The Return of God of War Chapter 1021-1030

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1021

From Jayden’s perspective, there was no way Levi would dare challenge the Garrison clan.

He thought Levi had no choice but to turn a blind eye to what they did.

For any injustice that he suffered, Levi could only accept it in silence.

However, Jayden didn’t expect Levi to attack him.


Levi sent him flying with a devastating kick.

Jayden’s body slammed against the concrete wall before dropping to the ground. Blood splattered all over the wall from the impact.

After twitching for a brief moment, he lost consciousness.

“Levi, how dare you beat up Mr. Garrison’s subordinate?” Lyndsay bellowed.

“Are you crazy? By doing this to Mr. Yolander, you have insulted the Garrison clan. Do you have a death wish?” the others yelled at Levi.

They attempted to bring the powerful Garrison clan into the matter so that they could intimidate Levi.

“Humiliating the Garrison clan is precisely what I’m looking to do.”

Without saying another word, Levi slapped Lyndsay back and forth, causing everyone to fall silent.

“Levi, aren’t you afraid that the Garrison clan would exact revenge? Know your place. In the eyes of the Garrison family, you’re just a bastard,” Lyndsay yelled.


All she got for a reply was another slap.

The slap was so forceful that a wound opened up, exposing her flesh. Consequently, her face began to look mutilated.

At that moment, Zoey called and asked Levi where he was.

After he ended the call, he sneered, “Count yourselves lucky that I let you live. However, all of you must give something up in exchange.”

“What?” Lyndsay and the others panicked.

“At least leave behind a hand or some fingers, or else death is what awaits you.”

“Do it yourselves.” Levi threw his knife to them.

After a momentary hesitation, Lyndsay picked up the blade and swung it hard at her own hand…


She let out an agonizing scream, just like a pig who was being slaughtered.

Everyone else had no choice but to follow suit by mutilating themselves with the knife.

Excruciating screams reverberated through the room while the air was filled with the stench of blood.

“Levi, you will regret this! From today onwards, the Garrison clan will not rest until they have destroyed you. You are a dead man walking!” Lyndsay yelled.

“Hmm, but you won’t live long enough to see it. Make a public apology now!” Levi bellowed.

Finally, under Levi’s coercion, Lyndsay and the others apologized and revealed the truth on the internet.

After that, Jayden and Lyndsay were ostracized by the whole media industry to the extent that their reputations were utterly destroyed.

Going forward, they had to be careful wherever they went. In the event they were recognized, they would definitely be beaten up.

After Levi left, all of them were still crying in anguish. However, more than pain, they were all filled with hatred.

It was as if Levi had banished them from heaven and sent them straight to hell.

Their whole lives were ruined.

Not long after Levi left, Damien called them.

“What’s going on? Why did you apologize on the internet?” Damien demanded coldly.

“Mr. Garrison, you have to listen to us. It’s all Levi’s fault. He was the one who did this,” Jayden ranted in a choked voice.

Lyndsay related the matter to Damien and added fuel to the fire by exaggerating it.

“D*mn it, just you wait, Levi! I will personally deal with you. I will show the Garrison family and the whole world that I’m more powerful than a bastard like you. Beyond that, I’ll let Father know that his decision to abandon you was correct!”

Damien’s voice was frosty and carried with it a murderous intent.

“Excellent!” Lyndsay and the others were filled with tears of joy.

“As for you bunch of scum, it’s the end of you, so don’t force me to do it myself.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1022

Meanwhile, Levi received news that Lyndsay and her companions disappeared after the apology. Sometime later, their bodies were found in a river.

Levi didn’t even need to guess who did it.

The Garrison clan was so ruthless that they would not allow anyone to escape.

“Very well, I will take them down one day.”

Levi’s eyes were filled with resolve.

After having her name cleared, Zoey returned to the company. She reshuffled the top management, and everything else went back to normal.

The only difference now was that everyone knew about the date of her wedding with Levi.

Both she and Levi were busy preparing for it.

In fact, many of her old classmates called to congratulate her, including those she met when she was studying overseas.

Coincidentally, Zoey needed bridesmaids. However, given her age, most of her friends were already married with kids.

So far, Iris was her only bridesmaid. Therefore, Zoey had to choose a few more from among the friends she got to know abroad.

As for the best men, Zoey let Levi decide for himself.

It was a difficult choice for Levi to make as he was spoilt for choice.

Smiling, he fell into silence while his thoughts drifted back to their wedding day six years ago.

