The Return of God of War Chapter 101-110

The Return of God of War Chapter 101
Levi looked at everyone and said, “Bryan, Victoria, Lionel, Tammy, Russell, Patrick, Holly, Kit, Misty, and Rick. Look at me, all of you!”

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats when their names were called. They knew what was going on. It’s like Hades and his Furies sentencing punishments to us.

All of them had no other choice but to obey Levi’s order.

“Did you murder Morris Atkinson?” Levi asked them.


Someone was about to deny it. Then his eyes met with Levi’s unforgiving gaze.

Everyone nodded immediately. Admitting our crime is a wiser choice now.

“All of you are going to repent by kneeling in front of Morris’s grave for 3 days and 3 nights!” Levi commanded harshly.

Garfield Perkins waved his hand. Soldiers brought Rick and the others forcefully to Morris’s grave.

Levi looked at Morris’s tomb and said with a smile, “Morris! I’ve brought all the accomplices who conspired your death to repent in front of you! I will send every one of them to accompany you soon!”

Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson were tear-stricken. Levi’s effort to avenge Morris touched them.

Levi looked at the other members of the Garrison family.

“Bryan and Victoria, do you still remember how you broke my legs that night?” Levi grinned at them menacingly.

The couple was scared out of their wits.

Tap tap tap…

The scariest part was Levi’s continuous advancement in their direction.

Bryan and Victoria wanted to back away from him, but they had nowhere to escape because of the guns pointed at the back of their heads.

Finally, Levi came to a halt in front of them.

He took the baseball bat from Bryan’s hand and sized up the stick. “Is this the bat you used to break my legs 6 years ago? I suppose you kept it all this while so you can cripple me again?”

Thump thump thump…

Both of them slammed their foreheads against the ground to beg for Levi’s forgiveness as an ominous feeling crept into their hearts. “Please forgive us, Levi! We will not repeat our mistake. Just think of us as your servants from now on.”

Levi sneered while tapping the baseball bat. “But you did not show me any mercy 6 years ago.”

“That was because we were…”



Levi smashed Bryan’s knee with the bat as soon as he tried to explain himself. Bryan howled in pain as his bones shattered.

“This is the treatment I received from you in the past!”



Levi did not spare any of Bryan’s limbs. The latter rolled on the floor, screaming hysterically in agony.

Then Levi looked at Victoria.

“Don’t touch me! I’m just a woman!” Victoria shielded herself with her hands.

“But you are an evil woman!”


Levi broke Victoria’s hands and legs as well. Then he tossed the disabled couple at the side of Morris’s grave to repent for their sins.

They are related to that matter, after all! Levi thought to himself as he shifted his gaze onto Joseph Garrison and his foster parents.

Joseph and the others lowered their heads fearfully.

“I never thought we would end up in this situation!” Levi said in a self-deprecating manner. “I can declare that I am innocent! I’ve worked hard for this family since I was young to repay all of you. Who was the person to bring fame and wealth to the Garrison family in the past? That person was me! Did I not prove my sincerity by treating all of you with kindness?” Levi questioned.

The Return of God of War Chapter 102

“You’re absolutely right, Levi!” Joseph and the others said in a hurry.

“I will not harm you because you used to be my grandpa and my foster parents. I am not an insensible person, but I will deprive the Garrison family of all possessions, especially my Levi Group!

I will also sever all ties with you from this moment onwards. Your fates will have nothing to do with me from now on. Also, don’t you dare try to do anything by quoting my name. Otherwise, all of you will face certain death!”

Levi’s judgment was simple enough to understand. The Garrison family was doomed. They were one of the wealthiest families in North Hampton, but Levi now turned them into an ordinary family without any power or money. That punishment was worse than death in their opinion.

Joseph and his family’s years of effort turned into dust with a single order from Levi. The Garrison family’s assets, worth up to billions, were taken away from them, leaving them with absolutely nothing. That sudden and drastic change was unacceptable and surreal to the Garrisons.

Levi looked at Jack Smith and the other underworld figures. He sneered. “All of you do not have to die. But you disrupted the peace at Morris’s grave. So you will kneel before him for one day and one night!”

