The Man Decree Chapter 3914

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3914-Imperial Fox City “Mr. Chance, Violet Flame Sect from the central region also practices fire-based techniques, and throughout the entire Ethereal Realm, their fire techniques are probably the strongest. Moreover, Violet Flame Sect is located at the very heart of the Ethereal Realm, where it’s perpetually sweltering. Surrounded by deserts, it’s an ideal place for cultivating fire-based techniques. They might even know how to create demonic fire,” Montane Daemon said while following Jared.

“Violet Flame Sect?” Jared had never heard of this sect before, nor was he familiar with any of its members. Would they just readily share their techniques if he were to ask them


“Mr. Chance, we could go to the Seizon residence and ask my Uncle Lawrence.

Perhaps he has some connections with this Violet Flame Sect!” Cloud noticed Jared’s dilemma, so he spoke up.

Upon hearing this, a light sparked in Jared’s eyes. He had completely forgotten about the Seizon family!

However, every time Jared thought about visiting the Seizon residence, he couldn’t help but recall the Seizon sisters, Miya and Livya.

After all, that was Jared’s first time sleeping with twin sisters.

At that moment, Catina spoke up. “Forget about going to the Seizon residence; just ask me. I’m acquainted with an elder from Violet Flame Sect.” “How did you come to know each other?” Jared asked curiously.

“Mr. Chance, Fox Queen is quite renowned in the central region. There’s no one in the entire region who doesn’t know about Imperial Fox City,” Monkey Archon chimed in from the side.

Upon hearing this, Jared was immediately taken aback as he looked at Catina in surprise. “You stay in the central region?” “Of course, what else did you think? That we were all in the southern region?

The southern region alone couldn’t possibly accommodate five of the three kings and four archons,” Catina said with a laugh.

Jared thought about it and realized it made sense. Although the southern region was vast, having five out of the three kings and four archons residing there was bound to create conflicts.

The northern region was a good example as there were only Yuven and Lucian there, yet they still had to secretly wrestle for power.

Jared nodded and said, “All right, there’s no time to lose. Let’s go now!” After bidding farewell to Nieva, Jared and his companions departed on their airship.

Then, throughout the journey, the airship began dropping everyone back home.

Once they reached Blood Spirit Valley, Igor, along with Montane Daemon, Hanes, and the others, disembarked from the airship.

At that point, only Jared, Feenix, Catina, and Cloud remained.

As Jared gazed upon the endless expanse of Demonia Mountain, he was filled with deep emotion.

His journey to Demonia Mountain this time had been quite fruitful!

Not only was he now a Fourth Level Tribulator, but he had also tamed a small Celestial Devourer. Moreover, he had even obtained the soul remnant of the great demon lord, Vermilion Demon Lord!

Besides that, he had obtained demonic fire soul essence, the Infinitus Token, grasped time nascence, and mastered Blazing Stride… He even found out news of Baal, Whalreth, and Hadad!

The airship gradually moved further away, and soon, Demonia Mountain was engulfed in white mist.

Jared’s eyes were filled with reluctance.

Seeing Jared in that state, Feenix approached and teased him lightheartedly, “Master, seeing you so upset, could it be that you’re missing your beloved Ms.

“I think he’s missing Ms. summers.

Didn’t you see when he left? Poor Ms.

Summers was frying as if her world was ending,” Catina piped up.

Nieva? It seems like you two haven’t slept yet, right? Could it be that that’s exactly why you miss her even more?”

Jared glanced at Catina and Feenix, giving them a slight smile. “What’s the matter? Are you two feeling jealous?” “Pfft, jealous? With the number of women you have, if I were the jealous type, I would be a green-eyed monster by now.” Catina rolled her eyes.

Jared, on the other hand, took Catina and Feenix by the hand, leading them into the airship’s cabin.

The sounds of playful commotion could be heard shortly after.

After all, it would take two full days for the airship to reach imperia 119x City. Given such allong duration, it was impossible for Jared to remain indifferent in the presence of two beautiful women.

Cloud, piloting the airship, had long since grown used to their antics and was unfazed.

There was no denying Jared had incredible stamina!

It wasn’t until the airship reached the skies above Imperial Fox City that, Jared, agcompanied by Catina and Feehix, finally emerged from the room.

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