The Return of God of War Chapter 401-410

The Return of the God of War Chapter 401

“I suggest Sir to retreat out of North Hampton immediately. Your safety is of utmost importance. That man is not someone you can afford to cross.”

The moment Winston finished speaking, everyone froze, including Sebastian.

What? You’re asking me to leave North Hampton?

“Yes. The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce agrees with Winston. North Hampton is vastly different from what you’ve imagined. You might die here,” Robinson and the other three said.

In the end, even Liam chimed in, “That’s right. You can’t afford to cross that man!”

The three powerful men of North Hampton were persuading him not to stay.

Their words were shocking.

Winston and the rest would not have said something like this in the past.

However, after seeing the contents of the painting Seth had shown them, they realized what that man’s intentions were.

If Sebastian insisted on attacking North Hampton, he was doomed for death.

Sebastian and the rest were staring at the speakers in shock.

I can’t afford to cross the Morris Group?

Is this a joke?

Other than one man in Quebec, there was no one Sebastian could not afford to cross.

Moreover, that man was now in South City, not North Hampton.

“Oh, I see.”

Abruptly, Sebastian laughed.

He finally understood why the people of North Hampton did not want him to stay; he was intruding upon their territory.

That was why these people were using the boss of Morris Group to pressure him to leave.

However, he refused to do as they say.

The more he could not afford to cross him, the more he wanted to try.

This piece of cake in North Hampton had to be his.

He was going to destroy the Morris Group and kill Levi Garrison.

Not even God could stop what Sebastian wanted to do.

Looking at the crowd, Sebastian sneered, “The theme for this banquet is simple. I’ll expand my territory into North Hampton along with everyone. If you trust me, give me a sign. From now on, your business is my business.”

Sebastian’s words were simple to understand.

He wanted everyone present to pick sides.

The time had come.

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

Liam, Winston and Eric were the first to express their stances. “We’ve retired. We no longer participate with any disputes in North Hampton.”

“Very well. And the others?”

Sebastian looked at the rest.

“I choose to follow Mr. Lopez.”

“Me too!”


Everyone was quick and in a hurry to stand on Sebastian’s side.

“I choose to be neutral.”



A portion of the men decided to pick no sides.

In the end, the three wealthy families that had the same standing as the Rogers family—Jenkins, Welch and the Hardy family had chosen to be neutral.

After all, their families had tens of billions. They could expand their territories by themselves.

Upon hearing these three men’s choices, Sebastian became upset.

His expression frightened the rest.

Sebastian might not go against them, but their happy days would be numbered.

Soon, each family had expressed their stances.

Half had chosen to follow after Sebastian, and most chose to be neutral.

“Who’s next?” Sebastian asked.

Everyone turned to look at Glenn.

The only one who had not expressed their stance was him.

“Mr. Glenn Rogers, what is your answer? I know you’re powerful now. Please pick your decision wisely,” Sebastian laughed.

Glenn knew what he meant.

No matter which decision he made, he would remain as Sebastian’s ultimate archenemy.

Now, the decision he would make was important.

It was time for him to pick sides.

If he chose to be neutral, Sebastian would not target him.

However, he would not pick neutral, and neither would he choose to follow after Sebastian.

“I choose to stand on Morris Group’s side.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 402

A chorus of gasps sounded out.

The moment Glenn’s words left his mouth, the crowd fell silent.

Next were the sounds of people drawing in their breaths.

Their eyes were close to popping out of the sockets as they stared at Glenn in shock.

Everyone could barely believe their ears. A third choice had been voiced out.

They could not believe that someone had chosen to side with the Morris Group, which was Sebastian’s archenemy.

It was as if Glenn was courting for death.

Sebastian’s terrifying gaze landed on Glenn, and it sent a shudder down his spine.

Now, terror had gripped tight onto him.

“I’ll ask you one more time. What is your choice?” Sebastian repeated his question in a deep voice.

Anyone who was not blind nor deaf would realize that Sebastian was angry.

The continuous provocation had made Sebastian furious.

The trembling of Glenn’s body was evident.

However, he would not change his decision.

That was because standing on Morris Group’s side meant that he was standing on Levi’s troops’ side.

