The Return of God of War Chapter 1031-1040

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1031


Following that, she grabbed a dinner knife and stabbed it right into the center of the table.

“Why do the two of you have so much bullsh*t coming out of your mouths? And who the hell are you calling a tomboy?”

Phoenix questioned them coldly.

Even her enemies couldn’t make her shed a single tear on the battlefield.

What made these ladies think that they could bully her?

Phoenix fiddled with the dinner knife.

The threat was clear. She could send the knife flying straight through the necks of Zara and Yvette at any second.

Zara and Yvette were frightened stiff.

They exchanged a helpless look and laughed weakly. “I mean, we think you’re really great too! We’re so happy to have you join us!”

They were powerless against Phoenix, so they chose to keep their mouths shut.

The two of them only had the guts to bully those weaker than them, after all.

The nicer Zoey was to them, the more they took advantage of her.

But when faced with violence like the kind Phoenix had just demonstrated, they would chicken out immediately.

Zoey valued her friendships greatly. Since she was the one who asked them to be her bridesmaids, she had no choice but to put up with their bullying.

In fact, Zoey had a domineering side to her too. If it were not for her tolerance, she would have sent them packing for home already.

“Well, anyway, we will need to find a new group of groomsmen! This batch won’t do!”

Seeing that they couldn’t boss Phoenix around, Zara immediately turned to target the remaining four men.

Yvette nodded in concurrence. “That’s right. These groomsmen are horrendous! Look at the four of them. Their fashion sense is outdated. Their complexions are too dark, and some of them are bulky like bulls! Oh, this is terrible! They’ll seem so out of place next to bridesmaids like us!”

It was probably because Azure Dragon and the other three guys were all in plain clothing, not to mention the standard and boring military buzz cut they all had.

The whole look made them seem trigger-ready and unapproachable.

Zara and Yvette definitely wouldn’t make do with them.

“Zoey, you’ve got to listen to us. Get a few international models. They don’t even have to do anything else besides standing there, but they’ll make your wedding look much more prestigious,” Yvette suggested.

“Exactly! Your wedding’s got to be the best. Zoey, take a good look at these groomsmen! How are you supposed to work with them?”

Zara scoffed in disgust.

Zoey laughed awkwardly. “I think they’re great. All of them are Levi’s best friends. He treats them like his brothers! It’s just within expectations for him to invite them to be his groomsmen!”

Zara and Yvette scowled. “No way! They can’t be the groomsmen! We refuse to accept them!”

“Their expressions aren’t even right! I seriously suspect that they’re up to something! They won’t be fit to stand next to us!”

Upon hearing their remarks, Azure Dragon and his men were furious.

These b*tches seriously need some disciplining.

They’ll shut up the moment we land a few slaps on them.

Too bad they are Zoey’s friends.

For that reason, they didn’t dare speak their mind, despite being furious.

All they could do was to swallow their anger and remain silent.

Iris sighed next to them. “Do us all a favor, and make do with them, will you? We’re just choosing the groomsmen, so don’t put too much thought into it!”

However, Zara scoffed and turned to Zoey. “Zoey, we’re fine with letting you choose the groomsmen, but you’ve got to choose some whom we’re comfortable with! If you insist on having them as the groomsmen, then the two of us will refuse to be your bridesmaids!”

Yvette nodded along. “Yeah! If you insist on choosing them, then you can’t have us! Find some other girls to be your bridesmaids! Hmph!”

Zoey quickly jumped into the conversation to mediate the situation. “Come on. Don’t be like this! Let’s all calm down and talk this through, alright?”

Zoey didn’t want anyone to feel uneasy and hoped that they could all come to a peaceful consensus.

Little did she know that such kindness would only encourage those two girls to try and take advantage of her.

“That won’t do! Zoey, you’ve got to make a decision! Either you choose to have them as the groomsmen, or we stay as the bridesmaids! It’s one or the other!”

Zara and Yvette insisted on having Zoey make a decision.


