The Man Decree Chapter 3899

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3899-A Man Like None Other Chapter 3899-Taking A Gamble “Mr. Chance, don’t be fooled. There’s something peculiar about his aura.

Although his cultivation level isn’t apparent, I’m certain it’s not low,” Nieva quietly reminded Jared.

Jared was intently focused on Aiden. Even though the latter was clearly a human cultivator, there was an undeniable hint of demonic aura around him.

Moreover, the latter’s cultivation level was impossible to discern, making Jared hesitant to agree.

Upon seeing Jared’s hesitation, Aiden continued to mock, “What’s the matter?

Even in death, are you determined to drag everyone around you down with you?

Or maybe, you’re afraid that I’m stronger than you, that you’d die at my hands?

If you’re too scared to compete, that’s okay. Crawl beneath my legs and I can spare your life. All you have to do is serve the Mueller family as a slave for five hundred years.” After Aiden finished speaking, he surprisingly began to reveal his cultivation level.

It was that of a Seventh Level Tribulator.

Upon witnessing Aiden’s voluntary revelation of his cultivation level, Jared furrowed his brows in concern.

It was clear that Aiden had deliberately revealed his cultivation level.

He had wanted to give everyone the assumption that he was a Seventh Level Tribulator, which wasn’t his true cultivation level.

It appeared wanting Jared to underestimate him, so that the former would dare to take him no in a one-on-one duel.

“Mr. Chance, don’t be fooled. There’s no way this guy is a Seventh Level Tribulator,” Igor cautioned Jared frantically.

“I know!” Of course, Jared knew that Aiden was intentionally showing vulnerability.

Jared turned to Vermilion Demon Lord and asked, “Mr. Vermilion, if this guy has surpassed Ultimate Realm Level One, do I stand a chance against him?” Upon hearing Jared’s question, Vermilion Demon Lord shook his head. “If his cultivation level surpasses that of Ultimate Realm Level One, you will undoubtedly meet your end!” Vermilion Demon Lord’s words left Jared dumbfounded. He couldn’t read Aiden and could only bet that the latter hadn’t surpassed the cultivation of Ultimate Realm Level One.

Jared was still capable of handling an Ultimate Realm Level One cultivator with the divine weapons at his disposal. However, if he were to face someone beyond Ultimate Realm Level One, he that reckoned he would have no hope of survival.

Such a gap in cultivation level could not be compensated by any divine weapon.

The higher one’s cultivation level, the greater the gulf between the levels. Even a slight difference in cultivation level meant a huge disparity in strength.

Jared was nothing more than a Fourth Level Tribulator. Yet, using various divine techniques and weapons, he could manage to hold his own against an Ultimate Realm Level One cultivator. This made him an incredibly formidable cultivator.

In the entire universe, it was rare to find such a prodigy, let alone in Ethereal Realm.

As Jared was still caught in indecision, Vermilion Demon Lord spoke again.

“However, there is another way. Even if this guy’s power surpasses that of Ultimate Realm Level One, it won’t matter.” “What is it?” Jared was taken aback!

“Have you forgotten that you still have someone who only eats, sleeps, and does no work?” Vermilion Demon Lord said with a chuckle.

“Celestial Devourer?” Jared recalled.

After a moment of contemplation, Jared gritted his teeth, deciding to make the gamble.

Moreover, it wasn’t even certain that Aiden possessed the strength of an Ultimate Realm Level One cultivator.

“Alright, I accept your challenge. Life and death lie in the hands of fate.

Regardless of the result, the Mueller family must never trouble Lunarius Palace again.” After making his decision, Jared turned to Aiden and spoke

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