“Yes. Yes! Everyone kneel!” All the thugs followed Jack Smith’s order and knelt.

“We will also turn this place into a proper cemetery dedicated to Mr. Morris Atkinson after this, sir!” Jack Smith offered.

Levi did not reject his proposal.

Finally, Levi addressed the 100 thousand soldiers. “Thank you for your hard work, brothers!”

“God of War!”

“God of War!”

“God of War!”

The battle without any casualties ended with the war cry.

Zoey did not know how long had passed, but she had cried her eyes out and fainted 3 times.

Aaron called Harry to ask about the situation.

Harry said, “I received an update saying the confrontation has ended. But no one exited the place or saw Levi anywhere. So I suppose he’s dead.”

Harry was concerned about Zoey’s condition because she was still handling that huge project. “How’s Zoey?”

“Zoey passed out for the third time, father!” Aaron answered helplessly.

Harry rebuked angrily, “What are you doing? Is that how you console her? Try harder! Levi’s death is a favorable outcome. In this way, Zoey can marry another person. If Samuel’s brothers are not good enough, then we will look for a better candidate. Bear this in mind. The Lopez family will thrive once Levi is out of the way.”

Harry almost laughed out loud on the other end of the phone. I can finally exploit Zoey and her family to my heart’s content with Levi gone.

Zoey gradually regained her consciousness after some time.

She questioned her parents while looking at them. “What’s the situation now? How’s Levi?”

Aaron sighed. “To be honest, I do not want to tell you this.”

“What’s going on, Dad? Hurry up and tell me!” Zoey grabbed Aaron’s arm.

“I received an update from your grandpa. Levi is dead!”

Zoey slumped onto the floor and shrieked hysterically after listening to her father. “Levi!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 103
Meanwhile, Rick Garrison knelt before Levi.

Rick told Levi he had something to inform him when Levi was about to leave.

“What’s the matter? Spit it out.”

“Mr… No, that’s not right. Sir. Do you really think we, the Garrison family, were capable of pulling off the feat 6 years ago by ourselves, sir?” Rick asked.

Levi narrowed his eyes in response. He seemed to have noticed the problem too. Now that I think about this, there are a lot of details that don’t quite add up. For example, the Garrison family should not have been able to take control of Levi Group so easily. Moreover, there must be someone who orchestrated the multiple charges against me and my imprisonment. I do not believe the Garrison family to be so competent. There is someone else supporting them!

Rick smiled. “We harbored the intention for a long time but did not have the capabilities to execute the plan. But someone suddenly appeared and provided our family with assistance amidst our hesitation.”

“Who is that person?” Levi asked coldly.

“Oswald Rogers. You and Ms. Zoey’s schoolmate in the past, sir!” Rick revealed that person’s identity.

Levi took a deep breath at the mention of Oswald Rogers. Oswald was in the same high school as Zoey and me. He was also Zoey’s classmate. We competed for Zoey’s favor in the past, and I came out as the winner. But Oswald did not give up pursuing Zoey until our wedding day.

Oswald’s family background is more than just impressive. The Rogers family’s net worth is easily over billions with properties all over the globe. They are the true top-tiered family in North Hampton, at least 10 times more influential than the Garrison family.

Every decision they make can alter the economic standing of this city. If Oswald Rogers is the mastermind, then everything makes sense. He does have the power to place me behind bars effortlessly.

Rick continued. “Oswald Rogers was angry because of your marriage to Ms. Zoey. So he planned everything with the goal to destroy you.”

Levi finally understood why the Garrison family decided to execute the plan on his wedding day. This is all because of Oswald Rogers. Well, it is not surprising for him to get mad, knowing the love of his life was getting married to another man.

Rick shook his head in despair. “Oswald would not have gotten the opportunity if we did not harbor ill intent in the first place. Ultimately, this is still the Garrison family’s fault.”

Levi glared at him. “Glad you know.”

Zoey had no other choice but to accept the reality because Levi did not return home after she waited for him for the whole day.