His best man then was Morris…

Sadly, he was no longer around.

Levi let out a long sigh.

The other two best men were Mateo and Jason.

Mateo, Morris, and he were best buddies since they were in school.

However, Mateo was the least capable among them as he had a reckless demeanor.

Jason was both a mentor and a friend to Levi.

Since he was a few years older than Levi, he helped him out a lot.

Based on Phoenix’s investigations, Mateo and Jason tried their best to bail him out when he was sent to prison, but they didn’t succeed.

However, Jason managed to get Levi’s sentence reduced by two years from the original eight-year sentence.

After that, both of them disappeared, and no one knew where they went.

“I want them to be present at such an important event.”

Six years ago, he didn’t have many good friends. Those were the only three, but it was more than enough.

Levi immediately sent his men to look for both of them.

Soon, Phoenix had some updates on Jason.

She found out that he was a member of the illustrious Lowe family of Oakland City. He had spent a few years training in the Southern region.

When Levi was imprisoned, Jason returned home.

“Good, give me his contact.”

Filled with anticipation, Levi called Jason.

“Hello, who is this?” The voice on the opposite end of the line sounded surprised.

“Jason, it’s me. Levi Garrison!”

“What? Levi?” Jason’s tone was one of delight.

Levi laughed. “Jason, I didn’t expect you to be a member of one of Oakland City’s prominent families! At that time, I still thought you were from a poor family.”

“Oakland City… I…”

At the mention of Oakland City, Jason’s tone changed.

Recently, he had heard that Levi was the illegitimate son of the Garrison clan.

Furthermore, he was aware that they wanted to annihilate Levi, the bastard son.

Hence, he was worried that the Garrison clan would take action against the Lowe family if they found out about his relationship with Levi.

Especially since he heard that Damien himself wanted to deal with the matter personally.

Damien was known to be extremely ruthless.

Therefore, if he found out that Jason used to be Levi’s best friend, the Lowe family would be wiped out.

“Levi, what’s up?”

“Jason, I’m going to hold my wedding again and would like to invite you. You must attend!”

Jason hesitated for a moment. “Levi, I’m afraid I might not be able to make it…”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1023

Jason didn’t dare attend Levi’s wedding.

Recently, he was feeling anxious about his relationship with Levi as Damien was persecuting everyone who was connected to him.

Although Jason was based in Oakland City, he had been best friends with Levi for some time.

Hence, there was no way Damien was going to let him go.

Even hiding would not do him any good.

Therefore, attending Levi’s wedding was the last thing he dared to do as that would reveal his connection with Levi.

What if the Garrison clan comes to destroy the Lowe family?

All he could do was pray that the Garrison clan didn’t find out.

Consequently, he was unable to attend the wedding despite being best friends with Levi.

Considering the threat the Garrison clan posed to the survival of his family, he had no choice but to abandon his friendship with Levi.

The last thing he wanted was to see his family being annihilated.

“Why?” Levi was puzzled.

“Oh, Levi. I have long found out about your identity. You’re related to the Garrison clan of Oakland City! That’s why it’s fated that I’m unable to attend your wedding.”

“But I have always treated you as my best friend! We’re friends for life!”

“Nevertheless, I still can’t attend your wedding. If the Garrison clan finds out that we are connected, they will target my family. I just want my parents to live out their years in peace and prevent the annihilation of my family. Please understand my predicament. This is the end of our friendship. Perhaps we will have better luck in the next life.”

Jason had chosen his family over his best friend.

“Jason, so you are just afraid that the Garrison clan will take revenge on your family. Don’t worry. As long as I’m around, you don’t have to fear them. Just come to my wedding. You don’t have to be afraid of them at all. I’ll take care of everything. Whoever dares to trouble you will feel my wrath, including the Garrison clan.”

Levi quickly understood why Jason declined his invitation.

Why is Jason so afraid of Damien? With me around, even Tyrone can’t do anything, let alone Damien.

“I can’t, my friend. I just can’t bet my life on this. Recently, Damian has been keeping tabs on me. That ruthless man is also looking for you, so you have to be more careful and go into hiding. If he finds you, you’re dead meat!”

After offering his advice, Jason ended the call.

Levi felt depressed listening to the monotonous dial tone.

Since Jason was unwilling to accept his invitation, there was no point in forcing him.

He respected Jason’s decision. After all, choosing to protect his family was the right decision.

The Garrison clan? How could they frighten the Lowe family to this extent?