Zoey was at a loss for what to do.

How am I supposed to decide?

“Great! Just f*ck off if you don’t want to be a bridesmaid! Who the hell cares about the two of you?”

At that moment, Levi, who was at his wits’ end, yelled at Zara and Yvette in rage.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1032

Levi’s sudden burst of anger shocked everyone into silence.

“I’ve been tolerating the two of you for a very long time now! I’ve shown you respect, but what about you? You’ve been nothing but overbearing and annoying! You’ve vividly portrayed to me how incessant b*tches would behave! Scram if you don’t want to be a bridesmaid! We couldn’t care less! Do you seriously think that we won’t be able to hold our wedding without you?” Levi yelled.

Zara and Yvette were stunned.

Zoey hadn’t said a word about their attitude, but Levi had gotten enraged before her.

It took a solid minute for the two of them to regain their bearings.

“What? Are you telling us to leave?”

The two of them stared at Levi unbelievably.

“Yes. Get lost if you don’t want to be a bridesmaid! Zoey has been treating the two of you as her friends, but what about you? How have you been treating her?”

“You’ve been rudely ordering her around, asking her to make new arrangements for your accommodation and your meals. That’s fine. We’re still able to tolerate that. But asking to choose the groomsmen? Excuse me. Is it you or Zoey who is getting married?”

“Have you ever given Zoey a shred of respect? Do you seriously take her as your friend? We’ve invited you over to be our bridesmaids, not VIPs whom we’re supposed to please!”

“What makes you think that you are the ones to decide how our wedding should be held? What more do you want? Do you want to change me, the freaking groom of the wedding, out as well?”

Levi attacked them with questions.

The two women were rendered speechless.

Zara and Yvette stood up from their seats and stared at Zoey. “You don’t want us to be your bridesmaids either, do you? You’ll choose them over us at the end of the day, won’t you?”

“Zoey, say something if you still treat us as your friends! You’ll know who to choose if you’ve ever considered us your real friends!”

Zara and Yvette stubbornly insisted that Zoey make a decision.

To their surprise, Zoey wore a cold expression as she spoke. “If the two of you were my real friends, you wouldn’t have asked me to choose! Since you’re not treating me sincerely as your friend, then there’s no point in me being courteous to you! Please leave!”

Zoey was fed up and finally gave them an answer.

The two girls looked at Zoey in disbelief as they never expected Zoey to make such a decision.

The only reason why they dared to act so presumptuously was that they thought Zoey was meek.

It never crossed their minds that Zoey changed so much in such a short period of time, especially in terms of her personality.

“Great. This is just great! How dare you reject us as your bridesmaids? You’ll regret this!” Zara raged.

“Yeah! That’s right! Without us, who will you ask to be your bridesmaids?”

Levi scoffed, “Any woman with two legs? That’ll be like shopping for groceries in the market!”

Levi already had candidates in mind, and one of them was Helena Engler.

Anyone would be better than these two clowns.

Besides, they wouldn’t even be here if it were not for Zoey, who still cared about their friendship.

“Hmph! Who do you think you are, Zoey Lopez? Are you even aware that your wedding is for a remarriage? Why are you making it so grand? You seriously have no shame, do you?”

“Yeah! Do you think you’re some celebrity? I would be so embarrassed to remarry! Much less hold a wedding for it! Do you not want your reputation anymore?”

They scoffed, tearing their façade altogether.

“This is freaking Erudia! People will laugh at you for making such a grandeur over a remarriage! This kind of culture would be a joke overseas!”

“Get lost!”

Zoey yelled in the midst of her fury.

“Do we have to leave just because you told us to? What if I refuse to leave? Huh? What can you do?”

“We’ll leave whenever we want to! Not just because you told us to!”

Zara and Yvette sneered at her.

“Throw them out if they refuse to cooperate.” Levi’s icy voice sounded.

“Great! Because I’ve been waiting all day to beat up these b*tches!”

