The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 1045

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 1045

Answering His Own Question

Not noticing the slight change in Felix’s expression, Franklin thought for a bit and continued, “Oh right, I’ve noticed that my family who got cursed showed different symptoms from what you described. Didn’t you say before that after the cursed centipedes entered their bodies, their organs would rupture, and it would look like they were beaten to death on the inside, while the bodies would look the same outside?

And that the hospital’s autopsy report would say that the cause of death of Donovan would be from crushed organs due to Matthew’s beatings. They wouldn’t even know the truth about the centipede. Yet now, my family’s bodies are only full of blisters and abscesses. Aside from being itchy all over, their organs are still intact and fine.”

Hearing Franklin’s words nearly made Matthew laugh out loud. Did the fool just answer his own question? Since you’ve already taken the words out of my mouth, I’ll just stop asking!

Then, he pretended to ponder over his question before answering in a deep tone, “What you’ve described just now is indeed unlike the symptoms that the centipede I gave you would produce. This might be a ploy of someone targeting your family! I tell you what, I’ll give you some medicine for now; make them take it when you get back. This should keep things under control temporarily. In the meantime, I’ll contact my master to get him to help you solve this problem!”

Overjoyed, Franklin nodded repeatedly. “Thank you so much, master! Don’t worry, master. When Donovan and the close relatives of my brother are disposed of, I’m sure to become the head of the family. When that time comes, I will serve you and your master wholeheartedly!”

Taking out a small porcelain bottle, Matthew said, “Take this medicinal powder. After you get back, mix it in a pot of water, and let your family each drink a cup. They should recover quickly after drinking it.”

As if he was receiving a priceless treasure, Franklin snatched it. He thought the antidote would save the entire Lewis family. When that happened, his status would rise even further, therefore further solidifying his place as the family head in the future!

Shortly after, Franklin left happily while harboring such thoughts. Inside the house, Felix punched the table heavily, angrily venting, “That animal! How could he do such a thing? Donovan is his own brother!”

Taking off the fake disguise, Matthew replied softly, “Look at those dynasties in the past. Wasn’t it also common for the princes to kill each other over the seat of the king? Have you forgotten about how your part of the family fell into this current state, Felix?”

Matthew’s words pierced Felix as he clenched his teeth. His heart started to ache as he thought of how his line of the family fell from grace. The kinship that he held so dearly was actually worthless in others’ eyes!

At this moment, a call from Tiger suddenly came. “Mr. Larson, Minerva has made contact with the mastermind. Hahaha, I think even you won’t know who the real culprit is!”

After thinking for a moment, Matthew smiled. “Is it the driver of Donovan, Ollie?”

Surprised, Tiger let out a gasp. “Wow, how did you know that?”

Matthew laughed in response. In actuality, he did not know who it was before all this. But he immediately guessed who it was after the conversation with Franklin.

Wanting to put the blame on Aaron, Franklin knew it would be best to use Aaron’s people to do this. From an outsider’s perspective, Ollie was Donovan’s right-hand man, meaning he was also under Aaron’s wing. He would first let Minerva lure Helen away so that when this all eventually came to light, he could just simply frame Aaron.

Admittedly, Franklin was a sinister person that had a meticulous plan. But it was just his luck that he was up against Matthew. In Matthew’s eyes, all his actions were just insignificant tricks!

“Ignore them for now, and try not to wake the sleeping dog.”

After giving out the order, Matthew hung up. After that, he took and kept another phone by the side, making sure a backup copy of the recording just now was saved. From the moment Franklin stepped foot into the house to the moment he left, he was being recorded by Matthew the whole way.

It was this video that would be the final nail in the coffin against Franklin tomorrow!

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