Levi’s the God of War!

No matter how impressive you are, Sebastian, you can never surpass the God of War.

The reason behind him being number one in North Hampton was because he was a follower of Levi.

If not for him, the Rogers family would have been bankrupted long ago.

This was the time for him to express his loyalty to Levi.

“I repeat my answer. I choose to stand with the Morris Group. Whoever is the enemy of the Morris Group will be the Rogers family’s enemy,” Glenn declared.

No one could understand Glenn’s decision.

They thought, Even if you don’t want to follow after Sebastian, you can choose to be neutral.

Why do you have to go against Sebastian?

Do you have a death wish?

“Alright, alright,” Sebastian said.

Even he was stunned by Glenn’s answer.

He thought that everyone in North Hampton would bow to him the moment he commanded them to.

Yet, it was only his first day here and he was already provoked several times.

Levi had humiliated him.

The Morris Group had forced him.

The Rogers family had chosen to go against him.


This was humiliating!

Sebastian’s pride was destroyed in a blink of an eye.


It was an unrestrainable fury!

Sebastian laughed, “Has everyone forgotten about me because I haven’t come here for a long time?”

“We wouldn’t dare!”

The crowd was shocked.

Sebastian said to Simon, “Simon, it seems like we need to do something to remind them that I hold the title of Hades.”

Simon nodded, “Sir, I’ll arrange for it immediately.”

Their conversation scared the living daylights out of the crowd.

Sebastian was about to make his move.

Even Glenn was afraid.

He doubted he would be able to leave the Lopez family’s estate alive tonight.

Henry and Shaun took the opportunity to sneer, “You have no fear of death! Did you have to force him to do this?”

Sebastian walked towards Glenn and patted his shoulders. “Don’t be scared. I won’t kill you tonight. In near future, I’ll show you why your choice is a mistake.”

At the end, when Glenn left the Lopez family’s estate, his clothes were soaked with cold sweat.

The remaining left with pounding hearts.

Everyone knew that for North Hampton, tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

After the people had left, Sebastian narrowed his eyes and announced, “We’ll deal with Nueve and Trey tonight!”

“Assign Black and White Guards on it,” Sebastian added.

Simon drew a sharp breath.

He knew that Sebastian was serious about it this time.

Harry and the rest exchanged a look. They knew what the Black and White Guards were.

They must be what was kept in the forbidden room.

Fabian, who had seen them personally, started perspiring in fear.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 403

When he thought back of that scene, his knees went weak.


Levi knew what had happened at the Lopez family’s estate.

“That coward Glenn actually stood on Morris Group’s side!” Levi laughed.

“No matter how cowardly he is, he knows how powerful the God of War is,” Azure Dragon chuckled.

Kirin added, “I’m afraid Sebastian will be exacting his revenge maniacally now. That man is a lunatic!”

“The faster he makes his move, the earlier he dies,” Levi chortled.

Sebastian Lopez was not worth his attention.

Recently, Nueve and Trey were giddy with delight.

They had abandoned the terrible things in their past.

Now, they were focused on their businesses, hoping to contribute to North Hampton.

Moreover, they were in collaboration with several other successful businessmen. They frequently had discussions on methods of business expansion.

Most of their businesses were involved with bars and karaoke clubs.

Tonight, at Crown Karaoke, Nueve, Trey, and five other businessmen were in a meeting.

Right then, screams traveled into their ears from the corridor.

Nueve and Trey’s men were lying scattered across the corridor.

As the karaoke room was soundproofed, Nueve and the rest did not hear the screams.


Right then, the door to the room was kicked open.

A group of people entered.

“Who are you?”

When Nueve and the rest recognized none of the intruders, they became wary and stood up defensively.

“Neuve? Trey?” The leading man asked.

“That’s right. Who are you? What are you doing here?” Neuve hissed.

No one in North Hampton dared to provoke him.

“There are two people who wish to meet you,” the man replied as he laughed.

“Who wants to meet us?”

Nueve’s curiosity grew.

Just then, the dozens of men by the door moved to the sides, leaving a space in the middle.

With the sounds of footsteps, two men came in.

One in black, and the other in white.

