The Return of God of War Chapter 1011-1020

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1011

At this point, Noelle finally revealed her ambition.

Oriental Star Group had recently secured a project that would rake in one hundred billion, so the company had a bright future ahead.

Once Zoey is out of the way, I shall become the next president, and everyone will have to listen to me!

In the meantime, there was a commotion in front of the office building.

It was Damon’s family.

His wife, parents, brothers, and relatives were all gathered outside.

At least a hundred people arrived in several cars, and they wanted to barge into the building to settle scores with Zoey.

Some of them came with wooden clubs, and some even had knives in their hands.

If it were not for Seth and his men, these rowdies would have intruded the building.

“Where is that b*tch? Ask her to come out now!”

“Come out, you slut! You’re doomed!”

“Just you wait! I’ll kill you!”

Damon’s family went on threatening and cursing Zoey at the entrance of the building.

Of course, the media went into a frenzy and started taking photos and videos of the chaos as much as they could.

Some even started live-streaming on the spot.

Once again, the pictures and videos of the hullabaloo made it to the trending topics on social media.

With that, the scandal continued to take the internet by storm.

Even Damon’s wife came out and accused Zoey of destroying her family.

That homewrecker seduced my husband! It’s all her fault!

“Let us in! We need to teach that b*tch a lesson!”

“We want to kill that shameless woman!”

“She’s the most promiscuous woman of the century!”

Damon’s parents and in-laws were among the first to force their way through.

At this point, Seth and his men could no longer stop them from entering the building.

Out of nowhere, Noelle went up and said, “Please accept our apology. I totally understand how you feel, but Zoey has gone into hiding. We don’t even know where she is now!”

“Gone into hiding? I’ll hunt her down if it’s the last thing I do!”

It was as if Damon’s family members were possessed by demons.

Iris exclaimed, “Who are you to apologize to them? You don’t even know a single thing!”

Noelle took the opportunity and pointed at Iris. “This woman is Zoey’s best friend. She should know where that b*tch is!”

The crowd instantly charged toward Iris.

“Tell us where she is right now!”

Morris Group’s office building descended into another round of havoc.

It was so chaotic that the entire company could not operate as usual anymore.

“We’ll not leave unless you tell us where Zoey is! Don’t you dare to run away from us too!”

Damon’s family stopped everyone from leaving.

Meanwhile, at Golden Plaza.

Lyndsay let out a satisfied laugh after reading the news on the internet. “This is the price you need to pay for securing the one hundred billion project.”

Jayden nodded in agreement. “This is the end for Zoey Lopez!”

He then asked, “So how’s Damon?”

“I’ve hidden him at a place they would never find out.” Lyndsay laughed.

“Great! Not only did we destroy Zoey, but we also managed to deliver a blow to Morris Group’s business. This will bring us a step closer to the acquisition of their company!”

Meanwhile, the turn of events had caused the color to drain from Levi’s face.

Levi, who was going through the online news with Azure Dragon and his men, said in a cold voice, “What else can we do now?”

“Let’s go and find Damon! I heard he’s in hiding now,” Kirin said.

All of a sudden, Azure Dragon exclaimed, “Look! It’s Damon!”

A video of Damon popped up on social media, and in the video, he admitted to having an extramarital affair with Zoey.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1012

The video clip emerged as a surprise on all the online news portals.

The person who spoke in the video was none other than Damon.

The video was divided into two parts.

Damon first admitted that he was in a relationship with Zoey and that he was the father of her baby. According to him, she even forced him to leave his wife and threatened him with their unborn baby.

He even went into great detail about what happened in the office when they were working together.

In the second half of the video, Damon apologized to his family and owned up to all his wrongdoings in between sobs.

Toward the end, he swore that he would leave Zoey.

All in all, he presented himself as the victim of this scandal, as if Zoey were the one who forced him into submission.

The video cut through Zoey’s heart like a sharp blade, pushing her deeper into the abyss.

Netizens started lambasting Zoey even more intensely after the release of the video.

