The Return of God of War Chapter 1041-1050

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1041

On the other side, Levi had no idea that the Garrisons were in the heat of a discussion because of him.
Even Tyrone and Kenny were informed of his existence.
Busy with his wedding, Levi was not aware that Damien was getting ready to deal with him.

The couple’s new house in North Hampton was completed, and Levi was very satisfied with it.

Hence, he was in an excellent mood.

On top of that, Jason had also reached North Hampton.

It had been six years since Levi had last seen his good friend, so naturally, he was excited to see Jason again.

“Levi, I’m very happy for you, but… “

Jason seemed hesitant.

“What is it, Jason? Come on. Out with it!”

“I just came from Oakland City, and everyone there knows of your existence, including the Garrisons! So it’s only a matter of time before they come for you, especially Damien. You wouldn’t want the Garrisons to be your enemy. I suggest that you should beg them for mercy,” advised Jason.

Bad things happen to those in Damien’s crosshairs.

Levi got lucky because he had the Paragon Seal.

“Beg the Garrisons?” Levi chuckled.

“Yes. Just kneel before them and say something pleasant. I’m sure that they won’t make it hard on you. After all, they can’t do anything to you, now that everyone knows of your existence.”

“I have no problem kneeling before them, but do they seriously think that they’re worth it?” asked Levi coldly.

The God of War bows to no one, not even to the Garrisons.

“Levi, you’re a good man, but you’re just too damn stubborn! You never listen to anyone. I should talk to Emma. Maybe she’ll do it,” relented Jason.

Jason only wanted what was best for his good friend.

He believed that the Garrisons would let Levi go if the man would submit himself to them.

“Save it. I know how to deal with the Garrisons.”

Levi decided to bring his mother with him to meet the Garrisons after his wedding.

He needed to know why Tyrone had abandoned him and his mother.

“Come, let’s go and visit Morris.”

Afterward, Levi and Jason arrived before Morris’ grave, which had already been well-refurbished by Nueve and his men.

“Now, we’re merely short of Warren. It’s good to be reunited again.” Jason sighed before toasting to Morris’ grave.

“I’ve been looking for Warren, and I’m sure that I’ll find him soon,” assured Levi.

Warren had disappeared, and Phoenix had been searching for him for a long time. Unfortunately, it was to no avail.

“You’ve been searching for a while, haven’t you? You should just give up. You’re not going to find him because he’s changed his identity.”

“Wait, you know where he is?” asked Levi.

“Yes. I think that I might be able to find him.”

“The three of you were close, so when Warren found out that he couldn’t help the both of you, he felt useless. In low spirits, Warren changed his identity and led a different life,” explained Jason.

“Take me there, Jason! I need to see Warren!”

“Okay. I didn’t want to bother him, but I think that you two should meet. Perhaps he’ll be able to convince you to submit to the Garrisons. He’s a good friend of yours, after all. Maybe you’ll listen to him,” agreed Jason.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1042

Jason only wanted Levi to see Warren again because he was hoping that Warren could convince Levi to submit to the Garrisons.
He did not want his friend’s wedding to turn into a funeral.
I know that the Garrisons will spare Levi if he kneels before them.

Levi knew what Jason’s intention was, but he saw no need to bow to the Garrisons.

I’ll destroy anyone who dares to stir up trouble at my wedding!

With Jason’s help, Levi was finally reunited with Warren.

His friend had settled down and even had himself a daughter. He was living a good life.

When Warren heard that Levi was getting married again, he was more than happy to be part of the celebration as he wanted to make up for his past regret.

Three days before his wedding, Levi finally got everyone important to him to accept his invitation.

Meanwhile, at the Oakland City Airport, a private plane took off with dozens of other planes escorting it.

On the ground was a convoy made up of hundreds of vehicles on their way to North Hampton.

As heir to the most powerful ancient family in Erudia, such an occurrence was normal to Damien.

He was always surrounded by tens of thousands of men to make sure that he was safe.

Even though the movement was extremely large-scale, no one knew about it because the Garrisons were powerful enough to control the flow of information.