When Nueve saw them, the color drained from his face. His voice trembled. “What? B- Black and White Guards…”

Nueve had lived a life in the underground society for decades.

He had heard of the Black and White Guards.

However, he did not expect these two gods of death to look for him.

“Black and White Guards?” Trey shrieked.

The Black and White Guards were taboos.

There was no good ending for those who encountered them.

“Let’s fight till the end. We have no other way!” Nueve hissed.

Sebastian’s guards went out, leaving the Black and White Guards in the room. When they left the room, they locked the door.



Agonizing wails traveled out of the karaoke room.

Even Sebastian’s men had cold sweat beading on their foreheads when they heard the screams.

They could not imagine the bloodbath that was going on in the room.

They could not imagine what torture Nueve and Trey was experiencing.

Indeed, the room had turned into hell.

The screams continued for half an hour.

Finally, the Black and White Guards exited.

Both men’s hands were covered in blood, and they were sucking it as if they did not want to waste even a drop.

That night, that place in North Hampton had gone through its worst history.

In one night, Sebastian had shown the people of North Hampton the definition of cruelty and the weight of Hades’ arrival.

It was an act too cruel.

Excluding the countless deaths and injuries, many had their bones simply removed from their bodies.

“Levi, bad news. Sebastian went to settle off Nueve and his gang last night. Countless are dead and severely injured. Even Nueve and Trey are on the verge of death!”

Early in the morning, Azure Dragon came with horrible news.

“What? They actually dared to make a move?”

Levi was stunned.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 404

“Yes. Sebastian is a madman!”

Azure Dragon sighed, “Apparently, he has two terrifying subordinates who are ruthless. Many were bitten to death. Although Nueve and Trey had many men with them, they were no match for those two.”

“They must be the Black and White Guards that Glenn mentioned,” Levi mumbled.

“Do you remember Chopper?”

Levi nodded.

Chopper had been a great help to him.

“Chopper died from blood loss after the Black and White Guards sucked out his blood while he was alive,” Azure Dragon told him the terrifying truth.


Levi looked calm, but on the inside, anger was boiling.

“Let’s visit Nueve.”

When they reached the hospital, they saw Neuve and Trey swaddled in bandages.

With one glance, Levi knew how terrible last night had been for them.

“Neuve has 87 broken bones and 105 cuts on him. Trey has 76 broken bones, and he has 88 cuts.”

Azure Dragon informed Levi of their injuries.

“It seems like it’s a miracle that they survived. They can only live as a cripple from now on,” the doctor explained.

Azure Dragon whispered to Levi, “Sir, I think the Black and White Guards intentionally left Nueve and Trey alive. It’s a warning for us.”

Levi nodded. “Yes, I’ve noticed. They have more than a hundred wounds, but each cut avoided the vital points. It seems like those two are quite impressive.”

“How cruel,” Azure Dragon gritted out.

“If we don’t deal with them, they might end up hurting Ms. Lopez. That’s a consequence we don’t want to think about.”

Kirin suggested, “Let me deal with this.”

Levi shook his head. “No need. It’s time for White Tiger to exercise a little.”

“Huh? White Tiger?”

Azure Dragon and Kirin were bewildered.

He was a man with a great reputation and influence.

White Tiger, the King of War, had a nickname on the battlefield— War Machine.

That title was the nightmare of many enemies.

That was because White Tiger was a maniac and also the devil of the battlefield.

In the Five Great Wars Regiment, he was the best fighter.

Once, White Tiger had fought his way out of tens of thousands of enemies without a scratch on him.

In that battle, he had killed over six thousand people all by himself. That battle was the one where his reputation was established.

However, he was the cruelest and most controversial one.

As long as White Tiger made a move, his opponent will die. There were no other options for them.

Once, he murdered tens of thousands of prisoners, and he nearly went to the military court.

Hence, that was why Levi had made him stay low for such a long time.

Every time White Tiger made a move, a disaster ensued.

“Yes. It’s time for him to act.”

Levi was determined.


Sebastian’s act of sending out the Black and White Guards to create a bloodbath in the underground world frightened everyone.

Sebastian’s title as the Hades had returned overnight.

People from all corners of North Hampton were trembling in terror.