However, their fear was understandable as the Garrison clan was the Head of Erudia, the first among the ancient families.

No one dared to offend them.

Phoenix, who was beside Levi, informed him, “Boss, Damien has declared that anyone who has anything to do with you will be persecuted. He probably plans to destroy everyone related to you.”

“No wonder Jason was quaking in his boots. It’s all Damien’s fault.”

Levi’s eyes flashed with anger.

Damien is indeed relentless in his effort to destroy me, to the extent of hurting everyone connected to me. Damien, your ruthlessness will be the death of you!

Levi didn’t even think of the Garrison clan as a threat, let alone someone like Damien.

“Phoenix, get me Damien’s contact. I want to talk to him.”

In no time, Phoenix found it.

When the call got through, Levi heard Damien’s voice over the phone. “Hello, who is this?”

“It’s Levi Garrison!”

After Levi announced his identity, the line fell silent. All that could be heard was heavy breathing.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1024

After a long silence, the voice spoke, “Y-You dare contact me?”

Levi laughed. “Why not?”

Does he really think he’s some bigshot? D*mn it, even your grandfather doesn’t have the guts to talk to me like that.

“Hahaha… Never in my wildest dreams did I expect you to call me.”

Damien’s laughter was heard over the line.

“What is it? Are you trying to beg for mercy? Have you realized the folly of your actions? Are you finally aware that the Garrison clan can’t be challenged? I can accept your pleas, but you have to kneel before me! Hahaha…” Damien asked.

“Plead for mercy? You should be the one pleading,” Levi sneered.

“If not that, why are you even calling?” It was obvious from Damien’s tone that he was puzzled.

“I heard that you wanted to persecute everyone connected to me?” Levi asked.

“That’s right. Anyone related to you will be disposed of. I found out that Jason Lowe of Oakland City was one of your best friends. He will be the first to suffer my wrath. What do you think?” Damien let out a maniacal laugh.

“How dare you!” Levi bellowed.

“What is there to stop me? And yet you still want to invite him to your wedding? It’s never going to happen. With me around, no one will dare to attend your wedding,” Damien scoffed.

Levi’s grin widened. “Fine, you should sit tight and wait. He will definitely be at my wedding. Furthermore, if you dare to touch anyone related to me, I will definitely kill you. Mark my words!”


Damien didn’t take Levi’s warning seriously at all.

“Is there anyone in this world who dares threaten me? I guess you are the first one in Erudia,” Damien sneered.

He was the prince of the Garrison clan of Oakland City, while his father was the heir to the foremost ancient family in Erudia.

Apart from that, his mother was from the second most powerful ancient family in Erudia—the Garcias.

Therefore, the blood that flowed in his veins was as noble as it could possibly be.

He was the result of the combination of genes from the first and second most powerful ancient families.

Ever since he was young, he was pampered and received a lot of attention. Whatever he wanted was given to him unconditionally.

Besides his prominent background, his strong capability was another reason he was so famous in Oakland City.

There was no one in this world who could threaten him as he represented the two strongest ancient families in Erudia.

Within Erudia, only he had such an illustrious background.

Therefore, no one dared to offend him.

“Levi, how dare a bastard like you challenge me? Ask yourself if you are even qualified to do so. What right do you have? My mother is the darling of the second most powerful ancient family in Erudia, and her blood is the noblest of them all. Only she deserves to marry Father and join the Garrison clan.”

He continued, “Your mother is a lowborn and doesn’t deserve to marry into the Garrison clan. In fact, she doesn’t even deserve to be Father’s mistress! Even when we compare capabilities, you are just the boss of Morris Group, and yet you’re acting with such impunity? I’m more powerful than you by a thousand times! I can destroy the Morris Group with a flick of my finger.”

“So how dare a bastard like you come and challenge me? I will prove on behalf of my father that abandoning you then was the right decision. Noble blood is always stronger than that of any lowborn. I am practically royalty, while you are just a nobody. You will always have to worship my existence!” Damien bellowed like a maniac.

“Fine, fine, I get it. Just show me what you got. I want to see for myself how much the Garrison clan’s noble blood is worth,” Levi replied with a laugh.

He was looking forward to seeing how capable Damien was after all that talk. In fact, he wanted to verify if Damien was really a thousand times more powerful than he was.

“Very well. Just you wait, Levi. You will be groveling at my feet soon enough!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1025

After Levi ended the call, White Tiger’s expression turned grim. He requested, “Boss, let me head to Oakland City and kill that annoying ass.”