They were all convinced that Damon had been the victim of Zoey’s abuse all along.


After watching the video, Levi smashed the tablet.

“Azure Dragon!”


Azure Dragon and his men stepped forward.

“Find Damon Trudon first, then seize all the paparazzi and bring them to me! I want all the keyboard warriors and the people in charge of the newspaper publishers and online news portals here as well! And find the mastermind behind this scheme! I will personally deal with the culprit!”

“You have one day to bring these people to me! They must all appear in front of me before sunrise!”

Levi was truly infuriated.

How dare they bully Zoey? These people are testing my patience.

He knew who was behind all this, and he would not let them off easily anymore!

The masterminds must have kept their identities a secret and tried to target me. After all, Pinnacle Group knows about my identity.

They carried their plan so discreetly that even Morris Group was unable to find out who the culprit was.

However, unbeknownst to them, Levi Garrison also had a secret identity—he was the God of War!

To him, dealing with these people would be a piece of cake!

“All right!” Azure Dragon and his men responded unanimously.

Justice would be served that night, and Zoey would be free from all these accusations!

Everyone waited for Phoenix, who was the world’s best elite hacker, to carry out the investigations.

In just a short while, she managed to locate those people and their information.

“Damon Trudon has recently received one billion in his bank account. He has also frequented the hotel that you and Ms. Lopez were staying in to mislead the public into believing he was there to meet her. The person who provided all the photos and videos of Damon and Ms. Lopez working together was Noelle Sinsler, another vice president of Oriental Star Group. She has also received five hundred million in her account.”

“The people who shot the pictures and videos of the private meetings between Damon and Ms. Lopez were a group of paparazzi led by Ebone Beard. As for the keyboard warriors, they were hired by Times Group to tarnish Ms. Lopez’s reputation, and the company’s person-in-charge is Floyd Henderson. A total of fifty-eight media companies and forums was involved in disseminating the news!”

“Apart from that, all the newspaper publishers in both North Hampton and South Hampton also intentionally played up this scandal in their news reports! Last but not least, the ultimate mastermind is Pinnacle Group, and the key figures who orchestrated all this are Jayden and Lyndsay.”

“Great. Capture all these people and bring them to me before sunrise!”

A murderous glint flashed across Levi’s bloodshot eyes as if he were ready to go on a killing spree.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1013

The Southern Daily New was the largest newspaper publisher in the South.

At that moment, the whole publishing house was working overtime, and the atmosphere was hectic.

The exposé of Zoey generated so much buzz that they could barely cope.

The revenue from just these two days alone was more than enough to cover them for months.

As the first reporter who broke the news about the scandal, Ryan Danaher was currently surrounded by a lot of people.

Previously, he was only a low-ranking staff member at the Southern Daily News.

Ever since he exposed Zoey’s scandal, his status rapidly rose in the company.

All the senior managers at the newspaper had personally met with him.

Even rival media companies were trying to poach him over.

Moreover, his female colleagues were all giving him subtle hints.

Those ladies used to be beauties who wouldn’t bat an eyelid at him, but now, they were all throwing themselves at him.

It made Ryan feel ecstatic.

If not for the mysterious man who delivered the information to me, I wouldn’t even dare to dream of such a day.

“Ryan, since we’re going to finish work late, why don’t you stay outside for tonight?” his female supervisor asked suggestively as she passed him a keycard to a room.

When he saw her seductive expression, the lust within him was set ablaze.

She has treated me harshly all this while. But today, even she has to submit and offer herself to me.

The thought of an impending night of passion caused Ryan to have his head in the clouds.


At that very moment, someone kicked open the office door.

The man who stormed in was White Tiger.

“Which of you is Ryan Danaher?” White Tiger demanded.

“That’s the twenty-fourth person who has come looking for Ryan. He’s so famous now that everyone wants a piece of him.”

All his colleagues look at him enviously.

“Ryan, someone from another major company is here to see you,” someone shouted.

