The Return of God of War Chapter 621-630

The Return of the God of War Chapter 621

“Zoey turned you down, Jacky! She even let her bodyguard beat them up!” Leslie replied.

“How dare she?” Jacky roared, his eyes glinting murderously.

“No one should have the guts to turn me down! Whoever turns me down is already a dead person in my book!” Jacky said furiously.

At that very moment, Derek returned with his subordinates.

They all sported black eyes, split lips and a multitude of bruises and injuries.

Derek instantly collapsed in a bow in front of Jacky and cried out, “You have to help us!”

“Tell me everything that happened!” Jacky’s face was as dark as coal.

“We went to invite Zoey over on your behalf, but she was incredibly disrespectful! When I brought up your name, she even swore at you! We were about to use force when her bodyguard beat us all up!” Derek took some liberties with his storytelling.

Jacky couldn’t care less about how true the story was.

From that, he understood Zoey had turned him down and beat his subordinates up.

This was a clear slap to his face!

“You’re all garbage! You can’t even bring one person to me! What do I keep you all around for?” Jacky roared in anger.

He hadn’t thought that he’d need to personally step out for something like this.

Leslie was terrified.

Jacky changed the topic. “Still, there’s no one on earth that I can’t invite!”

He looked at Leslie. “Go and tell Zoey Lopez that she has to come bow before me before tonight ends. If not, they’ll all end up like Brock Green!”


Soon enough, Leslie arrived at the Black family manor.

By now, everyone knew Leslie was one of the puppets of the mysterious force that had taken over South City.

They were terrified at the mere sight of him.

“What are you here for, Mr. Davies?” Bailey asked respectfully.

“Bring Zoey Lopez out right now!” Leslie commanded in a cold voice.

Very quickly, Zoey walked out of the house with Sylas by her side.

“Zoey, this is your last warning! Jacky demanded for you to go and kneel before him by tonight, or else all of you will suffer the same fate as Brock Green!”

After that, Leslie left.

“Who’s Jacky? In fact, what happened to Brock?” Zoey asked, confused.

“Zoey, you’re in big trouble!”

After Meredith and the others told Zoey what was going on, her expression changed to one of terror.

She hadn’t known that her mysterious inviter was such a terrifying person.

The Blacks were all incredibly worried.

They had purposely invited Sylas to be Zoey’s bodyguard so they could prevent her from getting in danger.

They hadn’t expected her to really cause trouble!

“What should we do?” Bailey asked.

Zoey said firmly, “I’m not going. I don’t even know him! Why would I go?”

Sylas nodded. “That’s right. I’m on Ms. Lopez’s side. With me here, no one can hurt her, anyway.”

Bailey instantly rebutted, “It’s no longer about whether you go. You have to go! Jacky is much too strong. He killed people as strong as Brock and the Grandmaster! If you don’t go, we’ll all be in big trouble.”

Russell asked, “If she goes, won’t she be in danger?”

“No, of course not. Jacky purposely invited her. If he really wanted to harm her, he wouldn’t have sent someone over to invite her. He would have just snatched and killed her,” Pamela mused.

They all saw sense in that.

Meredith said, “Zoey, you should go! Do it for the sake of the family. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you!”

“Grandma, I-” Zoey was finally wavering.

“She’s not going!” A voice suddenly rang out.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 622

Levi had arrived.

He scoffed coldly, “If he wants to invite her, then he should come to beg for himself!”

They became outraged at his comment.

“What are you saying, Levi?”

“You better not let Jacky hear you! If not, you’ll die a really painful death!”

“What are you even here for? You and Zoey are already divorced. You have no right to boss her around!”

The Black family members glared at Levi, their gaze full of hatred.

Levi smirked, “I have no right? Have you forgotten that we’re still business partners? Since this has to do with Zoey’s safety, of course I have to butt in!”

When she saw Levi, Zoey became much more at ease.

However, Meredith glared at Sylas. “Didn’t I tell you not to let Levi near Zoey? Get rid of him! While you’re at it, you can really prove yourself to us.”

Meredith just wanted to use Sylas to teach Levi a lesson.

She wanted him to stay far away from her granddaughter.

“Grandma, I’ll go, alright? Don’t bother Levi.”

Zoey finally agreed.