Black Tortoise murmured in annoyance.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1033

Even Iris had the impulse to throw out those two women, let alone Azure Dragon and his men, who all had a bad temper.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Don’t you dare touch us!”

Zara and Yvette threatened.

“Erudian men are really boorish! You’re all acting like barbarians! How rude! You don’t even have basic courtesy!”

“All of you should really take lessons from foreigners. Every one of them is so gentlemanly, unlike you! Barbaric! Repulsive!”

The two of them screeched at Black Tortoise and the other men.

Having spent many years abroad, they felt edified by the culture over there and were now putting on airs.

Not only did they scorn everything that had to do with Erudia, but they also made it their mission to compare Erudia with foreign countries in every possible way.

This was especially so with the case of people.

Needless to say, they felt that foreigners were better than Erudians.

And having gone through that whole ordeal a while ago, they only felt a stronger prejudice against Erudians.

“Look at these people! If I didn’t know this was Erudia, I would have thought that I had been transported back to the Stone Age! All of you are so barbaric!”

Levi shot them a chilling glare. “Throw them out!”

Upon receiving that order, Black Tortoise took the opportunity to vent his frustration. He grabbed the two screeching ladies, one in each hand, and dragged them toward the entrance.

“Let go of me!”

However, their frenzied struggling were to no avail.


Black Tortoise mercilessly threw them out of the door as if he were disposing of garbage.

Zara and Yvette felt pain shot through their bodies while they stared at him with their mouths agape in shock.

They had been thrown out like beggars onto the street.

“Just you wait! You lowly Erudian peasants! Barbarians! I’ll expose all of your vulgar acts to the world!”

They continued screaming.

“This monstrous country makes me sick! We shouldn’t even be here! We want to leave this barbaric place right now!”

Their clamorous shrieks of resentment echoed through the street as they left with the promise that they would be back to take revenge.

Levi shot a look at Azure Dragon.

After Azure Dragon pulled a few strings, those two mad women were immediately deported out of the country.

They had literally been chased out of Erudia.

As they left, they still made sure to voice out their scolding. “Don’t you worry! We won’t even want to step into the borders of this country ever again! Barbarians! You’re all destined to live as peasants!”

It was not until they hopped off the plane onto foreign land did they truly let out a breath of relief.

“Oh, we’re finally here! I can smell the sweet scent of foreign air again! Look at how glamourous it is over here in a foreign land!”

Zara was nearly moaning in glee.

“My mood is a hundred times better now that we’ve left that barbaric place called Erudia! The air is so fresh over here!”

“Exactly! Look at all these familiar faces! Oh, I’m so happy right now! Erudians seriously make me sick!”

A whole string of nasty words could be heard while the two of them exchanged their complaints exasperatedly.

When they left the airport, they decided not to flag down a taxi.

Instead, they wanted to take a stroll back.

They felt that they needed to filter out the dirty Erudian air in their bodies with the fresh and clean air in their beloved foreign land.

In their opinion, Erudia was a petty country.

“I’ll never admit that I’m Erudian! It’s such a shame!”

Yvette decided resolutely.

“Yes, yes! We’re foreigners! Noble citizens! Erudia doesn’t deserve to have us!”

Zara concurred with her statement.

At that moment, a group of foreign men walked past them.

They looked fierce, with murderous intent clear in their eyes. Upon seeing the two coquettish ladies, their eyes lit up with a malicious glint.

They whipped out their daggers and quickly surrounded the two girls.

Ba dum!

Zara and Yvette panicked. Their hearts flipped as they surveyed the situation.

They had been too caught up in their complaint session and hadn’t bothered to pay close attention to their surroundings.

Although all they talked about was how good foreign countries were, they had encountered robbers when they first arrived in a foreign land.

In the years following their stay in the foreign country, they met with several cases of robbery. They weren’t spared, even when they were in the middle of a bustling city.

Hence, they didn’t dare to step out of their house at night.