Levi looked at White Tiger intently.

In terms of strength, White Tiger would have no problem killing Damien in his home. In fact, he might even do so unscathed.

However, as it was a matter related to the Garrison clan, Levi felt it was more appropriate for him to defeat Damien personally so that he could prove himself to both Damien and the whole Garrison clan.

He wanted to show them that the ‘bastard’ was in fact a thousand times more powerful than those of noble blood.

Furthermore, he wanted them to regret their decision to abandon him.

He wanted to see Tyrone grovel on the floor in remorse.

In fact, the whole Garrison clan should be equally repentant.

They should learn that even ordinary people can create miracles.

“By the way, Damien will move against the Lowe family. He just used them to threaten me, so he’s definitely going to do it,” Levi remarked.

“What should we do then?” everyone asked.

“Phoenix, can you check if we have anyone near Oakland City?” Levi ordered.

Within these six years, Levi had trained up many elite military squads.

Despite their small numbers, every one of them was formidable and had impressive combat abilities.

“Boss, the Dragon Warriors are in Oakland City.”

Phoenix found the relevant squad in a short time.

“Alright, order the Dragon Warriors to protect the Lowe family from the shadows. Make sure they don’t make any mistakes,” Levi instructed.

After Phoenix gave the order, she reported, “Sir, we didn’t expect that among the Dragon Warriors, one of them is a member of the Garrison clan of Oakland City.”

Levi laughed when he heard it.

That soldier was likely the pride of the Garrison clan and yet was just one of Levi’s many subordinates.

At the Lowe residence in Oakland City, Erudia.

Jason was kneeling in the meeting hall while the elders of the Lowe family were admonishing him.

“Look at what you have done! Why did you make friends with a bastard!”

“Do you know you are the death of our family? Damien has ordered his men to come for us, and they are arriving anytime soon.”

“The Lowe family earned the right to be an ancient family through their achievements in the army. A few years ago, we even received the Paragon Seal. However, not only did you not continue the family’s legacy, but you also caused the family’s downfall.”

Everyone in the Lowe family lamented their impending fate.

The Paragon Seal was made to commemorate the victory of the God of War over the Eighteen-Nation Alliance. It was then awarded to all the military families that distinguished themself in battle.

The Lowe family received one, and it was the pride of the entire family.

“What’s the use of having a Paragon Seal when our family has someone like you? We are going to be wiped out anyway. Why did you make friends with a bastard like that?” everyone in the Lowe family cursed.

Jason was devastated by the angst he was getting.

The Lowe family was considered an obscure family by Oakland City’s standards.

Compared to the top ancient family, they were no different from insects.

Very soon, a convoy of cars stopped at the entrance to the Lowe residence.

An undeniably handsome man alighted, but he had a vicious expression on.

Behind him were hundreds of formidable fighters, and a few hundred more were in hiding just to ensure his security.

Other than that, every street nearby was filled with their convoys which could arrive in five minutes whenever they were needed.

Furthermore, there were tens of helicopters circling in the sky which could land in just a minute.

Only one man could mobilize such an impressive display of force—Damien Garrison.

However, he was there to annihilate the Lowe family.

He was the favorite son of the two most powerful ancient families in Erudia.

As no one wanted any harm to come to him, the security around him was impregnable, to the extent that there were men beside him whose sole purpose was to sacrifice their lives to save him at the crucial moment.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1026

Damien Garrison adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses. The air was oozing with his natural-born aura of nobility.

In his world, there were only two types of people— the ones who were close to him and the lowly peasants.

Other than the Garrison family and the Garcia family, everyone else was equivalent to peasants in his eyes.

“Levi Garrison! Didn’t you say that you wanted to protect the Lowe family? So why would you ask Jason Lowe to attend your wedding! I’ll burn every single member of the Lowe family into ashes today! I’ll break the limbs of Jason Lowe! Let’s see if he will still be able to attend your wedding!”

Damien was a man of his word. He had said that he would start his massacre with Jason, and here he was.


As Damien waved his hand leisurely, his men immediately pushed down the gate to the Lowe residence. Troops consisting of hundreds of soldiers promptly marched their way into the house in an orderly manner.

Upon seeing Damien’s army, the members of the Lowe family immediately fell to their knees. They didn’t dare oppose his wishes.

Jason’s father, Yosef Lowe, pleaded with Damien, “Mr. Garrison! Please… please give us a chance… My son was ignorant! Please forgive us!”

