The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1152

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1152


Unfortunately, how could Alex let them escape by any chance?

“Isn’t it fair if you intend to kill and others kill you?”

The blade changed its direction, and half of the dagger was stabbed into the middle of his brows in an instant.

When Wilbur saw Hancock next to him was killed instantaneously, he was so frightened that his hands and legs turned cold. He hurriedly threw away his dagger and turned around to run off. However, Alex grabbed him in the mid-air, bringing his entire body back and pinning him down on top of the box of the trolley.

“Why are you running away? You haven’t answered my question.”

“Ah- B-big Bro, please don’t kill me. I’m… I’m just a worker here.” He was going to pee himself out of fear.

“What kind of work are you doing inside the wilderness of thickly forested mountains?”

Alex slapped open one of the boxes with his palm. Many tiny bottles fell out of it. The bottles were very tiny, they were similar to the bottles of antibiotics for injections. Dark green solution was filled inside them.

When Alex saw such things, he was slightly shocked but he had already guessed them in his mind.

“The venom that belongs to Giovanni Winn of Golden Tower?”

“Are they not?”

Wilbur was dumbfounded.

At first, he wanted to make up a lie to deceive him. To his surprise, Alex could tell the contents at a glance, so he immediately said, “Big Bro, I’m just someone working under him and I only earn two hundred dollars a day. I beg you, please let me go!”

Alex’s expression turned cold. “I’m asking you, are they not?”

Wilbur nodded his head hurriedly. “Yes, yes, they are venom.”

“Where are you moving them to? Hurry up and tell me, or else you won’t have the chance to say it.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I’ll say. These are going to be transported to the riverside behind the mountain. There are two ships there, one going to Myanmar and the other one going to Morro.”

“Lead the way to the riverside!”

“Yes, Big Bro!”

Alex instantly picked up the trolley and threw it into the grass beside him. Hancock’s corpse was kicked far away by him too.

Soon, the two of them reached the riverside. As expected, he saw two luxurious speed boats docked on the shore.

After seeing Wilbur and Alex, a bearded man who was smoking by the shore yelled, “Wilbur, what the hell are you doing? Where’s the other trolley of goods? I’m rushing to send out the goods. I still have women waiting for me for dinner tonight!”


As soon as his voice fell, the bearded man saw Alex suddenly throw a hand at Wilbur, causing his neck to turn a 720 degree in a split second. The scene looked very weird and horrifying. Wilbur stopped breathing on the spot.

Alex killed these people without any psychological burden.

Yesterday night, Anna told him that the venom was extremely harmful and it was more potent than ordinary poisons. Hence, as long as someone was caught trafficking them, he would not be tolerated and death penalty shall befall upon him.

And, the amount of people delivering these shipments was shocking.

“Damn it! Who… Who are you?”

The bearded man was shocked. He dropped the cigarette in his mouth and it burned his chin.

Alex said calmly, “Alex Rockefeller from the South California Division of Divine Constabulary!”

The bearded man immediately reached toward the back of his waist and grabbed a gun out of it. However, before he could fire it, a strange force was suddenly applied on the gun. The gun was not under his control and flew right into Alex’s hand.

In the next second, Alex used the gun as a hidden weapon and smashed it over.


The bearded man’s head was smashed open forcefully. The people on the speed boats finally noticed the anomaly on the shore. However, how could they have the ability to fight the elder of Divine Constabulary who seemed like the Grim Reaper?

In less than a minute, everyone was settled.

This place was located in the depth of mountains and forests, so cell phones had no signal at all. However, Alex found a satellite phone on the speedboat.

He used the phone to make a call to Anna right away. “I’ve found the venom factory. Bring someone with you over here!”

“Huh? You found it so fast? How did you find it, Master?”

“They came up to me.”

Alex returned to the valley once again after the call had ended. He went back to the former site of Ganoderma.

After thinking about it, he kicked open the door.

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