Tonight, however, they seemed to have forgotten that.


It didn’t take long for the foreigners to encircle the women.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1034

The foreigners snickered as they sized Zara and Yvette up.

If they were lucky, they would get to rob and rape tonight.

The foreign gentlemen, as Zara had once called them, smacked their lips as they checked out their prey.

This would never have happened in Erudia. No matter how lowly they thought Erudia was, they definitely wouldn’t be robbed near the airport.

Neither would they need to worry about wandering in a major city at night.

This was the so-called greatness of foreign countries.

Foreigners were ‘noble,’ and the men were ‘gentlemanly.’

However, it clearly wasn’t the case at that moment.

“We’ll give you all our money…”

Zara fished out a wad of cash and stuffed it into the hands of the robbers.


The foreigners grabbed the money and threw Zara and Yvette onto their shoulders.

The two girls barely stood a chance against the group of burly men.

Soon, they were brought to a dark and secluded place.



The sound of clothing being ripped echoed amidst the silence of the night.

“Let go of us! You imbeciles! Go to hell!”

“You disgusting foreigners! You’re beasts! Barbarians!”

“You’re heinous! You’re nothing compared to Erudian men!”

“Erudia is so much better! I want to go back to Erudia! Foreigners are nothing but trash…”

Zara and Yvette screeched desperately at the top of their lungs.

Their cries, however, were soon drowned out by the nasty laughter of the foreign ‘gentlemen.’

It was ironic how those two women had nothing but praise for foreign countries and their citizens a while ago.

Only in times of grave danger would people ever think about the motherland that they had been raised in…

At other times, Erudia was merely trash to them.

When they were overseas, they refused to admit their Erudian citizenship.

They would say that they were from Erudia’s neighboring islands and pose as the islands’ citizens, not even daring to speak a word of Erudian.

To them, it was humiliating to admit that they were Erudians.

Meanwhile, Zara and Yvette’s absence barely had any impact on Levi and Zoey.

It didn’t take long for them to find another two bridesmaids as replacements, and they were Helena and the financial director, Elena.

Both of them were much better than Zara and Yvette.

As for the groomsmen whom Zara and Yvette despised, they were the Five Great Wars Regiment, the direct subordinates of the God of War!

They were practically undefeatable on the battlefield!

Once their identities were made known, not only would Erudia be in awe, but the whole world would also tremor in fear.

It was preposterous that Zara and Yvette deemed them unworthy of standing next to both of them.

As their wedding date drew closer, Zoey and Levi sent out the last of their invitations.

Apart from Ezra and the other eight Commanders-In-Chief of the Nine Warzones, Levi also invited his close friends.

But the person whom Levi was truly excited to see was his teacher, Angus Belford.

After enlisting in the army, it was Angus who saw the great potential in Levi. He was the one who had trained him and ensured his preferments.

Zoey also invited a huge group of friends.

She thought that Levi’s guests were all ordinary people.

Little did she know that every single person on his guest list was a big shot.

Even the mention of their names could easily cause an uproar in Erudia or even foreign countries.

If people knew that this group of people was about to show up together, the entire world would go mad!

Levi smiled at Zoey. “At our wedding, I’ll let you know just how amazing your husband is! You’ll know how capable I actually am!”

He had promised to reveal his identity at the wedding and come clean to Zoey, the Lopez family, and the Black family.

Seeing how confident Levi looked, Zoey truly looked forward to that day.

Finally, I will find out this secret of his!

I’ve waited too long for this moment.

Ever since Levi was locked up in prison, I have been hoping that one day, when the snow covers everything in white, Levi would return to me victoriously!

And from that moment onward, he would protect me forever and always!

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1035

It looks like my wish is about to be granted very soon.

There’s so much that I don’t know about Levi, but he promised to tell me about it on the day of our wedding.

I knew I was right to be patient!

When the Garrisons eventually found out that Levi was still alive and was getting married, the family was shaken to the core.