They were scared that they would be his next target.

After all, the enemy was in the shadows.

Glenn was distressed.

The entire Rogers family was feeling dreadful.

Last night, it had been Nueve and Trey.

The next in line would definitely be the Rogers family.

Glenn started sobbing.

He could not cross both sides.

Crossing either side would result in death.

They thought that the Rogers family had finally reached their prime, but now they were facing an impossible obstacle.

At the Lopez family’s estate.

Sebastian was satisfied with the reactions of the people in North Hampton.

“Violence is needed for them to feel fear. If not, there’s always someone who’s trying to provoke me,” Sebastian sneered.

“Who should I deal with next?” Sebastian contemplated.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 405
Henry stepped forward and uttered, “Sir, I have a suggestion. It’s a plan that will kill two birds with one stone.”

“Speak your mind. If it’s satisfactory, I’ll reward you for it,” Sebastian said.

“Glenn Rogers has a granddaughter named Abigail Rogers. Moreover, Abigail Rogers is Levi’s sister-in-law, and they’re close to each other,” Henry cackled.

Upon hearing this, Sebastian’s eyes gleamed.

“Wonderful! Simon, bring Abigail to me,” he instructed.

“Yes, Sir.”

Sebastian then turned toward Henry. “You have quite a lot of ideas. Follow me from now on.”

“Thank you, Sir, for this honor.”

Henry immediately got to his knees and kneeled to Sebastian.

If he followed Sebastian, his life in North Hampton would be easy.

Abigail was currently doing an internship in market research.

In the evening, when she and her classmates were about to return home, several large men came towards them.

“Ms. Rogers, please come with us.”

Instantly, one of the women started dragging her away.

“What? I don’t know you.”

Abigail had a displeased look on her face.

Among Abigail’s classmates were her admirers. They swiftly intervened.

“What are you all trying to do?”

A few tall classmates stepped in front of Abigail to protect her.




Their answers were in the form of a punch. Instantly, their faces were bloodied and their noses were broken.

Abigail was taken away as the others watched.

Levi was drinking tea in the Morris Group’s office.

Right then, Seth Wilson, the leader of the security team, called.

“Levi, bad news! The Lopez family said that your sister-in-law is in their hands. If you don’t reach the Lopez family’s estate by twelve, Abigail will be handed to the Black and White Guards,” reported Seth anxiously.

“What? Abigail’s been caught? They must have a death wish!” Levi fumed.

He had sent his men to protect Zoey, but he had not thought the possibility of Abigail being caught.

It would be horrendous if Abigail ended up in the Black and White Guards’ hands.

From what he heard, the Black and White Guards were not only cruel executioners, but they were also perverts.

On the other side, Glenn Rogers had also received news of Abigail’s capture.

Glenn was in a panic; this was his beloved granddaughter.

In the evening, at the Lopez family’s estate, Abigail was locked in a room.

However, there were sounds and movements from the other side of the room. It was as if there were two pacing beasts breathing heavily.

Fortunately, there was a window between the two rooms, and both sides could see each other.

When Abigail looked through the window and saw the two beasts, she shrieked in horror.

One was dressed in black, and the other was dressed in white. Both men had far too much hair on them to look human.

Not only were their arms and legs covered in thick hair, but their faces were also hairy.

They looked like savages.

The two men had grown up in a pack of wolves. Their habits and behaviors were similar to those of a wolf.

The two were baring their teeth at Abigail, and she could smell the pungent scent of blood.

Their eyes were the eyes of beasts. One look and Abigail was crying out of horror.

Sebastian went to the forbidden room and smiled. “This girl is your reward. After you’ve enjoyed her thoroughly, help me kill her later.”


The Black and White Guards nodded as they eagerly looked at Abigail.

“No! Don’t!”

Abigail knew what was coming next, but Sebastian was already gone.

Before he left, he threw the keys to the two men.


The Black and White Guards swiftly unlocked the door.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 406
The two beasts quickly opened Abigail’s door and rushed in.

She closed her eyes in despair.

“Levi, save me, please…”

Levi’s face emerged in Abigail’s mind.

Just as the Black and White Guards were about to pounce on Abigail, they suddenly stopped.