Only then did Meredith relax.

“Okay. Go, quickly. Sylas, follow her. If anything happens, let me know!”

After they walked outside, Levi called out, “You’re not going.”

Sylas looked at Levi before saying, “Ms. Lopez, I might hate his guts, but he’s right. You can’t go.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you two,” Zoey said with a nod.

The three of them booked a hotel room to stay in for the night.

Back at the Davies family, Jacky and the others were still working.

“Jacky, I’ve already told her to come! Even if she doesn’t want to come, the Black family will still force her to come. In fact, they just called to say that she’s on her way!” Leslie reported with a smile.

Jacky nodded, satisfied. “Looks like the Black family knows their stuff.”

Leslie and some others chuckled. “You really broke records with what you did last night! Now, the entire South City is scared of you!”

“Is that so? Now we wait.”

Jacky closed his eyes to rest them for a bit.

At 10 p.m., the doors remained closed.

It stayed the same at 11 p.m..

At midnight, Jacky’s eyes shot open.

“Where is she?” he asked coldly.

“She has yet to arrive,” Leslie reported, bowing his head.

He had set up some people on watch nearby, but they hadn’t spotted Zoey at all.

“Would you like me to ask the Black family?” Leslie asked cautiously.

“There’s no need. She’s not coming,” Jacky said with a chuckle.

Leslie, Derek and the others waited with bated breath around him.

Despite his chuckle, he was actually furious.

This was already two huge slaps to the face.

He couldn’t just take that lying down.

“She clearly doesn’t give a sh*t about me. Oh, well, I still refuse to believe that I can’t force her to come!” Jacky said with a sinister smile.

“I’ll slowly force you out of your little hiding spot!”

Jacky continued chuckling darkly to himself.

Clearly, he already had a plan.

Besides, his master wasn’t here yet, so he could take his time.

Nothing happened the whole night.

The Black family were under the impression that Zoey had really gone to Jacky.

The next day, she arrived at her office and spotted a gift box on her desk.

“Who is this from?” Zoey asked.

“I don’t know, Ms. Lopez. It’s been here since just now,” her secretary replied, just as confused.

“Open it and check,” Zoey said.

The secretary seemed a little nervous, not daring to open it up.

“I’ll do it!”

Sylas stepped forward and opened the box.


The moment the box opened, Zoey and Sylas immediately went pale in terror.


The secretary, who was in no way as brave as the others, collapsed on the ground in a dead faint.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 623

The reason behind that was simple. The box contained ten fingers that had been chopped off, and they were still oozing blood at the time.

If Zoey wasn’t mentally strong, she would’ve passed out right then and there.

Sylas, on the other hand, remained calm.

“I’ll go deal with this. Don’t worry,” promised Sylas before she took the box away and took the secretary to the infirmary.

“Ms. Lopez, this is obviously their doing!” claimed Sylas with a grim expression on.

She had thought that her job as a security guard would be simple, never would she expected to encounter something that serious on her first day.

That was fine for her, though, because it would’ve been too boring otherwise.

“Ms. Lopez, should I go deal with the perpetrator?” asked Sylas.

Sylas was a warrior, so she was fearless.

“No, you can’t go!”

The phone in the office rang at that moment, and Zoey went to pick it up.

The unfamiliar voice of a man came through, “Is this Ms. Zoey Lopez?”

“Yes, and who are you?” asked Zoey.

“Ms. Lopez is so forgetful. I sent an invitation twice yesterday, and you’ve already forgotten about me. I am Jacky Lawson. Remember that.”

“You!” growled Zoey as an icy expression settled on her face.

“By the way, Ms. Lopez, have you received my gift? Do you like it?” asked Jacky before he chuckled aloud.

“Are you threatening me? Well, too bad, because I am not afraid!” replied Zoey coolly.

“Ms. Lopez is so imposing. You are the first person who ever dared reject my request, and I admire that. However, I will be giving you a gift every day from now on. Please look forward to it.”

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Jacky hung up immediately after.

Zoey sighed a long breath of relief.

She was eerily pale at the time, and she’d be lying if she said that she wasn’t afraid.

A gift every day? I got bloody fingers today, so what’s next? An arm? A leg? Or maybe even a human head?