After all, Levi was the illegitimate son of Tyrone Garrison, the next patriarch of the Garrison family.

Tyrone’s appointment ceremony was coming up, but it was greatly affected by the news about Levi.

The Garrisons were anxious because of their failed attempts to assassinate Levi.

Hence, it was harder for them to make another attempt at that point in time.

“If you were made aware of the bastard before, why was I not informed?” roared Kenny, who blamed Edward and the others for not telling him about Levi.

Edward’s failure was the cause of their predicament.

“Go to hell! All of you!”

Kenny continued to roar.

These people have brought nothing but shame to the Garrison family!

“The situation may be better than it seems. I mean, the bastard isn’t completely useless. He’s the boss of Morris Group. Even the prominent families in South Hampton listen to him!” explained Edward.


After hearing that, Kenny seemed a little calmer.

“That’s nothing compared to what our family has achieved! So what if he’s the boss of a group? What’s so special about South Hampton? Our servant was enough to take that city head-on. A bastard will always be a bastard!” stated Kenny angrily.

“You’re right. He’s only achieved his minor success because of the noble blood that runs within him. Otherwise, he’d simply be another street rat.”

The Garrisons were upset over Levi and the fact that the man was doing well.

In the study of a luxurious villa somewhere in Oakland City, calligraphy paintings worth billions hung on the walls.

There were also various porcelain vases and exotic collections in the room, and one of them was even worth two billion.

Rather than being locked away, these luxury items were displayed in the study as if the room was a private calligraphy painting and antique museum.

A tall, handsome middle-aged man moved his pen gracefully over the canvas, practicing his calligraphy.

When he was done, the name ‘Garrison’ appeared, signifying the man’s resolve to become the next patriarch of the Garrison clan.

He could hardly wait any longer to be appointed as the head of the clan.

This man was Tyrone Garrison, the biological father of Levi.

A smirk appeared on Tyrone’s face when he was done with his work.

Before long, the man would be at the helm of the most powerful ancient family in Erudia.

When I get appointed as the patriarch of the clan, millions will bow before me.

By then, I’ll be the most powerful man in Erudia!

“Someone once asked me to choose between my career and a fair maiden. I chose my career, and I have never once regretted my decision because I’ll soon have everything that I could ever want,” muttered Tyrone to himself before simpering.

“Something terrible has happened, Mr. Garrison!” shouted a voice from outside.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1036

“What’s all the fuss about? Calm yourself!” ordered Tyrone coldly.

The servant was about to speak when a woman rushed in from behind. “We’re in deep trouble! How are you still in the mood for your calligraphy?”

Dressed in luxurious clothing, the woman was perfectly poised and looked nothing short of royalty.

Although Olivia was old, her charm and graceful demeanor were incomparable.

Olivia was Tyrone’s wife and Damien’s mother.

As a member of the Garcia family, the second most powerful family in Erudia, she was the only one who was worthy of marrying Tyrone.

“What is it, Olivia?” asked Tyrone.

“Do you remember what happened twenty years ago?” asked Olivia with widened eyes.

Tyrone would never forget how he had fallen in love with Emma when he was just a young man. Twenty years ago, he had almost ruined his future.

“I do, and I remember taking care of it. So what is this about?” inquired Tyrone with a puzzled look.

“Didn’t you say that Emma that b*tch would be kept in Margo City for the rest of her life and that she would never leave?”

“I did because I know her. She’d never leave that city. I’d even erected a tombstone there as a reminder.”

Like a madwoman, Olivia roared, “Bullsh*t! The tombstone has been destroyed, and Emma is nowhere to be found! It turns out that you don’t know her as well as you’d thought.”

“What? She left Margo City and even destroyed the tombstone? How is that possible?”

Dumbfounded, Tyrone almost lost his balance.

“Didn’t you say that you’d taken care of the bastard too? Didn’t you promise that he was dead and would never be a threat to our family?”