On top of that, the Garrisons’ allies arrived in North Hampton early to pave the way for Damien, for they had to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

“Levi, you’ll realize just how insignificant you are when you meet me,” whispered Damien to himself on the plane.

Glancing out of the window, Damien wondered if there was anyone in Erudia who could outmatch him.

There’s only one person, the God of War.

All Damien could ever do was keep up with the God of War because the man’s achievements were far too great.

One of his achievements was beating the elites of the Eighteen-Nation Alliance with only his iron fists and quelling the alliance.

He was certainly the only person who had ever achieved such a feat, and it was enough to make Damien feel hopeless in his pursuit to match the God of War.

I guess that being number two isn’t that bad.

“Perhaps the God of War views me in the manner that I view Levi,” muttered Damien to himself.

“No, that’s not right. The bastard’s not even worthy of being compared to me!” shouted Damien suddenly.

“I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you,” chuckled Dexter, who was tied to his seat.


Damien was stunned. “What did you say?”

“Given the same resources and advantages, Levi might just be better than you. Look at what he’s achieved growing up on the streets. If he had the same upbringing as you, it’s not hard to imagine that he could do a whole lot better.”

Dexter’s words were like knives to Damien’s heart.

Furious, the man stared at the butler in utter disbelief. “Did you just say that Levi is better than me?”

“That’s right. If he had grown up in the same environment that you had, I believe that he would’ve been a lot more powerful than you are.” Dexter cackled.

“You think that he’s more powerful than me?”

Raw anger shot through Damien.

“Say that Levi can’t compare to me! Say it! Say it now!”

Damien grabbed Dexter by the throat and forced the butler to say the words.

“Master Levi is stronger than you!” Dexter cackled again as he stared at his perpetrator.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1043

Huffing and puffing, Damien grabbed a fork and stabbed Dexter with it, causing blood to squirt out from the butler.
Dexter’s mouth was gurgling with blood, and his body twitched.
“Now, let’s try this again. Who’s stronger?”

Damien was acting like a mad man.

“Master Levi is stronger, and I’ll always support him!” insisted Dexter.

The people around them quickly stopped Damien when he was about to murder the butler.

“You can’t kill him yet, Mr. Damien! You still need him, remember?”

Only then did Damien calm down, and before long, he arrived in North Hampton.

“Is this what the outside world is like? How pathetic! These people must not know what a paradise looks like. To me, Oakland City is the only true paradise!” mocked Damien.

“Of course, Mr. Damien. This place is a far cry from Oakland City,” agreed a lackey beside Damien.

“I can now see why Levi is so arrogant. He thinks that he’s seen it all when he’d merely achieved a minor success in this pathetic environment. He probably still has no idea of how insignificant he is. Wait till he sees what I have in store for his wedding.”

The wedding was only a few days away, and Levi was just as nervous as he was before.

After all, he had promised to reveal his true identity to Zoey, the Lopezes, and the Blacks.

“Levi, your wedding venue has been arranged. As instructed, it is not unnecessarily extravagant, but you can be sure it’ll be grand nonetheless,” assured Azure Dragon and his men.


Levi nodded in satisfaction.

This time, I want Zoey to have a wedding that she’ll never forget.

However, Levi did not want to achieve that with a ludicrous amount of money, so he took the time to make a ring and a necklace out of bullet shells as gifts to Zoey.

“Boss, Ezra will be here tonight! It’s been a while since I’d last seen the Commanders-In-Chief of the Nine Warzones and the Four Guardians.”

Levi smiled in response. “I’ll pick them up myself tonight.”

Family members and friends had already arrived at the venue because the wedding would be held on the next day.

Although Meredith and the other Blacks were not happy about the wedding, they came anyway since Levi promised to reveal secrets at the occasion.

They were curious about what the man had to offer.

“We didn’t come here to give you our blessings. Rather, we merely wanted to see the surprise that you have in store for us. You won’t be marrying Zoey if we’re dissatisfied with your reveal,” threatened Meredith.

“That’s right. If you lie to us, the child will never take your last name. He or she will be a Lopez or even a Black,” chimed in Aaron.