Ryan stood up and declared haughtily, “I am Ryan. State your business quickly. Otherwise, just come back tomorrow as I’m going off for the day.”

White Tiger didn’t reply as he closed the distance between them.


Suddenly, White Tiger grabbed Ryan’s collar and slammed him onto the office table, causing the table to split in half.



Ryan screamed in pain as his back broke from the impact.

Everyone present was shocked by what had just occurred.

White Tiger then dragged the bloodied Ryan out of the office, just like a lifeless dog.

From another corner, Azure Dragon also dragged the person in charge of the publisher out.

Meanwhile, Ebone’s paparazzi team was hiding in a dilapidated basement.

“Ebone, we have received our money, so why are we hiding in here? We should be out drinking to celebrate!”

A few of his subordinates were starting to become restless.

“That’s right. We will be fine.”

Ebone warned them with a grim expression, “No, just to be safe, we have to stay in hiding. After all, our enemy is someone powerful.”

“Fine. We will continue to hide then since no one is going to find this place.”

Ebone couldn’t help but smile.

They made a lot of enemies due to their line of work.

If they didn’t hide properly, it would be easy for them to lose their lives.

The basement they were in was very secluded. He had used it for hiding during the last thirteen years, and no one had ever found it.

One of his subordinates protested, “Ebone, I have a feeling that something is amiss. Why don’t we hide somewhere else?”

He felt a strong sense of dread.

“Bullsh*t, no one has found this place in thirteen years. It will be no different today.”

Ebone gave him a hard slap.



Suddenly, the door to the basement was blasted to smithereens.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1014

The next instant, a huge man with bulging muscles came in.

He was so tall that he had to lower his head to enter.

“W-Who are you?”

Ebone panicked as he was overwhelmed by an impending sense of danger.


Without uttering a word, Black Tortoise sent Ebone flying with a forceful kick.

Ebone spewed blood upon impact as he felt his spine break.

In the end, Black Tortoise dragged Ebone and his men out and left.

All over the South, similar scenes were playing out where reporters and paparazzi were being taken away.

At Times Group in South Hampton.

Floyd put both his legs on his office desk, humming a song.

The scandal involving Zoey, which the Times Group orchestrated, netted them a profit of seven hundred million.

Furthermore, it continued to increase as time went by.

“Hahaha, in just half a day, we have made half a year’s worth of profit!” Floyd laughed heartily.

As a public relations company that thrived on scandals, all Floyd’s profits were made from exploiting the suffering of others.

Throughout his career, he had destroyed many celebrities and prominent families with his company’s underhanded methods.

“Zoey, although you are innocent, it’s a pity that you have gotten in the way of someone else,” Floyd mumbled to himself with a smile while holding Zoey’s picture.

Ding dong!

At that moment, he received an email which he opened out of curiosity.

The contents were simple. It ordered him to publish the truth about Zoey’s scandal and make a public apology to her. Otherwise, he would have to bear the consequences.

When he saw the email, Floyd was amused.

“Publish the truth? No way! Am I supposed to give up the seven to eight hundred million that I have just earned? How dare you threaten me? Hmph! It looks like I have to redouble my efforts and utterly destroy Zoey,” Floyd sneered.

In fact, he wasn’t the only one who received the email. More than fifty other media companies received it too.

However, most of their management teams shared Floyd’s attitude toward the matter.

They weren’t afraid of threats. In fact, they were outraged by it and intensified their efforts in slandering Zoey.

Very soon, all of them received another email.

It demanded them to disclose the truth and make a public apology in an hour. Or else, trouble would come knocking.

“Hahaha…” Floyd burst into laughter.

“What? Zoey can’t solve her problem? Is that why she’s resorting to threats?”

Floyd immediately published the two emails, claiming that Zoey was threatening him.

He also intensified the attacks against Zoey and stepped up the insults, further inflaming the scandal.

And just like that, he earned another hundred million.

After all, his company relied a lot on the publicity generated by scandals. The more controversial it was, the higher the profits.