When Zoey thought about that, her breathing became uneven, and she was so terrified that all the color drained from her face.

It seemed that she had gotten herself into a heap of trouble.

“Sylas, should I just go to him? We can’t let this go on.”

Zoey was already starting to raise her white flag.

She was worried about making a bigger mess if she persisted.

“Ms. Lopez, something terrible happened,” said an employee suddenly as he rushed in nervously.

“What’s wrong?” asked Zoey.

“Someone just discovered Barry from the sanitization department on the washroom floor. All ten of his fingers were chopped off…”



Zoey’s mind went blank, and even Sylas looked affected.

So the “gift” I just received…

Seems like they had already looked into everyone close to me, and they might target anyone.

Barry of the sanitization department is the victim of the day. My secretary might be the next victim, and members of the Black family might be targeted as well.

Zoey was devastated when she thought about that possibility.

She felt out of breath.

That was when Meredith called her suddenly.

“Zoey, did you not go to the Davies family residence yesterday?” asked Meredith anxiously.

“No, I didn’t, grandma,” replied Zoey honestly.

“Ah, you’ve made a huge mess this time, young lady. A handful of the Black family’s maids went missing today, and we still can’t reach them,” informed Meredith, who sounded worried.

“You know what? Find a way and go clean up the mess you’ve made, or we might be the ones who go missing next!” urged Meredith.


Zoey was on the verge of breaking down.

That was just the first day, and her family might be the ones getting hurt in the following days.

What do I do?

Two streams of tears rolled down Zoey’s cheeks silently.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 624

“Ms. Lopez, I will go deal with them right away,” growled Sylas angrily.

Zoey shook her head and replied, “That won’t do. They are operating from the shadows while we are wide open.”

Sylas was stumped.

She could deal with anything if it were all laid out in plain sight, but she was not good at dealing with schemes and hidden traps.

“Then what should we do?” asked Sylas, who felt a headache coming.

That was only their first day!

Zoey calmed her employees down and sent the injured to the hospital, but she was getting more and more worried.

An invisible threat was looming over her head, and she was in a position where she couldn’t do anything even though she knew that she was in danger…

“I should’ve listened to grandma last night and drop by the Davies family residence,” murmured Zoey, who was starting to regret her decision.

She didn’t realize that rejecting a simple invitation would bring about a problem that big.

Even Sylas couldn’t help but bite her lip a little.

I shouldn’t have acted so impulsively and caused such a mess.

At the Davies family’s residence.

“The Black family is in a mess now, Jacky, and the people at Oriental Star Group are terrified as well,” informed Derek with a smile.

Jacky grinned evilly. “That’s what I was aiming for. Zoey Lopez rejected my offer, in return, I shall make her live in fear for the rest of her life!”

Leslie laughed aloud and said, “Hah, rejecting Jacky Lawson. That woman doesn’t know what’s good for her.”

Jacky laughed as well. “Honestly though, I am curious about the kind of woman who dares to go against me.”

“I have a photo of her, Jacky. Here,” said Derek as he showed Jacky a few photos of Zoey.


Jacky’s eyes glowed when he saw Zoey’s photos.

He grinned as he examined the photo closely, and it seemed like he was extremely excited about it.

Jacky’s reaction surprised even the two fighting experts standing beside him. One of the fighters wore a black mask while the other wore a white mask.

Master has never been lustful, nor has he ever been attracted by any women. Why is he acting strange this time? Did he see someone exotic?

“She is stunning,” murmured Jacky.

Ever since Jacky was a kid, his master had been telling him that women and gambling were things that he cannot get close to. His master claimed that they would affect his future and that Jacky was destined to be great.

That was why Jacky had always been strict with his private life, and he had only ever been with a few women.

He would only be with those who truly captivated him and would ignore the rest.

It was obvious that Zoey had captivated Jacky.

He instantly changed his plan and decided that he wouldn’t keep threatening or scaring Zoey.

Instead, he would make her become his!

One look at Jacky’s expression, and Leslie knew just what the former was thinking.

Leslie immediately said, “Don’t worry, Jacky. I will have that woman delivered to your bed tonight.”

Jacky shifted his gaze to Leslie and glared, “I have lost faith in you two, so you will not carry out this mission!”


Leslie and Derek both have their heads down.