Harry Lopez even hosted a dinner banquet to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Zoey was brought to the banquet venue in a daze by her parents.

“We are having this banquet tonight for very simple reasons. The first being the reinstatement of Zoey Lopez as part of the family. The second reason is to celebrate Zoey’s escape from her disastrous marriage. Lastly, the Lopez family will develop the West City project alongside Zoey from now on. So, cheers everybody!” Harry announced with his wine glass raised.

Everyone else in the family raised their glasses as well, with delightful smiles on their faces.

The Lopez family was exhilarated as if they were hosting a New Year’s celebration.

Aaron and Caitlyn forced themselves to join in the fun.

Zoey was the only person who stood out like a sore thumb during the banquet due to her lifeless condition.

Harry gazed at Zoey. “Now that Levi is gone, you should consider remarrying, Zoey. There are plenty of excellent candidates in North Hampton to choose from. You will meet a better person soon.”

“Who dares to ask my wife to marry another man?” A cold, harsh voice was heard all of a sudden.

Everyone turned to look at the door.

Levi was standing at the entrance, alive and well.

“Le-Levi Garrison?” Harry staggered as he nearly collapsed onto the floor.

“Are you a man or a ghost?” Samuel was close to hiding under the table out of fear.

Everyone was caught in perplexity and terror because a supposedly dead person had returned.

The Return of God of War Chapter 104

“Do I look like a ghost?” Levi entered the venue and walked up to Samuel while the others gasped frightfully.

Samuel touched Levi’s arm with his trembling hand. Then he said in surprise, “You’re warm. You’re still alive! But that’s not possible!”

Levi sneered. “So you wanted me to die?”

“Ah? Of course not!” Samuel was panting heavily.

“Levi!” Zoey rushed over to him and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

Levi hugged her as well. “I’m sorry to have made you worried. My bad.”

Harry was confused. “This is impossible! The Garrison family and Jack Smith wouldn’t have spared your life!”

“That’s right! How can you stay alive when the Garrison family is targeting you? This is not possible!” Everyone added.

Even Zoey was looking at Levi curiously. “They’re right. How did you resolve the situation earlier?”

Levi tousled her hair and smiled. “I told you I can handle this matter.”

A thought popped into Zoey’s mind. “I saw a lot of soldiers nearby Morris’s grave just now. Is this related to them?”

Levi answered, “You’re right. The soldiers were having a military practice near that area in North Hampton. They dealt with the Garrison family because of their unwelcoming behavior. Luckily, I’m acquainted with the Azure Dragon. So he punished the Garrison family heavily on my behalf after knowing the whole story and promised to return Levi Group to me.”

Everyone in the Lopez family was dumbfounded after listening to Levi’s explanation. They looked at him incredulously. Levi Group will be his possession again? Does that mean he will have a net worth of billions? So he will regain his former glory!

“Levi, I…”

Harry was about to bootlick Levi when the latter left the banquet with Zoey.

Every member of the Lopez family chased after them.

Harry shouted from behind, “Levi Garrison will forever be our family’s pride. We must follow them. Hurry up!”

But they failed to catch up with Levi and Zoey.

Levi brought Zoey to the revolving restaurant in North Hampton city center to celebrate the success that night.

Harry made no fewer than 20 calls to Zoey, while the other members of the family visited Aaron’s house. They were eager to butter Levi up.

In the end, Levi was annoyed by their relentless pestering. So he said, “I’ll go to Levi Group to take over the business tomorrow with Zoey. Come to the company tomorrow if you have something to say.”

Everyone from the Lopez family finally stopped badgering them. But they could not sleep that night due to their excitement.

Early in the morning the next day, everyone from the Lopez family followed Levi and Zoey to Levi Group. Even Harry Lopez tagged along. Not one of them wanted to miss that glorious moment.

Members of the Lopez family were filled with exhilaration as they gazed at Levi Group’s skyscraper, including Zoey.

Levi went to the receptionist and stated his aim for his visit. “My name is Levi Garrison, and I am here to take over Levi Group today.”

The receptionist looked at Levi in a daze. “Are you crazy? You’re the first person to come here with such a ridiculous request.”