Therefore, the two emails became a tool in hyping the controversy.

The other media companies followed suit by disclosing the emails.

They were all as delighted as Floyd was.

“Come and threaten me again. The more threats you make, the more I profit from them.” Floyd laughed heartily.

Everyone else in the office were also laughing.

In fact, they were hoping to receive another email, eagerly waiting to work overtime.

Very quickly, the one hour deadline passed.

Floyd stood up with a smirk. “Didn’t you give me a deadline of one hour? Now that it has passed, what are the consequences? Didn’t you promise I would have to bear them?”

“Mr. Henderson, they’re all bark without any bite. What sort of consequences could there be?”

Everyone laughed haughtily again.

Floyd walked to the French window of his office and looked out at the cityscape from the fiftieth floor.

“Where are the consequences?” he screamed aloud.


Suddenly, the window broke into pieces.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1015

As Floyd stared at the broken window, he was too shocked to even react when the flying glass shards from the impact cut his face.

More than ten men swung into his office located on the fiftieth floor.

It was Kirin leading a squad of Beasts.

Floyd could barely imagine how they even entered.

We are located fifty stories high!

“You… Who are you…”

Floyd’s lips trembled while his face turned ashen.

“Do you think we sent you the emails for nothing? Why do you insist on not publishing the truth and apologizing?” Kirin sneered.

“I… I…”

When Floyd saw what had just unfolded before him, he knew his enemy was not someone to mess with.

“Didn’t we say that you have to bear the consequences?” Kirin sneered.

“What are you trying to do? You want our company to publish the truth and apologize when Zoey did all those despicable things? Why should we?”

The others were visibly upset.

“What’s going on? Are you playing dumb? You expect me to believe that you’re not aware of the truth regarding Ms. Lopez?” Kirin asked with a grim expression.

The few of them were visibly panicking as they clearly knew what the truth was.

“Of course, it’s Zoey seducing a married man and becoming his mistress,” the few of them sneered.


Kirin didn’t reply as he sent Floyd flying with a thunderous kick.


Floyd landed a few meters away and crashed into an office desk, breaking it. Covered in blood, he howled in pain just like a pig being slaughtered.

“What about now? Are you going to confess?” Kirin asked again.

Thump! Thump!

Everyone else dropped to their knees in front of Kirin and pleaded, “We admit our mistake! Someone wanted to malign Ms. Lopez, and we were just following orders…”

“Take them away!” Kirin’s eyes flashed with a cold glint.

Following that, the same thing happened to the other media companies.

They were all filled with arrogance before the Beasts and Amethyst Guards stormed their office. Anyone who was involved was taken away.

That night, Lyndsay and Jayden didn’t sleep as they were busy fanning the flames of Zoey’s scandal.

They wanted to destroy Zoey’s reputation completely by morning.

“Hmm? What’s going on? Why is everyone stopping?”

Lyndsay was surprised when she noticed that all the media companies were no longer publicizing the scandal.

With her suspicions raised, she quickly called her contacts but couldn’t reach any of them.

“Did something happen to them?”

Lyndsay’s heart began to race.

“Does Levi have the capability to capture them? That should be impossible as there’s no way he can find out who did it,” she remarked.

It was four o’clock.

There was a large group of men kneeling in front of Levi. All of them were involved in publicizing the scandal.

Their faces were all bruised and swollen.

Levi sneered, “Who can tell me the truth?”

All of them remained silent.

“Very well, we have a bunch of stubborn fools here.”

Levi laughed before a cruel smile appeared on his face.


He raised his leg and sent Ebone flying with a devastating kick.


Ebone fell onto the ground with blood gushing out of his mouth while his body twitched violently.

“I’ll confess!”

“Me too!”

Everyone was shocked by what they saw and volunteered to spill the beans.


“Now that everyone is gathered, where is Damon?” Levi asked.

“He is in hiding, and we’re still searching for him.”

Azure Dragon and the others lowered their heads in regret.