“Spread the news in the underworld. Anyone who can deliver Zoey Lopez over to me tonight will receive ten territories and two underground gambling centers,” ordered Jacky.


The entire underworld of South City stirred upon receiving that news.

Ten territories and two underground gambling centers?

For people of underworld, the offer was simply too alluring.

Whoever gets their hands on the reward would be turned into a major player in the underworld of South City, and they would be entitled to receive Jacky’s protection.

That was the kind of privilege that would tempt others to kill even the Grandmaster and Brock Green.

The entire underworld was plunged into chaos.

Over thousands of people were persuaded, and everyone wanted to personally hand Zoey over to Jacky.

Naturally, Zoey was unaware of the fact that every criminal in South City had their eyes on her.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 625

The building where Zoey’s office was located, in particular, had a lot of random strangers showing up.

Everything about Zoey was learned and shared in real-time.

Over a thousand men had their eyes on her.

Leslie couldn’t help but admire Jacky’s strategy.

Jacky got the entire underworld to work for him, so neither he nor his subordinate needed to show up.

That kept Jacky’s identity a secret.

He’s good, really good.

“I’ve also learned that Zoey is still a virgin, even though she has been married for over six years. Her husband never slept with her,” shared Derek.

Jacky tapped on Derek’s shoulder in appreciation after hearing that. “Good, that is great news. I wouldn’t have minded if she is married, but it’s even better if she’s a virgin. Tonight is destined to be a beautiful night. Derek, go get the room ready,” said Jacky.

Leslie immediately chimed in, “Jacky, I promise that you will have a great time tonight.”


The men all laughed aloud.

Night fell soon after, and the entire city fell into darkness.

Zoey and Sylas realized that the parking lot was empty when they walked out of the elevator. A chill ambushed them and made them shiver.

Sylas had her guard up as she scanned her surroundings. She sensed that something was off.

“Ms. Lopez, please get in the car before me,” instructed Sylas sternly.

Her instinct told her that they were not alone.

Zoey got into the car obediently and urged, “Sylas, hurry and get into the car too. Let’s leave as quickly as possible.”

“It’s too late for that,” replied Sylas.

She had just finished speaking when shadows jumped out of every corner of the parking lot.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A number of cars stopped simultaneously, and a handful of men got out of each car.

There were at least a few hundred men, and they surrounded the two women.

“What is going on?” blurted Zoey, who was scared witless.

She had never seen anything like that before, so she fished out her phone to ask for help.

However, she soon realized that her phone couldn’t receive any signals.

A fierce-looking hooligan rushed over at that moment.

Sylas stood her ground, like a mountain of cold steel.

“F*ck off! We only want Zoey Lopez, and bystanders can leave,” barked the leader cruelly.

“You will have to get through me to get to Ms. Lopez,” scoffed Sylas, whose eyes shone with determination.


Over hundreds of men rushed over, and they seemed as overwhelming as a tsunami.

Sylas growled and faced them head on.

Sylas was a female warrior who had fought on the battlefield, after all, so she was ridiculously powerful.

Her skilled battle techniques shone through as soon as she started fighting.

She was so good that she knocked over a dozen men down with a single hit.

Sylas was ruthless, and she showed no mercy, so the experts from the underworld couldn’t even get close to her.

A few minutes later, Sylas knocked over fifty men down.

Seeing that got the others to fear her a little.

“Boys, we will be rewarded with ten territories and two gambling centers if we capture Zoey Lopez! Attack now. She is but a woman, and she can’t keep up no matter how strong she is.”

Someone had shouted from the crowd and that inspired the men to push forward as if they had been drugged with a serum that gave them courage.

Sylas was the obstacle in their quest to getting rich, and everyone wanted to destroy her.

Even though Sylas was strong, there were simply too many against her.

With hundreds of men attacking simultaneously, she was slowly but surely pushed back.


Someone finally landed a kick on Sylas.

Sylas forced herself to stand up, despite having over a dozen cuts on her.

“Kill her!”

A few men had a dagger with them, and they rushed over.

Sylas’ life was on the line…

Zoey wanted to get out of the car and save Sylas, but she didn’t even have the time to do so. All she could do was watch.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 626


At that crucial moment, a force that could rival that of an insanely aggressive tornado flew over, and the men who were about to kill Sylas were forced to back away.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

A series of pained moans could be heard after that.