Zoey retorted immediately, “The Garrison family stepped down from Levi Group’s management, didn’t they?”

“They did. But most of the board members are still present. Moreover, they already bought Levi Group’s shares which were under the Garrison family’s possession,” explained the receptionist.

Zoey was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Are you not aware of the parent company behind Levi Group?” The receptionist asked.

Levi gained revelation instantaneously. The Rogers family! They are the holding company of Levi Group. That means the Garrison family never had control of Levi Group, to begin with. This company belongs to the Rogers family!

The Return of God of War Chapter 105

Harry and the others questioned, “What’s going on?”

Melanie checked Levi Group’s status on the Internet with her mobile phone and explained. “Sky Incorporated is the majority shareholder of Levi Group. This company completely belongs to Sky Incorporated after the Garrison family gave up their shares.”

“Sky Incorporated is the holding company owned by the prestigious Rogers family, right?” Henry asked.

Harry frowned. He asked the receptionist with all seriousness, “That means Levi Group has always belonged to the Rogers family, and Levi Garrison is not at all related to this company?”

She nodded. “That’s right. The Rogers family took control of Levi Group 6 years ago. I don’t know how all of you found the courage to come here demanding to take over the company when Levi Garrison is just a nobody here.”

At that moment, a group of people ushered the CEO of Levi Group, Howard Corbyn, into the company.

Oswald Rogers was the chairman of Levi Group, while his trusted aide, Howard, was the Chief Executive Officer.

Howard Corbyn had a busy night as well. I received the news of the confrontation between the Garrison family and Levi Garrison last night. Surprisingly, they stumbled into the God of War amidst their argument while the soldiers were having a military practice nearby. The Garrison family invoked the God of War’s wrath and suffered greatly. They had to give up all their family’s assets, so I spent the entire night purchasing the shares under their possession. Oswald even told me the Garrison family is a bunch of fools to have infuriated the God of War. He was also amazed by Levi’s unbelievable fortune to have escaped the predicament by receiving the God of War’s help.

But Oswald and Howard did not know that the God of War was actually Levi.

Howard saw Levi and the others gathering in the lobby as soon as he entered the company building.

He walked up to the crowd with a frown. “What’s the matter?”

The receptionist answered, “Mr. Corbyn, these people said that they are here to take control of the company. I suppose they are here to stir up trouble.”

Howard eyed Levi and Zoey as he listened to the receptionist. He sneered. “Oh? So it is Levi Garrison in the flesh!”

Howard recognized Levi because he participated in the scheme 6 years ago.

“Are you part of the Rogers family?” Levi asked mockingly.

“That’s right. You sure move quick, coming here to take over the company right after the Garrison family’s downfall. But let me tell you now. Levi Group is no longer related to you, Levi Garrison. We are now the majority shareholder of Levi Group, so this company is ours legally!” Howard raised his voice.

“Look at this group of clowns! Do you think you can become rich instantaneously by taking over Levi Group? Idiots! Hahaha…” The people surrounding them were laughing hysterically at Levi and the Lopez family.

Harry, Aaron, and the others lowered their heads. This is so shameful! It’s like we are a bunch of country bumpkins. How can the Lopez family continue to stay in North Hampton if this incident spreads around?

“It’s time for all of you to leave! Levi Group does not welcome you! Take them away, guards!” Multiple security guards closed in on Levi and the others after receiving the order from Howard.

Levi and the rest of the Lopez family were chased out of the building by the security guards in the end. “Know your place, you poor people!” The guard rebuked them.

Disgrace! This is the worst humiliation the Lopez family has ever suffered. There will be no way for us to recover from this insult. Everyone in North Hampton will laugh at us from now on. Harry Lopez thought to himself.

Levi grimaced in silence. I did not deal with the situation right away because I want to toy with the Rogers family further. All of you will suffer in despair soon. Just you wait, Oswald Rogers!

The sheer humiliation was unbearable to the Lopez family after being thrown out from Levi Group. All of them stared at Levi hatefully.