The couple was well-prepared in case Levi was planning to lie to them.

“You two should ready yourselves. I’m worried that you might faint when I reveal my secrets. After all, you’re not as young as you used to be.” Levi chuckled.

Meredith then glared daggers at Levi. “You’re worried that I’ll faint? We’ll see how big of a deal your identity is.”

Nobody took Levi seriously, but he could already imagine how half of the crowd would kneel while the other half would pass out.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1044

Zoey gazed at Levi expectantly.
The day had finally come for her to marry the love of her life.
Bursting with joy for her son, Emma was easily the happiest person in the crowd.

She never imagined that she would be able to attend her son’s wedding.

“Huh? Not only are you attending the wedding, but you also have to give a speech?” asked Meredith after checking the itinerary.

“That’s right.”

Emma nodded.

“We can’t have you doing that! What will people think of Zoey when they see you? Do you know how many will be watching you tomorrow? Many are trying to dig for dirt on Zoey.”

“Do you know how much trouble it will cause if people find out that Levi has a mother like you?”

“You don’t want to cause problems for Zoey, do you?”

Meredith, Robert, and the others all ganged up on Emma.

“I… I don’t, so what should I do?”

Naturally, Emma would not want anything bad to happen to Zoey.

“It’ll be better for you to forego the wedding tomorrow,” advised Meredith.


Emma hesitated because she really wanted to be a part of her son’s wedding.

“If you insist on going, then your son will never marry Zoey!” threatened Meredith.

“I won’t go then.”

Emma had no choice but to listen to Meredith.

“Good! We have an agreement then. You can’t appear at the wedding, and you can’t tell Levi or Zoey about this.”

“I understand.”

Emma was aggrieved but she did not want to ruin her son’s wedding.

“Phew! Can you imagine how humiliating it would’ve been if Levi’s filthy mother were to show up at the wedding?” The Blacks cackled.

That night, Levi went to the airport with Azure Dragon and the others to pick his friends up personally.

Logan and Jennie were also there to pick up their big-shot relatives, who only decided to attend Zoey’s wedding when they heard of Zoey’s net worth.

Before long, the Blacks appeared out of the arrival gate, and every one of them was well-dressed.

Logan then glanced at Levi. “Take a good look, Levi. Notice how all the Lopezes and Blacks are all big shots? What about your family and friends? Anyone worth mentioning?”

Compared to the Lopezes and Blacks, Azure Dragon and others were dressed quite casually.

“I’m guessing that the friends whom you’re waiting for will fare no better than the ones beside you now,” mocked Jennie.

“Boss!” cried Ezra and others excitedly when they appeared out of the arrival gate.

“Weren’t these people on the same flight as us? They were in the economy class,” ridiculed one of Logan’s relatives.


Logan and Jennie joined in on the laughter.

It’s evident that we’re on a different level from Levi’s friends.

We were in first class while they were stuck in economy class.

Without their uniforms, Ezra and the others were no different from ordinary people.

They had even bought economy class tickets, so it was only natural that people would misunderstand.

Little did Logan, Jennie, and the others know that they were standing before the renowned Commanders-In-Chief of the Nine Warzones and the Four Guardians of Erudia.

These men were the ones who shaped Erudia’s destiny and they were revered both locally and abroad.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1045

Out of their uniforms, the men could not look more ordinary than they were, currently.
They had paid for the economy class tickets out of their own pockets and had boarded the plane just like everyone else.
They wanted nothing extravagant and had no interest in abusing their privileges because they had the intention of attending Levi’s wedding as friends.

“You can determine how successful a person is by looking at the people who have surrounded him. By the looks of it, you seem way out of Zoey’s league,” mocked Logan’s relatives.

“I bet that you didn’t even get a single big shot to attend your wedding.”

Amongst the relatives and friends that Levi had invited to his wedding, Jason was the only one that Meredith had considered important; the Lopezes and the Blacks wanted nothing more than to drive the rest away.

Ezra was displeased when he realized how Levi’s relatives treated the man.