Over a dozen men lost their ability to fight within those few nanoseconds.

All Zoey and Sylas saw was a dark shadow showing up in front of them.

The shadow was none other than Hades.

Levi’s order for Hades was that he must protect Zoey, even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

As such, his mission was to destroy every single person in front of him.

Hades attacked.

He was like a leopard dashing towards his prey.

Hades had a reputation of having killed over a thousand men, and he was a country’s God of War.

Compared to the soldiers in the army, the underworld hooligans were nothing but sniveling babies.

When Hades fought, he made others feel as if they had somehow fallen into the cruelest and deepest pit of hell.

It only took him about ten minutes to crush everyone and get them to moan in pain on the floor.

No one was left standing.

Both Zoey and Sylas were stupefied.

He is too powerful. H-he just crushed over a hundred men in mere minutes?

After dealing with the men, Hades walked over to Sylas and spoke in pieces. It was like he was a foreigner who was struggling to speak their language. “I here, no one hurt Ms. Lopez.”

Hades left after saying his piece with a heavy accent and terrible grammar.

Brock Green’s old comrades and over a hundred other experts had surrendered as soon as they saw Hades.

They didn’t realize that Zoey was protected by a man that powerful.

In short, anyone who knew Hades had backed away out of fear.

Hades had, in effect, destroyed the entire underworld all on his own.

That was precisely why Levi had assigned the task of keeping Zoey safe to Hades.

Both Zoey and Sylas were surprised.

Zoey, in particular, was utterly speechless.

Someone else is protecting me? Someone that powerful, no less. His accent… He has to be from a foreign country.

“What?” shouted Jacky, who soon received the news.

“Zoey Lopez’s bodyguard crushed over hundreds of men on his own? And everyone who went was defeated?”

Jacky’s eyes bulged so much that it seemed like they were about to pop out of his sockets.

Everyone was in shock.

They knew that the man had, in effect, destroyed the underworld of South City.

Derek immediately added, “Zoey’s personal bodyguard is too powerful, Jacky.”

“Looks like I’ve underestimated her. No wonder she dared to reject my offer. Turns out she had something up her sleeves,” mused Jacky.

“Seems like my investigation on Zoey isn’t detailed enough. How about I look into her bodyguard as well?” asked Leslie.

“That won’t be necessary. I refuse to believe that there is someone out there that I can’t get my hands on,” replied Jacky as he shook his head. After that, he added, “Hey, you two.”

Jacky turned to the two men wearing masks.

“We’re listening, master,” replied the two men while standing up straight.

“Go and get Zoey over for me and kill anyone who gets in your way,” barked Jacky coldly.

“We promise to accomplish our mission, master.”

Leslie and the others drew a sharp breath.

They’re both going? Isn’t that a little too much?

Leslie and the others had only ever witnessed those two masked men working twice.

The men were weird, and they moved like they were performing a magic show.

One glare could literally kill someone, and a single touch could pulverize their victims.

No one can stop them.

Jacky laughed aloud. “Who would’ve thought that I’d find someone that powerful in South City?”

“Jacky, isn’t it a little too over-the-top to send both men in?” asked Leslie, who thought that sending in one of them was sufficient.

“That is why you can’t get anything done right! I want to be a hundred percent sure that this is done right,” shouted Jacky as he glared over.

“Understood. Thank you for teaching me a lesson, Jacky,” replied Leslie.

Meanwhile, the two fighting experts with their masks on had arrived at the Black family’s manor.

“Let’s just kill everyone in there,” suggested the man in the white mask as his eyes shimmered with cruelty.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 627


Just as the two experts were about to walk in, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of them.

Or, to be more accurate, two shadows showed up.

One of the men was hiding behind the other guy and was taking his time to reveal himself.

He had a cigarette between his lips, and the glow at the end of his cigarette was especially bright in the dark.

That man was none other than Levi Garrison.

“Barging into my territory, are we? Seems to me you have a death wish!” said Levi softly.

The two masked experts turned to one another before they attacked.

The one with the white mask specialized in speed, and he could kill without anyone seeing. His speed was so incredible that he could trick the naked eye.


