The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 3144

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 3144

‘Has it been… Sealed?’

‘How could this happen? My spirit is hidden well, so there’s no way that anyone noticed. What is happening here? Argh! This feeling, this… Oh my god, what do I do This feels… Weird…’

Initially, the Undead Queen was sitting with her legs crossed. Yet she wasn’t able to sit still at all now as if her body had become weak. There was this unstoppable and amazing sensation rushing up to her head, making her place her hand on her stomach. Waves of pleasure made her moan, unable to control herself.

At that time, Aria was outside, guarding the doors for her sister. Hearing such weird sounds coming from inside, Aria was confused. ‘What happened to Sis? Could she be in trouble?’

She pushed the door open and walked right in, only to find that her sister was in a very abnormal condition. She was leaning against her throne, her eyes closed with her hands in between her thighs.

“What’s with you, Sister?” Aria asked.

Juvia opened her eyes, immediately retracting her hands after noticing her sister standing there. “No… Nothing, you can head out first!”

“Sis, you seem off. Has your spell backfired on you?”


“Did something happen to your spirit then?”

“I’m not sure yet, but you have to go outside and guard the doors. No matter what you hear, do not come in and disrupt me.”

When she looked at her sister, Aria was filled with doubt, but she knew that it wasn’t the right time to ask. Hence, she responded lightly and went out, guarding the doors like before.

Juvia’s face was now painted with a thin layer of red. She endured the pleasure with all her might, hoping to cut ties with the Blood Bound. However, she couldn’t seem to do so. As a supernatural power, the connection worked around the Life Substitution Spirit. Since it wasn’t cut off and sealed away, it would be quite a big problem for Juvia. If she forcefully cut ties with it, that meant that she had to give up on her Life Substitution Spirit. If that was the case, she was unwilling to let go just yet.

She tried closing off the connection from within the spirit, but she could no longer do it at this point. She also realized that the spirit was being sealed off by an ancient sealing spell.

‘This seems like the Great Seal Spell in the Ten-point Forbidden Spell!’

‘It’s… Alex Rockefeller!’

Juvia had actually noticed Alex and Cheryl inside of the hot springs when her spirit reached its destination, but she had no time to lose and sent it in to the host without taking a good look. Upon closer inspection, only then did she realize what the two were actually doing.

‘Danm it!’ Juvia gritted her teeth.

She was familiar with the Ten-point Forbidden Spell as well. It had originated from the Chi universe, after all. Hence, she knew she could cut the connection once she broke the Great Seal Spell. She repeatedly tried to break through but failed every single time.

‘What’s with this?’

‘Isn’t this the Great Seal Spell? I broke through that before, so why can’t I now?’

‘Is this really the Great Seal Spell?’

It took Juvia quite a while to look into it, and she finally realized what was different. There was a very distinct trait within Alex’s Great Seal Spell that differed from the ones she broke in the past. There was a lotus flower pattern on top of his seal.

‘What is that?’

Alex was the only one who knew that one of his three thousand lotus flowers trembled slightly when he cast the Great Seal Spell.

Just then, a stronger sensation came from within Juvia’s body. It wasn’t exactly inside her body, but a sensation her spirit received through the Blood Bound.


Juvia let out a long, weird-sounding shriek. Aria, who was still standing outside, was very worried, but she remembered her sister’s orders and could merely wait out there while panicking on her own.

After that, everything turned silent.

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