Slowly, they turned their heads to look.

Nearby, there was a man in green military attire. His cap blocked his face.

The only thing they could see was that he had a cigarette between his lips, and he was taking a long drag.

He beckoned the Black and White Guards.

Cracking sounds came from the joints of the Black and White Guards.

Both were looking at that man in excitement.

Their eyes were an eerie green, and it was as if they had turned into wolves.

The sense of danger which that man exuded made them interested.

That man was White Tiger.

He had finally stepped into the sun after arriving in North Hampton a few months earlier.


In the next second, the Black and White Guards charged.

They struck out as swift as lightning.

It was as if two wolves were charging towards White Tiger.

Like claws, Black Guard swung his hands at White Tiger.

However, White Tiger was as quick as them; he dodged it easily.

He then grabbed Black Guard’s waist and slammed his knee onto the other man’s body.


A blow from his knee broke Black Guard’s back.


Black Guard howled like a beast as he collapsed on the floor, unmoving.

His spine was broken.

It was now impossible for him to muster any strength at all.

Instantly, White Guard’s attack came too. Swiftly, White Tiger tilted to the side to dodge it. Before White Guard could attack again, White Tiger had already restrained his arms and in one move, he bent them.




Both of White Guard’s arms were torn out from their sockets by White Tiger. He threw the arms onto the floor, where they still wiggled.

Abigail was terrified by the scene, but she could not tear her eyes off it.

“Close your eyes!”

A voice traveled into her ears and made her feel at ease.

“Levi, you’re finally here!”

Abigail jumped into Levi’s arms and hugged him.

The Black and White Guards were looking at White Tiger in disbelief.

Never in their life had they encountered a man as skilled as him.

It was incredulous!

White Tiger looked at the two and shook his head in disappointment.

To him, these two were too easy of an opponent.

He had thought that a skilled fighter was waiting for him, but he ended up meeting two pieces of trash.

Instead of leaving immediately, White Tiger kept stepping from left to right and vice versa.

When the Black and White Guards noticed it, they wailed.

They saw thin threads encircling every part of their body.

These thin threads were deadly and sharp. A gentle touch of them would make the fingers bleed.


What he’s about to do is…

When the Black and White Guards realized what White Tiger was doing, they were terrified.

This was the first time they had felt fear in their lives.

This was the first time they had met someone who was stronger and crueler than them.

White Tiger walked forward as both of his hands held onto a thin thread each.


He tugged his hands back. The threads straightened and glided through the Black and White Guards’ bodies.

Without another sound, the Black and White Guards were dead.

Moreover, their bodies were sliced into multiple pieces.

In the end, when they left, Levi carried Abigail on his back as White Tiger followed behind them. On his face was a look of dissatisfaction.

In the Lopez family’s living room.

Sebastian was still sipping on his tea and waiting for the news.

“Is Levi too scared to come now?” Simon questioned.

Henry laughed, “He must be. Levi would not risk his life to save someone like Abigail.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 407
“Hahaha! Isn’t Levi a cocky man? What’s wrong? He’s afraid now?”

Even Sebastian was laughing.

Simon chuckled along, “Sir, it’s mostly because what happened last night was too terrifying. Now, the entire North Hampton is afraid of you. How does Levi dare to come?”

Just then, Glenn brought the Rogers family to the Lopez family’s estate.

“Hahaha! It’s the grandfather. He’s here. Levi is indeed a coward!” Sebastian guffawed.

Trembling, Glenn said, “Mr. Lopez, come at me if you dare. You’re just a coward if you take my granddaughter.”

“That’s right. We’ll agree with anything you want. Let Abigail go,” Anthony and Leo said.

“I only have one principle—I will not let anyone who’s related to you go,” Sebastian uttered.

As if realizing something, Glenn paled. “Y- You didn’t do anything to Abigail, did you?”

“Hahaha! I don’t know. I left her with the Black and White Guards.”

A cruel smile grew upon Sebastian’s lips.

“Y- You’re an animal!”

Glenn was infuriated.

“Take us there now!” Anthony urged.

“Yes. Let’s go and take a look. What a shame the cowardly Levi isn’t here.”