The man showed up in front of Levi in an instance, and the sharp dagger he had with him exuded a horrifying aura.

The white-masked man was simply too fast.

If anyone else was around, they would see that he was still standing in his original position.

The fact, however, was that he was already standing in front of Levi.


The dagger seemed to be engulfed in a murderous aura.

The white-masked man was confident that he could kill Levi, but another man suddenly showed up in front of him. A huge shadow loomed over the white-masked man and blurred his vision.

“What the hell?” blurted the white-masked man as his expression changed sharply.

He couldn’t believe that someone could actually keep up with him.

A sense of danger encompassed the white-masked man at the very next second.


His chest was punched hard, and his organs were instantly crushed. His bones also shattered.

He was flying wildly like a kite with a broken string as he flew backward.

Naturally, the one who attacked was Hades.

The other expert, the black-masked man, was stunned.

He immediately rushed over and threw a merciless punch at Hades.

The black-masked man was strong, and his strength had never met its match before.

The black-masked man had once crushed a marble table and the Beast of Death with a single touch.

He could do that because he mastered the Ancient Arts of Qi, which was a traditional fighting technique thought to be mythical.

The Ancient Arts of Qi could shatter anything the hand touched, and a human body would crumble when hit.

Despite that, Hades never avoided or backed away from that attack. Instead, he used the same technique and threw his punch at a similar angle.


The two fists met, and the booming sound of thunder was heard.


The black-masked man fell backward. He spat blood at the very next second.


Half of his mask even broke off.

Levi clapped his hand when he saw that. He praised, “Not bad, not bad at all. I made the right decision keeping you around all those years ago. White Tiger and the others no longer need to come all the way over to solve the issue.”

“I am glad to be of service,” replied Hades, who looked like he was truly glad to have received the compliment.

Levi and Hades walked forward.

Hades tore the white mask off of the other expert as well.

That was when they saw that the masked men had the word “slave” carved on both their faces.

At that moment, both men were trembling in fear.

Turned out, Brock Green was right. There was a being in South City that they could not afford to offend.

At the Davies family’s residence.

“Hmm… The two of them had been gone for so long. Nothing bad could’ve happened to them, could it?” murmured Leslie, who seemed a little nervous and worried.

“Pfft, that is not possible. Those two are my master’s slaves. One of them has been learning the Ancient Arts of Qi ever since he was a kid, while the other trained his speed with a leopard. They have reached a level that you cannot even imagine, so they couldn’t have possibly failed,” bragged Jacky as he grinned proudly.

That was why he brought those two to South City. He was confident that they were strong enough to deal with anything.

“I’m glad to hear that,” said Leslie, even though his heart was still thumping with anxiety.

“My guess is that they are busy killing everyone. Given their style, it is likely that the Black family will go extinct tonight,” said Jacky as he smiled.

His eyes burned with a hint of lust, and it seemed like he couldn’t wait to meet Zoey.

Leslie gasped upon hearing that.

“Is that so?” asked a voice that suddenly rang from the other side of the door.



Two corpses were tossed into the room at the same time.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 628

Jacky, Leslie, and the others were stunned when their gaze fell upon the two corpses.

A-aren’t these my master’s slaves? H-how did they die?

Jacky’s eyes shone with surprise and confusion, while Leslie’s jaw dropped so far that an egg could hatch between his lips.

Both experts were annihilated? How is that possible?

Both men were the ones who crushed Brock Green’s illegal boxing match and had the entire underworld of South City on its knees!

Their strengths were practically god-like, and their techniques were like magic.

How did they die?

“N-no, tell me this isn’t true,” demanded Jacky with a look of mania in his eyes.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Those two slaves had been with him ever since they were kids, and they had killed countless experts.

They had never been defeated before, but they died that day.

Jacky simply couldn’t believe it.

What kind of monster is capable of killing them?

Tap! Tap! Tap!

A series of footsteps sounded, and Levi and Hades showed up.

“W-who are you?” asked Jacky in surprise.

“We’re the ones who have come to kill you,” answered Levi calmly.


Ten men, all of which were Jacky’s bodyguards, hurried over to protect him.


Hades attacked.

All ten men fell to the floor soon after, and the other men were utterly flabbergasted.

Leslie and Derek had become so terrified that they knelt on the ground.