The Return of God of War Chapter 106
We tried so hard to please him last night because we thought he’s wealthy. But he is just a poor loser with nothing on him. Not only did we gain nothing, but we also lost our family’s dignity because of him.

“Levi Garrison! Do you care to explain yourself? How dare you come here without grasping the situation properly? I want to strangle you to death so badly right now!” Harry Lopez exploded with rage.

Samuel scolded Levi angrily, “Are you hallucinating by any chance? This company has got nothing to do with you!”

Henry was stomping his feet furiously. “Great! You’ve successfully ruined the Lopez family’s good name. Are you happy now?”

Aaron and Caitlyn were sobbing. “You are truly a good-for-nothing piece of shit. Why are we still related to you? When will you stop daydreaming and be a down-to-earth person? We must’ve committed unforgivable crimes in our past lives to deserve an awful son-in-law like you. How we hope we can sever all ties with you!”

Zoey could not hide her disappointment either. Levi has crossed a line by doing this. He brought shame to the entire family. The Lopez family is well-known throughout North Hampton, yet we were chased out by the security guards earlier. This is all his fault!

Zoey glowered at Levi. “How many times have I told you that you should be honest, stay calm, and stop indulging in your daydreams? You’ve truly disappointed me this time. Not only did you fail to make us proud, but you also brought dishonor to the Lopez family! But let’s forget about this. I believe in your capabilities, so let’s work hard together in the future.” Zoey consoled Levi in the end.

This is why I am infatuated with Zoey. She believes in me no matter how disappointed she is with me. Having a woman who places her faith in one under all circumstances is such a blessing. ”Okay. I will listen to you from now on.” Levi smiled. “But you don’t have to worry because I will take back Levi Group sooner or later.”

“Stop that bullshit! I can hardly contain my urge to slap you!” Samuel and Shaun were consumed by rage.

Harry warned his son again. “You better monitor your son-in-law well, Aaron. The Lopez family is not related to him in the future. So don’t you dare cause any trouble for us!” Then they left resentfully.

Aaron and Caitlyn glared at Levi. “Useless idiot. You’re not better than a piece of trash!” Both of them left as well after they spoke.

Zoey comforted Levi. “They are only saying that because they are mad. Don’t take their words to heart. I am a little angry at you after what happened too.”

Levi smiled indifferently. “It’s okay. It’s all water under the bridge now.”

A gold color, custom-ordered Rolls-Royce arrived at Levi Group’s entrance shortly after Levi and Zoey departed.

Howard Corbyn and the other executives hurriedly went to welcome the person. Howard even took the initiative to open the car door.

A man wearing a white suit got out of the car. His entire outfit was custom-made by the best tailor from abroad.

That man adjusted his gold-rimmed spectacles and asked with a smile. “Levi and Zoey left?”

That man was Oswald Rogers.

“They left, Mr. Rogers. Levi was as disgraced as a dog!” Howard reported cheerfully.

Oswald sneered. “I will begin my plan to target Levi and Zoey soon. Levi will meet the same fate as Morris Atkinson, while I will have Zoey sleep with me on her own accord and please me with her body!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 107

Howard and the other subordinates put on a menacing smile. No one has ever escaped a terrible fate after being targeted by Mr. Rogers. Any man who offends him is either dead or crippled.

He has never failed to obtain any girl he’s interested in either. This is the first time Mr. Rogers is so fixated on targeting someone. Levi Garrison and Zoey Lopez will end up with a worse outcome than 6 years ago, and there will be no way for them to escape this time.

Howard said, “Levi is extremely lucky recently, Mr. Rogers. He encountered the Azure Dragon a few times and even met with the God of War yesterday.”

Jealousy glinted in Oswald’s eyes. “You’re right. He is lucky. I envy his luck to get to meet with the God of War. He stumbled into the man even the richest men in the entire North Hampton like us have never met once. However, Levi also met with me. Our meeting will be the start of his endless nightmares!”

That embarrassing incident involving the Lopez family spread like wildfire as they expected. Everyone in the family could no longer hold their heads high.

Aaron and Caitlyn were also ridiculed by their colleagues.