“Are you saying that the boy is still alive?” Tyrone could not believe what he had just heard.

“He’s more than alive. That bastard’s the one who’s brought Emma out of Margo City! Not only that, but he has also killed Caleb and defeated the Garrison clan in Haven. Even Edward was crippled when he tried to assassinate the bastard. You said that he couldn’t be alive, but look at the threat thar he’s become to us. That bastard has humiliated our family!”

Mad with rage, Olivia lifted the porcelain vase that was worth billions and smashed it onto the floor. Nevertheless, Tyrone was too distraught to worry about the vase.

“That is not possible. He can’t be alive! I lied to Emma when I promised her that I’d let the boy go. I had to kill him, so I left him in the mountains to freeze or starve to death. Even a wild dog could have killed the boy! It’s merely impossible for him to have been alive!”

“Well, the bastard is still alive. Not only that but rather, he’s also doing well,” stated Olivia as she glared daggers at her husband.

“How could it be? I’d done it myself. I left the boy to die in the wild.”

Tyrone was deeply troubled.

“Wait a second. I remember it now. It has to be him! He must be the one who’s responsible!” exclaimed Tyrone.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1037

“Get the butler over here now!” shouted Tyrone furiously.

Before long, an old man with gray hair arrived at the scene.


The butler fell to his knees before Tyrone and Olivia, for he could already guess why he had been summoned.

As a butler, Dexter was in charge of the housekeeping for Tyrone’s residence, unlike Edward, whose duty was to protect Tyrone.

Dexter was there when Tyrone fell in love with Emma, and he helped his master with keeping secrets and other things.

Otherwise, the two love birds would have been discovered even earlier.

Dexter liked Emma, so he had persuaded Tyrone not to abandon the woman on multiple occasions.

“I’m guessing that you’re aware of why you’ve been summoned?” asked Tyrone angrily.

Dexter knew that the day would come when the Garrisons would catch news of Levi.

“I do, Master.”

“Then, tell me what happened back then. I need to know why the boy is still alive.” Tyrone had his eyes fixed on the butler.

Dexter sighed. “After you’d abandoned the child, I went back for him because I couldn’t simply allow him to die like that. He was a person, and more importantly, he was your flesh and blood!”

Olivia immediately corrected him. “Tyrone has only one son, and that is Damien! That bastard is not even worthy of the Garrison name! Nobody will see him as Tyrone’s son.”

Dexter then took a deep breath before continuing, “I couldn’t allow Ms. Jones’ child to die, so I took him to North Hampton and left him in the streets. I gave him a chance at life. If he was lucky, he would’ve gotten adopted. Otherwise, he would’ve frozen to death. Fortunately, fate was kind to him. The child ended up getting adopted by the Garrison clan in North Hampton.”

Not even Levi knew that he owed his life to the man.

If it were not for Dexter, Levi would have died in the wild.

There was no way he could have survived otherwise.

When Dexter was done explaining, Tyrone gasped as if he had trouble breathing.

“So it really was you! It’s your fault that the boy is still alive. I never wanted him to live!” shouted Tyrone.


Tyrone was so furious that he flipped his desk over, as all of the valuables were soon smashed into pieces.

Rage was pulsing through the man’s veins.

“Have you lost your mind? Do you know how much trouble he’s caused us? The fact that he’s alive brings nothing but shame to our family!” roared Tyrone.

Olivia approached Dexter and gave the man a good hard slap on the face. “You have no idea what you’ve done, you slave! Now that everyone in Erudia knows Tyrone had an illegitimate son, how will he lead our family? Who is going to listen to him now? Do you think that our family can bear this shame? I ought to kill you where you’re standing!”

“I’m aware of what I’ve done, but I could not bear to merely allow the child to die! I couldn’t bring myself to look the other way. Even after all that has happened, I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” insisted Dexter.

Tyrone and Olivia were stunned by the man’s response.