They realized that they had offended someone they should never have bothered.

Jacky, however, couldn’t adapt to the new situation. He stared blankly at Levi and asked, “Who are you?”

“Fine, let me help you understand why you must die. Zoey Lopez is my wife, and South City is under my protection. Anything I say goes. You killed in my territory, and that is nothing less than an invitation to death,” replied Levi.


Jacky felt like he had been struck by lightning after hearing what Levi said.

Jacky remembered what Brock said just before he died. Brock talked about a being in South City that could not be defeated and warned Jacky to flee as quickly as possible or he would die.

Looks like this is the guy Brock warned me about… And he is Zoey Lopez’s husband!

Jacky had calmed down by then, and he looked serene when he grinned. “You truly are strong. My useless subordinates must’ve made a fool of themselves in front of you. May I know more about your identity?” asked Jacky.

Levi grinned.

Looks like this man is skilled in his own way. He can stay calm despite having death looming over him. No wonder Brock and the others are no match against him.

Hades scoffed, “You are not worthy of learning who he is.”

“Sir, why don’t we be friends instead? We haven’t had any direct conflicts, and this is all just a misunderstanding. I hereby apologize for it. Moreover, my subordinates had been killed, so how about we call it even?” suggested Jacky, who tried to settle the issue.

“Oh, calling it even just like that, huh? Who do you think you are?” sneered Levi.

Jacky smiled and replied, “You don’t know this, but my identity is not something an ordinary guy can handle. Settling this matter peacefully benefits you as well.”

“Too bad I don’t believe in any of your words. Kill him!”

Levi’s eyes shot two sharp glares over.

Hades walked towards Jacky upon receiving his orders.

Jacky panicked.

“W-what do you think you’re doing? Do you know who I am? Don’t do something you’ll regret!”

Leslie chimed in and advised as well, “Let’s calm down for a moment, sirs. He truly isn’t just a regular guy. We’ll all be in trouble if you hurt him.”

“It’s true. The power supporting Jacky is not something anyone can handle,” added Derek.

Jacky calmed down a lot upon hearing that.

Levi, however, simply roared cruelly, “Kill him!”

Hades continued moving forward upon hearing that.

“I am He-” shouted Jacky as loudly as he could.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 629


Like an arrow that flew out of a bow, Hades shot forward and killed Jacky with a single touch.


Jacky’s body fell straight onto the floor.

In the end, his evil deed caused him to pay the ultimate price.

The Davies family was in shock.

They actually killed Jacky? Before he even told them who he is?

“I know you are powerful, sir, but Jacky honestly was someone who was protected. His true identity is simply too scary,” said Leslie

“I don’t care who he is,” said Levi as he glared coldly at him.

Hades’ eyes shone with mockery.

Seriously? They’re talking about true identities and protections? With this guy? Almost everyone trembles in fear when they hear this guy’s title, so it’s just stupid to think that he can’t handle whoever’s coming.

Levi and Hades left after that.

They left the Davies alone because as far as Levi was concerned, those people were nothing more than maggots that didn’t deserve his attention.

The news about the demise of Jacky and his subordinates was spread throughout the underworld in South City.

Everyone was surprised to hear that.

That man was defeated?

“Our investigation finally bore fruit. The murderer is Hades, who used to be Brock’s subordinate!”

“Hades truly is powerful, but he definitely bit more than he can chew this time.”

“Right? I heard that Jacky’s identity is feared throughout the Southern region of Erudia!”

The underworld went wild.

Everyone knew that the person protecting Jacky would be there soon, and the war had just begun.

The Davies family was particularly nervous because they knew who Jacky really was.

They understood that Jacky was just the vanguard. The rest of the army would be there soon, and that was when everything would truly change.

The news of Jacky’s death was shared quickly.

Somewhere in South Hampton.

“What? My student died in South City?! Such insolence! I will have every single one of their heads for this!”

Meanwhile, Levi and Hades were at the Black family’s front yard.

“Let them know that the matter has been settled,” instructed Levi.

He didn’t want anyone to know about his identity just yet.

Instead, he wanted to tell Zoey the truth on their wedding day.

There’s no point in telling her everything now. I’ll surprise her when we have the wedding of the century!

“Understood,” replied Hades.