“Have mercy on us, Mr. Garrison! We’re willing to give you everything! As long as you spare our lives, all the assets of the Lowe family can be yours! Take all the money as well!”

The entire Lowe family pleaded in unison.

They were going all out in order to salvage their family.

“Haha! What makes you think that I care about a puny family like yours? Do you think I lack that bit of money that your family is worth? Are you looking down on me?” Damien scoffed.

The Lowes were terrified.

It was a fact that Damien had everything that he wanted.

There was literally nothing he was in need of!

“The only reason I am here today is to annihilate the entire Lowe Family! It’s your fault for having relations with that bastard Levi! I’ve said before that I would wipe out every single person who had anything to do with Levi Garrison!”

Damien flashed a twisted smile.

“Mr. Garrison! I was wrong! I shouldn’t have interacted with him! Please let my family go!”

Jason begged in despair.

“Go to Levi Garrison and call him a bastard a hundred times to his face. If you do that, I’ll let you off!”

Damien smiled in amusement.

“I-I can’t…”

Jason gave up.

“Well, if you can’t, then you might as well just die!”

A wall of men unsheathed their blades and charged toward the Lowe family with the wave of Damien’s hand.

The Lowe family was about to be annihilated.

“Stop right there! Don’t you dare touch the Lowe family!”

A shout of demand sounded from behind them at the very last moment.



A sea of warriors in black charged their way down from the roof and the walls surrounding the Lowe residence.

There was a magnificent dragon stitched onto the black battle suit of those warriors.

They all had a bulletproof mask shielding their faces.

“Huh? Aren’t they the Dragon Warriors who are under the direct command of the God of War? What are they doing here?”

Damien was very familiar with the God of War’s troops.

It was his ultimate goal to be the God of War, after all.

He remembered what Kenny and Tyrone told him after the God of War came into existence.

You have to become the God of War. This is a goal you have to work toward!

Damien, you may be superior to your peers, but compared to the God of War, your achievements are far from enough.

It’s like your accomplishments are a joke.

From then on, Damien set his goal to be the God of War.

The only thing he thought about every day was how to minimize the difference between him and the God of War.

To surpass someone, one must first understand everything about him.

That was why Damien was so familiar with everything remotely related to the God of War.

“I am Damien, a direct descendent of the Garrison family. With all due respect, Dragon Warriors, why have you come here today?” Damien queried.

“Damien Garrison, leave immediately! The Lowe family is not to be at your disposal!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1027

A demanding voice sounded.

“Hm? Is that you, Lincon?”

Damien recognized that voice. It belonged to his cousin, Lincon Garrison.

He was the son of Damien’s uncle, who was Tyrone’s eldest brother.

As a member of the Dragon Warriors, he was not only the pride of Damien’s uncle but also the whole Garrison family.

Having a member who attained the prestige of being a trusted subordinate of the God of War was a great honor for any family, no matter how formidable that family may be.

“I understand, Lincon. I’ll leave right now!”

Although Damien may have a prominent status, it was not within his ability to start a conflict with the direct subordinate of the God of War.

Therefore, he promptly retreated with all his men.

He was curious, though.

How did the Lowe family have anything to do with the God of War’s Dragon Warriors?

Even Jason was bewildered by the turn of events.

What’s going on?

Why are the Dragon Warriors here?

Even Damien was intimidated by their presence, so much that he abruptly abandoned his plan altogether.

Could it be Levi?

Levi had told Jason that he’d do everything in his power to protect the Lowe family and that there wasn’t a single person in the Garrison family who could make his determination waver.

Could this be his doing?

Damien had the exact same thoughts as Jason.

It wasn’t that long ago when he and Levi talked on the phone.

During their call, Levi had issued him a warning.

Besides that, Damien was also told that he wouldn’t be able to do anything to the Lowe family.

I can’t believe the Dagon Warriors came.

Could it be that Levi is the God of War?

That thought sent a chill down Damien’s spine.

How could that be possible?

If the God of War really were Levi, there would be consequences that he wouldn’t even dare think about.

Damien was unable to imagine the repercussions. More importantly, he wouldn’t be able to take the blow to his pride.

It can’t be true!

Erudia had over five thousand years of history, but there was only one man who became the God of War in his twenties!

He was the only one who had obtained that title, which signified the highest level of military prestige!

Every era of Erudia’s existence produced countless outstanding talents.

But there was only one God of War who was able to clinch such prominent status in his mere twenties.