Zoey did not escape a similar fate. Her friends were deliberately mocking her as well. This is all Levi’s fault. Luckily, we are no longer staying with my parents. Otherwise, there will be no end to the insults directed at him. Nonetheless, I am glad that Levi is still alive despite our current circumstances.

Levi left the house early in the morning that day, while Zoey went to work as usual.

He visited Kirin’s training base.

All 80 mercenaries hired by Rick Garrison the other day were captured by Kirin and brought to the training base because Levi had a task for those people.

He wanted to keep the mercenaries by his side because it was a hassle for him to transfer men from the North Hampton warzone to do his bidding all the time. Levi was preparing for the future troubles he had to face.

James and the other mercenaries were beyond shocked to receive the offer to become the God of War’s bodyguards. We are all familiar with the God of War’s legendary achievements and title. He is our motivation to survive in every warzone. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve him will bring honor to our family!

“I’ve assigned these people to serve you, sir! I also selected a few outstanding soldiers from the few warzones nearby to form a Special Operations Regiment. So I will need your consent by signing on this order,” Kirin said with a smile.

Kirin was a man who was addicted to training soldiers into elite members of the special troop during his leisure time.

“Hand the papers to me. I’ll sign it.”

“By the way, will you attend our first practice, Sir? The newbies can admire you at that time!”

“Okay.” Levi agreed.

Then he left after he was done assigning the tasks to the mercenaries.

Levi saw Abigail in the house when he returned to the Bayview Garden. “Don’t you have class today?” Levi asked in surprise.

“There’s no point attending those classes because I am already familiar with the content. I am very smart, after all.” Abigail sipped on her yogurt drink while pacing around the living room in her shorts.

“Oh! My parents will visit North Hampton tomorrow. I will treat my aunt and the others to a meal as well. You must join us, Levi!” Abigail said cheerfully.

“Okay.” I heard Caitlyn came from an influential family. She disregarded the Black family’s opposition and married Aaron of her own accord. Her action infuriated them. I’ve never seen Abigail previously because Caitlyn’s family never attended my wedding 6 years ago.

The Return of God of War Chapter 108

Aaron asked Levi and Zoey to visit his house that night.

He glared at Levi fiercely. “We’ll forget about the incident that happened yesterday morning, but you better don’t embarrass us tomorrow. I’ll kick you out without any hesitation if you dare to act shamelessly!”

Zoey was caught in perplexity. “What’s happening tomorrow, Dad?”

Levi smiled. “Abigail’s parents are visiting tomorrow.”

“Oh? Do you already know? I suppose Abigail told you? He’s right. They are visiting North Hampton tomorrow, and they will treat our family to dinner.” Aaron elaborated.

Caitlyn said solemnly, “Zoey, you are aware of the Black family’s influence, right? I have to remind you in advance not to commit any error tomorrow because of your uncles’ significant social status.”

“Alright, Mom.” Zoey nodded.

Levi asked nonchalantly, “Why are you so nervous? We are just having a meal together.”

“Of course we are nervous. Abigail’s parents are no ordinary people!” Aaron looked at Levi and Zoey. “Do you know why Abigail takes her mother’s surname? That’s because her mother, Pamela Rogers, is a member of the ultra-wealthy family in North Hampton, the Rogers family! They requested for Abigail to take her mother’s surname.”

“I see. No wonder Abigail’s surname is Rogers.” Zoey was informed of that matter for the first time.

Levi’s eyes gleamed pensively. So, they are related to Oswald Rogers and his family.

“Are you aware of the importance of this situation now? Pamela is the Rogers family’s representative.”

Levi and Zoey were only allowed to leave after Aaron nagged them relentlessly to be mindful and stay vigilant when meeting Abigail’s parents.

The next day, Abigail’s parents, Bailey Black and Pamela Rogers, visited North Hampton. They stayed in the Mariott Hotel and hosted the dinner gathering at the same venue.

A normal room in the Mariott Hotel cost a few thousand per night, while the presidential suite was priced at no less than 80 thousand.