He walked into the Black family’s residence and went to Zoey’s place.

Sylas was injured earlier, but those were just minor injuries. Hence, she was fine after some simple treatments.

She guarded outside the door and was surprised when she saw Hades walking over.

Isn’t this the guy who rescued us earlier?

“Ms. Lopez, the man who rescued us earlier is here,” informed Sylas immediately.

Zoey rushed out upon hearing that.

“Ms. Lopez, I’ve dealt with the troublemaker, and everything is fine now,” reported Hades before he turned around to leave.

“Wait, Um, thank you for your help. May I know who you are?” asked Zoey as she chased after him.

However, Hades simply left without even turning back.

“Sylas, hurry after him and find out who he is,” requested Zoey.

“Okay,” replied Sylas.

She was curious about Hades’ true identity as well.

Something about Hades felt familiar, and Sylas was certain that she had met him before, even though she never saw his face.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 630

Sylas later saw someone she definitely knew… Levi Garrison!

Isn’t he Ms. Lopez’s ex? I almost beat him up two days ago. Huh… Who would’ve thought that he was the one keeping Ms. Lopez safe? Wait, why is the expert following him around? Didn’t the Blacks say that he is useless?

He is just a security guard from Morris Group, isn’t he? So how did he pull all that off? Hold on, he also knows Ezra, from the Western Warzone… perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that they met?

Countless questions were swirling inside Sylas’ mind when she heard Hades asking Levi, “God of War, should I drag her out?”

Levi grinned and called out, “Come on out. You’ve already crouched and hidden for so long.”

Upon hearing that, Sylas was startled.

She had always been proud of her skills to stay hidden.

She was at the top of her squad in that field.

Darn it, they caught me.

Sylas had no choice but to show herself. She asked curiously, “H-how long have you known?”

“I knew you were following me the second you left the house,” replied Hades as he glared grouchily at Sylas.

Sylas finally saw Hades’ face, and she gasped, “Y-you are Hades from L Nation. Y-you….”

Sylas remembered how, a few years ago, Ezra led the army from the Western Warzone to fight against the army from L Nation.

Hades was so strong that he defeated the Western warriors over a dozen times.

In the end, the God of War had to step up and personally lead the army to defeat the L Nation’s army.

The L Nation army was pulverized.

However, Hades had already left a lasting impression on the Western warriors, and that was why Sylas recognized Hades.

She was practically traumatized.

Her expression turned, and she stared at Levi with astonishment shining in her eyes.

Who the hell is he? How did he get Hades to protect Ms. Lopez? Is he someone of importance? Or perhaps a rich guy?

Levi chuckled when he saw her reaction. “You actually recognize him. Well, that is understandable. After all, you’ve battled against Hades when you were serving under that punk, Ezra,” commented Levi.


Levi’s words blew Sylas’ mind.

How does Levi Garrison know about all that? Who the hell is he?

“W-who are you?” asked Sylas.

Levi took a puff from his cigarette and grinned before instructing, “You tell her.”

Hades turned to Sylas and answered, “The man standing in front of you is the nightmare of every soldier in every other country. He is the weapon of mass destruction and the devil of the battlefield, and his title is the God of War of Erudia!”


Sylas’ legs instinctively gave way upon hearing the answer and she slumped onto the ground.

The God of War? Holy cr*p! It’s the legendary God of War. No wonder he knew all about the battle at the Western Warzone and got Hades as his personal guard, he even called the head of the Western border chief, Ezra, a punk…

Sylas was horrified when she learned everything.

She knew that she had made a grave mistake.

I can’t believe that I actually attacked the God of War!

Sylas stood up unsteadily before she bowed to Levi. “I, Sylas, an ex-warrior of the Western Warzone, am honored to meet you, God of War.”

As far as the soldiers of Erudia were concerned, meeting the God of War was a great privilege.

Sylas was proud of herself.

She didn’t realize that her job was protecting the God of War’s wife.

Levi greeted politely as well.

“Please punish me for my mistakes, Chief!” said Sylas.

“Punish you? Why?” asked Levi as he frowned.

Sylas felt a little embarrassed as she reminded him, “I was rude to you the other day and almost attacked you. Please punish me for it.”

Levi suddenly burst out laughing, and that got Sylas curious.

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