Neither Ezra nor the others thought that the God of War should receive such treatment.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell them everything tomorrow,” assured Levi with a smile, for he was looking forward to it himself.

When they reached home, Levi excitedly introduced Ezra and others to Zoey.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Ezra Williamson from the West.”

“Todd Greenwood from the North.”

“Wilfrid Harrett from the East.”

“Darton Rogier from the South.”

“Siegfried Adkins from the Central.”

After the Commanders-In-Chief of the Nine Warzones introduced themselves, the Four Guardians did the same.

“Manfred Reyes of the East Gate.”

“Howell Dinwiddie of the West Gate.”

“Geoffrey Meskill of the South Gate.”

“Benjamin Dickinson of the North Gate.”

Other than the Nine Warzones, Erudia also had the Four National Gates, which had consisted of the North Gate, South Gate, East Gate, and West Gate.

Those gates had guarded the borders of Erudia for thousands of years, preventing countless invasions.

The Four Guardians were the ones who would watch over the gates as they guarded the nation against attacks.

Levi’s other friends also introduced themselves one by one.

Nevertheless, only those who were in the military knew what they were talking about.

“What’s a North Warzone, and what’s a West Gate? I have no idea what you guys are talking about!” exclaimed Aaron in confusion.

Aaron was not the only one who was confused. Rather, Zoey was confused as well.

“Your friends are just the same as you, Levi. A bunch of weirdos!” remarked Caitlyn.

“If you ask me, they sound like a bunch of hooligans!”

The Lopezes and the Blacks had nothing but contempt for Levi’s friends.

What kind of friends does Levi surround himself with?

And it’s not just a few of them.

There are dozens of these hooligans!

In the end, only Zoey and Emma welcomed Ezra and the others.

That night, Benny merely congratulated Levi through a video call because he was too occupied at the moment.

“I’ll visit Oakland City soon, Mr. Quinton. See you then.”

After Benny’s video call, Abigail also called to congratulate Levi.

Abigail was supposed to attend the wedding, but she had suddenly changed her mind when she thought of what happened previously.

“Where are you?” asked Levi.

“I’m in Oakland City,” answered Abigail honestly, for she was in South Hampton when she heard that Levi was in North Hampton.

To avoid Levi, Abigail left South Hampton and went to Oakland City.

“I see. Maybe I’ll head over visit you some day.”

Afterward, Levi received one congratulation after the other, and that was how he had spent the remainder of the night before his wedding.

The next day, the wedding finally commenced.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1046

“Mom, what did just you say? You’re not attending the wedding?”
Levi and Zoey stared at Emma in disbelief.
Emma mumbled, “Mm. I’m not feeling well, so I won’t be attending.”

“Mom, are you alright?”

Both of them started to worry.

“I’m fine. It’s just that my body doesn’t feel too good. You both should hurry up and get ready.”

Emma shook her head.

“You two should go now. There are many things to be done over there. Since she said she’s not attending, just let her be!” Meredith said coldly.

Hence, Levi and Zoey did not dwell too much on it either.

After they left, a smile appeared on Meredith’s face. “You did well. It’s better for everyone if you didn’t attend the wedding!”

“I know, right? You’d be embarrassing the hell out of all of us if you attended.”

“Yeah! Both the Lopez and Black families want to keep our dignities intact at a wedding of this magnitude.”

Emma could only silently endure the verbal bashings from both the Lopez and Black families.

She hid in a corner and watched the wedding in silence.

It was her own son’s wedding, but she had to witness it from the shadows.

Just before the wedding began, all the guests were ushered into the venue.

There were even numerous media reporters among them.

They weren’t arranged by Levi, but were here for Zoey instead.

After all, Zoey was a well-known entrepreneur and her wedding would no doubt rule the headlines.

Meredith, who was gathered together with her family, observed the guests and exclaimed, “That little brat reap the benefits of our hard work!”

“It’s useless dwelling on that now! We can only hope that Levi has indeed prepared a little surprise for us!”