“Go! Find him as soon as possible!” Levi roared.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1016

“I remember! There’s one more place that we haven’t searched,” Azure Dragon suddenly exclaimed.

They had searched every corner of the city except for one—the Morris Group.

Azure Dragon hurried there immediately and found Damon as expected.

After returning to the Morris Group, he hid in the warehouse.

To him, the most dangerous place had become the safest one.

Soon, Damon was brought before Levi along with Noelle.


“Levi, what are you planning to do? Let me tell you, it was Zoey who seduced me, so I had nothing to do with it!” Damon bluffed.


Levi was outraged when he heard those words.

He couldn’t believe that Damon had the guts to slander Zoey despite being in his presence.

“Can you drop the act?” Levi sneered as he suppressed his fury.

“Act? What act? It was Zoey who forced me to do it. She wants me to get a divorce, but I refused. After that, she threatened me with her pregnancy. Sigh… I’m a married man, so how could I agree to her request?”

Damon continued to lie through his teeth without even blinking.

Noelle added, “Levi, what’s the meaning of this? Why have you captured me? Let me go this instant, or else you will regret it! Also, why is Mr. Trudon here too? Zoey is the one at fault, so it has nothing to do with anyone else.”

Levi glared at her. “I will come to you later. Let me finish with him first.”

“Do you still refuse to confess?” Levi stared at Damon and asked.

“What are you talking about? I don’t know what you mean. I know that you’re feeling indignant about Zoey, but what I said is true. What else can I do?”

Levi raised a finger at him. “I’m giving you one more chance.”

“Even if you give me ten more chances, the result will still be the same. I have told you the truth!” Damon insisted.


Suddenly, Levi threw a punch at Damon’s face.


At that very instant, blood splattered everywhere, and all of Damon’s teeth flew out of his mouth.

Before he could even let out a scream, Damon fainted right away.

“Wake him up!”


Damon was awoken by a sudden splash of water.

He looked at Levi in horror. “Levi, no matter how you torture me, I will never obey you!”

Noelle yelled angrily, “That’s right. Levi, don’t think you can cow us with violence. I’m warning you, it’s impossible!”

Levi looked at both of them and asked, “Do you insist on keeping your lips sealed?”

“What is there to confess? How can we say something that didn’t happen? Your wife is a despicable person who seduced a married man. She is a slut, and the fact that I work for her disgusts me. An unscrupulous woman like her deserves to die!” Noelle ranted.

Damon added, “That’s right. Your wife was the one who seduced me. What does it have to do with me? Let me be honest with you. I even took photos and videos of her. Hahaha…”

Levi let out a vicious smile, and his eyes were filled with murderous intent. “I have already given you your last chance. You should take a look outside.”

After hearing Levi’s words, Damon and Noelle walked to the door and opened it.


When they saw what was outside, both of them gasped in shock while their faces turned pale.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1017

In front of them, there were a few hundred people kneeling. All of them were covered in blood.

The sight of them shook Damon and Noelle to their core.

What’s going on?

“Come, let me introduce you. This is Ebone… This is Floyd…”

When they heard Levi introducing the men one by one, Damon and Noelle were astounded.

Damn it! Everyone involved in publicizing the scandal is here!

Have they all been captured too?

Who in the world is Levi to be able to do such a thing?

“All of them have confessed!” Levi declared. “How about both of you?”

Levi’s aura was so intimidating that Noelle and Damon felt suffocated.

They exchanged glances and said, “W-We will come clean…”

They were now finally aware of how terrible the consequences would be if they didn’t cooperate with Levi.

It would be foolish of them to bring suffering on themselves.

“That’s right. We will tell you everything. Actually, we were also forced to slander Zoey.”

Levi nodded. “Good… Continue.”

“They paid me money and threatened me with my family so that I would help them frame Ms. Lopez. Previously, they gave me access to the hotel and got me to print the bill and receipt for Ms. Lopez to sign. It was done to give the impression that Ms. Lopez and I entered the hotel together…”

Damon and Noelle explained everything, including all the nitty-gritty details.