“You seriously still believe that you’d done the right thing? You must have a death wish!” shouted Olivia with widened eyes.

She was ready to murder the man for saving Levi.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1038

“I do! Human lives are more important than reputation, and we’re talking about my Master’s own flesh and blood. No matter how you put it, Master’s blood runs in that boy’s veins.”

Dexter remained headstrong.

“I’ll kill you!” roared Olivia before she grabbed a sword in the study and swung it toward Dexter.

The butler shut his eyes and was ready to die when Tyrone shouted, “No!”

Dexter smiled when Tyrone stopped Olivia because he knew his Master well.

Tyrone was by no means a good man.

He was cruel and ruthless, or else he would not have left his own flesh and blood to die in the wild.

Master did not stop Olivia merely to save my life.

Why would he? He has never once treated us like human beings. We’re merely slaves, and our lives do not matter to him.

“Why did you stop me? He’s useless to us!” shouted Olivia fiercely.

“What are we going to tell Father if you’ve killed him? How will we explain ourselves?”

Dexter smiled because he knew that there was a reason that his master had kept him alive.

The butler was to be their scapegoat.

“You’re right. What’s happened has happened. Now, we’ll have to explain ourselves, so we can hand him over to the clan. He’ll suffer our harshest punishment!”

“He’ll pay for breaking the rules. There’s no way that he’ll live,” stated Tyrone as he stared coldly at the butler.

“No, I can’t wait that long.”

Olivia could not contain herself.

“Then, cut off his arms,” suggested Tyrone cruelly, so Olivia lifted the sword once again before swinging it down decisively.


Dexter cried aloud, left in excruciating pain.

“Better, Olivia? If not, you still have the legs.”

The Garrisons had no problem when it came to toying with human lives, especially the lives of lowly servants.

“I’m good. So what shall we do about the b*tch and the bastard?” inquired Olivia.

“I want nothing more than to kill the two, but now is not the right time. If we do it now, we’ll become a joke to the world.” Tyrone sighed.

Olivia nodded in agreement. “You’re right. The world is watching us now. If we make a move now, we’ll risk tarnishing our reputation in Erudia and the entire East side of the world.

“Seeing as such, what else can we do?”

Tyrone was in distress.

“If all else fails, maybe we’ll ask him to join us. It’s safer that way,” suggested a servant. Unfortunately, as soon as he was done speaking, he got slapped by Olivia.

“Are you seriously suggesting that we should allow the bastard to become one of us? What right does the bastard have to step inside of this house? I’ll never agree to it, and I don’t think the clan will either,” shouted Olivia, utterly infuriated.

“That’s right. He’ll never be worthy of joining us. At least, not with his current identity. If he wants to become a part of us, he’s got to earn it. I’ll only allow him to join us once the clan recognizes his strength,” agreed Tyrone.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1039

Olivia nodded vigorously. “I’ve heard that he’s good. Let’s see if he has what it takes to become one of us. I don’t believe that he can beat Damien.”

“If he remains humble and works hard enough, he’ll possibly be able to join my family,” mused Tyrone.

I believe that he is a capable man. He is my own flesh and blood, after all.

“I don’t think so! Levi bows to no one, not even to the Garrison family. He’s far too arrogant.”

At that moment, Damien returned.

“Not even the Garrison family, you say?”

Tyrone and Olivia were taken aback because the Garrisons were the most powerful family in Erudia.

Anyone who refuses to submit to the Garrisons are either mad or suicidal.

“Damien, the bastard really said that?” questioned Olivia.

“I’ve heard about him for a while now. I’ve just never mentioned it. He’s challenged the Garrisons many times. He has even called me on the phone.”

“What? He called you?” asked Damien’s parents immediately.

“Yes. I never expected him to contact me. I’d thought that he wanted to apologize, but he merely called to threaten me. He’d said that if I told you anything about him and Emma, he would make us pay for it.”

Damien then repeated all of Levi’s threats to his parents.