Aaron only shook his head in response. “Mom, Dad, don’t have any high hopes! According to my understanding of Levi, he wouldn’t have anything prepared for us.”

They sighed. “Well, let’s just wait and see! We don’t have any other choice!”

It was Zoey’s big day today, but her relatives did not seem to be happy for her at all as they complained behind her back.

Today, Levi was clad in a white wedding suit, his muscular body filling it perfectly.

“Sir, your other attire is ready as well,” Azure Dragon announced beside him.

Of course, the other attire he was referring to was none other than Levi’s Five-Star God of War military uniform!

In Erudia, this was the only military uniform with a five-star insignia!

He planned to appear before Zoey in the most perfect way possible later.

He wanted to tell her that this was her husband!

Even all five members of the Five Great Wars Regiment would be in their military uniform.

This was the definition of a grand entrance.

“Alright. Let me know when we’re halfway through the ceremony and I’ll change!”

Meanwhile, Zoey was wearing a white bridal dress which had Erudian culture woven into it. The dress accentuated every curve on her body, resembling a waterfall cascading downwards as it pooled on the floor.

Her beauty was absolutely breathtaking and could shake the entire world.

Just as Levi said, Erudians stayed true to their culture.

The moment Zoey appeared, the crowd cheered.

They sighed inwardly, thinking what a waste it was for a stunning beauty like Zoey to be wedded to Levi, who was such a sorry excuse of a man.

“What did we ever do to deserve such misfortune? Zoey was never supposed to marry him!”

Aaron sighed and kept hitting the table with his fist.

“That’s right! Look at the friends and relatives behind Levi. None of them are impressive!” Harry bellowed in anger.

Meredith and Robert were shaking with rage as well.

If Levi failed to give them a pleasant surprise today, they would no doubt demand an explanation from him.

Suddenly, hundreds of cars screeched to a stop outside.

All of them were luxury cars.

A magnificent scene like that shocked many people. Harry and the rest were no exception.

He was puzzled. “Whose relatives are they? Why don’t I have any recollection of them?”

Meredith and her family shook their heads with similarly clueless looks on their faces. “I don’t think they’re relatives from our side of the family either.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1047

The next moment, countless smart-looking men and celebrities alighted the cars and entered the wedding venue.
“On behalf of the Goel family, Xabian Goel from South Hampton congratulates Mr. Levi Garrison and Ms. Zoey Lopez on their wedding!”
“On behalf of the Hunt family, Mario Hunt from South Hampton congratulates…”

“On behalf of the Quinn family, Hayden Quinn from South Hampton congratulates…”

These people’s identities were revealed upon stepping into the venue.


Meredith and the rest were utterly flabbergasted by then.

This… This… This…

The top ten royal families of South Hampton are all here!

Even Elder Goel is here in person!

This line-up is too good to be true.

Little did they know that this was only the beginning.

The quasi-royal clans and other big figures were waiting behind to offer their congratulatory wishes.

It seemed like all the top families from South Hampton were here to celebrate Levi and Zoey’s wedding.

What… What is going on?

The Lopez and Black families traded looks with each other.

They were not acquainted with any of these people.

Neither were they qualified to be acquainted with them.

And yet, they were all here to offer their best wishes.

Could they be here for Levi?

“The Jones family from South Hampton is here to congratulate…”

Finally, a large number of people including Michael and Mia Jones arrived.

Today, Levi welcomed them here with open arms.

Upon seeing Levi come in together with these big shots from South Hampton, Meredith and the others could hardly wrap their minds around it.

Is this the surprise Levi was talking about?

This is completely unbelievable!

“Where’s Emma?”

Michael looked around in search of his daughter.

Someone in the crowd answered, “The bride’s family said that Ms. Jones is an embarrassment to them, so they deliberately stopped her from attending!”

Levi and Michael were incensed upon hearing this.

Michael roared, “What? My daughter, Emma, doesn’t have the right to attend the wedding? What about you lot? Are any of your statuses higher than my daughter’s?

Meredith and the others finally understood.

It turned out that Levi’s disgraceful mother had a strong family background!

She was from the royal family of South Hampton and the daughter of Michael Jones!