Sebastian felt somewhat regretful about it.

The group came to the spot behind the Lopez family’s estate.

“If everything’s going smoothly, the Black and White Guards must be playing with Abigail right now,” Sebastian crowed.

However, they had only taken a few steps before they stopped.

When Sebastian saw the pieces of Black and White Guards strewn across the bloody floor, he was stupefied.

“Is this… the Black and White Guards?”

Despite their separated states, Sebastian recognized them.

After all, their attires were distinguishable from the others.


The scene was a bolt out of the blue for Simon and the rest.

The Black and White Guards are dead?

How can this be?

They’re powerful beings!

There is barely anyone in South City who’s a match for them.

How can they die in North Hampton?

And in a cruel way like this too!

Glenn and his party did not care about the Black and White Guards. They rushed into the room, but Abigail was long gone.

They let out sighs of relief.

Evidently, Abigail had been rescued by someone.

In the next second, the call they received from Abigail reassured them completely.

Outside, the Lopez family was silent.

It was some news too shocking for them.

There’s someone in North Hampton that can wipe out the Black and White Guards?

Sebastian and Simon exchanged a look.

The person they immediately thought of was the mysterious boss of Morris Group.

Glenn sneered, “Do you know how powerful the North Hampton is now? That man is someone you can’t afford to cross.”

Upon hearing Glenn’s words, Sebastian shuddered.

A look of disbelief flashed past his eyes.

No wonder Winston and Liam were persuading him the other day; he really could not afford to cross him.

At the very least, while he was on North Hampton soil, he could not cross him.

Glenn gleefully said, “Mr. Lopez, I’ll give you a chance now. Kneel at the Morris Group’s office for the entire night. Perhaps that man will let you off the hook.”

“Impossible! How could I bow to him?”

Sebastian immediately instructed, “Simon, take your things. We’re returning to South City. Any later, and we won’t be able to go back.”

No one expected the situation to end up like this. Sebastian had come to North Hampton with a grand entrance but now he was leaving in a such flurry.

He knew what the consequences of his prolonged stay were, so he was swift to leave.

The news of Sebastian’s departure reached Levi’s ears.

“Ha. Does he think he can come and go as he pleases? If he’s here, he’ll have to stay in North Hampton forever.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 408


Azure Dragon and Kirin shared a look.

By now, Sebastian, Simon and the rest of his gang were already out of the metropolitan area of North Hampton.

They were rushing their way towards South City.

“We’re finally out of North Hampton,” Sebastian heaved a sigh of relief.

He was fearful of actually dying in North Hampton.

That man is too ruthless.

He managed to deal with tough opponents like the Black and White Guards.

Sebastian knew that if he continued his stay, only death awaited him.

Since his opponent was so strong, he chose to avoid him.

“I’ll remember what Morris Group has done. I’m coming back after I get help from South City!”

It was impossible for Sebastian to let this matter go.

“Sir, I think something’s wrong.”

Simon’s instincts were sounding the alarms in his mind. It felt as if something bad was going to happen anytime soon.

“Don’t worry. No one can come after us here,” Sebastian sneered.


Right then, the driver pulled the brakes abruptly and nearly threw Sebastian and the rest out of the car.

The road in front of them was blocked.

Sebastian’s fleet of cars was forced to come to a stop.

“What’s going on?” Sebastian urgently asked.

Right then, a group of shadows appeared from behind the roadblocks.

The man in lead was James.

They had been waiting in this spot for a long time.

“Mr. Sebastian Lopez, since you’re here, why don’t you stay forever? Why are you leaving?” James said with an accent.

“Get rid of them!”

The look in Sebastian’s eyes turned cold.

The bodyguards of the Lopez family charged forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, they were worlds apart in skills from mercenaries like James.

Soon, the bodyguards of the Lopez family were all on the ground.

Sebastian and Simon looked at James and his men in shock.

Knowing that he was disadvantageous in the situation, Sebastian surrendered instantly.

“Take them with us!”

In the end, James brought the escaping Sebastian back to North Hampton.

They came to a villa in North Hampton.

In the villa, a group of people was staring at him.

