The Man Decree Chapter 3900

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3900-Millenium Technique Upon witnessing the situation, Nieva quickly stopped, “Mr. Chance, you can’t!” “Don’t agree to it.” “Absolutely not, it’s a trap.” “Master…” Everyone’s gaze simultaneously fell on Jared as they blocked his way.

They knew that Aiden was pretending to be weak, deliberately showing that he was a Seventh Level Tribulator. However, his true strength remained a mystery to all.

This was truly the most terrifying part. As the old saying went, “know your enemy, and you will never be defeated.” But now, how could one possibly fight without even knowing the opponent’s strength?

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. He can’t hurt me,” Jared confidently said with a smile.

“Haha, I’ve encountered many overconfident individuals, but you, you’ve earned my respect. I’ll grant you three moves first,” Aiden said, laughing diabolically.

“That’s not necessary. You had better give it your all. Otherwise, if you lose, you’ll just make excuses, claiming you didn’t put in your best effort. I’m not one for dilly- dallying. We’re all young men, so let’s cut out the trash talk!” Jared gazed at Aiden, his eyes resolute as he spoke!

“Fine!” After Aiden finished speaking, an intense aura erupted from him. Then, with a wave of his hand, he commanded, “Come forth…” “Mr. Chance, please, you mustn’t go out!” Nieva was desperately trying to dissuade Jared with a frantic look on her face.

“Mr. Chance, we aren’t afraid of death. Don’t take the bait!” Igor also exclaimed.

Jared had made up his mind. With a wave of his hand, the defensive array that had been set up in front of Lunarius Palace slowly disappeared.

With a single step, Jared found himself right in front of Aiden.

Aiden then signaled everyone behind him to retreat with a wave of his hand.

After all, when two Tribulator were engaged in battle, the resulting damage would cover a huge area.

Terrence, brimming with confidence, led his men to retreat.

Aiden was an Ultimate Realm cultivator, whose capabilities were far beyond that of Jared, a mere Fourth Level Tribulator.

Even though Jared was blessed with exceptional talents and superior skills, he still couldn’t bridge the gap posed by the absolute difference in power.

Aiden looked at Jared and said, “Make your move!” Jared, however, shook his head. “You go first. I don’t want you to have an excuse when you lose later.” Aiden’s eyes narrowed slightly, his gaze fixed intently on Jared. “I’ve never met someone as stubborn as you. Well, I guess I’ll just have to smack your mouth swollen first.” With a raise of Aiden’s hand, the sky was suddenly engulfed in a dense, black fog.

As the second son of the Mueller family, Aiden openly demonstrated his demonic technique without any hesitation.

Suddenly, a gigantic hand was seen heading toward Jared.

Alongside the palm strike, countless threads of black, akin to a violent storm, descended from the void.

These thin threads moved as swiftly as lightning, continually expanding until they eventually transformed into enormous black pythons.

Countless giant pythons plunged from the sky, their massive jaws agape. These pythons were so large they seemed to blot out the sky. Each one of them, astonishingly, radiated a faint white glow.

“Millenium Technique…”

Immediately, Hanes of Soulless Hall let out a gasp of surprise, his pupils contragted and his entire body began to tremble.

Upon hearing the name “Millenium Technique, everyone was taken aback.

Aiden also turned his gaze toward Hanes, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Clearly, he hadn’t anticipated that someone would recognize his technique.

“Mr. Soulton, is the Millenium Technique you mentioned one that belonged to thie great demon lord?”

Igor asked, his face full of shock.

“That’s right.” Hanes gave a nod.

At that moment, many people’s expressions drastically changed.

All of them were aware of what the great demon lord symbolized.

After the Celestial Battle, demons nearly disappeared, finding themselves in a situation where they were hated by everyone.

Many Demonic Cultivators chose to live in seclusion, secretly honing their skills.

However, there was a great demon lord who, instead of hiding indulged in a rampagelof slaughter to bolster his demonic path.

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