Not only was this person immensely capable, but he also had the honor of being recognized as the God of War during the prosperous era of the country.

Damien recalled what the Garrison family’s seniors remarked about the God of War. Erudia must have used up thousands of years’ worth of prosperity in exchange for such a great God of War.

This person is beyond extraordinary!

He was definitely of the noblest bloodline in Erudia and bore the prosperity of Erudia over thousands of years.

Even the direct descendants of Erudia’s ancient families couldn’t have obtained such high status, much less a bastard.

How would he ever be worthy of such a title?

It is simply impossible!

There is no way that a bastard from a filthy bloodline like Levi Garrison has anything to do with the God of War!

But why did the Dragon Warriors come forth to defend the Lowe family?

Damien didn’t leave as he was waiting for Lincon.

It didn’t take long for Lincon to join him as he slipped into the shadows.


Damien greeted him respectfully.

Even if Lincon had nothing on him in terms of ability, attaining the title of a Dragon Warrior was enough for the former to intimidate him.

“Damien, you aren’t allowed to touch the Lowe family from now on!”

Lincon told him.

Damien nodded. “I understand!”

Following this, his tone changed immediately. “Lincon, what background does this Lowe family have? Why did the Dragon Warriors come forth and protect them?”

“I’m not sure. We were just following the orders given. But I do know that the Lowe family used to be an ancient family with a military background. They were even awarded the Paragon Seal. It probably has something to do with that,” Lincon explained.

“Oh, I see!” Damien replied.

The Lowe family attained the Paragon Seal?

Damien knew that after the battle with the Eighteen-Nation Alliance years ago, the country had specially crafted Paragon Seals to reward those families that made contributions. Ten of those seals were awarded to the Garrison family.

The Garrison Family had always been proud of this achievement.

They were the family that had been awarded the most number of Paragon Seals in all of Erudia, after all.

Never would Damien have imagined that the Lowe family owned one too!

That thing was equivalent to an amulet.

With that seal in hand, it only made sense that they had the protection of the Dragon Warriors.

Lincon Garrison didn’t linger around and left promptly.

Meanwhile, the Lowe family was shocked, to say the least, as they had thought that they were done for today.

Who would have expected the God of War’s personal army to show up all of a sudden?

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1028

“Mr. Lowe, our leader told us that no one from the Garrison family would mess with you again, so you don’t have to live in fear of them anymore!”

The Dragon Warriors left upon conveying the message.

Shortly after that, the Lowe Family came to their senses.

“Could it be the Paragon Seal? After all, there weren’t many who had the honor of receiving the seal! No wonder the Dragon Warriors came down to protect us!”

Jason was beaming with glee.

No one would mess with us?

That means I can go to Levi’s wedding!

It’s not like Damien could make things difficult for me after what happened earlier.

At that thought, Jason immediately phoned Levi to confirm that he would be attending his wedding.

A smile formed on Levi’s face when he heard the news from Jason.

“That’s right! How could a mere Damien try and stop my friend from attending my wedding? Hoho, he’s so naive!”

Levi laughed.

Who’s capable of harming the people I care about?

Back in Oakland City, Damien sat in misery.

He had planned to give Levi a warning by massacring the Lowe family.

Who would have expected them to possess a Paragon Seal?

Even the Dragon Warriors came down personally to protect them.

Their luck was a little too good to be true, wasn’t it?

Damien’s eyes glimmered with murderous intent. “How is it possible that everyone close to Levi is so lucky? You’d better watch out, Levi! I’ll get back at you!” he growled in rage.

Even up until then, he still refused to believe in his own speculation.

Could it be that every single person related to Levi Garrison has the Paragon Seal?

It’s not like all of them can have the God of War’s protection, right?

The wedding date was approaching.

Levi had sent out many wedding invitations.

Although it was a remarriage, he was treating this wedding as his first one, and it was the same for Zoey.

The bridesmaids whom she had invited were already here.

Since they came all the way from overseas, Zoey demanded that Levi tag along to fetch them from the airport.

At North Hampton International Airport, two women were alighting from a plane that just landed.

They were clad in luxurious branded goods from head to toe and carried an air of arrogance.

The haughty women deliberately hinted at their noble status with their actions.

It was as if they desperately wanted everyone to know that they came from abroad.

It was obvious that Zoey’s best friends had been influenced by the culture and practices of the countries that they were living in.

As a result, they had gotten used to thinking highly of themselves.

They probably despised everyone in Erudia and thought of them as peasants.

