The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 1270

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 1270

The young man spat out some swear words before pointing at Matthew and the others and saying haughtily, “You guys aren’t allowed here.Get lost!”

Upon hearing this, the quick-tempered crown prince yelled at once, “Who the f*ck do you think you are, telling me to get lost? Do you know who I am?”

The young man laughed.

“Who the hell cares who you are? Whoever you are, you’re gonna go back where you came from with your tail between your legs in front of our lady!”

The crown prince growled in an angry voice, “You’re quite arrogant, aren’t you? Do you think I’m gonna take this lying down? What gives you the f*cking right to tell me to get lost? I’m telling you, I’m the crown prince of Mightwater! Now repeat what you just said if you dare!”

The young man was startled for a moment.

“The crown prince of Mightwater? Who’s that?”

A dark-skinned, lanky man next to the young man leaned over and whispered to him, “He’s the son of Mightwater’s Poison Spider!”

This man was none other than Elrich Oldman, a well-known underworld bigwig in Galvania.The young man’s face took on a look of disdain.

“Mightwater’s Poison Spider? I’ve never heard of that! How dare he call himself the crown prince? Ha! Even my brother-in-law—the Young Master of the Nolan Family—dares not call himself ‘the crown

prince: Who does he think he is? Like I said, get lost at once, or we’re gonna be very unpleasant with you!”

Matthew frowned slightly.So these people are indeed related to the Nolan Family, huh? Irritated, the crown prince wanted to lash out at the young man.

However, he was stopped by Matthew, who stepped forward and argued in a soft voice, “Divine items that are born in nature should be owned by those whore capable of owning them.This is not Bainbridge, and you guys weren’t the ones that planted the herbs either.Shouldn’t you guys give us an explanation for telling us to leave?”

Just as the young man was about to lose his temper, an elder next to him suddenly stepped forward with a fan in his hand.

“You’re right, my friend.Since everyone’s here, I presume that fate brought us together.How about we go down together to take a look?” he said with a smile, looking as though he was a crowd-pleaser.

The young man panicked at once.


The elder lowered his voice.

“The guardian beasts are incredibly ferocious, and they’re very good at hiding.These people came at just the right time.We can use them as bait to lure out the guardian beasts and reduce our casualties!”

Realizing what the elder meant, the young man laughed at once.

“Okay! Since Mr.Quincy has said so, I’m gonna give you guys a chance.”

Matthew looked at these people from afar.

Although he didn’t hear their conversation, he had a rough guess of what it was about.He chuckled inwardly without making a sound.

Once all of us enter the cave, it’ll be hard to tell who’s the bait and who’s the hunter.

With that, the young man stepped aside, allowing the crowd to walk forward a little.

Only then did the crowd see what the top of the mountain was like.

The top of the mountain was about several hundred meters wide with a huge pit at its center.

The pit was over a dozen meters deep, surrounded by steep cliffs.

Standing on the edge of the huge pit, everyone could feel waves of scorching heat and smell wafts of sulfur.

Undoubtedly, the huge pit probably used to be the mouth of a volcano.

The earlier group of people had tied ropes around the huge pit, so all everyone had to do next was climb down the ropes.

On their way up the mountain earlier, Silas and his men had told them about what it was like down there.

Inside the huge pit was a large cave.

After walking about two kilometers into the cave, they would arrive at where the Seven-Leafed Lotuses were.

However, the guardian beasts were also hiding inside the cave.

Once everyone entered the cave, they would be ambushed by the guardian beasts anytime, so it was very dangerous.

Just then, the elder called Mr.Quincy came over and put his hand to his chest in greeting.

He said with a smile, “Let me introduce myself, everyone.I’m Quincy Damron from Bainbridge, and the lady over there is Rose Damron, the Young Lady of the Damron Family.As she’ll soon be marrying into the Nolan Family, she wants to get some rare and precious herbs to use as her dowry before getting married, which is why we’re here.If we’ve caused you any trouble, please forgive us.”

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