It turned out that Levi hailed from that family.

No wonder he had announced that he had a surprise for them.

For the Lopez and Black families, the Jones family was considered completely out of their league.

Hence, this was enough of a surprise for them.

However, never in a million years did they expect Levi to have something bigger in store for them.

Even the Jones family was nothing compared to his real surprise.

“Hurry up and invite Ms. Jones out. We can’t very well stop her from attending the wedding, now can we?”

Meredith and a few others immediately invited Emma out with warm smiles on their faces.

Fortunately, she wasn’t one to harbor grudges.

“We really never thought that you’d be from South Hampton’s Jones family. You should’ve told us earlier!”

Everyone’s attitudes towards Emma took a hundred and eighty degree turn, especially Aaron, Caitlyn and Meredith.

Aaron even patted Levi on the shoulder and complimented, “Levi, you definitely surprised us, I’ll give you that!”

“You completely deserve to be with Zoey! We’ve misjudged you all this while.”

The Lopez and Black families chattered away as they tried buttering him up.

Levi’s status as the grandson of the Jones family was more than enough to appease them.

It was beyond their imaginations that the top 100 prominent families would personally attend the wedding.

They were even more delighted that Levi was from the Jones family.

However, the prominent families from South Hampton did not spare a glance at the Jones family whatsoever. It wasn’t too far-fetched to say that the Joneses meant nothing to them.

They were only here for Levi.

Levi smiled and said, “Mom, Dad, this isn’t the surprise. The real surprise is yet to come.”

He was amused by everyone’s assumption.

They consider this a surprise? Their expectations are way too low.

“Oh? There’s another surprise?”

Aaron’s eyes lit up with excitement, along with the rest of his family.

Meredith and her family were at the edge of their seats, teeming with anticipation.

Could Levi have another identity?

Or perhaps some other big figures are going to attend the wedding?

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1048

“Didn’t I tell you Levi is a great man? But all of you even tried to stop me back then.”
“See? He’s worthy after all. I completely approve of Levi!”
Aaron scoffed and ridiculed the others.

“Yes. Who wouldn’t like a good young man such as Levi?”

The Lopez and Black families had completely contradicted their previous selves.

This huge change in attitude was brought about by the knowledge of Levi’s status as the grandson of the Joneses.

Zoey felt very uneasy listening to them.

She didn’t want Levi to rely on his family background, but instead shine because of his own efforts.

However, her family only acknowledged him because of his background.

Zoey looked at Levi’s side profile, hoping that the surprise he had for her would be because of his own hard work and not because of others.

Otherwise, she would be extremely disappointed.

Thereafter, Master Grover Cooke of the Southern Union and his Four Kings arrived at the wedding ceremony.

This caused an uproar within the Lopez and Black families because they had always looked up to those big figures.

Later on, several other people showed up as well.

They were the Garrisons from Haven, Jonah Garrison and his family.


His attendance shocked everyone present.

Even Xabian Goel and his family could not sit still at the sight of the Garrisons, immediately scurrying over to greet them.

The Garrison family was a force to be reckoned with.

Meredith and the others trembled in their places, unable to move as if their legs were made of lead.

These surprises are getting too overwhelming!

They’re considered an imperial family, which is superior to the royal families.

And they’re here for Levi’s wedding?

Who exactly is he?

Indeed, he saved the best for last!

Aaron wiped the cold sweat off his brow. “Levi, you’re really overwhelming us with your surprises. From now on, whatever you say goes in the family!”

“Yes. From now on, you’re in charge of the Lopez and Black families.”

Both Harry and Robert gave Levi their consent.

Everyone’s snobbish sides were on full display at this moment.

Earlier, they had even prevented Emma from attending the wedding.

At present, only Zoey and Emma felt uncomfortable.

Both women exchanged glances and sighed softly.

They thought that the appearance of the Garrisons from Haven was not a good sign.

However, they did not know about Levi’s relation to the Garrison family and assumed that the latter was sent by the Garrison clan from Oakland City.

Zoey did not see this as a surprise at all.