“Mr. Garrison, please let us go. We have told you everything!” Damon and Noelle were choked up as they pleaded.

Levi asked with a smile, “Did you record it?”

Phoenix nodded. “Mm, we have it.”

Levi looked at Damon and Noelle with a devious smile. “I already gave you your last chance, but you were the ones who didn’t appreciate it.”

“What? What do you mean?” Damon’s expression changed drastically while Noelle’s face lost all color.

“No, but we told you everything…” Noelle explained.

“And I have also given you a chance.” Levi smiled.

Then he left the room with Phoenix, leaving Damon and Noelle inside.

At that moment, a pack of ferocious-looking dogs charged into the room.

When they saw Noelle and Damon, their eyes glowed with excitement.


Phoenix shut the door tightly.

Bark! Bark! Bark!


The next moment, screams of anguish could be heard.

It continued for half an hour before silence took over.

Although both of them were still alive, their bodies were covered with wounds.

In fact, there were even parts of their bodies where raw flesh was bitten off.

Both of them were writhing in immense pain before passing out.

And that was their punishment.

At eight in the morning, Lyndsay was still unable to contact anyone from the major media companies.

Both she and Jayden began to panic.

“Did he really manage to find them?”

“That’s impossible. I hid all of them well. There’s no way the Morris Group is capable of locating them with their current capabilities,” Jayden replied.

“I’ve just received news that Damon has disappeared. Wasn’t he hiding securely at the Morris Group?” Lyndsay wondered.

“Look, all the media companies are announcing something,” their assistant suddenly exclaimed.

All of them suddenly saw a headline flash across their phone screens.

The truth of Zoey Lopez’s controversy—she’s innocent!

The article described everything that had actually happened.

All the major media houses published the truth and made a public apology to Zoey.

The culprits, Damon and Noelle, also admitted to their attempt at slandering Zoey.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1018

Finally, the truth was revealed, and Zoey’s name was cleared.

As justice had been served, Zoey heaved a sigh of relief.

Both the Lopez and Black families were relieved as well.

The major media companies’ apologies managed to restore Zoey’s reputation.

She was indeed pregnant, but the father of the child was Levi, not Damon.

Furthermore, she would be remarrying Levi soon.

Hence, the media companies also announced the date of their wedding.

Just like that, the news of them getting married spread far and wide.

From Zoey’s perspective, it was a good thing.

Firstly, it helped in increasing the company’s influence.

Moreover, no one else could interfere with their wedding now.

Needless to say, there were winners and losers from the outcome.

While the winners rejoiced, the losers were devastated, especially Zoey’s enemies.

They didn’t expect that she was capable of making such a spectacular comeback when she had already fallen into a bottomless abyss.

How did it even happen?

The ones who were most dispirited were Jayden and Lyndsay.

“Is Levi that powerful? I can’t believe he managed to find Damon and the others. How was he able to do it? Didn’t we shut down all avenues of communication?” Jayden wondered out loud.

“We have totally underestimated him. He has proven himself to be quite capable.”

“What do we do next? Levi would definitely have guessed that we were behind it. In fact, he must already be looking for us to exact his revenge.”

Lyndsay panicked all of a sudden as she felt that there was more to Levi than met the eye.

He wasn’t just the boss of Morris Group. In fact, he must be a lot more capable than what his title suggested.

She knew that he was a vengeful person, so there was no way he was going to let her and the others go.

Jayden remained defiant. “So what? We have destroyed all the trails that connect us with Damon. Hence, Levi will not be able to find any evidence. Furthermore, we are the Pinnacle Group, so what can he do? No matter how powerful he is, is it enough to challenge the Garrison family?”

Lyndsay finally heaved a sigh of relief. “That makes sense. In the eyes of the Garrison family, he is just an insect regardless of how strong he is.”

Jayden remained calm. “That’s why you should loosen up because he won’t be coming. A bastard like him is no match for the Garrison family.”

