The Man Decree Chapter 3930

The Man Decree Chapter 3930-You Must Have Cheated “What’s the deal with you? How dare you question Carla?” “Do you know, Carla was an assessment deacon. During the inner disciples’ evaluation, she was actually among the top three.” “You certainly don’t understand. Even if you’re rich, you can’t question your senior at this time!” Upon seeing that Jared surprisingly disagreed with Carla’s point of view, the others immediately started criticizing Jared.

After all, in their eyes, Carla was the most powerful and influential person among them.

Seeing the situation, Jared was at a loss for words and chose to remain silent.

However, Carla said, “All right, Axel does make some sense. Let’s wait and see how things unfold.” Everyone was taken aback to see that Carla, surprisingly, was not angry.

Instead, she was even speaking up for Jared.

It was known that Carla wasn’t someone who was easily swayed. Had her fellow disciples questioned her under normal circumstances, Carla would have lost her temper long ago.

Yet today, she seemed like a completely different person.

Carla, holding onto Jared, stepped into the gateway of light.

As soon as they stepped in, the door of light behind them vanished instantly.

What followed was a surge of heat waves as if they were on a mountain engulfed in flames.

Thankfully, everyone had honed their fire- based techniques, which helped them withstand such intense heat.

Subsequently, everyone kept their eyes on the heatwave as they pressed forward.

At first, everything was fine. However, as they delved deeper, the heat waves grew increasingly intense and the pressure became more and more formidable.

Everyone began to struggle, with sweat beading on their foreheads, and their pace gradually slowing down.

Carla didn’t have much of a reaction to this kind of intimidation.

Seeing the situation, Jared could only pretend to be struggling, not wanting anyone to notice anything unusual about him.

As a Fourth Level Tribulator, if he appeared too relaxed, it would undoubtedly raise suspicions.

Quickly, several figures whizzed past them.

Jared looked at those few individuals as if the pressure they were under didn’t seem to affect them in the least.

“Those individuals were also participants in the assessment, so the previous internal checkpoints didn’t pose much of a challenge to them. Truthfully, I could have left as swiftly as they did. However, I promised to take care of you, so I have to stick with you guys.” When Carla saw the unwavering gaze of Jared, she felt compelled to explain.

“Many thanks, Carla!” Jared quickly expressed his gratitude.

While Jared was engrossed in a conversation with Carla, Adan and his group approached them.

“What’s the matter? Can’t move anymore?” Adan watched Jared and the others struggle, and a mocking expression spread across his face as he spoke.

Jared observed that these disciples of the new sect leaders seemed to be unfazed by the pressure. They moved with an ease that suggested no hindrance at all.

“Adan, you’ve just managed to harness a single fire source and you dare to mock others? Wait until the upcoming trial of the fire source. It’ll be your turn to be embarrassed,” Carla gave Adan a look and said.

“Hahaha, you won’t get to see me embarrass myself later, because you won’t even make it past the challenges ahead!” Adan laughed heartily, brimming with self- satisfaction. Then, under the watchful eyes of Jared and the others, he swiftly made his exit!

The pace of these individuals was significantly faster than that of Jared and his group. This realization left everyone feeling utterly disheartened.

Upon witnessing the situation, Jared released a surge of energy. In ann instant, he formed a protective shield around everyone, effectively blocking the oppressive force and heat wave.

“Carla, it’s clear that these guys weren’t hindered at all. They were probably cheating.” “Exactly, did they use any means to lessen or completely remove the pressure?” “If they cheat, wouldn’t we be certain to lose?” Upon seeing Adan and his companions depart with such ease, everyone was filled with doubt!

These were merely tests for the inner disciples. For Jared, it was as simple as child’s play. The idealof this pressure trying to hold him back was nothing more than a minor.


After all, the chief examiner for the assessment was one of their own.

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