The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell Chapter 1639

The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell Chapter 1639-Seeing the confident look on the General of Cloud of Cloud’s face, Mardohar had an idea and immediately said, “Please enlighten me, Sir…”

“Three months.

I have punished him for being grounded for three months.” General of Cloud raised three fingers and added, “During this period of time, I received news that above the West Sea, there were sea demons colluding with evil cultivators pirates to intercept and kill past ships.

Moreover, the atmosphere was getting more and more intense, and it even affected the rule of some small countries over there.

I estimate that those small countries will definitely ask Heaven’s Edge Sect for help within half a year…”

“Among those sea demons, there were shapeshifting demons.

There were also Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators among evil cultivators pirates.

At that time, I will….”

After General of Cloud’s narration, Mardohar hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Your Excellency, you have a brilliant plan.

At that time, even if this Caspian doesn’t want to go, he has to go.”

The General of Cloud answered with a sneer, “That’s why I said you only need to cultivate hard and recover from your injuries.

Then, you can improve your realm to a higher level.

There will be plenty of opportunities for revenge in the future.

Caspian was just a nobody on the table.

What I really want to deal with are those stubborn old men who support him behind him.”

Upon hearing this, Mardohar couldn’t help but tremble.

He understood that General of Cloud referred to the elders of Amethyst Palace Realm in the sect.

General of Cloud’s status was extraordinary, so he could naturally act so unbridled.

However, Mardohar did not dare to call the elders like that so easily.

He didn’t dare to do that even behind people’s back.

But there were more things that General of Cloud didn’t want to say.

He waved his hand and let Mardohar practice on his own.

Then he turned around and disappeared into the darkness.


In addition to the mysterious island where General of Cloud was located, there was another place tonight.

It was also because of the incident of Caspian Blood Immortal Platform that made one’s mind shake.

An azure light surrounded it, forming an independent space.

The fairy voice was beautiful, and spiritual Qi was rich.

In such an environment, anyone who practiced would concentrate and advance thousands of miles per day.

But at this moment, Star Nelson, who had regained her memory, was looking at a Wind-heeding Stone in her hand.

The Wind-heeding Stone could record the images and sounds that had happened for a short period of time.

The stone was showing a fragment of the Blood Immortal Platform today.

The sword light attacked, and blood bloomed on Caspian’s shoulder.

However, he bravely stepped forward.

With Flame Severing, he forcibly split the sword radiance and cut off Mardohar that was protected by the sword radiance.

At the last scene, blood splashed in the sky.

A broken arm flew up into the sky and was sucked into the hurricane and turbulence, twisting into a sky full of blood.

Star Nelson read the video dozens of times over.

She had seen the man in the picture several times, but she only met him once.

“Caspian Montgomery…”

After savoring the name carefully, Star Nelson closed her eyes.

The scene of Three Sages Mountain that day appeared in her mind.

In Three Sages Mountain, her memory had also been blank for a period of time.

But she remembered clearly that there was Caspian in the palace at that time.

The disappearance of Yates Gandi was very likely to be related to Caspian. Yates Gandi’s master saw through the secrets of heaven, but he didn’t find any useful information.

In this respect, Star Nelson also vaguely felt that there was a familiar figure behind the incident.

“Well… Caspian Montgomery.”

Once again, she read out these two words.

Star Nelson crushed the Wind-heeding Stone in her hand.

She could not let others know that she had seen this scene.

It seems that I need a chance to have a good talk with you…

Star Nelson closed her eyes.

She did not enter the state of cultivation, but was thinking.

Countless opportunities to meet the other party were repeatedly simulated in her mind.


In addition to these two places, the news of what happened on the Blood Immortal Platform today had also spread in the small area of Heaven’s Edge Sect disciples.

The name of Caspian had been pushed to the edge of the storm because of the incident at the Sky-sea Pavilion.

Crape Myrtle Sect had the supreme reputation and reputation in Heaven’s Edge Sect.

Therefore, Caspian became a target of everyone after overnight.

Some disciples even clamored to replace the Crape Myrtle Sect to challenge Caspian, and then fight with Caspian on the Blood Immortal Platform. The reward for defeating Caspian was to let him join the Crape Myrtle Sect.

Of course, the chaos could not affect Caspian. It didn’t even affect anyone around Caspian. Because Caspian had his own island.

Moreover, he was punished to be grounded.

On the Path to Immortality, everyone was very busy.

There were too few people paying attention to others.

Therefore, in just three to five days, no one talked about Caspian anymore.

Ten days later, many people chose to forget about it.

Three months later, when the ban on Caspian was over and he left the island to work in the sect, the whole Heaven’s Edge Sect had returned to calm for a long time.

In the past three months, Caspian seemed to have been grounded on the island, but in fact, he had done a lot of things.

Not to mention every day, every two hours, he arranged himself clearly, and his practice life was extremely rich.

First of all, in this respect, the whole island had changed in three months, which was worthy of being praised.

When Caspian first came to the island, half of the island was sand, half was a forest, and there was a hot spring in the middle.

But now, most of the island was covered with dense forests, leaving only less than one-tenth of the original desert, still maintaining its original appearance.

However, it was just a beach that looked the same.

Those dense forests were planted by Caspian day by night, controlling the wooden puppets.

At the very beginning, Caspian could only control a few hundred wooden puppets.

Now, he could control three to five thousand wooden puppets at the same time, and they could do different things separately.

There was no problem with the wooden puppets’ meticulous work such as digging and cutting the ground at the beginning, setting up the formation base, arranging spirit stones, and so on.

The trees that were planted were just small sapling at first.

However, Caspian made it rain heavily with spiritual rain, so these trees naturally grew fast.

In just a few days, they had covered most of the island like hundred-year-old trees.

Then, the original palace had been expanded by about half of its original size.

This was not because Caspian was lazy.

His palace was built by the Sect’s Giant Spirit God and elders.

Caspian was not very good at this.

After all, building a palace wasn’t as simple as using branches and stones to build a thatched cottage.

In the process of doing this, Xander, Jessica, and others all helped him.

Even Handsome raised its own opinion, for example, there must be a beast fence behind the palace.

When Handsome proposed this suggestion, it repeatedly emphasized that it was not for its own sake, but because too much saliva gushed out, the words it said were really vague and hard to believe.

However, these were just changes on the surface of the island.

The real change lay in the formation set up by Caspian, Lady Maisie, and Eva Green for the entire island.

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