Levi smiled. “Dad, this isn’t the surprise I’ve prepared for you. In fact, it’s far from it!”

“Boy, how can this not be a surprise? This is one of the imperial families! An imperial family is here for your wedding! What else can top this as a surprise?” Aaron chuckled.

Levi grinned in response.

Jonah Garrison’s presence is really nothing much to be excited about.

Over there are Ezra Williamson and the other Commander-In-Chiefs of the Nine Warzones, as well as the Four Guardians. Which one of them won’t own the room if given the chance?

“Since Levi says there’s another surprise, why are you still doubting him? Just wait and see.”

Meredith shot a glare at Aaron.

Both families were looking forward to Levi’s final surprise.

Zoey was no exception.

She didn’t want Levi’s surprise to be all of this.

She wanted him to give her a surprise which was sculpted by his own two hands.

Very soon, all of the guests had arrived.

The wedding ceremony was about to begin.

Meanwhile, in North Hampton.

Damien had just left his place.

“The wedding is almost starting. We’ll be just in time if we rush over now!” Damien grinned.

“You’re right, Mr. Damien!” said his subordinate.

“Has the gift been prepared?” Damien queried.


An eerie smile played on the corner of Damien’s lips. “I think you’ll like my gift, Levi Garrison. Hahahaha…”

“Wishing you a happy marriage!”

Damien threw his head back with laughter.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1049

Just then, Damien received a call from Tyrone.
“Damien, I heard that it’s his wedding today?” Tyrone asked.
“Yeah. I’m about to head over there,” Damien answered.

There was momentary silence before Tyrone spoke, “Try to resolve things as peacefully as possible and don’t cause any deaths. If he gives in and begs the Garrison family, you can choose to let him off the hook! After all, many people know about his existence. Killing him won’t benefit our family.”

“Rest assured, Father. I’ve prepared a huge gift for that bas*ard. I’ll make him kneel at my feet and beg for mercy. Of course, it won’t be easy getting me to spare him. He has to pay a painful price for his actions.” Damien sneered.

“Mmm. You go ahead and take care of it then! I’m mainly concerned about the undesirable consequences we might face because of this. Other than that, I don’t care much about his wellbeing, so just do as you see fit.”

With that, Tyrone ended the call.

Zoey’s friends and relatives who attended the wedding this time were more or less the same people.

On the other hand, Levi’s guests took up more than half of the venue and livened up the occasion.

His mother, sister and many other close friends were present.

Only his late best friend, Morris, was absent. But his parents had come in person.

To Levi, the wedding this time was perfect and enough to compensate for all the regrets from the past six years.

It was the same for Zoey.

Before long, the wedding officially began.

Zoey held onto Aaron’s arm as they walked towards Levi.

Both of them tightly embraced each other.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

At that exact moment, two troops of men in black suits marched into the venue in a neat and orderly manner.

Besides that, there were people pushing in cannons behind them.

Of course, those were firework cannons.

These people were from the Dragon Legion and led by Alfie Steele.

Once everything was set in place, Alfie commanded, “Fire!”

Ceremonial fireworks shot up into the sky, resulting in booming sounds reverberating through the whole area.

The atmosphere was extremely joyous.

Compared to six years ago, Zoey was much more satisfied now.

In fact, she was on the verge of shedding tears of joy.

“Honey, don’t get emotional just yet. This isn’t even the real surprise.”

Levi helped Zoey to dab away her tears.

“Mm, I’m waiting,” Zoey replied.

The wedding ceremony went on as planned.

Meanwhile, the Lopez and Black families were getting more impatient by the second.

When is Levi’s actual surprise going to be revealed?

They could barely wait a second longer.

The first half of the wedding was over.

“Next up, let’s listen to the groom’s heartfelt confession!”

The host passed the microphone to Levi.

After taking over the microphone, Levi greeted everyone present first.

Finally, he directed his gaze towards Zoey.

“Zoey, thank you for staying with me until this day!”

Levi held Zoey’s hand as he spoke.

“Over the years, you have been wronged and have suffered too much. I know about it all!”