Levi could feel their disdain from the way they were scrutinizing him.

“Zoey! We initially weren’t planning on attending your wedding!” Zara Hilton and Yvette Carnell told her.

Zoey’s happy expression faded away immediately. “Huh? Why not?”

“I’m telling you, Zoey, you’re the prettiest among the three of us, but your taste in men is terrible! We disapprove of your husband! We thought that you had married someone else, but it turned out to be the same person!”

Zara scoffed coldly.

Yvette gave a helpless look. “Zoey, you were exposed to the foreign culture too when you studied there. With the kind of status you have, it only makes sense for you to have high standards when you’re choosing a man to marry! Why would you pick him?”

“It seems like this country sucks. If Zoey had stayed overseas, her standards definitely wouldn’t be as low as this!” Zara commented.

Yvette immediately chimed in, “Yeah! That’s right. This country’s conditions are toxic. It’s so much better to be overseas. There’s no way Zoey would have chosen this guy if she had stayed abroad. Instead, she would have picked someone much more competent! Definitely not this joke of a guy!”

Yvette ended her speech with a glare at Levi.

These words made Levi upset to say the least.

His voice was cold as he spoke. “Excuse me, are you two still Erudian? All you talk about is how good the other countries are. However, I highly doubt it.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1029

Levi couldn’t stand xenophiles.

They were living in Erudia, the most secured and prosperous place in the world.

Yet, all they did was complain about it.

In their eyes, as long as something was from a foreign country, it was better than that of Erudia.

Even the air overseas smelled sweeter and the moon over there was brighter.

Those people who had lived abroad always felt a sense of superiority over Erudians, as if the latter were peasants.

Wasn’t this exactly the case for Zoey’s two friends?

It was then Zara and Yvette’s turn to get upset after hearing Levi’s chastise.

“It is much better to live overseas. That’s the harsh truth! Do you foolish people seriously think that Erudia is the best place in the world? Let me tell you, Erudia is worthless compared to other countries!”

“You’re asking if I’m Erudian? Well, I don’t want to be one anymore! I’ve been working on getting an immigration permit. The moment the permit is approved, I’ll immigrate immediately! Why would anyone want to be Erudian? Staying abroad is amazing!”

Zara and Yvette retorted disdainfully.

It was their instinct to reject everything that was Erudian.

From the moment they got off the plane, even the air seemed contaminated to them.

If not for Zoey’s current status, there was no way she could have convinced them to come back and be her bridesmaids.

They looked at her and said, “Zoey, why don’t you immigrate too? With your wealth, it’ll be blissful to live overseas!”

“Yeah! Everything abroad is so much better compared to Erudia! Hurry up and immigrate! The moment you obtain overseas citizenship, you’ll get great opportunities everywhere you go!”

However, Zoey rebuked, “I was born and raised in Erudia. There is no way that I’ll immigrate anywhere else. I’ve only gone overseas for the sake of broadening my horizons.”

Zoey strongly disagreed with the views of her friends.

But since she was the one who had requested them to be her bridesmaids, she couldn’t be too blunt.

“Sigh… Zoey, that’s such a pity! It’ll be a waste for a genius like you to remain in Erudia!” both of them lamented.

Zara and Yvette were only two out of countless people who shared the same opinion.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t uncommon to find xenophiles among the younger generation nowadays, and they fought tooth and nail for an immigration permit.

In their opinion, everything foreign were better.

Levi sneered, “You two had better give up on that thought. There’s no way my wife would want to immigrate! Not only is Erudia a prosperous country, but it also has a rich history dating back thousands of years. It’s perfect! Why would anyone be envious of those staying abroad! Haha!”

“Haha! What’s so good about Erudia? Look at Zoey! She must have gotten used to the old-fashioned way of living here! That’s why she chose you to be her husband! This would never have happened if Zoey went overseas! She definitely would have chosen a husband a hundred times better than you! How good can life even get here?” Zara mocked.

Zoey made an effort to stop their bantering. “Alright! All that matters is that we’re compatible with each other!”

Zara shot a last glare at Levi before she shut her mouth.

“Zoey, have you chosen the groomsmen? I’ve heard that Erudian groomsmen have a terrible practice of bullying the bridesmaids at the wedding!” Yvette asked.

“Yeah! I’ve seen so many videos of groomsmen harassing bridesmaids at Erudian weddings! Everyone overseas thought that all Erudians acted this way. It’s so embarrassing for us!”

Zara frowned as she queried.