It was a must for Bailey Black and Pamela Rogers to stay in the presidential suite of a 5-star hotel whenever they went on a trip.

Aaron and Caitlyn were astounded when they learned of the price because a night’s stay was equivalent to 3 times of Caitlyn’s monthly salary.

Four people were seated inside the VIP private room on the second floor of the hotel when Levi and the others arrived. There was another man inside the room aside from Abigail and her parents.

Levi could sense Abigail’s gloom instantaneously.

She hurried over toward the door when she saw them. “You’re finally here, Levi!”

Bailey, Pamela, and the unknown man stood up simultaneously.

Bailey Black was calm, collected, and dignified.

Pamela, on the other hand, was covered in lavish clothing and accessories. She gave off the temperament of a member of the royalty. Besides, she seemed radiant like a famous celebrity because of her great effort in taking care of her body.

That unknown man was tall and burly, with muscles that rippled all over his body.

Levi knew that man was a soldier with a single glance.

Aaron and his family sat around the table warily after a warm greeting between two parties.

Abigail sat in between Levi and Zoey as if she was hiding from that man.

Aaron did not dare to speak in the presence of Pamela Rogers.

Caitlyn looked at that unknown man and asked, “Who is this, Pamela?”

Pamela answered delightfully, “Caitlyn, this boy is the son of your brother’s close friend. His name is Will Ramos, and he is an outstanding child. He is the first-ranking soldier in his camp, so he is selected to participate in the private training camp organized by the King of War, Kirin. Will will be the upcoming military leader in the future!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 109
Levi thought to himself. So, he’s one of the soldiers transferred here by Kirin? I guess he told everyone about the selection because that is indeed a significant achievement.

Will Ramos straightened his back and puffed out his chest proudly.

He greeted Caitlyn and her family politely when Pamela mentioned his name.

Lust glinted in his eyes as he glanced at Zoey. Beauty sure runs in their family.

“Do not hesitate to ask me for help in the future, should you require any assistance. I will certainly have the capabilities to settle your troubles,” Will said to Aaron, Caitlyn, and Zoey.

Bailey Black nodded in satisfaction. “This boy is highly competent. I am sure he will become one of the highest-ranked soldiers in near future!”

Pamela smiled. “That’s for sure. I’ve never misjudged anyone. He will serve the King of War, Kirin, since he is selected to take part in the Special Operations Regiment training camp. Are you aware of Kirin’s great name?”

Aaron replied, “Kirin is the trusted aide of the commander-in-chief for the Nine Warzones, God of War.”

“That’s right. I guess you and your family aren’t completely ignorant. Will will soon serve the God of War. Can you imagine the bright future that awaits him?” Pamela asked.

Aaron and Caitlyn glared at Levi. Then they shook their heads and sighed. “His future must be promising!” Why is our son-in-law so useless when compared to others?

“I can’t say the same for your son-in-law.” Bailey sneered.

Aaron’s face turned sour. “You’re right. He’s just a nobody.”

“Dad, Uncle, that’s not true. My brother-in-law is amazing!” Abigail defended Levi while looking at him admiringly.

Anger surged within Will Ramos at that sight. I’ve always liked Abigail, and I’ve now received recognition from Pamela Rogers herself. But Abigail still never smiles at me or shows any interest in me. So why is she looking up to this criminal who is just recently released from jail? This is outrageous!

“Don’t be fooled by him, Abigail. His achievements 6 years ago were barely acceptable. But now, he’s just a piece of human trash,” Bailey said unmercifully.

“That’s right. You’re absolutely right. Levi is nothing compared to Will.” Aaron and Caitlyn agreed with Bailey.

Abigail was about to speak further, but Levi held her hand to stop her.

Will noticed the intimate interaction of Abigail and Levi under the table. He gritted his teeth angrily and clenched his fists. But then he said with a smile after regaining his composure. “The day after tomorrow will be the first day of our training camp. I want to invite both of you to the ceremony, Mr. Black and Mdm. Rogers. Perhaps we can get acquainted with the King of War, Kirin, if we’re lucky.”