Meanwhile, Levi and Kirin arrived at the entrance of Golden Plaza.

“Stop! Do you have an appointment? You’re not allowed to barge in like that.”

The security guard at the entrance stopped them.

Levi Garrison smiled. “I’m here to kill someone, so there’s no need for an appointment.”


The bodyguards’ eyes widened as they stared at Levi in disbelief.

How dare he come to Pinnacle Group to kill? Such impudence!

“Stop where you are! Are you looking for trouble?” the security guard yelled angrily.

“Get them!”

At Levi’s cue, Kirin leaped into action.

Charging into Golden Plaza, he slammed and pounded everyone in his way.

Behind him, Levi strolled casually past all the fallen men who were howling in pain.

“The president’s office is on the thirty-seventh floor? Attack!” Levi commanded nonchalantly.

Floor by floor, Levi and Kirin steamrolled their way up.

More than a hundred security guards from the plaza arrived to stop them but to no avail.

They ended up being strewn all over the floor, crying in anguish.

Meanwhile, in the president’s office, Jayden and Lyndsay were discussing their counterattack.

“If Levi knows what is good for him, he won’t come here looking for trouble,” Lyndsay sneered.



The very next moment, the office door was kicked down so hard that it broke into pieces.

The thunderous sound from the impact startled everyone.

Following that, two men entered, and one of them was Levi.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1019

It took a whole ten seconds for Jayden and Lyndsay to realize what was going on.

“You… How did you get here? L-Levi Garrison…” Lyndsay gulped anxiously.

“Where’s the security? Why is such scum allowed in here? Are all of you just for show?” Jayden called out to the security guards.

But there was no one left to heed his call.

“Oh, about the security guards, they’re all lying on the floor outside. Is there something you need?” Levi asked.


The devious smile on Levi’s face sent a chill down Jayden’s spine.

Levi approached them and sat down in Jayden’s chair.

“Get up! That’s my chair. How dare you sit in my place?” Jayden rebuked.

However, in the face of Levi’s terrifying gaze, Jayden quickly shut his mouth.

“Do you know why I’m here to see you?” Levi asked.

Jayden and Lyndsay both shook their heads but were unable to hide the guilt on their faces.

“Do you really not know?” Levi asked again.

“We don’t!” Everyone shook their heads.

At that moment, Levi suddenly slammed Jayden’s head onto the office desk.


He then grabbed the computer and walloped Jayden’s head with it.


Blood splattered all over as glass from the computer screen splintered out.

The gruesome scene shocked everyone there.

Lyndsay and the rest shuddered in horror when they heard Jayden scream in anguish.

“Do you still not know?” Levi asked again.

“No… I know, I know…”

Before anyone else said a thing, Jayden yelled in capitulation.

“But Mr. Garrison, this has nothing to do with us,” Jayden began to deny.

“Nothing to do with you? Tell me, Lyndsay, are you guys involved?” Levi demanded.

“No, I know that you suspect us, but we really didn’t do it. We are Pinnacle Group which is supported by the Garrison family. Do you think we would stoop so low as to do such a thing?” Lyndsay explained.

“That’s right. Given how noble our status is, committing such a despicable act is beyond us,” the others added.

“Are you really not involved?” Levi asked.

“N-No!” Everyone shook their heads.


Out of the blue, Levi grabbed a pen and stabbed it into Jayden’s palm.

“Argh!” Jayden let out an agonizing cry, causing everyone to turn pale and break out in cold sweat.

“Are you involved?” Levi continued to interrogate.

Despite being overwhelmed with fear, Lyndsay was persistent in her denial. “No… we’re not.”

“Kirin, bring me the blade!” Levi extended his hand.

Kirin unsheathed a customized military blade and handed it to Levi, who then fiddled with it.

He asked Kirin, “Do you remember how many slashes I made on the enemy spy before he spilled the beans?”

Kirin pondered for a moment. “I think it was three hundred and twenty-eight. He’s the most stubborn man I have ever encountered. Only after being covered with so many cuts did he confess everything.”