“Even when I was down and out, you never once belittled me. You only wished for me to get back on my feet! Having you beside me for the rest of my life is more than enough for me.”

Tears were already streaming down Zoey’s cheeks by then.

“Zoey, more than anything else, I understand that you don’t want me to rely on anyone else other than myself to give you a huge surprise.”

“Well, the surprise is coming right up! Please wait a moment and I’ll tell you once I’m back. I’ll prove to you that your man can rule the world!”

The wedding came to a brief cessation.

Levi, Azure Dragon and several of them went to the changing room.

All of them changed into their military uniforms.

At that moment, Levi’s commanding and majestic aura was in full force.

He didn’t forget to grab the gift he had prepared beforehand as well.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1050

Azure Dragon and Kirin adjusted Levi’s uniform.
Then, four of them stepped to the side and saluted him.
Levi returned their salutes.

Upon donning their uniforms, their identities had completely changed.

They were not the only ones who changed out of their clothes.

Even Ezra and the others had done the same.

After all, Levi wanted to give Zoey the best surprise ever!

The man she was waiting for was now officially Erudia’s God of War.

The Lopez and Black families were anxiously waiting to be surprised while Levi and his men had gone off to change.

“What’s going on? What surprise has he prepared?”

Aaron was so nervous that he became slightly out of breath.

The others were not faring any better either.

They racked their brains as they tried to guess what kind of surprise could top the attendance of the Jones family and the Garrisons from Haven.

However, none came close to it.

Each of them felt their throats go dry as they awaited the big reveal.

Zoey was the most tormented one out of them all.

It was only several minutes, but it felt as if centuries had passed for her.

The wait was indeed too torturous.

Russell and Jonah, who somewhat knew that truth, were also at the edge of their seats.

They were certain that Levi would appear as the God of War later.

When that happened, everyone would no doubt be thrown off their seats.

Although Emma was excited, she had a vague premonition of an imminent disaster.

After all, the Garrison family knew about the wedding today.

In the villa.

Levi and the rest were all dressed in their military uniforms.

“Get into formation!” Levi commanded.

With that, everyone formed two rows.

Levi stood in the center.

“On my command. Move out!”

Thud! Thud! Thud!

They marched towards the wedding venue.


Suddenly, a commotion sounded from outside.

One by one, vehicles had come to a halt just beyond the gates.

Many people stepped out of the vehicles.

The one taking the lead was none other than Damien Garrison.

By then, the Royal Villa was surrounded by thousands of people.

After all, Damien’s safety was of top priority.

The ruckus outside grabbed the attention of the guests at the wedding. Everyone stood up to get a peek of the situation.

“What? There’s still someone coming for the wedding at this hour?”

Everyone was confused.

“Or is this the surprise Levi prepared for us?”

Unable to wait anymore, Aaron and several others got to their feet and went to greet the newcomers.


However, when Emma and a few others heard the noise, their faces fell.

Her worries had come true.

This was inevitable.

“I’m not late, am I?” A voice abruptly rang out.

Everyone looked over and saw a handsome young man languidly walking in with dozens of people in tow.

Those fighters were all the best of the best.

“Who is this?”

The guests were baffled

Just right then, Jonah Garrison and his family stepped forward. “Greetings, Mr. Damien!”

“Mr. Damien?”

Confusion was still sprawled across everyone’s faces.

After all, someone of his status was far from their reach.

Aaron came forward with a flattering smile. “Sir, you must be here for my son-in-law, Levi.”

“Yes, you’re right. I’m here to attend Levi Garrison’s wedding. I even prepared a huge gift for him!” Damien’s mouth stretched into a broad grin.

“Please, come in! Come in!”

They welcomed Damien and his company into the venue.

Although they did not know Damien’s identity, from his appearance and demeanor, they could tell that he was no ordinary man.

His identity would no doubt come as a shock to the guests.

His grand entrance alone was enough to differentiate him from the rest.

Damien did not take a seat, but went to the stage and grabbed the microphone from the host instead. Then, he asked with a smile, “Where is Levi Garrison?”

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