, if you act recklessly, you’ll only put yourself and Zoey in danger! What can dignity do for you when you’re dead and six feet underground?”
“Exactly! Before an opportunity like this, dignity is nothing!”
“Levi, you’re a smart man. Why can’t you see what’s the best option for you?”

“As the saying goes, no matter how vicious a tiger is, it will not eat its own child. Until now, the Garrison family has refused to accept you as one of them because of your lowly status. In addition, no matter how many waves you make in your career, it’s nothing to them!”

“The Garrison family is way up there in prestige and power. They value their honor very much and will never stoop to offer you a spot among them. As long as you accept defeat and say something pleasing to your father, you’ll find your place among them again. Is kneeling really so demeaning when it comes to your own family? You shouldn’t feel any shame at all!”

Everyone was pointing fingers at Levi.

To them, kneeling before the Garrison family seemed a low price to pay for the riches and glory that would come after.

After all, was dignity still worth anything in this era?

Under these circumstances, practically nobody would still hold on tightly to their dignity.

So why was Levi Garrison so determined to make things difficult for himself?

How important was something like dignity, something as insubstantial as a wisp of smoke in the air?

Levi shot everyone a look. “Firstly, the Garrison family has never treated me as a member and I’ve never thought of myself as one of them, either. Secondly, I value dignity very much. It’s something that I will never throw away for all the riches in the world!”

“You…you must be thick-skulled!”

Harry and the others were so furious that they almost exploded at him instantly.

“This is the most you’re ever going to achieve in your life! You won’t be able to take another step forward,” Meredith hollered.

Robert banged viciously on the table and roared, “Are you still concerned about your dignity at this moment? What good can dignity do for you?”

However, Zoey stood resolutely by her husband and argued, “I think Levi is right; that little dignity is more important!”

“Why do we have to give up our dignity and beg others for our lives? They’re just going to treat us like a bunch of dogs!”

Jason sighed helplessly and said, “My dear girl, I’ll be honest. Being a lapdog of the Garrison family isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, it’s a dream for many people who are willing to fight to the death for such an opportunity.”

Meredith and the others nodded in agreement.

Jason was right!

A dog of the Garrison clan still enjoyed a position more privileged than most other people in Oakland City.

Besides, Levi was the son of the next patriarch of the Garrison family!

“You’re still too young to understand what we’re talking about. You’re too idealistic about these sorts of things. You should face reality! When you’re at our age, you’ll regret the decision you made today!”

Zoey gazed at everyone in disbelief.

None of them care about their dignity!

They even profess their desire to be a dog of the Garrison family!

Thankfully, Levi already had everything planned out.

Zoey said coldly, “Alright, stop talking now. Everyone has a different point of view. If we continue to discuss this, it might end in an argument.”

With that, the wedding concluded hastily.

Although there were many mishaps throughout the ceremony, Zoey had no regrets about the wedding. This was all she had ever wanted.

“No matter what happens after this, I’ll always be right next to you!” she said to Levi, smiling.

“Don’t worry! With me around, I won’t let you or our child go through any sort of suffering!”


“Mr. Damien, I didn’t know Levi Garrison would be such a hard nut to crack!”

Damien laughed cruelly. “Well, the blood of the Garrison family runs in his veins, so it’s only natural that he’s a little rebellious. But I’d like to see how long he can keep up that act of his. I’ll make him face the cruel reality of life. He’ll end up kneeling before me and throwing away his dignity!”

“Mr. Damien, we’re all looking forward to that! Haha…”

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