When Damien was done, Tyrone punched the wall in anger.


Suddenly, a web-like crack appeared on the wall.

“Never have I heard of anyone so arrogant!”

“And here I was, thinking about allowing him to join the family even though he was not qualified. How dare he threaten us like that!” Tyrone roared, his voice like thunder.

Olivia was equally as enraged. “Not only did he threaten Damien, rather, but he had also threatened our entire family! He’s got nothing on Damien, let alone our entire family. He can only dream of becoming as good as Damien.”

“No matter how hard he tries, he’ll never be as good as Damien,” agreed Tyrone.

Damien was Tyrone’s greatest pride because the family elders had said that he was the first genius to have been born in the family in a millennium.

How can Levi ever hope to compare to Damien?

There’s no way that’s possible!

“Don’t worry. Levi’s all bark with no bite,” assured Damien with a smirk. Hence, his parents nodded with satisfaction.

“You can count on me. I’ll prove to you that Dad was right to abandon Levi and his mother. That bastard is no match for me because I’m much more powerful than he is,” continued Damien.

“That’s my boy! Show that bastard what you can do.”

Tyrone was very pleased with his son.

“Don’t worry, Father. When he meets me, he’ll know what it means to be powerful. I’ll make sure that he’ll curse the day that he was born!” promised Damien.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1040

Looking at how confident their son was, Tyrone and Olivia could not be more pleased.

Now that’s our son, our pride!

Born a genius with the strongest bloodline, our son has always been a prodigy, and his training only made him stronger.

“Go, my son! Head south. After all these years in Oakland City, it’s time for you to unleash your potential,” instructed Tyrone, whose life was too precious to be put at risk.

Worried for Tyrone’s safety, the Garrisons surrounded the man with thousands of guards no matter where he went.

Olivia nodded in agreement. “It’s time for you to see the world and let everyone witness what a true genius is capable of!”

The mother’s tone then took a turn. “Nonetheless, we should also make sure that Damien is safe.”

“I agree. We’ll send only the best to protect him and make sure that nothing bad happens,” concurred Tyrone.

Olivia was relieved to hear her husband utter such words. “I’ll also speak to my father and have him send our family’s elites.”

Damien chuckled in response. “You two don’t seem to trust me completely. I alone will be enough to take the South head-on. There is no need for any protection.”

“We know that you’re definitely the best amongst your peers, but you’re far too important for that. You are the future of the two most powerful ancient families, so we can’t allow anything to happen to you. Not even a slight risk,” explained Tyrone.

“I understand, Father. You’ll hear from me soon. I’m going to give Levi one hell of a surprise at his wedding,” promised Damien with a malicious scowl.

“Good! Make him sorry for mocking our family and remind him of how insignificant he is!” cackled Tyrone

“Mother, what happened to the butler?” asked Damien as he looked curiously at Dexter.

After his mother told him everything about what Dexter had done, Damien walked over to the butler and stepped on his wounds.


Blood gushed out of the man’s wounds.


Dexter cried out again in agony before looking at Damien with a pale face.

This boy is crueler than his father.

He has completely inherited the ruthlessness of both of his parents.

Being at his mercy is worse than death itself, so I choose death!

Dexter suddenly stood up and was ready to end his life by hitting his head against the wall.


Damien kicked Dexter and sent the butler flying.

“Trying to kill yourself? You don’t have my permission to die just yet!”

Damien then laughed maniacally.

“Please grant me a swift death, Master Tyrone! I’m willing to accept death as my punishment,” Dexter begged the indifferent Tyrone.

“Why are you in a hurry to die? Isn’t it wonderful to be alive?” Damien continued to make fun of the butler.

“I guess that this makes you Levi’s savior, doesn’t it? Then, you’ll have to wait for him to rescue you. Do you think that he’ll come to your rescue if I tell him that you’d saved his life?”

Damien then turned to his parents. “I’ll be taking the butler with me. I need to use him against Levi.”

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