Zoey smiled. “Levi has already chosen the groomsmen! Don’t worry. They’re all morally upright and gentlemanly. There is no way such a situation will happen at our wedding!”

“He was the one who chose the groomsmen?”

Zara and Yvette cast their looks of doubt at Levi.

“Won’t they be like him then? In fact, they could be worse than him! I can’t stand Erudian men. They’re inferior to foreign guys!”

“That won’t do. We want to be the ones to choose the groomsmen!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1030

Zara and Yvette stood firm on their request. “Zoey, let us choose the groomsmen! Your wedding this time has such a huge eminence. There are surely innumerable crowds who would pay close attention to it, so there is a need to ensure that the wedding is held with great splendor. Let’s hire a few foreign models to be the groomsmen!”

“That’s right! Only models from overseas will be worthy of standing next to bridesmaids like us!”

The two of them launched into a heated discussion.

If this went on, they might even end up finding a new husband for Zoey.

“Let you two choose my groomsmen? Impossible! I’ll much rather give up you two as the bridesmaids than allow you to choose my groomsmen! And there is no way I’ll accept foreigners!”

Levi was firm in his decision.

Zoey watched as her husband and her friends tore at each other’s throats.

She immediately stepped forward to coax Zara and Yvette.

“Fine. We can give up the choosing of the groomsmen. But Garrison, you’d better let us vet those groomsmen you’ve chosen. They can only attend the wedding with our approval,” Zara conceded.

“Yeah! Even if we don’t consider whether they’re qualified for the role, we must at least vet them! Who knows if he has chosen any Tom, Dick, and Harry to the wedding!” Yvette added.

Zoey sighed helplessly. “Levi, could you please get the groomsmen to meet up with us?”

“Alright, I’ll arrange that.”

Levi’s groomsmen consisted of four members of the Five Great Wars Regiment, including Azure Dragon and Kirin. The last member of the regiment, Phoenix, was to be one of the bridesmaids.

“Zoey, where have you arranged for us to stay?” Zara questioned.

“In a five star hotel!” Came the reply from Zoey.

“Is it owned by a foreign company?” Yvette asked.

Zoey shook her head. “Nope. It’s a local company, but they’ve been rated five stars.”

“That won’t do! We’re so used to living overseas. If we aren’t staying in a foreign-owned hotel or a foreign-styled manor, we’ll feel uncomfortable!”

“Yeah! The style is so different! It’ll affect our stay greatly!”

Zara and Yvette complained.

These drama queens!

Now they’re going overboard!

Is there even a need to be so picky?

“Alright, alright. I’ll arrange for you to stay in a foreign-owned hotel! I’ll make sure the manager and staff are all foreigners. How does that sound?”

Zoey didn’t want to spoil the mood over such petty things, so she could only give in to their requests.

“Hmph, that’s more like it!”

Zara and Yvette finally relented.

At night, Zara and Yvette whined about how they couldn’t get used to local cuisine and insisted on dining in a western diner.

The two ladies were satisfied with their meal at the western diner, and they could not shut up about how good western food was.

In their eyes, western cuisine was high-class and fine, whereas local dishes were appalling.

After a while, Azure Dragon brought his team of five from the regiment over to the western diner.

Zoey was extremely pleased to see them.

Even though she didn’t know what they did for a living, she appreciated the way they treated her courteously.

“Levi, why don’t you do the introductions?”

Without delay, Levi introduced Azure Dragon and his crew to the two girls.

“Hold up. This person over here is supposed to be one of the bridesmaids too? Seriously? With this kind of dowdy look, she looks like a tomboy! How can she be a bridesmaid and stand next to us!”

The moment they heard that Phoenix was one of the bridesmaids, Zara and Yvette’s faces paled.

It took a long time for them to accept that Iris was going to be a bridesmaid.

But they couldn’t accept Phoenix’s aloofness and tomboyish style.

Phoenix was actually a woman of stunning beauty. In fact, she was much prettier than the two ladies who were sitting there judging her looks.

Having been in the army for a long time, Phoenix was a virago who was as competent as men on the battlefield.

However, she was different from most women in terms of demeanor and appearance, looking slightly manly.

“Zoey, I thought you would choose a stunning woman to be your last bridesmaid. I mean, I don’t expect her to be outstanding like us, but at least she’s got to be better than this!”

“How is she even qualified to be a bridesmaid?”

The two of them couldn’t even be bothered to cover up the mockery in their voices.


Phoenix slammed a fist onto the table.

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