Kirin allowed the soldiers to bring their families along to the opening ceremony of the training camp. Will wanted to bring his parents initially, but he changed his mind on the spot and offered the chance to Bailey and Pamela.

“I heard the news of the God of War’s participation in this ceremony as well. Although we will not get the opportunity to get acquainted with him, being able to admire him from afar in person is already a once-in-a-lifetime blessing.” Will was filled in anticipation for the day to arrive. I idolized the God of War and the five Kings of Wars serving him since I became a soldier. It is my biggest wish to meet them in person. So there is no way I can stay calm, knowing I can finally fulfil this greatest wish of my life soon.

“What? Really? Not only can we meet with the King of War, Kirin, but we can also see Protector of Erudia, the God of War in person?” Pamela and Bailey almost leap in excitement.

“That’s right. Each soldier is allowed to bring 3 people to the ceremony, so Abigail should tag along too.” Will deliberately glanced at Abigail.

The Return of God of War Chapter 110

“Okay. We are attending the ceremony for sure! This is awesome! What if I am lucky enough to become acquainted with the God of War? I will be treated with respect even in the Rogers family if that happens.” Pamela began to imagine a better life in her mind.

“We are so jealous of you. This kind of opportunity will never be available to us even after many lifetimes.” Aaron and Caitlyn envied Abigail and her parents because they wanted to meet with those legendary figures as well.

Zoey, on the other hand, was unfazed.

Pamela said arrogantly, “Well, we can’t help you with that, Caitlyn. This ceremony is not available to everyone, after all.”

However, Levi voiced out nonchalantly all of a sudden. “It’s just an opening ceremony for a training camp. We can attend whenever we want.”

Dreadful silence filled the room as they looked at Levi after he spoke.

Even Zoey frowned at him. He’s not able to change his bad habit of talking big even now.

Will burst out with laughter. “Hahaha… what did you say? You can attend whenever you want? What a joke! Do you know the qualifications required to be shortlisted for this training camp? Only the top ten most outstanding soldiers from each warzone are selected. Who are you to join the ceremony anyway, Mr. Nobody?”

Levi chuckled. “I can go because someone invited me. He even told me the ceremony would not proceed without me.”

Bailey and Pamela’s faces were contorted with rage as they glowered at Levi.

Aaron and Caitlyn grimaced while Zoey lowered her head, desperate to find a place to hide. He’s getting more and more ridiculous. The opening ceremony cannot proceed without him? I do not expect anyone to believe him because even I can’t bring myself to listen to him.

Abigail thought Levi was boasting too much as well. She was embarrassed by his brazenness too.

Will laughed out loud. “You’re hilarious! The ceremony cannot proceed without you? Do you think you’re the King of War, Kirin, or the God of War?”

Pamela gazed at Caitlyn and Aaron solemnly. “I am worried about the well-being of your family. This is unacceptable!”

Aaron exploded with rage. “What did I tell you last night? Did I not ask you to behave and stop daydreaming? Are you disregarding my words now?”

“We shouldn’t have brought you here in the first place. You bring nothing but shame to our family.” Caitlyn glared at Levi fiercely.

Levi sneered. “You can say all you want, but I will attend the ceremony anyway.”


Bailey slammed on the table furiously. “Is this how your son-in-law behaves, Aaron? He’s not respecting us at all!”

Pamela was upset as well. “We don’t have to finish this dinner if your son-in-law is so capable! I’m afraid we are too lowly to share a table with your family’s high and mighty status. Let’s go! We’re not staying here any longer.”

No one expected the sudden turn of events as the dinner ended disastrously.

Aaron and Caitlyn were startled. We wanted to seize this opportunity to mend my relationship with the Black family with their help. But Levi had to ruin everything as always.

Colors drained from their faces. “Please console your parents, Abigail. This is all our fault. We will apologize to them personally after your parents’ anger subside.” The couple placed their hopes on Abigail.

“Okay. Leave it to me.” Abigail glanced at Levi with complicated emotions in her eyes.

Will leaned against the door and jeered at Levi. “I hope to see you at the opening ceremony the day after tomorrow.”

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