Shakily, Sebastian asked, “What are you trying to do? I want to meet with the boss of Morris Group.”

Kirin laughed, “You want to meet my boss? You have no right!”

“W- Who are you?”

Sebastian warily looked at Levi.

“Neil Atkinson.”

“What? Neil Atkinson?”

Sebastian was stunned after hearing his words.

Neil Atkinson was only a step away from the most mysterious figure he had ever heard.

“What are you going to do to me?

Sebastian panicked.

Neil laughed, “I’m going to give you a chance…”

“What chance?”

Neil’s smile widened. “A chance for you to stay alive. How much do you think your life is worth?”


Comprehension crashed into Sebastian’s mind.

The worth of his life was now calculable in money.

Neil had the intention to get a large sum of money from him.

Sebastian knew that if he refused, he would not live to see the next morning.


Sebastian was about to say a hundred million when Neil interrupted, “I heard that you’re a prominent figure in South City, aren’t you? I’m sure you’re worth at least billions.”


Sebastian’s fists were clenched tight as he cursed in his heart.

Neil is outrageously greedy!

“What about this? Ten billion. An amount fitting for someone like you. I’m sure that won’t be a problem, will it?”

The smile on Neil’s face was as sly as a fox.


Sebastian was close to exploding in anger.

Ten billion!

He wants ten billion!

The Morris Group is too greedy!

Simon was shaking in rage, but he could not do anything about it.

“Hm? Do you think your life isn’t worth ten billion?”

Neil’s expression changed as a murderous aura began to exude from him.

It made the hair on the back of Sebastian’s neck stand up. He felt as if he was a rabbit watched by a fox.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 409

He knew Neil was warning him that if he could not fork out ten billion, he was as good as dead.

After looking at Simon for a moment, Sebastian relented.

“Alright. I’ll give you ten billion, but you have to let me go.”

Neil nodded. “No problem. As long as you give us exactly ten billion, it won’t be worth it for us to take your crappy life.”


Sebastian nearly spat blood in the midst of his fury.

Not only was he blackmailed of ten billion, but he also had to endure humiliation.

“Simon, transfer the money to them now.”

Swiftly, Simon and Elena transferred ten billion to the Morris Group.

Neil chuckled, “Mr. Lopez, you’re welcome to visit us at North Hampton again. Thank you for your contribution.”


Sebastian stumbled and fell onto the floor.

He was at the worst moment of his life.

Sebastian had come to North Hampton with such grandeur and he left in three days.

The Black and White Guards were permanently left behind in North Hampton, and so was his ten billion.

The news quickly spread.

People from all parts of Quebec were shocked when they received the news.

Even Sebastian Lopez, Hades, was kicked out in such a sorry state?

Is North Hampton that horrifying of a place?

Haven’t the three prominent figures in North Hampton collapse?

Is there another frightening presence in North Hampton?

More and more powerful families started observing in silence.

They had slowly come to realize that North Hampton, as great as it was, was not an easy piece of cake to get.

No one was capable of rising in North Hampton unless they were obedient to the rules and sincere in contributing to North Hampton. Otherwise, they would all end up like Sebastian Lopez.

This was Sebastian’s greatest humiliation in life.

Everyone knew that Sebastian would not let the matter go.

One day, he would return to North Hampton to take his revenge.


The one who had planned to take ten billion from Sebastian was naturally Levi.

“Sir, we have ten billion now. What do we do with it?” Kirin and Elena queried.

“Invest it all into North Hampton’s development. Firstly, set up a foundation to allocate the funds to help those in need. Secondly, build more nursing homes, orphanages and free schools. Thirdly, invest the money in the poorer areas of North Hampton for its development, like their agricultural products,” Levi instructed.

After listening, Kirin and Elena’s eyes lit up.

Levi’s mind was at a level that they could not dream of reaching.

They had thought that Levi would use the ten billion for the development of Morris Group.

Elena worriedly said, “Mr. Garrison, Sebastian would definitely come back. He’s not one to take such losses quietly.”

Levi huffed in laughter as he held onto his cigarette.

“That’s great. It won’t only be ten billion next time. Honestly, I hope idiots like Sebastian come more often. It’s a great help for North Hampton’s development.”