Levi looked at Kirin and smiled. “Kirin, you may not believe what I’m going to say. My carving technique is so good that I can give a man a thousand cuts without killing him. Every cut of mine is able to avoid the vital points. However, the spy disappointed me as I was confident of reaching a thousand cuts then.”

“Boss, I really have to see it with my own eyes to believe it.” Kirin was filled with disbelief.

Levi turned to Lyndsay and the rest with a smile. “I’ll prove it to you by demonstrating it on them with my blade. I guarantee that I can make a thousand cuts, and they will still survive.”

Hearing that, Kirin replied in glee, “That’s a great idea. I just can’t wait!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1020

When they heard the terrifying conversation between Levi and Kirin, Lyndsay and the others trembled in fear as their faces lost all color.

“Who’s going to be the first one? You? Let’s start with you then.”

Levi scanned the room, and his gaze finally fell upon Jayden.


Right at that moment, Jayden peed his pants in fear.

“Please, I beg you! Let me go, and I’ll tell you everything. We were the ones responsible for everything. I was the one who maligned Ms. Lopez.”

Kneeling on the floor, Jayden owned up to everything he did.

Realizing the game was over, Lyndsay and the others followed suit by dropping to their knees and admitting their mistakes.

“We were the ones who did it. We wronged Ms. Lopez!”

Levi scoffed, “Oh? That’s not right. How can someone as noble as you commit such a despicable act?”

All of them hung their heads in shame.

“Can’t all of you have a little more backbone? Just the mention of a thousand cuts made all of you waver. Moreover, I haven’t even done anything yet,” Levi remarked in disappointment.

In his mind, he expected them to endure probably ten to a hundred slashes.

In the end, they were all just cowards without any guts.

“In that case, what do you suggest we do about this? Your defamation has caused my wife immense mental distress, so I can’t let it go just like that,” Levi asked.

Lyndsay and the others exchanged glances before offering, “We will make a public apology and then compensate Ms. Lopez.”

“What will you compensate her with?” Levi inquired.

“Money, of course! Give us a number. A billion or even a couple of billion will not be a problem,” Lyndsay declared.

Money wasn’t a problem for the wealthy Pinnacle Group.

“No, I don’t want money as I’m not short of it,” Levi replied.

“In that case, what do you want?” Lyndsay realized something was amiss.

“I want you to pay with your lives!” Levi’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.


When they heard his words, everyone’s legs gave out in shock.

Lyndsay had a strong sense of foreboding that Levi was really going to kill them.

She stared directly at Levi. “You dare kill us?”

“Why not?”

“We are the senior management of the Pinnacle Group, and I’m sure you’re aware of who owns the group. He is the heir of the Garrison clan, Tyrone Garrison. We are under his direct supervision. Furthermore, Mr. Damien Garrison is also backing us up. So how dare you lay a finger on us?” Lyndsay sneered.

Just as she spoke, everyone else suddenly realized that they were unnecessarily cowed by Levi. In truth, there was no need for them to feel afraid at all.

After all, they were members of the Pinnacle Group, which was supported by the Garrison clan of Oakland City.

Hence, they couldn’t imagine who in the world would dare to harm them.

Upon realizing the fact, they gradually stood up and stopped kneeling before Levi.

Even Jayden heaved a sigh of relief. He glared at Levi and offered, “We will apologize to Zoey and compensate her financially. You can take it or leave it. Levi, you better think twice before you do anything to us. You will be challenging Mr. Damien and the whole Garrison clan.”

Lyndsay sneered, “I admit that you have exceeded my expectations. But, compared to the Garrison clan, you are nothing but an insect.”

“Is that’s why you have decided to resolve this in such an insincere manner?” Levi asked.

“Otherwise, do you really want to go against the Garrison clan? Listen to me. You should let the matter rest. Despite how unfair you think it is, you have to bear with it.” Jayden patted Levi on the shoulder.


At that moment, Levi twisted Jayden’s hand around and snapped his wrist.

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