The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 757

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 757

The host looked at Matthew respectfully and he asked, “Mr. Larson, would you like to go to the Supreme Room?”

However, Matthew waved his hand and commented, “My uncle is treating us to dinner tonight, so please make arrangements with him.”

Upon hearing that, the host immediately understood him and he turned to Jonah. “Sir, how would you like arrangements to be made?” he asked in an equally polite tone.

After hesitating for a moment, Jonah proffered his membership card. “What… What kind of card is this?”

The host took a look at it and he replied, “Oh—it’s a Silver Card, our basic membership card. This card can only be used in the common dining room. Unfortunately, our common dining room is currently full so I’m afraid you will have to wait to be seated.”

At that moment, Jonah was utterly speechless. How is it that the difference between Matthew’s card and the card my boss gave me was so large?

To think that Matthew could immediately go to the Supreme Room the moment he arrived, but Jonah had to wait in line for the common dining room. What kind of service is this? he grumbled to himself.

Right at this moment, Helen asked her sister softly, “Would you like Matthew to make the arrangements to have us shown to the Supreme Room, Chloe? After all, we can use any membership card we like. We’re all family, and it doesn’t matter who’s treating whom to dinner, does it?”

Chloe and Jonah exchanged a glance. They were both thinking the same thing but were too embarrassed to speak up.

On the other hand, Minerva didn’t hesitate. “Yes; let’s go to the Supreme Room. It’d be a waste not to use the Supreme Card, anyway.”

The moment Chloe heard her daughter’s words, she protested, “How can you talk like that, Minnie? Honestly, that’s very insensible of you.”

Quickly, Helen reassured her with a smile, “It’s okay. Minerva’s not wrong. Come now; let’s go in and get seated.”

It was only then that Chloe conceded. “Alright; we can make use of your membership to get a table. But when it comes to footing the bill, we’ll be paying!”

With a bemused smile, Helen asked, “Does it matter who pays? When I was poor, you gave me almost two-thirds of your salary each month. Why are you quibbling with me now?”

Waving her hand, Chloe answered, “That’s different. We told you we were treating you to dinner, so we will do so. Now, let’s go upstairs. Remember—no matter what you say, we’ll be footing the bill tonight!”

Thus, the host made the arrangements and the entire group made their way up to the Supreme Room.

It wasn’t until the Campbell family entered the room that they understood why it was called ‘Supreme.’

How luxurious it is!

Once again, Tate and Minerva pulled out their cell phones and began snapping photographs.

On the other hand, Jonah was in awe.

While he was outside the restaurant, he had suspected that his boss lied to him and that membership to the Shanghai Nights restaurant was actually very easy to obtain.

Now, he finally understood he hadn’t been lied to.

Just by looking at the decor of the Supreme Room, he could see how much the restaurant was worth.

At the end of the day, Lucia wasn’t wrong—it was a miracle she managed to get him a card at all.

Still, he couldn’t understand how the Cunninghams could each have a card, and to think Matthew had a Supreme Card, no less.

If there were only three Supreme Cards in all of Eastcliff, how did Matthew get one? Jonah mused.

Feeling like he was missing a piece of the puzzle, he studied the man in question. It wasn’t only Matthew’s membership that bothered him—he remembered Leanna’s attitude toward the younger man the previous night as well.

Was this Matthew Larson truly the pathetic loser he was made out to be?

After the group was seated, a waiter said politely, “Good evening, Mr. Larson. Would you like us to make arrangements or shall you be footing the bill tonight? By the way, we recently procured a new batch of wine. I shall bring it in a moment so that you may have a taste.”

Feeling annoyed, Minerva couldn’t help but interrupt, “Excuse me, who do you think you’re talking to? We’re treating them to dinner tonight so if you’re going to talk to someone, you should be talking to us. Why are you talking to him? Don’t you think we can pay?”

Feeling a little embarrassed, the waiter answered softly, “My apologies, miss. It’s just that Mr. Larson’s expenses here are covered because he is a Supreme Member.”

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