Kirin and Elena nearly spat blood when they heard his words.

If his words were heard by the prominent figures in South City, they might just die from a heart attack.

No one in North Hampton had thought that Sebastian would leave the place as disheveled as he was.

The one who benefited most from his departure was the Rogers family.

That night when they went against Sebastian, everyone had thought that it was the end for the Rogers family.

However, the loser turned out to be Sebastian.

After defeating Sebastian, the Rogers family and Morris Group’s shares soared.

Now, both of them were the pillars of North Hampton.

On this day, Levi had just arrived in the company when Iris came to him.

“Quick. Prepare yourself. You have a press conference in a moment. Tidy yourself up to look livelier later.”

Iris handed him a suit.

However, Levi did not wear it.

He did not see the need to.

Soon, the reporters arrived.

“Huh? Why is it you? Levi?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 410

The pretty reporter was stunned as she blurted out her question.

Levi rubbed his eyes and took a good look at her.

Now, he remembered.

The pretty reporter in front of him was the young intern that joined North Hampton Television Network six years ago.

Back then, she had interviewed Morris and him.

Levi remembered that this young reporter was no honest woman.

Her attempts to seduce him had failed. She then tried to seduce Morris, but failed as well.

In the end, Levi reported her to her superior.

She was penalized, and her internship was canceled. From then on, she was blacklisted from the television station.

Yet, unexpectedly, she was still working in the station. It seemed like she was one of the older and experienced reporters in her company.


Back then, Margaret had been fired by the station after Levi’s complaint.

However, Margaret slept with one of the persons-in-charge in the station, and managed to return to her post.

From then on, her career was smooth. Now, she was the golden child of the station and the most vital reporter there.

Furthermore, she was pretty and elegant. She was well-respected among her peers, and she was the ace of her company.

As Morris Group’s development had been going fantastically, the television station assigned their ace to interview them.

Before coming, Margaret had been anxious.

After all, Morris Group was the main support of North Hampton.

She was worried about interviewing a company as large as the Morris Group.

At the same time, she wanted to become acquaintances with them.

It would be best if she could be acquaintances with Neil or the mysterious boss behind Morris Group.

Margaret had prepared stockings and some other items in her purse; she was ready to use her body to achieve her goal at any time.

Yet, she did not expect the interviewee to be Levi.

“Ms. Ward, this man is Levi Garrison. He’s our company’s representative for this interview,” Iris’ secretary introduced.

Margaret frowned and asked curiously, “Would you please tell me who Mr. Garrison is?”

“Oh, he’s the technical adviser. I don’t know why Ms. Anabelle assigned him as the representative for the interview. Honestly, I think he’s the least qualified. If it were up to me, I’d rather send a security guard or a janitor,” Iris’ secretary whispered her complaints into Margaret’s ears.

“If Ms. Ward isn’t happy about the situation, I can suggest to Ms. Anabelle to have someone more important to come for the interview,” the secretary suggested.

Margaret smiled. “No need. I’m alright with him.”

“Very well. Please begin, Ms. Ward. You can look for me if there are any problems.”

After the secretary left, Margaret looked at Levi from head to toe.

“Levi, you must not have thought of a day that we’ll meet again like this, have you? I didn’t think you’ll still be in the Levi Group,” Margaret mocked.

Levi chuckled, “And I didn’t think you’ll still be working at North Hampton Television Station. Weren’t you fired?”

The cameraman at the side sneered, “Please be mindful of your words. Ms. Ward is the ace of our station. She’s the best reporter we’ve got.”

Margaret gleefully smiled at Levi.

“How did you do that? Did you…”

A look of surprise emerged on Levi’s face.


Knowing what Levi was about to say, Margaret trembled in rage.

“I got to where I am with my own talents. I’m not like a certain someone, who I’ve heard was earning a living by pulling a little strings here and there. Apparently, he’s much more useless than the guards and the janitors. That’s true. After all, you were just released from prison. It’s a miracle that you even have a job,” Margaret ridiculed.

The other staff on sight could not help but say, “Ms. Ward, isn’t the Morris Group too much? They sent an ex-convict for us to interview. They’re obviously looking down on us!”

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